Break Their Haughty Power
"The working class and the employing class have nothing in common."
IWW Preamble, 1905

"Capital's ceaseless striving towards the general form of wealth drives labor beyond the limits of its natural paltriness and thus creates the material elements for the development of the rich individuality which is as all-sided in its production as in its consumption, and whose labor also no longer appears as labor, but as the full development of activity itself, in which natural necessity in its direct form has disappeared, because a historically created need has replaced a natural one. This is why capital is productive; i.e. an essential relation for the development of the productive forces. It ceases to exist only where the development of these productive forces themselves encounters its barrier in capital itself." (Marx, Grundrisse

The following texts were written between 1973 and the present. Some of them, beginning in the late 1980s, were published in US journals such as Against the Current, New Politics, Critique, Collective Action Notes and Race Traitor; some have appeared in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Swedish, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Romanian,  Russian, Greek and Turkish translations. Others are appearing in the Marx / Third Millennium series of Queequeg Publications. The majority, however, were consigned by circumstance to what Marx called "the gnawing critique of the mice." As such, they circulated only in xerox format to very limited circles of readers. I am posting them today, not because they necessarily possess any overarching coherence or because the evolution of one individual is of any particular importance. Rather, since different readers over the years have found different texts to be useful, I am using the new possibilities opened by the web to make them more generally available than they have been in my file cabinets.

Critique and comment are invited.

The Break Their Haughty Power website is affiliated with Queequeg Publications, which can be contacted at the e-mail address below.

Queequeg Publications has made available in book format some of the following texts. They include:

Loren Goldner: Ubu Saved From Drowning: Class Struggle and Statist Containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977 (2000). ISBN 0-970-03080-0. 113 pp. Order directly from Amazon: click here
Order from Kindle: click here

Loren Goldner: Vanguard of Retrogression: "Postmodern" Fictions as Ideology in the Era of Fictitious Capital (2001). ISBN 0-9700308-1-9. 131 pp. Order directly from Amazon: click here
Order from Kindle: click here

Loren Goldner. Herman Melville: Between Charlemagne and the Antemosaic Cosmic Man. Race, Class and the Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology in an American Renaissance Writer.
(2006). ISBN 0-9700-308-2-7. 291 p. Order directly from Amazon: click here.
Order from Kindle: click here

Libri e saggi di Loren Goldner in italiano: Capitale fittizio e crisi del capitalismo, L'Avanguardia della regressione, Il "socialismo in un solo paese" prima di Stalin e le origini dell'"anti-imperialismo" reazionario. Il caso della Turchia (1917-1925), L'immensa sorpresa di ottobre: Un collasso de mondo capitalista alle Edizioni PonSin Mor

Livre de Loren Goldner en francais: Nous vivrons la revolution. Revolution in our lifetime. (tome 1). Editions Ni patrie ni frontieres

Loren Goldner

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September 2014: Two new book reviews

Book Review: Chris Rhomberg. The Broken Table. The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor (2014)

Book Review: Nick Turse. Kill Anything that Moves. The Real American War in Vietnam (2014)

The Agrarian Question in the Russian Revolution: From Material Community to Productivism, and Back (2014)

Three Talks on the Russian and German Revolutions, and Others (2013)

John Chiaradia: Amadeo Bordiga and the Myth of Antonio Gramsci  (2013)

The Spanish Revolution, Past and Future:
Grandeur and Poverty of Anarchism;
How the Working Class Takes Over (or Doesn’t), Then and Now
Spanish Translation: La revolución española, pasado y futuro: Grandeza y
miseria del anarchismo
Greek Translation:

Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today; China and Permanent Revolution (2012)

Le Capital Fictif et La Reproduction Sociale Contractée Aujourd'hui; La Chine et la Révolution Permanente (2012)

Il Capitale Fittizio e la Riproduzione Sociale Contratta Oggi; La Cina et la Rivoluzione Permanente (2012)

Chinese translation:  当今的虚构资本、缩小的社会再生产、与中国  

Review/Essay:Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers, and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism (2013)

Review/Essay: The Condition of the Working Classes in England (2013)

Notes Toward a Critique of Maoism (2012)
Korean Translation: 마오주 의 비판을 위한 노트

Review of John Marot's The October Revolution in Prospect and Retrospect (2012)

Globalization of Capital, Globalization of Struggle (2012)
Italian Translation: Globalizazzione del Capitale, Globalizazzione delle Lotte
Greek Translation: Διεθνοποίηση του κεφαλαίου, διεθνοποίηση των αγώνων

The Sky Is Always Darkest Just Befor the Dawn: Class Struggle in the U.S. From the 2008 Crash to the Eve of Occupy (2011)
Korean Translation: 2008년 이후 미국에서의 계급투쟁
French Translation: La lutte de classes aux Etats-Unis depuis le krach de 2008 jusqu'a la veille d'Occupy Wall Street
Portuguese Translation: A luta de classes nos EUA desde a crise financeira de 2008
Italian Translation: La lotta di classe negli Stati Uniti dal Crollo del 2008
German Translation: Klassenkampf in den USA seit dem Crash von 2008
Greek Translation: Ο ουρανός είναι πάντα σκοτεινότερος λίγο πριν το χάραμα: Οι ταξικοί αγώνες στις ΗΠΑ απ’ την κατάρρευση του 2008 ως την αυγή του κινήματος Occupy

Czech Translation:  Současný třídní boj v USA

Theses for Discussion
Korean Translation: Toron-ul wihan Tejedul

Anti-Capitalism or Anti-Imperialism?
Interwar Authoritarian and Fascist Sources of A Reactionary Ideology:
The Case of the Bolivian MNR
Spanish Translation: Anti-capitalismo o anti-imperialismo?

Fuentes autoritarias y fascistas de la epoca entreguerras de una ideología reaccionaria:

El caso del MNR boliviano

From Cairo to Madison, The Old Mole Comes Up For An Early Spring (2011)
Korean Translation: 카이로에서 매디슨까지 : 늙은 두더지가 초봄에 고개를 내밀다

Brief Report from a Brief Visit to Madison (2011)
French Translation: Une Visite a Madison

The Demise of Andy Stern and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism (2010)
Korean Translation: 앤 디스턴의 종말과 현 자본주의 사회의 노동조합 문제

The Historical Moment That Produced Us (2010)
German Translation: Der historische Moment, der uns hervorgebracht hat
Korean Translation: ᅮ리를 만들어낸 역사적 수

VIDEO: Oakland, CA: Writer and activist Loren Goldner contextualizes the current economic crisis and class struggles in a theory of capitalist development (September 2010)

Global Leveraged Buyout or the "Longest Boom in Capitalist History"? A Reply to Robert Fitch (2009)

"Socialism in One Country" Before Stalin, and the Origins of Reactionary "Anti-Imperialism": The Case of Turkey, 1917-1925 (2009)
Italian translation: Il "socialismo in un solo paese" prima di Stalin et le origini dell "anti-imperialismo" reazionario: il caso della Turquia 1917-1925: Il caso della Turchia 1917-1925

Ssangyong Motor Strike in South Korea Ends in Defeat and Heavy Repression (2009)
Russian Translation: Забастовка на Ссангйонг Моторс в Южной Корее завершилась поражением и жесткими репрессиями
Turkish Translation: Güney Kore’de Ssangyong Motor grevi yoğun baskı altında yenilgi ile sona erdi
French Translation: La grève de Ssangyong Motors en Corée du Sud : défaite et dure répression
German Translation: Der Streik bei Ssangyong Motors in Südkorea endet mit einer Niederlage und heftiger Repression
Italian Translation: Lo sciopero alla Ssangyong Coreana di fronte a un muro
Korean Translation: 한국의 쌍용자동차 파업이 패배와 강력한 탄압으로 끝을 맺다

General Perspectives on the Capitalist Development State and Class Struggle in East Asia (2009)

Great Game II:  From Tallinn to Seoul and Tokyo, by Way of Kiev, the Declining American Superpower Lashes Out on the Borders of Russia and China (2008)
Chinese Translation: 第二次大博弈(上):

从苏联塔林到韩国首尔到日本东京,借道基辅,衰落的美国超 级大国对俄罗斯和中国边境虎视眈眈


Spanish Translation: Gran Juego II: desde Tallin a Seúl y Tokio, pasando por Kiev, la decadente potencia estadounidense responde en las fronteras de Rusia y China


Social Reproduction for Beginners: Bringing Reality Back In (2008)
Italian Translation: La riproduzione sociale per i principianti: riportandoci al mondo reale

Video of a talk on fictitious capital given January 22, 2008, at The Whitechapel Centre, in London. Talk hosted by Mute (2008).

Audio of an interview on fictitious capital, on "Guns and Butter" with Bonnie Faulkner, on KPFA, April 4th, 2007 (2007).

The Biggest 'October Surprise' Of All: A World Capitalist Collapse (2008)
Italian Translation: L'immensa "sorpresa d'ottobre" un tonfo del mondo capitalista
Polish Translation: Zmierzch systemu. Światowy krach kapitalistyczny
Rumanian Translation: Cea mai mare „surprizæ din octombrie“: o præbuøire în capitalismul mondial
Chinese Translation: 2008 年金融海啸、全球资本主义70年代以来的慢性危机、及如何走出现状的思考
French Translation: La plus grande des surprises d'octobre: un crash du monde capitaliste

The Situation of Left Communism Today: An Interview with the Korean SaNoShin Group (2008)
Korean Translation: 좌 익공산주 의의 현황 : 로렌 골드너와의 대담

The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat, 1987-2008 (2008)
French Translation: La classe ouvrière coréenne : de la grève de masse à la précarisation et au reflux, 1987-2007
Czech Translation: Dělnická třída v Koreji: od masové stávky k prekarizaci[1] a ústupu (1987–2007)
Italian Translation: La classe lavoratrice coreana: dagli scioperi di massa alla precarizzazione ed alla sconfitta, 1987-2007

Fictitious Capital for Beginners: Imperialism, "Anti-Imperialism," and the Continuing Relevance of Rosa Luxemburg (2007)
French Translation: Le Capital Fictif pour les Debutants: Imperialisme, "Anti-Imperialisme" et Pertinence Actuelle de Rosa Luxembourg
Greek Translation: Το Πλασματικό Κεφάλαιο για Αρχάριους1 Ιμπεριαλισμός, “Αντιιμπεριαλισμός”, και η διαρκής
επικαιρότητα της Ρόζας Λούξεμπουργκ

Italian Translation: Il capitale fittizion per principiani. Imperialismo, “antimperialismo” e attualita permanente di Rosa Luxemburg

Left Communism and Trotskyism: A Roundtable (2007)
Communisme de Gauche et Trotskysme: Un Colloque (2007)

Max Eastman : One American Radical’s View of the "Bolshevization" of the American Revolutionary Movement  and a Forgotten, and Unforgettable, Portrait of Trotsky (2006)
Italian Translation: Max Eastman: un punto di vista radical riguardo alla "bolschevizzazione" del movimento rivoluzionario americano e un ritratto, dimenticato e indimenticabile, di Trotsky

1973 Redux?: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Decline of Dollar-Centered World Accumulation (2006)
Italian Translation: Ritorno al 1973?: continuita e discontinuita nel declino dell'accumulazione mondiale fondata sul dollaro
French Translation: Continuité et Discontinuité dans le Déclin de l'Accumulation Mondiale Centrée sur le Dollar
German Translation:  Kontinuitäten und Brüche im Niedergang der Dollar-zentrierten Weltakkumulation

  Clausewitz on the Pampas: An Argentine Snapshot as Latin America Moves Leftward (2006)
Italian Translation: Clausewitz nella Pampa: un'instantanea argentina mentre l'America Latina si sposta a sinistra

Fictitious Capital and the Transition out of Capitalism (2005)
Italian Translation: Il Capitale Fittizio e la Transizione fuori del Capitalismo

China In the Contemporary World Dynamic of Accumulation and Class Struggle (2005)
Czech Translation: 
Čína v současné světové dynamice akumulace a třídního boje jako výzva pro radikální levici
Italian Translation: La Cina nel Mondo Contemporaneo: Dinamica dell'accumulazione e lotta di classe

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's: Casualized Workers' Strikes in Paris (2005)
French Translation: Marx et Makhno a la Rencontre de McDonald's
Polish Translation: Jak Marx i Machno spotkali się z McDonald’sem

The "Dollar" Crisis, and Us. Thoughts on Accelerating American Decline and a Radical Left Response (2004)
German Translation: Die Dollarkrise und die USA
French Translation: La crise du dollar et nous
Italian Translation: Gli USA e la crisi del dollaro

Marx, Hegel, Ricardo: The "Inverted World" In the Heart of the Critique of Political Economy (2004)
German Translation: Marx, Hegel, Ricardo: Die "verkehrte Welt" im Herzen der Kritik der politischen Oekonomie

An Insect Collector Puts His Hand In A Hornet's Nest: Christophe Bourseiller's Coffee-Table Book on the Ultra-Left (2004)
French Translation: Note sur L’histoire générale de l’ultra-gauche de Christophe Bourseiller

Introduction to the Johnson-Forest Tendency and the Background to "Facing Reality" (2004)
Italian Translation: La tendenza Johnson-Forest e il mondo d'oggi (2004)
Spanish Translation:
Presentación de la tendencia Johnson-Forest y antecedentes de Facing Reality

Another Defeat for Workers in the U.S.: The Los Angeles Supermarket Strike of 2003-2004 (2004)
French Translation: Notes sur une nouvelle defaite des travailleurs americains (2004)
German Translation: Eine weitere Niederlage fuer die ArbeiterInnen in den USA (2004)
Czech Translation: Poznámky k další porážce dělníků v USA: losangelská stávka v supermarketech, 2003-2004 (2004)
Italian Translation: Note su un'altra sconfitta dei lavoratori negli USA (2004)

Didn't See the Same Movie: Review of Max Elbaum's Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao, and Che (2003)
French Translation: Je n'ai pas vue le meme film: Compte Rendu du Livre de Max Elbaum Revolution in the Air (2004)

Reply to Some Comments/Questions About "Pause in the Crisis?" (2003)

Pause in the Crisis, or Beginning of a New Boom? (2003)
French translation: Une pause dans la crise ou l'amorce d'un nouveau boom économique?(2003)
German translation: Kommt ein neuer Boom oder legt die Krise nur eine Pause ein? (2003)
Italian translation: Pausa nella crisi o inizio di un nuovo boom? (2003)
Czech translation: USA: pouhá přestávka v krizi, nebo začátek nového boomu? (2003)

A Hollowed Out Keynesian Warfare State: American Democracy Today (2003)
French translation: Un "warfare state" Keynésien vide de substance: L'évolution de la démocratie américaine d'hier à aujourd'hui
Italian translation: Un Warfare State Keynesiano Vuoto di Sostanza

Two Short Texts on Economic Crisis and War: "Germany 1938/USA 2003" and
"First Inflation, Then Deflation"
German Translation: Zwei Kurze Texte Ueber Oekonomische Krise und Krieg: "Deutschland 1938/USA 2003: Historische Parallelen?" und "USA: Zuerst kommt die Inflation, dann die Deflation"
French Translation: L'Allemagne 1938, Etats-Unis 2003: Paralleles Historiques?

Recent Class Struggles in the USA (2003)
Czech translation: Současný třídní boj v USA (2003)

Once Again, On Fictitious Capital (2003)
French translation: Sur le capital fictif (version abrégée)
German translation: Über Fiktives Kapital (gekürtzte Version)

Other Comrades' Comments on Aufheben Debate (2003)

Production or Reproduction?: Against a Reductionist Reading of Capital In The Left Milieu, and Elsewhere (2002)
Italian Translation: Produzione o Riproduzione? Contro una ’interpretazione riduzionista del Capitale 
nell’'ambito della sinistra e altrove

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression (2002)
Italian Translation: Capitale Fittizio, Regressione Reale
Romanian Translation: Capital fictiv, regres real

Aufheben Critique of Ch. 1 of Remaking of the American Working Class (2000)

Reply to the Aufheben Critique of Ch. 1 of Remaking of the American Working Class

Appendix to Exchange with Aufheben: M. Perelman, Fictitious Capital and Crisis Theory (1987)

De la dominación formal del capital a la dominación real (1992) (2002)

Del Regeneracionismo a los Pactos de la Moncloa (1992) (2002)

Facing Reality 45 Years Later: Critical Dialogue With CLR James/Grace Lee/Pierre Chaulieu
Czech Translation: “Čelem K Realitě” Po 45 Letech: Kritický dialog s Jamesem/Leem/Chaulieuem (2002)
Spanish Translation: 45 años despues de Facing Reality: diálogo crítico con James/Lee/Chaulieu

An American National Bolshevik: Book Review of Kevin Coogan's Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International (2001)

Ontological "Difference" and the Neo-Liberal War on the Social: Deconstruction and Deindustrialization (2001)(*)
Italian Translation: L'Ontologia della 'Differenza' e la Guerra Neoliberista contro il Sociale. Deconstruzione e desindustrializzasione

Translation of Alain Tizon and François Lonchampt, "A Thousand Triumphant Ubus," in Votre Révolution n'est pas la mienne (1999) (2001)

Seattle: The First US Riot Against Globalization? (2000)
French Translation: La Revolte US Contre La "Globalization"? (2000)
Italian Translation: Seattle: La rivolta USA contro la globalizzazione?

"Total Capital" Rigor and International Liquidity: A Reply to Robert Brenner (1999)
Italian Translation: Rigore su "Capitale Totale: e Liquidita Internazaionale: Una replica a Robert Brenner

International Liquidity and Class Struggle: A First Approximation (1998)
French Translation: Crise de la liquidité internationale et lutte des classes: Première approximation (1998; 2001 trans.)
Italian Translation: Crisi della liquidita internazionale e lotta fra le classi: Prima approssimazione (1998; 2002 trans.)
Romanian Translation: Criza internationala de lichiditi si lupta de clasa

The Remaking of the American Working Class: Restructuring of Global Capital, Recomposition of Class Terrain (1981; 1999; work in progress)
French Translation: La Classe Ouvriere Americaine: Restructuration du capital global, Recomposition du terrain de classe (2002)
Italian Translation: La classe operaia americana: Ristrutturazione del capitale complessivo, ricomposizione del terreno di classe

Ubu Saved From Drowning: Class Struggle and Statist Containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-77 (2000)

Presentation / Critique of Eamonn Fingleton, In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the Key to Future Prosperity (1999) (1999)

Race,Class and the Crisis of the Bourgeois Ego in the Work of Herman Melville(1998)

Revolutionary "Termites" In Faridabad: Kamunist Kranti / Collectivities: Presentation and Critical Dialogue (1998)
Greek Translation: Επαναστατικοί τερμίτες στο Φαρινταμπάντ

Book Review: Ngo Van, Vietnam, 1920-1945 (1997)

Class Struggle In The Unemployment Capital of Europe: Lower Andalucia, 1995-1996 (1996)
French Translation: Lutte de Classes en Basse Andalousie, 1995-1996 (1996)
Spanish Translation: Lucha de Clases en Baja Andalucia, 1995-1996 (1996)

Communism is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today (1991)
German Translation: Kommunismus ist die materielle menschliche Gemeinschaft: Amadeo Bordiga heute
French Translation: Le Communisme est la Communauté Materielle Humaine: Amadeo Bordiga et notre temps
Italian Translation: Il Comunismo è la Comunità Materiale Umana: Amadeo Bordiga Oggi
Czech Translation: Komunismus jako materiální lidské společenství: Amadeo Bordiga dnes
Russian Translation: КОММУНИЗМ: МАТЕРИАЛЬНОЕ СООБЩЕСТВО ЛЮДЕЙ: Амадео Бордига и современность
Korean Translation: 물질적인 인간공동체를: 향하여: 오늘날의아마데오보르디가
Preface to the Swedish edition (2002) of Communism Is the Material Human Community: Amadeo Bordiga Today (2002)
Portuguese Translation:
O Comunismo é a Comunidade Humana Material: Amadeo Bordiga Hoje
Swedish Translation: Kommunismen ar den materiella manskliga gemenskapen

Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston-Area Public Employees Ferment, 1981-1982: An Interview With Scott McGuire
Portuguese Translation: Movimento dos Trabalhadores Publicos da Area de Boston, 1981-1982

The Online World Is Also On Fire: How the Sixties Marginalized Literature in American Culture (And Why Literature Mainly Deserved It) (1995) (*)

The 150th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto (1997)
Czech Translation: 150 let po Komunistickim manifestu (1997)
Turkish Translation: Komünist Manifesto'dan 150 Yıl Sonra

Race and the Enlightenment, Part I: From Anti-Semitism to White Supremacy (1997)(*)
French Translation: Le concept de race et le siecle des Lumieres: De l'antisemitisme a la suprematie des Blancs 1492-1676
Italian Translation: Razza e Illuminismo. D'all'antisemitismo alla supremazia dei bianchi. 1492-1676
Spanish Translation: Raza e Ilustración. Primera Parte: del antisemitismo a la supremacia blanca, 1492-1676

Race and the Enlightenment, Part II: The Anglo-French Enlightenment and Beyond (1999)(*)
Spanish Translation: Raza e Ilustración. Segunda Parte: la Ilustración anglofrancesa y más allá (2012)
Italian Translation: Razza e Illuminismo. L'illuminismo anglo-francese

The Renaissance and Rationality: The Status of the Enlightenment Today (1995)(*)
Russian translation: Ренессанс и рациональность: Статус Просвещения сегодня (2004)
Italian Translation: Renascimiento e Razionalita

Multiculturalism or World Culture? On a "Left"-Wing Response to Contemporary Social Breakdown (1993)(*)
French translation: Multiculturalisme ou Culture Mondiale? Sur une réponse de "gauche" au déclin social actuel (1993)
Italian translation: Multiculturalismo o Cultura Mondiale? Su una Riposta di "Sinistra" all'attuale Declino Sociale (1993, 2002)
Polish translation:
Europocentryzm, wielokulturowość czy kultura światowa? (2003)
Spanish Translation: Multiculturalismo o Cultura Mundial? Acerca de una respuesta de "izquierda" ante la decomposición social contemporánea (2011)

The Nazis and Deconstruction: Jean-Pierre Faye's Demolition of Derrida (1993)(*)
German Translation: Die Nazis und die Dekonstruktion: Jean-Pierre Fayes Abriß von Derrida (1993)
Italian Translation: Nazismo e decostruzione

Marxism and the Crisis of Scientific Ideology (1983; 1992)(*)
Italian Translation: Il marxismo e la critica dell'ideologia scientifica
German Translation: Marxismus und die Kritik der Wissenschaft

Post-Modernism Meets the IMF: The Case of Poland (1990)(*)
Spanish Translation: La posmodernidad topa con el FMI: el caso polaco

The Universality of Marx (1989)(*)
Italian Translation: L'universalita di Marx
German Translation: Marx und Universalität

American Primitive in Red, Black and White: Race and Class in American History (1989)

Book Review: A Critique of Kim Moody's An Injury to All (1989)

Short History of the World Workers' Movement from Lassalle to Neo-Liberalism (1988)
Czech Translation: Stručné dějiny světového hnutí dělnické třídy od Lassalla po neoliberalismus: Deformující hegemonie neproduktivních středních vrstev (1988; trans. 2001)
Spanish Translation:Una Breve Historia del Movimiento Obrero Mundial Desde Lassalle al Neoliberalismo: La Hegemonia Deformante de las Clases Medias Improductivas 

Book Review on 1968: Hamon and Rotman, Génération (1988)

Afro-Anabaptist-Indian Fusion: The Roots of American Radicalism (1987)(*)
French Translation: La fusion afro-indiano-anabaptiste: Les sources du radicalisme américaine (2002)

On The Non-Formation of a Working-Class Political Party in the U.S., 1900-1945 (1983; footnotes updated 2002)
Korean Translation: 1900-45 년 미국에서 노동계급 정당의 미형성에 관하여

From National Bolshevism to Ecology (1980)(*)
Italian Translation: Dal Nazional-Bolschevismo all'ecologismo

History and Realization of the Material Imagination (1979)(*)
Italian Translation: Storia e Realizzazione dell'Immaginazione Materiale
Spanish Translation: Historia y realización de la imaginación material

Their Methodology and Ours (1977)

Conjuncture: World Capitalism Since the Collapse of the Bretton Woods System (1976)
Romanian Translation: Conjunctura: capitalismul mondial de la căderea sistemului Bretton Woods (2009)


Book Review: Philip Mirowski. Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste. How Neoliberalism survived the Financial Meltdown. (2013)

Book Review: J. Arch Getty. Practicing Stalinism. Bolsheviks, Boyars and the Persistence of Tradition

Book Review: Joao Bernardo, Poder e Dinheiro, 3 vols. Porto 1995-2002.

Book Review: Moishe Postone's Dialectic of the Abstract and the Abstract (2005)

Book Review: Joao Bernardo. Labirintos do Fascismo. Na Encruzilhada da Ordem e da Revolta. (2003)

Book Review: Franklin Rosemont. Joe Hill. The IWW & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture. (2003)
German Translation: Buchbesprechung. Franklin Rosemont/Joe Hill
Italian Translation: Recensione. Franklin Rosemont/Joe Hill.
French Translation: Compte rendu, Franklin Rosemont/Joe Hill

Book Review: Gugenberg/Schweidlenke on New Age, Fascism, Ecologism (1987)

Book Review: Ernst Bloch, Principle of Hope (1986)

Book Review: Peter Bergmann, Nietzsche: The Last Antipolitical German (1987)

Book Review: Sharon Zukin, Loft Living (1989)

Book Review: Pierre Broue, Trotsky (1989)

Book Review: Joseph Chytry, The Aesthetic State (1989)

Book Review: Paul Rabinow, French Modern (1989)

Book Review: Joyce Kolko, Restructuring the World Economy (1988)

Book Review: T.J. Clark / Jerrold Seigel, Modernism as Vanguard of Consumption: Two Views (1986)

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