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February 29, 2012

Calendric Considerations
Here we are again, at a date that only happens once every four years: February 29th.  Call it Leap Day, call it Sadie Hawkins Day*, it's back again. 
And, of course, since we've had the mildest February I can remember in recent years, Mother Nature picked today to dump lake effect snow and generalized ickiness on us.  A few minutes ago, a group of geese flew by, and they're just as confused as everyone else - they were headed east, rather than north. 
With the evil flakes plummeting out of the sky, it's a perfect day to curl up with a huge mug of hot chocolate and a favorite "comfort read" book, which is what I'm about to do.  Somehow, laziness just seems appropriate for this weather.  Knitting will likely resume later, with the current sock or Mmario's "Battle Bread" pattern.  That one's fighting a bit, as I've decided to substitute beads for the nupps he's showing in the chart (I really dislike knitting nupps).  It's going to end up being a little on the huge side, but I'm liking it so far. 
"Battle Bread" is proving to be quite an opinionated piece of lace; it is  insisting that it should  become a gift for one of my dear friends.  The colors are perfect for her, and there are other, subtler, connections to this lady as well.  Looks like the shawl will win this dispute.  Something else will have to become a drape for my recliner, later on this year. 
Don't you just love projects that make demands? 
Onward to March...
* If you don't know what this is, go look it up...
12:59 pm est

February 6, 2012

Victory is sweet!
Giants 21, Patriots 17. 
Need I say more?  While both teams played well, my hat's off to the Giants for keeping their heads together and coming through for their fans.  It's taking every bit of self-control I have to resist the impulse to gloat at a former colleague who  always mocked my loyalty to the Giants.  Yes, said former colleague is a diehard Patriots fan.  (insert evil grin here)
Around the game, we got to see some ... um ... interesting ... products of the ad agencies' twisted imaginations.  Two that stuck in my mind were the Pepsi commercial with Elton John and the one for "The Voice" with Betty White.  Most of the rest of them just blurred together, which is most definitely not what advertisers want. 
The halftime show went okay; I rather liked the "world peace" spelled out in lights at the end of it.  At least Madonna created a spectacle that was upbeat, rather than pathetic (I'm thinking back on the Stones' embarrassing performance a few years back when Mick Jagger proved that he's in denial about getting older - that was truly pathetic).  No "wardrobe malfunctions" this year either.
On the knitting front, "Why Not?" is done except for grafting the ends of the edging together, and "Counter Currents" is growing daily.  There's also a sock, a sweater and two other shawls lurking in the active projects tote.
What's truly mind-boggling is the blue sky and sunshine outside my windows - second day in a row!  Apparently Mother Nature has forgotten that it's February; either that, or she's  lulling us into a false sense of security to catch us off our guard with a massive blizzard.  Time will tell... but me, I'm betting on the blizzard.  Mother Nature's sense of humor tends to run that way around here.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday...
9:09 am est

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"Everything happens for a reason, except possibly football." -- Terry Pratchett