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Houston gun violence incidents reports from 2001

Following is a list of the gun violence incidents (deaths & injuries) that occurred in the Houston area in 2001. Handguns may make people feel safer, but they unleash incredible violence in our community. The rest of the developed world has figured out how to make people safe without handguns. As a result, they have very few gun deaths and injuries each year, unlike the list that follows.

August 1, 2001

Keith Warren Hines, 22, and an unidentified man and woman forced their way into an apartment during an apparent robbery attempt. Alvin Allen, 24, who was in the apartment, shot at the intruders with a .357 Magnum pistol. Hines was fatally wounded, and the two other suspects fled.

August 3, 2001

Bobby R. Johnson,Jr. was shot by an unidentified man after he confronted him about the way he was treating his girlfriend. The quarrel escalated until the assailant walked back to his vehicle and drew a pistol, which he fired at Johnson, striking him once.

Gregory Thomas Dalton, 37, and Melynda Monty Hice, 34, were found shot in the head with a revolver nearby. A 16-year old babysitter told police she had seen Dalton in Hice’s bedroom and was told by him to take Hice’s 10-year old son and leave. Hice, whose husband and daughter were out of town, had gone out the previous evening.

August 5, 2001

Santos Velasquez, 28, was shot and killed by a purse-snatcher as he and his wife returned from their infant’s funeral. Velasquez caught the fleeing thief, who shot him in the chest before continuing his flight.

August 6, 2001

Police are investigating the shooting at a northeast Houston fire station that left two men wounded and damaged equipment. An unidentified man with a gunshot wound in his abdomen walked up to the station. When firefighters tried to help him, a man drove up and opened fire. Two men who appeared to have been with the wounded man arrived and argued with the man in the car. The firefighters ran inside and one man followed them, another ran to the back of the station and the third was hit on the arm inside the station. One bullet flattened a tire on an ambulance and another landed on a rack filled with oxygen tanks.

August 7, 2001

Four masked gunmen fired about eight shots while robbing a west Houston bank branch. All four came into the bank shooting. Two jumped over the counter and took the money. Customers and employees were ordered to the floor but were not injured. They then fled.

August 9, 2001

The bodies of two men shot to death at a southeast Houston bar were evidently dragged into the parking lot before employees locked up and went home. When police arrived later, they found the bodies in the parking lot and the club closed and locked. Jose Martin Balderas, 37, the bar owner,has been charged in the murder of Abraham Torres Arceo, 19, and Damian Garza Benavides, 23. As Balderas began closing the bar, he got into an argument with the two men and shot them. He then locked the bar and fled. Police are searching for him.

A man, 30, was in surgery after he was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the parking lot of a southwest Houston grocery store. The unidentified man, shot in the abdomen, was listed in fair condition at the hospital.

Police have identified four men wounded in an apparent drug related shoot-out in northeast Houston. Most seriously wounded was Melvis Johnon, 23, shot twice in the back and three times in the abdomen. The others are Warner Alberto Thomas, 25, shot in the leg, and Guillermo Zermendo, 32,and Rafael Villareal, 22, both shot in the thigh. They are expected to recover.

August 10, 2001

An unidentified man was shot numerous times and killed at a southeast Houston barbershop. Witnesses told investigators that the man and two others arrived at the location together. The victim and one of the other men got into an argument and had to be separated by others. The victim went into the shop, and the other man left in his car. Later, the other man returned, pulled a handgun, and shot the victim. He was dead at the scene.

August 11, 2001

Francisco Vasquez, 28, was killed after he was robbed in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He was drinking with his cousin when they were approached by four young men who demanded money. As the suspects fled, one of them fatally shot Vasquez.

Lacey Davis, 23, was shot and killed during an argument about a gun. Charged with murder was Travis Everett Lamb, 25. Davis believed Lamb had stolen a gun from him. He beat Lamb in a fistfight and Lamb drove away. He returned later and shot Davis at close range. Davis had a gun, but it did not function. Lamb remains at large.

August 13, 2001

Antonio Balderas Cuevas, 29, was found shot to death by a motorist. His body had been tossed from a car and dragged for 35 to 40 feet.

August 15, 2001

An unidentified 29 year-old man was shot and wounded after he allegedly attempted to wrestle a gun from a sheriff’s deputy. Deputies answering a call

to a motel were told a "drug crazed male" had attempted to break into the front office, then left. The man’s vehicle was later found at a home where deputies were dispatched to check on a reported drug overdose. The man allegedly confronted a deputy and attempted to disarm him during a struggle. The deputy fired one shot, striking the suspect in the arm. His condition was stable at the hospital.

August 19, 2001

Angel M. Prieto, 43, was found with a massive head wound in the parking lot of his apartment . He died at the hospital where it was determined the wound was caused by a gunshot. Police are investigating.

August 24, 2001

David Hui, 36, and Kam Lai, 34 were robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and jewelry by four armed men outside a southwest Houston motel. They forced the men to the ground and stole their luggage, then fled in the victim’s car. As they were leaving, they ran over Hui, who underwent surgery for a broken leg.

Howard Eugene King, 27, fatally shot and killed himself after holding his estranged wife and 1 year- old son hostage for 45 minutes. Police arrived and persuaded him to let them go, but were unsuccessful when they tried to get him to surrender. King shot himself as police looked on.

August 25, 2001

An unidentified man was shot from behind and killed while waiting in line to buy tacos. He was approached by someone who shot him and fled. Police said they did not know the motive.

August 27,2001

Paul Gregory Ramirez, 46 was shot in the left arm and hip by an off-duty Houston Police officer and was hospitalized. He walked into a southeast Houston bank and loudly announced a robbery. The officer opened fire as soon as he heard demands and threats being made. The officer had a clear shot at the suspect and wasn’t going to wait to see if there was going to be a weapon pulled. A butcher knife with a seven-inch blade was found in Ramirez’s possession as he was being taken to the hospital. He robbed another bank two weeks ago.

August 29, 2001

Lourdez Antunes, 38, was fatally shot during a home invasion. Two men knocked on the door and rushed inside. Antunes and her husband were bound and forced to the floor. One of the intruders shot her and took her purse. Police are investigating.

August 31, 200

Marcos Gutierrez, 26, was shot to death as he was driving a friend home from a nightclub. Gunshots were fired into the driver’s side of the car. He was struck several times, and the car hit a tree. The passenger escaped injury.

Jean Carlo Lucio, 17, and Jimmy Garcia, 21, were in critical condition after being shot multiple times along a road in northeast Houston.

June 2001

June 2, 2001
Geno Doria, 23, was struck in the head by a bullet fired by a man in a pickup that pulled alongside the car that he was riding in with friends. They told police they had not been involved in any altercations before the shooting. They called 911 and Doria was pronounced dead by paramedics who responded.

June 3, 2001
Police have filed charges against a man involved in a disturbance at a flea market in which a police officer was injured and another unidentified man was shot and killed by police. Jose Luis Olvera, 21, was charged with aggravated assault of a police officer in the incident. Olvera’s truck rammed another vehicle, which struck and slightly injured a police officer. Another officer fired at the truck, hitting the passenger, who later died in the hospital.

June 4, 2001
Baltazar Rosales, 28, was shot once in the head by another driver he confronted for following too close behind him. The other driver fired two shots and drove away. Rosales died at the hospital later in the day. Police are searching for the other driver.

June 8, 2001
Joseph Derek Joseph West, 21, was fatally shot in the chest in the early morning hours by a homeowner. The unidentified homeowner stepped outside to investigate after hearing suspicious noises. Investigators later said the noises were of West trying to enter other townhomes. He allegedly approached the homeowner with his fists raised. Fearing for his safety, the homeowner fired once, striking West in the chest.

June 10, 2001
Lance Fusilier, 28, was fatally shot in the face at point-blank range in the court of an apartment complex. Police are looking for John Knox, 17, a resident of the complex, who was charged with the murder.

Three juvenile robbery suspects, ages 14 and 15, were in custody after trying to run down a police officer chasing them. The officer was pursuing them on foot when the three jumped into their vehicle and tried to run over her. She then fired her weapon. The gunshots hit the vehicle but not the occupants.

June 11, 2001
Billy W. Jones, 52, was cleaning the parking lot of one of the tattoo parlors that he owned when Bruce Reichert, 44, owner of a rival tattoo shop drove into the strip shopping center. He shot Jones and wounded employee Richard Goodman, who was treated at the scene. Jones ran across the field after he had gotten shot three times. Patrol deputies found him lying in the street and later discovered Reichert in his pickup cab, dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police are trying to piece together a motive for the bizarre murder-suicide.

June 15, 2001
Mahmoud "Mike" Mahmoud, 44, was working in his video store when one or more suspects robbed it and shot him. Customers discovered the body behind the counter near the store’s back wall. Police are asking the public to help find the gunman.

June 16, 2001
Alejandro Ramirez, 16, was found fatally shot the morning after he ran from a fight in a nightclub parking lot. He was at a party when a large fight broke out and he was seen running to the parking lot. Witnesses saw people being assaulted in the lot and heard several gunshots. Police arrived later to investigate the wounding of a security guard at the club.

June 20, 2001
Charles A. Ballard, 28, a seven-year HPD veteran was leaving a sports bar with a friend when several unidentified people slugged and kicked him in the head and body. A man then shot at Ballard, who did not return fire. He was treated and released from a hospital.

June 22, 2001
Omar Franklin, 28, died after being shot by his brother, Trazawell Franklin III, 22. Police said the brothers had been arguing over a beard clipper before the shooting. Trazawell told police he got a shotgun and pointed it at his brother; however, he said he was attempting to put the safety on the weapon when it discharged, striking his brother in the chest. Police said the brothers had a long history of arguments and fights. The matter has been referred to a grand jury for consideration.

June 24, 2001
Doran A. Graves, 41, was shot by a police officer after he drew a revolver upon being ordered from his parked truck. He became "irate and uncooperative" when the officer questioned him and a passenger about their activities. After the officer ordered him to get out, he reached back into the truck’s seat and grabbed a gun, which he then raised. The officer shot twice, hitting Graves in the left side of his chest. He was in critical, but stable condition at the hospital. He faces charges of attempted capital murder of a police officer.

May 2001

May 5, 2001
Two people were shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex early today. Yancy Budd, 20, had just parked his car when he and his passenger, Tammisha Hunter, 19, were shot by two gunmen. They were hospitalized. Police have no suspects.

May 8, 2001
Artis Smith, 30, suspected of robbing a grocery and breaking into a nearby residence, was hospitalized in serious condition after being shot by a police officer. Police believed he was armed but a weapon was not recovered.

John Poindexter, 50, was shot while watching television in bed. His nephew, Juan Alcendeus Rose, 21, has been charged with murder.

May 10, 2001
James Monroe Joiner, 56, was shot and killed by his wife, Linda Phillips, 48.

Deputies found Phillips hysterical at a neighbor’s residence. Joiner was found in the bathroom with a pistol wound to the head.

Michael Anthony Gray, 40, was shot in front of his house moments after pulling into his driveway. His wife and two children arrived home in another car minutes later. A neighbor heard gunshots and called police. His valuables were not missing and police do not believe robbery was the motive.

May 11, 2001
Xuhn Truong Le, 49, was shot and robbed in his fish market by two men who then fled in his daughter’s car. Police have charged Andrew Wayne Toler, 21, with capital murder. A 16-year-old boy, whose name was not released, has been arrested.

May 16, 2001
Holguer Geovanni Rodriguez, 24, was shot as he stood on the front porch of his home. Police said a vehicle occupied by four Hispanic males stopped in front of the house and three of them fired, hitting him in the chest, abdomen, shoulder and legs.

Warren Mthembu, 16, was fatally wounded in a drive by shooting. Police said he and some friends were standing in the street when one or more of four persons in a four door black vehicle started shooting.

Twenty-year-old Joana Rodriguez and her infant son were kidnapped by gunmen at their home. The infant was later found alive, but the mother suffocated after she was tied up and placed inside the trunk of a car.

May 28, 2001
Guillermo Martiarto, 31, who had a pistol, threatened to kill a woman who had recently broken off a relationship with him. She fled the apartment with her son, 23, leaving her 7-month old granddaughter inside. Martiarto surrendered to police. The infant was never threatened.

May 29, 2001
Larry Charles Allen, 23, was fatally shot after getting into an argument at a gas station. Police are seeking information about the shooting.

April 2001

April 1, 2001
Alan Thomas, 22, was fatally shot in the head during an argument. A long time friend of the victim, Byron Demon Moore, 28, was charged with murder.

April 5, 2001
Rodney D. Mcdonald, 34, fatally shot himself as police closed in on him in the garage of a home. Investigators believe he ran Blanca Cuellar off the road to steal her vehicle and then abducted her. She has not been found.

April 6, 2001
James Perdue, 20, died after he struggled with another man over a gun. Witnesses in the vehicle with the men told police that one man shot the other and then fled on foot. Police are investigating the possibility that the incident may have involved a drug deal that went awry.

April 7, 2001
Estanislao Martinez, 40, died after he was found shot in a car, which had crashed into a tree. The Harris County Sheriff’s Department was investigating.

April 8, 2001
Officer D.A. Gamboa suffered a wound to his left hand when he tried to intervene in an argument between two men at a club. According to a report from investigators, Alberto Ruiz Fabila, 37, pulled a gun from his waistband. When the officer grabbed the gun, Fabila fired once, striking the officer’s hand. He ran, but Gamboa caught him a few blocks away. He was charged with attempted capital murder.

April 11, 2001
Reynolds Blain, 42, an off duty Houston police officer accidentally shot his wife, Mi Young Blain, 41 at their home. He said he was trying to put his weapon away and it discharged. She was shot once in the chest and died later at the hospital. Police are investigating. They have found no history of family violence.

April 13, 2001
Natasha Nichols, 25, and Cecil Alexander, 36, were involved in an altercation with Roderic Lewis Moore, 33, at a family gathering. Moore’s wife is Alexander’s sister. Moore was hiding in the couple’s garage when they arrived home. He fatally shot the woman and wounded the man. He was arrested and charged with murder.

Arnold L. Davis, 54, an instructor at the criminal justice academy of the North Harris Montgomery Community College District was indicted on charges of aggravated assault for pulling a gun on a uniformed police officer during a traffic altercation. If convicted, he could receive a sentence of life in prison.

April 18, 2001
A 14 year-old boy was expected to be expelled after bringing an unloaded .25 caliber pistol to school. The boy hid the gun after he learned that the school was conducting a routine metal detector check with a wand-type device. Another student saw the boy hide the gun and alerted a teacher, who found it.

April 20, 2001
A 14 year-old boy was listed in critical condition after a drive-by shooting outside his home. Several shots were fired from another car, with one striking the boy in the back. He was exiting a car also carrying two adults and an infant.

April 22, 2001
Vernon Hill Williams, 65, was charged with murder in the shooting death of her niece, Glory Baldwin, 36. The shooting was unprovoked and appears to have stemmed from mental problems for which Williams was being treated.

April 29, 2001
An unidentified woman was walking with her roommate to their apartment when a man known to the women as Angel approached. They ran, but he chased them into the victim’s bedroom, where he shot her once in the neck. She died at the scene. The man left in a red, four-door car.

March 2001

March 1, 2001
Lee Arthur Johnson, 34, was shot by police when he allegedly refused an officer’s orders to show his hands and pulled a box cutter from his pocket. He will be jailed after his release from a hospital, where he is being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.

March 3, 2001
The bodies of Herman Green Jr., 74, and his wife Winifred, also 74, were found shot in an apparent murder-suicide. They were found dead by family members who went to check on their welfare.

Manuel Suazo, 46, was killed during a drive-by shooting. Witnesses said someone in a dark-green pickup fired a shot into his vehicle and drove away.
Suazo’s vehicle rolled into a ditch on the bayou after careening through a convenience store parking lot.

March 4, 2001
Francisco Javier Luna-Jaime, 29, was found shot Sunday morning outside a business. He was dressed in women’s clothing and makeup, and a brown wig was found near his body. Area residents told police they heard several gunshots. Police are investigating.

March 7, 2001
Miguel Reyes Gonzales, 39, was found shot to death on the shoulder of a road. He had multiple wounds to his chest and head. A passer-by found the body.

Timothy Davis, 28, was dead on arrival at a hospital after being shot in the face outside a restaurant. Houston homicide detectives said the shooting was the culmination of a long feud between Davis and another man. Davis knew the owners of the restaurant and was told the man was in the area. He started to leave and go to his car. Three suspects were involved in the shooting. The gunman fled, but police said they had a good indication of his identity.

March 10, 2001
Michael Anthony Jaure, 18, was shot at a friend’s apartment, but police received conflicting reports about whether Jaure or someone else did the shooting. A game of Russian roulette might have been taking place. Four other young people and a baby were also present. Jaure died later in the hospital.

Henry Holston, 31, has been charged with murder in the shooting of his estranged wife, Nancy Marie Moore Holston, 27. The victim went to their apartment to collect her belongings and move out. While they were discussing their situation, Holston pulled a pistol and shot his wife. He fled the scene, but was arrested later on the apartment complex’s grounds.

March 11, 2001
Adam Lee Doughty, 18, was killed and an unidentified man was hurt in a drive-by shooting. Gunfire came from a car that pulled up in front of the home, then sped away. Police said an argument had occurred just before the shooting, and said it might be gang related.

March 12, 2001
Terry Lee Brooks, 48, was fatally shot during a fight after he left a convenience store. He had gone to the store for beer and was walking home when another man approached and a fight began. He was shot twice and died at the scene. A suspect remains at large.

March 13, 2001
Tesfay Hidat, 30, was in critical condition after being shot inside a grocery store. The man argued with another man in the parking lot, then fled into the store. The other man followed and shot him several times in the stomach. The other man was arrested at the scene. Both men were Ethiopian.

March 14, 2001
A cab driver, Law N. Chibueze, 44, was in critical condition after being shot by two passengers who robbed him. He was shot in the head, chest and shoulder. Doctors at the hospital expect him to survive.

Torin Murphy, 28, was killed by two males who came up from behind and shot him several times. The suspects are believed to have fled in a white sport utility vehicle.

March 16, 2001
Edwin Smith, 31, was shot in the chest after making a remark about another man’s clothing . Smith told the man he was wearing his T-shirt inside out. A
fight began and Smith followed the man outside and continued arguing. The man then shot him in the chest and fled in a vehicle. Smith is in critical condition.

Calvin Van Salone, 37, was visiting Cachae Perry when he began arguing with another man over money. The other man shot him and then fled. Salone was taken to a hospital where he died of a gunshot wound to the arm and chest.

Justin Clark, 23, was fatally shot during a drug deal, police said. An unidentified man intended to buy marijuana from Clark. At some point during the exchange, the man shot Clark several times. The gunman fled in Clark’s car, which was later involved in an accident. Police are searching for the gunman.

Bobby Escamilla, 19, was fatally shot when a disturbance broke out outside a nightclub after it closed. Police have no suspects in the shooting.

March 18, 2001
Tom Miles Jr., 31, was shot to death after he offered a couple a ride, then refused to let the woman out of his truck. The woman and her boyfriend said he pulled a gun and began fighting with the boyfriend. He suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen. The couple drove to a hospital where the boyfriend was treated for two stab wounds to the back.

March 21, 2001
David Dejehova Guerra, 44, a security guard, interrupted a home invasion at an apartment complex and was fatally shot by one of the four intruders. Those inside were beaten and assaulted as the intruders demanded money and drugs. Guerra was fatally shot several times outside the apartment. He fired back before dying. Jimmy Rivera, 25, and Javier Obando, 27, were arrested by police and charged with aggravated robbery. Two other suspects are being sought by the police.

March 22, 2001
Carlos Carroll, 25, was shot to death in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Witnesses said he was shot in the neck after using a knife to threaten another man during an argument.

Kenneth Blanks, 27, was shot to death as he put gasoline in a vehicle at a convenience store. Police are searching for suspects.

March 25, 2001
Arthur Lockett, 7, was accidentally shot by his 4 year-old cousin while spending the night at their grandmother’s apartment. The younger boy found a pistol under the grandmother’s bed and began playing with it. It discharged, striking Lockett in the lower leg. He was taken to the hospital where he is in good condition.

March 30, 2001
Jaime Cavazos, 44, said a man in another car shot him in the shoulder while he was driving along a road in south Houston. He drove himself to a hospital, and the gunman followed him to the parking lot, then left. Police said the shooting may have been a case of road rage.

February 2001

February 5, 2001
Marcus Shawn Neal, 29, was found shot in the chest and buttocks outside an abandoned north Houston house after residents nearby reported hearing gunfire. He died in the hospital a short time later. Police are investigating.

February 6, 2001
David Lopez Sr., 28, was found shot to death on the living room couch in his home. He appeared to have been dead at least 24 hours when found by his mother and siblings. They had gone to check on him after his employers reported they had not seen him. There were no signs of forced entry, disarray or anything missing.

February 7, 2001
Marvin Clapp, 28, shot himself in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. Witnesses said he was talking on the phone when he placed a bullet in the gun, which then accidentally discharged. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

February 8, 2001
Refugio Montoya, 43, the owner of a near downtown tire shop died after being found with multiple gunshot wounds outside his business. He was hit by shots fired from an older model brown Cadillac. It was later found burning . Witnesses saw two men leave the car and get in a black Honda.

February 14, 2001
Timothy Rumsey, 42, of Katy, Texas, near Houston shot and killed three of his four children and then himself after a six hour standoff with Houston Police Department’s SWAT team. The fourth child, 2-year-old Haylee is recovering from surgery after her left arm was nearly severed by a bullet. The mother, Joy had fled the home earlier to summon police.

February 17, 2001
Ivan Fuentes Nino, 43, of Plano, Texas died at a local hospital from a gunshot wound. He was found lying near a pay phone outside a convenience store in Pasadena. Witnesses told police they heard several people arguing and then heard a gunshot. They saw a black pickup, a red car and a blue car leave the scene after the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

February 24, 2001
Anauflee R. Jackson, 31, was chased down and fatally shot several times in the stomach, back and left arm after getting involved in an argument with another man. The man took a handgun out of his car, shot Jackson, and fled the scene. Police are investigating.

January 2001

January 2, 2001
Richard Mims, 50, was charged with murder in the shooting of his landlady during a dispute over money in a washateria. She was shot in the chest and right hip.

January 5, 2001
Guadalupe Aguirre, 21, was shot in the neck while riding with a friend. Their car was forced off the road by another vehicle. Three or four men in the other vehicle fired shots. Police are investigating.

January 7, 2001
Gabriela Torres Gonzales, 29, has been charged with murder in the shooting of her husband, Fabian Mazaba Mendoza, 29, in the head at their home. He died later in the hospital .

January 11, 2001
Anthony Tyrone Williams was shot and killed during an argument with another man who was a visitor to his home. When the visitor pulled a shotgun, Williams ran across the street and up a loading ramp behind a church. There the assailant shot him in the back. He fled on foot, running across a nearby field to a street corner where he pointed the shotgun at two men and took their vehicle. Police are searching for the gunman.

January 13, 2001
Edgar Alejandro Trevino, 27, was killed and three others were wounded in a gang related shooting in the parking lot of a nightclub. Larry Dominic Gutierrez, 26, was shot in the head, left arm and chest. Adrian Delgado, 26, was shot in the right arm; and Juan Ayala, 22, was shot in the left chest. The men were standing outside the club when a group of young men walked up and flashed gang hand signs, police said. One assailant then struck one of the men, and another pulled a pistol and opened fire. Police arrested four suspects. Charges are pending.

January 13, 2001
Mosa G. Maimane, 19, died of a gunshot wound to the head and Monte L. Harris, 26, was wounded in the right leg in a drive-by shooting outside a nightclub. The victims were in a car when the assailants’ car pulled alongside. One assailant sprayed the side of the victims’ car with pistol fire and fled.

Danea Maurice Fogle, 21, was shot dead when he tried to flee from a store that he had just robbed. The store owner’s two brothers, in a back room working on stereo equipment, watched the robbery on a closed-circuit TV. One of them grabbed a shotgun and shot the robber, who died at the scene. A handgun in his possession was reportedly stolen.

January 14, 2001
Alana Gilmore, 23, was shot to death by her estranged husband while she was working behind the bar in a club. Jonathan Gilmore fled the scene but was found dead a short time later from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

January 15, 2001
Cindy Rainosek, 42, was found shot to death in her home. Sheriff’s deputies, called to the home by neighbors who reported hearing gunshots, said a man with a gun came out of the house as they were arriving. After threatening them, the man dropped the gun and charged them. He was taken into custody after a brief struggle. He was identified as Doug Rainosek, 41, and charged with murder.

January 18, 2001
An unidentified man was shot to death during an apparent robbery at an apartment complex. Residents called police about 3 a.m. after hearing several shots. The victim was found shot in the head in the parking lot.

January 21, 2001
The body of Collier Allen, 26, was found lying in the doorway of a unit at an apartment complex. Several people were seen running away from a hail of gunfire. The victim is related to someone who lives at the apartment.

January 24, 2001
Two out-of-state men were found shot to death in what may have been a drug-related ambush. The men, 31 and 27, were found slumped over in the front seat of a compact car in the middle of the street. The car’s trunk was open and empty, indicating someone had taken something from it or had been looking inside. They were identified as Herschel Henton Willie, 31, and Charles Q. McCormick, 27, both of Jacksonville, Fla. . No weapons were found in the car.

January 26, 2001
Lillian Lockett, 73, was charged with killing her daughter, whom she accused of stealing money from her. Gail Lockett, 44, was shot in their home near downtown. The mother had been drinking brandy for a few days.

January 27, 2001
John Michael Garcia, 22, was found in the rear of a hatchback car with a fatal gunshot wound in the head. The death was discovered after the FBI office in Houston got an anonymous call about a body in a vehicle behind a building. The FBI contacted the Houston police, who said early stages of the investigation indicated the death was accidental.

January 28, 2001
An argument at a Super Bowl party left a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy recovering from a gunshot wound, and another in the jail he formerly guarded.

Robert E. Cormier, 42, was listed in fair condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. Raynard F. Guillory, 33, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.





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