HELLO, AND WELCOME to the Larry Raspberry Web Site. Those of you who know Larry Raspberry will, hopefully, be pleased to see that he is still rockin' & rollin'. To those who have never heard of Larry Raspberry, we say hello and invite you to spend a little time on our web site and learn a bit about Larry and his music. You'll find a tiny history lesson and update for our old friends around the country and information about what's happening now and what's happening next year with Larry Raspberry & The Highsteppers.


We get a considerable number of requests from readers who want to know when we are playing in their area or why they did not know we were in their area recently. They want to attend one of our shows.

We do as many public shows as we can book each year. Once they are confirmed and scheduled we try to let everyone interested know we are coming, when and where. We need to do a better job of this and we are going to try going forward. Sometimes the gigs are booked a little too late for full promotion. When this is the case, we do not get social media or our website updated for every gig. Once again, we need to do a better job of this and we are going to try going forward.

However, a growing number of our live performance dates are for private parties (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) and corporate events. Unfortunately, we do not have a guest list for most of these gigs. If we did, you would all be on it when we are close to your city.

These unannounced and unposted private events are where we are a lot of the touring year. So, please excuse how sparse our gig dates appear from time to time and don’t be unhappy with us if you learn we were in your area but you did not hear about a public gig.

The best news is that we’d love to play your private event when the next one comes along. We work hard to go where we are welcome and we’ll do our best to fit into your party budget.

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