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AuntyNin Who?
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Who, me?  I'm harmless, really I am! 
 . . . and if you believe that one . . .

Introducing AuntyNin

I'm Lee Radigan, also commonly known online as AuntyNin, a true fiber junkie with far too many hobbies for my own good.  Earning a living takes one heckuva bite out of my knitting / quilting / crocheting / beading time, but it does pay for my fiber habit.  
The nickname AuntyNin comes from early chat rooms (anyone remember BITnet Relay?) where I used the nickname "Niniane" and became something of a universal Auntie to many of the young sprouts using the Relay.  It occasionally frightens me to think that this all started about 20 years ago.

About "Splinters"

You will occasionally see the mention of "Splinters" or "The Splinter Clan" in blog postings.  For the majority of the world who have never encountered this phenomenon, a brief explanation is in order.
It all began so innocently...
My "adopted little brothers" Eric and Frank were hired to run the pillow fight game at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, and needed to come up with fictional personae to portray.  They became Jack and Nigel Splinter. 
A couple of years later, after Eric (Jack Splinter) had moved away from the area, Frank was in need of a new festival persona, and came up with Vladimir Splinterovski, a Romanian gypsy and distant kinsman to Jack and Nigel.  His reason for being at the festival was that his father had sent him to England to search for his kinsmen.
So, the summer that Frank debuted Vladimir, I woke up one festival morning in a very twisted frame of mind, possibly induced by our buddy Joe being a houseguest.  Anyone who knows Joe will understand.  So, I dug out an old festival costume, one that Frank had dubbed "the eyeball-searer" for its ... um ... colorful skirt.  On the hour-long drive to the festival, Olga Splinterovski was born, sent to England by Papa to find out why Vladimir hadn't reported any progress in his search for Jack and Nigel.
After that, Frank's wife Beckie became Rose, Vladimir's wife, and we added our buddy Leo as Mario, who always tells people he's only an "almost-Splinter by marriage," but we are convinced that one of his grannies was actually a Splinter who wouldn't admit to it.  Additional branches of the family were grafted on here and there (MacSplinter from Scotland, O'Splinter from Ireland, ApSplinter from Wales, Splinterovich from Russia, Schplintarr from Hungary, you get the idea).
As it stands now, the Clan includes fewer than 10 physical bodies, but nearly 30 "characters."  (and oh, my are they "characters"!)  I'm guilty of creating three of them, Mairi O'Splinter Burgess, Olga Splinterovski and Dazey Splinter.  Mairi and Olga don't worry people much (though Vladimir has convinced Nigel that Olga really has nine heads and breathes fire), but Dazey completely throws them for a loop.  Dazey is physically adult but mentally about four years old, with a somewhat ... um ... different ... view of the world.  Fun for me, disconcerting for anyone who's accustomed to Olga and/or Mairi.

Splinter Ceremonial Circling

This term refers to the Splinters' tendency to pay more attention to their in-vehicle conversations than to silly little things like road signs.  The inevitable result of this is to miss whatever exit or turn we should have taken, thus extending the length of the trip.  No Splinter Clan road trip is complete without some amount of Ceremonial Circling.

What you'll find in the blog

This will contain the occasional musings on the travails of a fiber junkie who has more interests and hobbies than are good for her.
So much yarn, so little time...

"Everything happens for a reason, except possibly football." -- Terry Pratchett