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December 13, 2010

Not dead, really!
Yoicks, it's been almost eight months since my last post over here!  How  time flies when you're knitting...
No, AuntyNin hasn't died or run away with the circus; she's  just been enjoying her retirement and having too much fun to want to spend much time sitting in front of the computer.  After (mumble) years staring at a screen all day at w*rk, it's been fun to feel free to ignore the silly device.
One thing that has not been neglected is the knitting.  Nine pair of socks, seven or eight shawls, three scarves, and bits and pieces of other projects have all erupted from my needles this year.  Many of the  shawls have been (as usual) test knits for MmarioKknits, and the socks will ensure the  toastiness of my toes for the winter.
Current projects include
  • Evelyn Clark's "Pacific Northwest Shawl" which is presently sulking because I've set it aside to work on
  • Midnight socks, named for the dyer's description of the color
  • Mmario's "Sizdah Pedar" version two; I'm hoping this rework of the pattern won't end up looking like a dunce cap for a giant...
  • Mmario's "Lawyer Stole" variation called "Morecambe" done in a much smaller yarn on a smaller needle to make a scarf instead of a stole
  • Gift for a friend who just might peek at this in the next few weeks; guess I'd better not be more specific than that (heh)
  • Another of Mmario's patterns that he hasn't yet posted to the testers' group; they should get it sometime this week, I think
  • Finally, what  I've begun calling "The Eternity Project" which consists of 4" squares of leftover sock yarns; someday, all these squares will end up sewn together to make a lap robe.  Someday.  Eventually.

To everyone out there who  is experiencing what the Yarn Harlot calls "IT" this holiday season, I offer one bit of advice:  Remember to Breathe - nobody's going to die if you don't finish that overly optimistic list of projects.  Really.

My own holiday preparations (such as they are) are nearly complete; the annual decadence order has arrived, yarn is wound, final grocery list for next week is compiled, and there's a more than ample stock of hot chocolate mix already in the kitchen cupboard.  Mother Nature is once again venting her spleen upon the northeastern US, thus ensuring me a sea of whiteness outside the windows.  What little decorating I do is done (translation: the fiber optic tree is out of its box and plugged in), and my reminder list of holiday movies and specials is growing.  The rest of this  month will very likely follow my usual holiday formula of read, knit, eat, sleep, repeat as needed.

Mother Nature's little tantrum last week left me with a huge case of cabin fever, only alleviated somewhat by getting out on the grocery shuttle.  Gotta love door-to-door service between my apartment building and the store... it's so much easier than trekking across town on two different bus lines and carting groceries over the reverse route with a 40-minute layover at the transfer point.  Best yet, the store pays for the shuttle (not that they're losing money on the deal, mind you).

In any case, let me wish anyone reading this a relaxed, stressless holiday season, filled with smiles and friends and family and favorite treats.



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