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January 27, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...
... what goes on in some people's (alleged) minds.  For example, if one is trying to apologize for insulting someone, wouldn't it make sense to read said apology carefully before sending it, to avoid  causing further insult?
Alas, it seems that many folks don't stop to think before they post on the internet; it's almost as if they've forgotten that there are real people on the other end of the cable.  Now, if someone is trying to get a driver's license, they usually have to take a test to prove that they understand the "rules of the road."   It's a pity there's no license test for internet participation; perhaps if there were, fewer people would make complete idiots of themselves.  Mind you, that's nowhere near certain; look at the way some people (who have presumably passed drivers' licensing tests) conduct themselves on the roads.
I guess it's true that you can't legislate common sense.
To change to a more pleasant subject, knitting proceeds nicely here at AuntyNin's; Duchess of Fenwick is complete, awaiting blocking, and Why Not? (also designed by Mmario) is nearly at the end of its infinitely tedious edging.  It should be done around the time the Australian Open finals are ending.  I'm really looking forward to the men's final - Djokovich vs. Nadal promises to be an excellent match.
Once Why Not? is done, it'll be time to make a decision about what to start next.  There are three main contenders (at the moment; this can change as quickly as the Syracuse weather) for "next" on the needles.  All are Mmario patterns; Battle Bread, Maelstrom and Counter Currents.  Yarn (and beads for Battle Bread) are already on hand, plenty of needles available, and all three contenders are running neck-and-neck right now.
Of course, I could just abandon lace knitting for a time and concentrate on tiny garments for a dear friend's first grandchild.  Or I could start that cardigan ... or the cotton summer top ... or more socks ... or ... or ... or ...
So many projects, only two hands (sigh).
7:06 pm est

January 16, 2012

Six years ago today...
It all started so innocently on Monday, January 16, 2006.

Knowing that we would both have the day off from w*rk, Mmario and I had planned a joint assault on one of our favorite yarn shops, dubbed "They Who Tempt Us" for very good reason.

At the appointed hour, I arrived from the east, Mmario from the west, and silliness erupted quickly, as it so often does when he and I are in the same place. After a quick pillaging of the store's stock, we sat down to knit and chat with the staff. Mmario started a center cast on piece, and after a bit I asked him what it was going to be.

He replied that he was trying to reproduce a shawl he had recently designed and knit, with the idea of writing it up for publication. Not stopping to consider the possible consequences, I blithely offered to do a test knit of it when he finished writing it up... 

Let's fast-forward now to April of 2007, as I was trying to decide which knitting projects to take with me on the first Seasocks cruise.  Just as I was starting to pack, what should appear in my email but the first draft of that pattern, which has since come to be called "Queen Anne's Lace."  This struck me as being ideal vacation knitting, so I dug out a cone of laceweight and packed it. 

During the cruise, several of the other knitters saw what I was knitting, liked it, and wanted the pattern now.  Some of them even went so far as to try to get it away from me to photocopy it.  They didn't care that it was largely untested.  Of course, on returning home I reported their reactions to Mmario, to encourage him to design further. 

Today I feel rather like someone who has innocently thrown a snowball, only to see it trigger an avalanche that buries an entire country.  Mmario has produced literally hundreds of shawl designs, far more than one pair of hands can possibly knit in six short years. 

If I had known then what that one little comment would produce, would I have done it? Yep! In the proverbial heartbeat. 

2:03 pm est

January 5, 2012

The Demon Enabler Strikes Again
The heading says it all.  Mmario, frequently referred to around here as The Demon Enabler, has once again enticed me with his "Twelve Days of Shawlmas" patterns.  Starting Christmas Day and ending on Epiphany, each day he posts one or more new designs for his pattern testers to enjoy. 
Last year wasn't so bad; only two of those patterns really reached out and grabbed me.  This year, however, as of today there are five of the Shawlmas patterns demanding to be knit:
  • Battle Bread
  • Duchess of Fenwick
  • Flotheringale
  • Maelstrom
  • Terpsichore

The "Wise Men" collection that he's threatening ... er, that's promising for later in the week will probably also want to be knit right away. 

These patterns don't just whisper; they shout, scream, jump up and down, grab me by the scruff of the neck and positively demand, "Start me NOW!"  Do they care that I already have three other shawls on needles?  Do they care that there's an infant's sweater needing to be sewn together?  Do they care about the cotton top languishing on the shelf, half-finished?   Not in the slightest.  All they want is my full attention and every single minute of my available knitting time.

"Duchess of Fenwick" is the sneakiest of the lot; without actually realizing what was happening, I cast her on last Monday while watching the Rose Parade.  Before I quite knew what I was doing, I'd finished more than 20 rows and gotten her off the DPNs and onto a circular needle.  By now, I've done the first 80 rows (of a total of 144), and the other projects are grumbling, calling her a "prima donna" for leaping into my hands every time I sit down to knit.

You'd think that an adult human would be able to establish some kind of control over simple inanimate objects like yarn, patterns and knitting needles.  Somehow, though, at this time of year that control just isn't in my repertoire.  Perhaps in the future I'll do better, but I wouldn't recommend anybody betting their pension on that...

I blame Mmario.  As long as I've known him, he's had a positive talent for leading me into temptation.

9:18 pm est

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