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A commodity appears at first sight an extremely obvious, trivial thing. But its analysis brings out that it is a very strange thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceities...It is absolutely clear that, by his activity, man changes the forms of the materials of nature in such a way as to make them useful to him. The form of wood, for instance, is altered if a table is made out of it. Nevertheless, the table continues to be wood, an ordinary, sensuous thing. But as soon as it emerges as a commodity, it changes into a thing which transcends sensuousness. It not only stands with its feet on the ground, but, in relation to all other commodities, it stands on its head, and evolves out of its wooden brain grotesque ideas, far more wonderful than if it were to begin dancing of its own free will...

Karl Marx, The Fetishism of the Commodity and its Secret

Wooden Brain Concepts: Agitprop Marketing for Our Sensuous Times™

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Software Releases:

PocketCites for Mac: transfer EndNote citations to the Palm Pilot. (Shareware)

Version 2.0b1 for OS X. Release date October 18, 2002

Version 1.5.1 Maintenance release August 24, 2001.

Initial Release date September 1, 2000.

PocketCites for Windows: (Shareware)

Version 1.3.5 release date August 11, 2001. Adds support for EndNote 5, JFile 5, and provisional support for ProCite and RefMan. Initial release date September 1, 2000.

Announcing the Wooden Brain Concepts Mobile Portal

WBC is pleased to announce a new mobile portal for accessing vital information from a web-enabled mobile device.

Its focus is on good organization, flexibility, and power. The main thing distinguishing it from other portals is that simplified search fields have been built-in wherever possible, to bypass main entry pages and bring you straight to the content you are looking for.

The shortURL for the portal is http://wbc.echoz.com


"Finally, the real dupe tool we've all been looking for." – amcgee, Version Tracker

"Great app! It's done what the others haven't been able to do for me so far-- intelligent searching. Thanks!" – Steve, MacUpdate

iDupe is a smart duplicates scanner for iTunes.

iDupe tries to deal with duplicate songs or albums in iTunes in a smart way.


• Can make smart judgement calls about duplicates
• Lets you make final judgement calls before removing or deleting anything
• Can remove tracks from playlist and/or library relatively fast
• Can move files to trash and also trash empty parent folders
• Built as universal binary.

Detailed feedback is needed about areas where you wanted iDupe to make a different call than it did.

iDupe is Shareware, $8.

Alternate download link on iDisk

Cast Away


Podcast removal scheduler for iTunes.

Cast Away allows you to remove or uncheck podcasts on a per podcast basis. It fills a gap in iTunes, which doesn't allow per podcast removal scheduling, or scheduling by date.


• Separate removal settings per podcast
• Can remove podcast or uncheck it on separate schedule
• Flexible options with new intuitive interface
• Can be scheduled daily or by hour
• Works both with iTunes podcasts and with any playlist created by a 3rd party podcast application
• Automatic check and play new podcasts with graceful fadeout and resume.
• Integrated wake-up and sleep timer with fade in and fade out.
• Built as univeral binary.

Cast Away is Shareware, $7.



Move or copy music to new volumes intelligently.

MoveTunes takes a list of music and copies or moves all matches in iTunes to a specified target folder, while trying to organize the files.


• Can copy or move files to new volumes.
• Handles lists of artists or albums, or iTunes song list export files.
• Organizes music in the target folder the way iTunes does.
• Can automatically add moved music back to iTunes.
• Can retain ratings, played count, BPM, and playlists.
• Automatically moves non-audio files in album folders to new volume and deletes empty source folders.
• Built as universal binary.

MoveTunes is Shareware, $6.

Alternate download link on iDisk


Osiris: A Thoth and MT-NW Auto-Poster

A drag and drop application to post a folder or folders of files to specified newgroups using Thoth or MT-Newswatcher. OS X only.

Osiris 2.8 has been completely rebuilt for OS X Tiger and recompiled as a universal binary. It supports y-Encode if you are using Thoth 1.5 or greater.

Built upon a core routine by Dennis R. Cohen.


Moa Tunes: the Mother of All iTunes Scripts v1.4

Moa Tunes is a GUI shell for a number of scripts that Wooden Brain Concepts and others have written for iTunes. Built in AppleScript Studio, Moa Tunes works in tight integration with iTunes to provide many features. These include easy switching of playlists and playing random playlists and tracks, cleaning ID3 tags, searching for information on tracks on various internet sites, sampling and optionally trashing potentially duplicate MP3 files, removing dead tracks, generation of signatures for Entourage X, Eudora X, and Apple's Mail based on the music playing in iTunes, start and stop timers with fade-out, a floating info bar with controllers, and support for displaying current track info on the desktop with DesktopConsole.

Version 1.3 and higher requires Jaguar (For OS X 10.2 or greater).

Hold On

Hold OnHoldOn lets you use your build-in modem as a speaker phone to listen to the line while on Hold. All it does it pick up the line and hang up the line with a simple toggle button.

Note for those who are having some trouble getting it to work: if you are getting "event" type errors, chances are for some reason the scripting addition didn't get installed properly (as it should). You can install manually by downloading and installing the dialmodemOSAX.osax.

YASS: Yet Another Slide Show

YASS is Yet Another Slide Show. Or Yes, Actually Slide Sets!

There are billion slide show applicaitons out there, but none that I knew of will treat subfolders of images as discrete sets. YASS will randomly shuffle sets, and then display the images in sequential order.

• Shuffle Sets, Sequential Images
• One-handed keyboard controls without modifier keys
• Multiple ways to initiate:
• Boss Mode
• Deliberately simple

WBC iTunes Scripts Collection

These are a number of scripts that work with iTunes, in conjunction with other programs.

WBC is releasing this iTunes Scripts Collection as one large collection in the interests of convenience (yours and ours!)

Please see the information files in the individual folders for specific installation and usage information.


WBC iTunes Suite for Salling Clicker

WBC iTunes Hot Keys Set (for QuicKeys or other Hot Keys program) [screen shot]

WBC iTunes Scripts for Big Cat

WBC iTunes Meets GeekTool [screen shot]

WBC Grab Bag scripts (mostly for ID3 tag clean-up + other miscellaneous scripts

License: Donation-ware.

iTunes WBC Suite for Salling Clicker:

Now included as part of WBC iTunes Scripts Collection (see above)

iTunes WBC Suite for Salling Clicker is a replacement for the Salling Clicker's default iTunes set. It was designed with large libraries in mind for much faster searching, and incorporates a number of additional improvements and features.

Key Features:

• Find and Play Anything: Find and Play by fast Artist, Album, Composer, Song Name, or Any (keyword) searches in either the library or the current playlist.
• Clicker Playlist Live Queue: Dedicated menu for the Clicker Playlist, allowing you to add via search, add current track, add random track(s), play from beginning or at random, set shuffle and repeat, and more.
• Smart artwork searching. If there is no artwork for a track, it looks for images also in the album folders and in the cache folders of popular fetch art sorts of applications.
• New features include: AMG Info search, Get Lyrical, Play Latest Podcast episode, and more!

Installation: Install as with any clicker additions, by dragging the .cgz to the scripts pane. Then drag just the iTunes WBC Suite script to the clicker items pane, as the rest are accessed through it.

iGotta MP3 Collection Version 2.2

iGotta MP3 Collection is a FileMaker Pro database designed to import an MP3 collection from iTunes' "export song list" file. This database will automatically import these files correctly. It features a list and detail view, and basic database functions, in an attractive package. It can also print various detail and summary reports (track details and album summaries) and a CD insert. HTML table export is also provided. Freeware.

iGotta MP3 Collection Version 1.6

This version is for iTunes 3.x. through 4.1

Restore paths is no longer available. It's function has been incorporated into iGotta 2.x.


MyGlasses is a FileMaker Pro 7 database designed to keep track of your eye glass prescriptions. Nothing too fancy, but good to use with FileMaker Mobile to keep this info on your Palm Pilot.

Terminal Themes

Terminal Themes are a collection of templates in snazzy colors for the Terminal application in OS X. More details are included in the distribution.


MP3 Player Skins, Faces, and Scripts

Wooden Brain Concepts produced a number of skins for SoundJam before it was sold to Apple to become iTunes. Since then, the four SoundJam skins (Obey Giant, Klee Fish, 1879 Stenograph, Zenith Retro Radio) have been converted to Audion faces. Chirico Biscuit is an Audion face only. Some of these designs are available at SoundJam, Panic, and also Mac Digital Audio. Or get them from WBC directly.

Giant Skin Klee Skin Steno Skin Zenith Skin no skin
Giant Face Klee Face Steno Face Zenith Face Biscuit Face

These skins and faces are made available as FEEDBACK-Ware. If you use them, and like the idea of skins/faces in general, write to Apple and demand they support customizable skins in iTunes, and that they support the conversion of existing SoundJam and Audion skins/faces to iTunes format. Note that there is no technical barrier to such support. Apple chose to abandon skins when it bought SoundJam for its own design reasons.

Featured Scripts

Wooden Brain Concepts has produced a number of scripts for SoundJam and iTunes, most of which are available at Doug Adams' excellent iTunes scripts site.

For iTunes:

Now all included in the WBC iTunes Scripts Collection. See above.

For Entourage:

Export Entourage Mailbox or Messages to DevonThink

Smart Remove Duplicate Messages. Requires Acme Script Widgets.

Plug Tunes in Entourage. This is an older version of this script, which was incorporated into Moa Tunes. But some people might want just this. It basically updates your Entourage signature with what's playing in iTunes.

For the Finder:

2Wind is a highly-customizable script to open two finely positioned finder windows in column view. Originally posted by Yuriwho on macosxhints.com, with modifications by WBC and a nifty icon to put in the dock or toolbar.

Chronos Personal Organizer X themes

Anyone who has tried Palm Desktop X at this stage knows how ridiculously unstable it is. Personal Organizer X, though (because?) it is a commercial product and therefore costs $$, is much more stable. And it allows for customizable themes. WBC made a number of theme sets for Personal Organizer (before our demo expired, sigh....) In the spirit of the two Palm Desktop decors volumes. Note: this is a 4 megabyte download.

An aside.... Chronos Corp., Inc., Ltd. was not interested in these themes, even though WBC offerred to let them post them on their site for free. (OK, we were fishing for a free registration. But we said no such thing explicitly...) Here's what Chronos had to say:

We're not interested in additional textures at this time. By the looks of the pictures you really do like to customize the appearance of everything.

I don't think we'll do anything like [improving the themes features]. We have found that not many people use the themes extensively in Organizer. They pretty much keep to what we ship.

Apparently their market research team has done a better job than customer relations...

Note that this download link will last as long as the webhosting formerly known as iDisk lasts. Which is to say maybe not too long.

Note: If you have difficulty with any of the direct download links, and any posted alternate links don't work either, try going to my home web server instead. Anyone want to give me some real web hosting? Sigh.

Grab Bag from the Past...

Indonesia & Medan Maps for the Palm Pilot (364K zipped)

These are sets of street maps of Jakarta and Medan for use with Image Viewer on the Palm Pilot. These maps have been adapted from maps available on the internet. (Freeware.)

Hey now.... here are some newer color maps of jakarta! These are in jpg format so you'll need a good jpg viewer. (Added October 2004)

Palm Desktop Decors Volume 1

Tired of the limited set of decors for Palm Desktop on the Macintosh? Here are four new decors, based on two of the decors that are included with the distribution of Palm Desktop 2.5, but using new background patterns. Just drop them into the Decors folder in the Palm folder. Then set them in the decors section of preferences in Palm Desktop and enjoy! The Decors are named: Ancient Eyes, Blue Masks, Creepy Blue, Golden Fan Dial. (Freeware/Decor-ware).

Palm Desktop Decors Volume 2

More new decors. These are named: Purple Jesus, Red Bob, Crazy Baby, Manji. (Freeware/Decor-ware).

Info for Palm Desktop X users: You can use these decors by placing them in:
Palm Desktop/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/Decors/
Control-click on Palm Desktop and choose Show Package Contents, then navigate to that folder. Place these decors there.


A (Mac) FileMaker Pro 5.0 database designed to sync to JFile on the Palm Pilot with FM Sync. Use to store recipes and to compile a simple shopping list. Simple but effective way to sync recipes between your Mac and your Palm. Features include ability to parse cut & paste recipe text into title, ingredient, and instructions fields; button to add ingredients into a global shopping list field. Read the info screen for details. (Freeware.)


A (Mac) FileMaker Pro 5.0 database designed to sync to JFile on the Palm Pilot with FM Sync. Use to keep track of videos you want to see or rent. Simple but effective. Read the info screen for details. (Freeware.)

Notebook Database

If you need to be able to keep a database of long notes and not only search for records that meet your search criteria but also be able to search for occurrences of your search terms within each note, use this FileMaker Pro database. I use it for my field notes.

FileMaker Pro cannot by itself search within a given field for text, so this solution will open up the Note field in BBEdit and present a floating control window to search back and forth within the Note for your search term. Using the floating control, you can also flip between records in the current found set. (Freeware.)

Randomize Desktop Picture (AppleScript)

This script allows you to select a random desktop picture from images within a specified folder. The script opens with a dialog that allows you to choose one of three folders: 1) the standard Desktop Pictures folder in the system folder, 2) a folder specified within the script (use the Script Editor to change), and 3) any other folder chosen through the standard file dialog. The script differs from similar available scripts because of this flexibility and because it is written to support the newer Appearance control panel rather than the Desktop Picture control panel in older versions of Mac OS. Freeware.

Sleep USB (AppleScript)

This script is designed for use with PC card-based USB adapters for PowerBooks. Current USB card driver software (v1.2) has a bug causing the system to freeze when waking up from sleep if the USB card is installed. This script will attempt to quit out of any applications running from non-startup drives, eject these drives, and then eject the USB card before putting the system to sleep. Use at your own risk. Freeware.

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