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(Love is in The) Weeds
Tired Of Being Blonde
New Age Rhythm and Blues
The Only Way To Win Is Surrender
Business Is Good 
Worry 'Bout Me 
When You Cut Me I Bleed 
Rock Hard (All Night)
God Made Music 
Hurt Me 
I Can Only Give You Everything
Unconditional Love 

Older Woman
Ain't Enough Of Your Lovin'
I'm Gonna Forgive You Again
Please Forgive A Fool (Song For Missy)
When It Comes To Lovin' You're A Real Encyclopedia
Hard Way Out
Where Did You Leave Your Love Tonight
It Can't Be Done

Let Me Rock You
Love The Life
Hot Burrito #1
Hyway 61 / Good Rockin' Tonight
Let My Fancy Flow
Did You Lie
Too Much Talk

We Have Not Yet Begun To Sweat
Hurt Me (I Came Prepared To Bleed)
Carol Sue
Let's Get Upset
Business Is Good
Baby Get Outta' Bed
Older Woman
Rip It Up
Satisfaction / Gloria

Highsteppers Ball
Road Blues
Mellow Down
Fool In Cheap Clothing
Dixie Diner
On The Road Again
Boomtown Blues
Jive Ass
Baby, Get Out Of Bed
Rock And Roll Warning
Let Me Rock You
I Need Your Help
Love The Life Livin' In The USA
Highway 61 / Good Rockin' Tonite

Keep On Dancing (Live in 1965)
First I Look At The Purse
You Make Me Feel So Good
Look Straight Through You
I Can See
You're Not That Girl
Wheels On Fire
Glad All Over
There's A Love
Heart Of Stone
Let's Dance
Bye Bye Baby
Keep On Dancing (Live in 1985)
Susie Q

JIVEASSP - The Movie

JIVEASSP  images of Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers