Books listed in the Catalogue of the Estate of Rudolph Valentino (1926) (p. 87-95)

[Format regularized, otherwise copied directly as is. Corrections and additions given in brackets. Links lead to further descriptions and notes, listed alphabetically by title. The order in which the books are given may correspond to their positions on Valentino's bookshelves; patterns of errors seem to indicate this list was compiled by a quick glance at the books' spines.]

Historia de Espana (25 v.)

History Conditions and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of United States (6 v.)

Illustrated History of All Nations (15 v.)

History of France, by M. Guizot (8 v.)

The Harvard Classics, by Charles William Eliot (ed.) (51 v.)

History of Russia, by Rambard (3 v.)

Eastern India, by Buchanan (3 v.)

Malliot Costumes Moeurs et Usages des Anciens Peuples (3 v.)

Ancient and Mediaeval India, by Manning (2 v.)

Les Art[s] Sornptuaires [Somptuaires], by Planches (5 v.)

Le Femme Au Dix Huitiome [Huitieme] Siecle, E. D. & J. Concourt

Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion, 1826-1836 (9 v.)

Women [Woman:] in All Ages and [in All] Countries (10 v.):
   Greek [Women], by [Mitchell] Carroll; [Women of] Early
   Christian[ity], by [Alfred] Britton [Brittain] & [Mitchell] Carroll;
   [Women of the] Teutonic Nation[s], by [Hermann] Schoenfield
   [Schoenfeld]; [Women] Of American [America], by [John Rouse] Larus;
   [Women] Of England, by [Bartlett Burleigh] James; [Women] Of
   Mediaeval France [by Hugo P. Thieme]; [Women] Of the Romance
   Countries, by Thiems [by John R. Effinger]; [Women] Of Modern France,
   by Brittain [by Pierce Butler]; Roman Women, by [Rev. Alfred]
   Brittain; Oriental Women, by [Edward B.] Pollard

Primitive Man, by Figieur

[The] Indian Religions, by [Hargrave Jennings]

Victor Hugo's Works (10 v.)

Dickens' Works (30 v.)

The Works of Schiller, by Boyseen (4 v.)

Goethe's Works, by Boyseen (5 v.)

Crowned Masterpieces of Literature that Have Advanced Civilization,
 by [David J.] Brewer (10 v.)

Old Court Life in Spain, by [Frances Minto Dickinson] Elliot (2 v.)

Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages, by Shaw (2 v.)

Ancient Costumes of Great Britain and Ireland (1814); C.H. Smith

Meyrick's Ancient Armor (3 v.)
 [A Critical Inquiry Into Antient Armor: As It Existed in Europe, But
  Particularly in England, From the Norman Conquest to the Reign of King
  Charles II: ...], [by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick]

Decorations Arabe, by Prisse D. Avesnes

Au Boies Dormant, by LaBelle

Le Style Louis XIV, by A. Genevary

Dame Fashion: [Paris-London, 1786-1912], by Julius M. Price

Women of India, by Traraporavela, Bombay

Dumas' Works (15 v.)

The Buddhism of Tibet, by [L.] Austin[e] Wadde[ll]

Cotologo Degti Ordine Maillilart (3 v.)

Curopa Chranik der Gebildeten Wolt (1836), by Dritter Bank

The Alhambra, by Albert F. Calvert

La Normandie, by J. Janin

La Bretagne, by Janin

Les Monuments Nauresques Du Muroc, by J. De LaNeziere

Le Follet

Le Style Moderne Dans La Decoration Interieure

Iconographic Genrali Et Methodique Costume, by Jacquemin

Costume of Russia

Costume of Russian Army -- 1807

Arte Y Decarasion Eu Espana

Costumes Du Temps de la Revolution

Statues Eu Bronze

Spanish Sketches [Sketches of Spain and Spanish Character],
 by [John F.] Lewis

Sketches [and Drawings] of the Alhambra [Made During a Residence
 in Granada in the Years 1933-4], by [John F.] Lewis

Pete de la Minorites de Louis XIV, by Dessins

Naval and Military Trophies; Gibbs & Holmes

Chronicles of Fashion (2 v.)

Fashions in Paris, 1797-1897, by Uzane

Historia de Espana, by Angel

Des Dames De Conseiller

Rokoko Von Max; Von Bohrn

The Frenchman of the Century

The Eighteenth Century, 1700-1789

Dresses of the Different Nations (4 v.)

Le Costume Historique, by Racint (6 v.)

Life and Time[s] of [Girolamo] Savonarola, by [Pasquale] Villari (2 v.)

Prince of India, by [Lew] Wallace (2 v.)

National Galleries of History and Art

Der Goldne [Golden] Topf, by Hoffman

Marceaux Ghosis, by McBauret

First Russian Reader, by Tananevich

Cuentos Anatovies, by Alaroon

Louis XV, by Peczinska

Le Jardin des Caresses, by Toussaint

Curious Questions in History, Literature, Art, and Social Life,
 by [Sarah Hutchins] Kellikelly (2 v.)

[The] Modern Reader's Chancei [Chaucer], by [John S. P.] Tatlook
 [& Percy MacKaye]

The Stones of Paris, by [Benjamin Ellis & Charlotte M.] Martin

Spanish and Portuguese Gardens, by Nichols

Byron's Works, [by Lord (George Gordon) Byron]

Mysteries de L'Inquisition, by De Fareal

Die Mode in XVIII, by Juhrhundert

Die Mode in XIX

Art Deutsch Malerei

The Habitation[s] of Man, [in] All Ages, by [Eugene] Viellete le Due [Viollet-le-Duc]

Chat on Costumes [Chats on Costume], by [G. Wolliscroft] Rhead

Voyages and Travels (7 v.)

Galerie Dramatique

Saracenesca [Saracinesca], by [F. Marion] Crawford
Temescal, by [Henry Herbert] Knibbs

The Perfume of the Rainbow, by [L. Adams] Beck

Set the Stage for Eight, by [Doris Friend] Halman

The Passing of Chas. Lansan

Rome, by Field

Amos Judd, by [John Ames] Mitchell

Poems, by Pavlova [Poems to Pavlova, by A. Tulloch Cull]

Dancing and Dances of Today, by [Caroline & Charles H.] Caffin

A Great Emperor, Chas. V -- 1519-1558, by Hare

The Satyricon, by Arbiter

A King's Lesson in Statecraft; Loouis XIV

History of the Hat

Les Contes Drolatiques, by [Honore de] Balzac

The Coloured Ornaments of All Historical Styles, by Speltz

Sport in Art to 18th Century, by Baillies & Grohman

John Bower

Des Dwers [Divers] Styles de Jardines

The Mansions of England in Olden Times, by Nash (2 v.)

Le [La] Civilisation Des Arabes,, by [Gustave] Le Bou [Le Bon]

Voyages d'Horace Vernet, by Fesquet

Costumes of all the World

Visages of Russia, by Grigorieff

Le Decameron, [by Giovanni Boccaccio]

Histoire de la Coiffure

Glossary on Heraldry

Mitla, by Von Tensky

Napoli E. Contorni Album

Costumes de La Cour de Rome

Arms and Armour, by [Charles Henry] Ashdown

The Art of Nyinsky [Nijinsky], by [Geoffrey Arundel] Whitworth

Le Costume, by Enlart

A Record of European Armour and Arms, by Laking (5 v.)

Dictionaire De L'Ameublement Et De La Decoration, by Harvard (4 v.)

Costumes Civils et Militaires 1200 to 1820

Bonnard Costume De Secoli XII to XV

World in Miniature, by Shoberl (39 v.)

The Temple of Guidus, by Montesqueiu

La Femme Anglais Et Les Leintres, by Bouchot

History of Bayard

Museo Nauionale, by Napoli

Guide du Carrossier, by Napoli

Recreations Et Passe Temps, by D'Allemagne

L'Art Arabe (Text), by D'Avernes

Royal and Historic Gloves and Shoes, by Redfern

Album Historique, by Lavisse & Pamentier

Tachton Kunstmarke und Gerathshafter (10 v.)

Geschichto des Kostums, by Rosenberg (5 v.)

The Roman Empresses (2 v.)

Costumes Historiques Des XVI, XVII, XVIII Siecles (5 v.)

Habiti Antihi, by Vecellio -- 1598

Histoire des Inagurations

Ferrario Les Costume Ancient Moderne (17 v.)

[The] Vanishing Race, by [Dr. Joseph K.] Dixon

Women in All Ages and Countries (Roman Women), by [Rev Alfred] Britton [Brittain]

Women in All Ages and Countries (Early Christian), by [Alfred] Britton [Brittain] & [Mitchell] Carroll

Women in All Ages and Countries (Greek), by Britton & Carroll [by Mitchell Caroll]

Women in All Ages and Countries (England), by Britton & Carroll [by Bartlett Burleigh James]

Women in All Ages and Countries (France), by Britton & Carroll
 [by Pierce Butler or Hugo P. Thieme]

L'Art De la Curiosite, by E. Bosc

[The] Moors in Spain ey Leon and Poole, by Blochet
[by Stanley Lane-Poole]

Ancient Egyptian and Persian Costume, by Houston & Hornblower

Femmes Arabes, Avant et Dupuis, by Perron

The Arabs in Spain [no author given]

Wooings and Weddings in Many Lands, by [Louise Jordan] Milu [Miln]

Troubador, by [Alfred] Kreymburg [Kreymborg]

Masques at Bouffens, by Sands (2 v.)

Hogarth's Works

Navigation et Viaggi

Modes et Costumes Historiques, by Freris

Peintures, by Blochet

L'Image de la Femme, by Dayet

Vade Macum du Pointre, by De Vigne (2 v.)

Midiaevel [Mediaeval] Gardens, by Sir Frank Crisp (2v.)

Costumes Ancient et Modernes, by E. Vecellio (2 v.)

Shaws Decorations Art of the Middle Ages

Paul Verlaine les Armes -- Calentes (2 v.)

Ayries La Russie

Valentino Gross Moments De Danse

Thamar Karsavina, by Svetlow

Costumes, Civil and Military -- 1200-1820 (5 v.)

Galerie Francaise de Fommer Celebres

The Last of the Roman Tribunes, Rienzi,
 by [Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton,1st Baron] Lytton

D. E. Quevedo, by De Ochoa

The Mansions of England Olden Times

Order of Knighthood

Histoire du Costume En France, by Quicherat

The Living Races of Mankind, [by Henry Neville Hutchinson
 & Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston]

Military and Religious Life in the Middle Ages (4 v.)

Iur Geschichte Des Costume, by LaCroix

Costumes of Turkey

DeReiset, Modes et Usages au Tempo de Marie Antoinette (2 v.)

L. Roger Miler Comment Discerner les Styles

Histoire du Costume aur (aux) Theatre

Gustave Flaubert (10 v.)

Les Chroniques de Froillert

Keatings Travels in France, Spain and Morocco

Fronteas of Languages [Frontiers of Language] and Nationality in Europe,
by [Leon] Dominian

Le Bearte de L'Opera

Les Costumes Ches Les Peuples, by Hollenrath (2 v.)

Histoire du Luminaire, by D'Allemagne

Catalogue Historic Diserptwo Real Armeria; Du Madred

Mythologie de la Grece Antique Paris 1879; P. Dicharme

Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, by E. L. Cutter

Anatomy for Art Students (Thomson)

Hispano Moorish Ornamental Art -- The Alhambra

Les Chroniques Des Chateau de la Loire (Rain)

Mass Fest in Roma

Orbes Pictus Band Roma Mitterlatterliche Elfonbeinarbeiten

L'Architecture de la Renaissance (Gromort)

Italiano Translations (3 v.)

The Pierrot of the Minute -- A Dramatic Fantasy in One Act

Italian Verbs

Marie Antoinette by Nolhac (2 v.)

L'Oiseau -- Bleu

Stories of the Russian Ballet (2 v.)

The Russian Ballet in Western Europe, 1909-1920; Propert

Hans Branderberg der Moderne Franz

Maria Magdalena; Hebbel

The Russian Ballet; Johnson

Salome; Daffner

Dictionnaire Raisonne du Mobilier Francais (6 v.)

Spain; Hale

Tha´s, by A.[natole] France

British Costumes; Planche

Odd Court Costumes; Armitages

English Costumes; Calthrop (2 v.)

Spanish-Moorish Scenery; Thomas Roscoe (2 v.)

Du Salon De Grand; Annales

Old Court Life in Spain; [Frances Minto Dickinson] Elliot (2 v.)

Mythologie; Commelin

Costumes [Costume] Fanciful Historical and Theatrical;
 [compiled by Mrs.] Aria

Colleccion; De Los Dibrujos

Armer; Russe

Prisse D'Avenues L'Art Arabe; Tome (3 v.0

Personnages Francais Du XVIe Siecle; J. Niel

Les Grandes Scenes Hitoriques due XVI Siecle; Torturel & Perressin

Meister Des Ornament Stichs; Jessen (3 v.)

China Costumes

Costumes Austria

Punishment China

The Armo[u]rer and His Craft; [Charles] Ffoulkes

Loris [Boris] Godounov [Godunov] [by Aleksandr Pushkin]

Arabian Antiquities of Spain; [James Cavanah] Murphy

Barrington's Introduction to Heraldry

Song of Hiawatha [by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Indian Paintings

Arms and Armo[u]r [in Antiquity and the Middle Ages]; [Charles] Boutell

Boutell's Heraldry; St. Aveling

History of British Costume; Planche

54 Miscellaneous Volumes of Modern Fiction

La Chartreuse [de Parme]; Stendhal [(Marie Henri Beyle)] (2 v.)

Los Exploradores; Lummis

Theatre Costumes; George Lepape


Rajput Paintings; Coomaraswamy (2 v.)

Voslov Nyinksy [Vaslav Nijinsky]; [Roberto] Montenegro

Anna Pavlova; [Valerien] Svetloff

Collection of Arms and Armors

Lettres Persanes (2 v.) [Charles Louis de Secondat,
 Baron de la Brede et de Montesquieu]

Tanserinnen; Nikolaus

Cellini; Lavita [La Vita, by Benvenuto Cellini]


Modern Dancing and Dances [Dancers]; Fletch [J. E. Crawford Flitch]

Le Ballet Contonporain; Svetlov

Miscellaneous Travel Guide Books (2 v.)

1 Lot Miscellaneous Postcards, Travel Books and Knight Pictures


Greek Reader

Miscellaneous La Gurlande

Miscellaneous Bon Genre Gazette

Rare Old Portfolio; Old German and French Engravings

Rare Old Portfolio; of French Water Colored Engravings

L'Art; de Leon Bakst

Comoedia Illustre; Bakst

Modeset Costomes Historiques; Pauquet

Red Bound Book of Stills of Mr. Valentino's Picture, "Cobra"

Black Bound Book of Stills of Mr. Valentino's Picture, "Cobra"

Black Bound Book of Stills of Mr. Valentino's Picture, "A Sainted Devil"

Black Bound Book of Stills of Mr. Valentino's Picture, "Monsieur Beaucaire"

Pines Spanish Invasion

Baldekeis; Italy From Alps to Naples
[Baedeker's Italy: From the Alps to Naples] by Karl Baedeker

Baldekeis; Italy From Central Italy
[Baedeker's Italy: Central Italy and Rome] by Karl Baedeker

Baldekeis; Italy From Northern Italy
[Baedeker's Italy: Northern Italy]  by Karl Baedeker

[The] Magic Carpets [Carpet], selected & compiled by
 Mrs. [Waldo (Gertrude Moore)] Richards

Interieure; 1, 2

Interieure; Francais

Interieure; De Ruhlman

Decoration Interieure, Ensembles Choises

[the remaining books on the list were paperback editions]

Badiejon; Pilote

Les Etranges Noces de Rorletabille; Leroux

Les Fleurs Du Mal; [Charles Pierre] Beaudelaire

Le Chateau Noir; Leroux

Le [Les] Couvres Libres; [Marcel] Proust

Les Drapeaux; Reboux

Le Chateau De Blois; Lesueur

Le Roman Due Jeune Homme Pauvre; [Octave] Feuillet

Pot-Bouille; [Emile] Zola

La Debacle; [Emile] Zola

Les Corsaires; Malo

Elogr De La Danse; Destlieux

Consuelo; [George] Sand

Pernales; Costrobello

Le Chateau De Longeais

L'Union Des Arnes; De Russie

Les Granades De Rubus; Villaespsa

Le Batard De Mauleon; [Alexandre] Dumas (3 v.)

Suzanne Et Le Pacifique; Giraudoux

Le Cour and [et] La Ville, Sous Louis XV; De Seingalt

Novelle Italiane (2 v.)

Ariane; Russe

La Garconne; De Moeurs

Stella Mattutina; [Ada] Negri

La Bete Humaine; [Emile] Zola

Seigried et la Limousin; [Jean] Giraudoux

La Fen dun Mone; Anet

Au Boniieur [Bonheur] des Dames; [Emile] Zola

Votre Arne; Russie

L'Homme a l'Hispana; Frondaie

Nouvelles Asiatiques; Gabineau

Seilammba [Salammbo]; [Gustav] Floubert [Flaubert]

A le Ombre [l'Ombre] des Jeunes Filles Eu [En] Fleurs [by Marcel Proust]

Petits Poem[s] en Prose; [Marcel] Proust

L'Ile des Pengouins [Pingouins]; [Anatole] France

L'Atlantide; Benoit

La Femme de Trente Aus [Ans]; [Honore de] Balzac

Cardinal; Halwy

Les Avaries; Brieux

En Embrujo de Sevilla; Reveles

Monsieur Camors

A l'Ombre des Jeunes Filles en Fleurs; [Marcel] Proust

Les [Los] Cvatro [Cuatro] Jinets [Jinetes] del Apocalipses;
 [Vincente Blasco] Ibanez (2 v.)

Sangre [y] Arena; [Vincente Blasco] Ibanez

Le Amanti; Serao

Il Conte du Brechard; Ferzanc

Pitollet; Ibanez
 [V. Blasco Ibanez: Ses Romans et le Roman de sa Vie, by Camille Pitollet]

Revista de Occidente; directed by Gasset

Le Croix de Bois; Dargeles

Iusted es Ortes

l'Envers de [du] Muie [Music] Hall; Collette

Les Adventures [Aventures] [du] Roi Pausole; [Pierre] Louys

Le Journal d'Une Femme; [Octave] Feuillot

Le Justidor; Bourget

La Bataille; Farrere

Aphrodite; [Pierre] Louys

[Le Roman d'un] Jeune Hoome [Homme] Pauvre; [Octave] Feuillot

Recommencements; Bourget

Vie de Jesus; [Ernest] Renau [Renan] [& William G. Hutchinson]

Fucco [Fuoco]; [Gabrielle] D'Annunzio

Desamor; [El Caballero] Audez [Audaz] [(Jose Maria Carretero)]

El Paraiso de las Mujeres; [Vincente Blasco] Ibanez

L'll Aux Trente Cerouiels; Le Blanc

La Vue Amoureuse de L'Imperatrico Josephin; d'Houville

Portes d'Aujourd hui; Bever & Leautand (2 v.)

Kif Lebbi; Zuccoli

Una Passion en Paris; El Caballero Audaz [(Jose Maria Carretero)]

La Vengauza del Cendar; Calderon

La Divina Commedia; [Dante] Alighiere

Pietro Casses Teatro in Versi

Pour Don Carlos; Benoit

LeRoman Le Roman din Juine, Homme Pauvre
[Le Roman d'un Jeune Homme Pauvre, by Octave Feuillot]

Lezarine; Bourget

La Clif [Clef] de l'Occultisme, [by Horus]

El Profeta; Amadeo

La Dama del Lucero; Amadeo

Physiologie du Marriage; [Honore de] Blazal [Balzac]

L'Anneau or aux Six Colombos; Stern

La Cruz de Monte Arreut

L'Espervia D'Or; Meneses

Occhi Liberte; Guira

T. S. V. P.; [J. W.] Beinstock [Bienstock] [& Curnonsky]

Drjonde de Loches; Gautier


Novels & stories from which Valentino's movies were made

"The Uncharted Seas" (short story) -- John Henry Wilson (1920 / 1921)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  (Los Quatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis)
 -- Vincente Blasco Ibanez (1908 / 1922)

Camille (La Dame aux Camelias) -- Alexandre Dumas, fils (1852 / 1921)

The Sheik -- Edith Maude Hull (1921 / 1921)

Eugenie Grandet -- Honore de Balzac (1833 / The Conquering Power 1921)

Moran of the Lady Letty -- Frank Norris (1898 / 1922)

Beyond the Rocks -- Elinor Glyn (1906 / movie: 1922)

Blood and Sand (Sangre y Arena) -- Vincente Blasco Ibanez (1908 / 1922)

Amos Judd -- by John Ames Mitchell (circa 1895 / movie:
 The Young Rajah 1922)
Monsieur Beaucaire -- Booth Tarkington (1900 / 1924)

"Rope's End" -- Rex Beach (1913 / A Sainted Devil 1924) (short story in
 The Crimson Gardenia and Other Tales of Adventure (1916))

Dubrovsky -- Alexandr Pushkin (1833 / The Eagle 1925)

Cobra -- Martin Brown & Russell Holman (? / 1925)

The Sons of the Sheik -- Edith Maude Hull (1925 / The Son of the Sheik 1926)