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February 26, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line...
Yes, indeed, my  Knitting Olympics project is done, ends woven in, packed away for gifting later in the year.  After much deliberation, I did end up choosing one of the projects intended to be a gift, and ended up kicking myself repeatedly.  Someday I'll learn that trying to knit something very dark in color on a tight timetable in February is just plain not a good idea. 
Anyway, that project is done, and I've been able to return to the soothing repetitions of Mmario's "Ceremonial Circles" pattern in a yummy pale grey alpaca/silk blend.  Next on the agenda (I think) will be a pattern from The Knitter's Book of Wool using a hank of teal yumminess that my friends Rarely and Iso gave me.  To bead or not to bead, that is the question...
Sn*w continues to make its ugly presence known ... about eight inches total in the last 24 hours or so, which somehow translated to about 17" of drift on my living room windowsill this morning.  It was a lovely day to brew up some hot chocolate, watch the women's curling match, and knit away.  Pity the sports broadcasters here in the US tend to ignore curling until  the Olympics come around - I'd  love to see more of it during the intervening four years.
In any case, let me send a hearty, "Well Done!" to all the  Olympic athletes, to congratulate them for all the hard work that got them into the competitions in the first place, regardless of how their events turned out. 
4:56 pm est

February 12, 2010

Here we go again...
Once again, knitters all over the world have responded to the Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge, bracing themselves to knit a "personal best" over the course of the next seventeen days.  Their projects are as diverse as their personalities, but all will challenge themselves to knit something wonderful.
Yes, I'm in... although I haven't decided exactly which of the many projects on my "I wanna knit that!" list will be cast on during the opening ceremonies tonight.  There are three serious contenders, only one of which I could blog about, as the other two are intended to be gifts for people who occasionally look in and read my ramblings here.  Any one of the three would be a challenge to finish in seventeen days, and they are very different from one another. 
Decisions, decisions . . .
On another subject, I'd like to have a word with whoever's controlling the thermostat for central New York State.  Enough with the subfreezing temperatures, guys!  Let's have a day (or week) or two with temps in the thirties, so I can get out and about and get some errands done, okay?  This constant cold and icy is beginning to get on my last remaining nerve.  Somehow the thought that every day brings Spring closer just isn't as comforting as it should be right now.
Knitting proceeds as usual; Sausage Innabun is done - or as done as it's going to get (ran out of yarn), another  pair of socks is lurking in the drawer, and the Lily of the Valley scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia is beginning to take shape.  There's another pair of socks on needles (as always), in Socks that Rock lightweight, color "Flower Power" and Mmario's "Ceremonial Circles" is also growing rounder and rounder.
But still, I plan to cast on yet another project tonight for the Olympics, though I'm not taking bets on whether this one will be the only thing worked on during the next seventeen days.  Four years ago, maintaining project monogamy was the biggest challenge of the Olympic experience.
Now to check the schedules to find out when the curling matches will be shown, and pray that NBC's commentators learn how / when to shut up.  (Not placing bets on that happening either.)
4:33 pm est

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