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November 26, 2009

Since the season of giving thanks is upon us again, it seems fitting to list a few things that have me feeling grateful this year.
Retirement.  Let's get this one out in the open right away.  It's downright wonderful to be free of That Place and not have to spend huge amounts of precious time and energy rescuing overeducated morons from the consequences of their own stupidity.  Now, the vast majority of the people I worked with did not  fit the "overeducated moron" description, but those few who did seemed to be the ones who most frequently needed rescuing.  They were also the least appreciative of our help.  Not surprising, really.  There's also much to be said for not having to slog through snowdrifts on a snowy winter morning. 
Health.  Being "disgustingly healthy" (aside from a bit of arthritis) means not having to waste a lot of time in doctors' waiting rooms.  My theory has always been that the best way to stay healthy is to stay out of the clutches of the medical profession.  Thus far, that policy seems to be working well.
Modern Conveniences.  As the weather gets colder, having a roof over my head and adequate heat and light take on increased importance.  Also, anyone who has ever had to use an outhouse in midwinter would probably agree with me that indoor plumbing is a real benefit.  
Knitting.  As always, my knitting is my nearly constant companion, giving me countless hours of enjoyment, even when I'm cursing and flinging projects the length of the living room.  Having a decent stash, acquired before my retirement, means knitting can continue unabated, in spite of changes to the budget.
Friends.  I'm blessed with what I consider to be the best bunch of friends in the entire world.  Their love and support has gotten me through many rough patches over the years, and their offbeat humor leaves me laughing so hard I can scarcely breathe at times. 
Public Transportation.  Being able to get around town on my own, to go where I need to go when I need to go there, makes life easier.  Fortunately for me, Syracuse has excellent public transportation - can't say enough good things about the bus company and its drivers.
Comfortable clothing.  Being out of the working world means being able to lounge around in sweats at home, and comfortable, practical clothing when out and about.  Every time I watch some of the "fashion experts" pontificating, I'm relieved  that they don't  have police powers... but that's a rant for another day . . .
Mince Pie.  My favorite family Thanksgiving tradition.  Yum.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.  May your travels be safe and your tummies just full enough to be comfy.
10:42 am est

November 16, 2009

Finish one, start six ...
That is how it's supposed to go, isn't it?  Finish one project, cast on a whole bunch more?
The Time Traveler scarf is done, with 28 repeats of the pattern stretching to a length of about 70 inches.  It took just under two balls of the Gioiello yarn, leaving me with one ball and a bit that just might turn into a matching hat one of these days. 
Li'l Bunny Foo-Foo is progressing, now on the final chart, and the  turquoise STR socks grow  every time I take  a bus ride.  Now, that's far too few projects  in progress for  my liking, so the golden yarn I  mentioned  winding earlier has been cast on for something called "Sausage Innabun" - yet another Mmario pattern.  Another ball of sock yarn is also lurking in the active projects bag, just waiting for me to select a pattern for it. 
There's also a sweater's worth of charcoal gray wool starting to raise a rumpus in the yarn room, wanting to be cast on.  Unless I've completely forgotten how  to translate from "woolen" to "English," it wants to become a cardigan.  Time to start sorting through patterns again... but before doing that, it might be a good idea to sew up the  last sweater - the knitting's been done since sometime in September.  One of these days...
4:43 pm est

November 6, 2009

It's much too early in the year to see that dratted white stuff floating in the air outside my windows!  And it's beginning to settle on the trees and grass, dusting them with a bit of white.  Something tells me this is going to be a looooong winter.
Projects tend to have minds of their own at times, and the Basic Boring Sock mentioned last post is definitely one of those projects.  For reasons best known to itself, it was working up much larger than usual for my standard sock recipe, so much larger that it'd have been more suitable for Bigfoot than for me.  Another project visits the froggy pond.  Starting over meant the possibility of changing patterns, so I tried one from More Sensational Knitted Socks in a traveling vine stitch.  No such luck.  The yarn fought back, pooling in a way I just plain couldn't live with.  Froggy pond revisited. 
This time around, the turquoise STR seems to be cooperating better, in a simple  texture stitch.  We'll see how long that lasts...
Startitis is still trying to take control, to such an extent that when I had to wind a second ball of alpaca for "Li'l Bunny Foo-Foo," I found myself also winding a hank of laceweight in a tone-on-tone gold shade.  Mmario's "Matryoshka" pattern has also somehow made its way from the notebook to the table next to the Knitting Throne.  I'm beginning to sense a conspiracy here. 
11:28 am est

November 1, 2009

November already?
Wow, this year is going by fast!  It seems like just yesterday I was setting off for the SeaSocks '09 cruise, and here it is getting cold again.  Where does the time go?
In spite of all the upheavals of this year, knitting is progressing nicely.  There's a nearly-complete sweater in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool just waiting to be sewn together, assorted socks and shawls have found their way onto and off the needles, and my toes are being kept toasty warm by hand-knit woolen socks. 
Life is good.
What's on needles today?  Let's see...
  • "Li'l Bunny Foo-Foo" designed by Mmario, in a lovely heathery coral Misti Alpaca
  • "Time Traveler's Stole" also designed by Mmario, adapted (narrowed, essentially) to make a scarf
  • A Basic, Boring Sock in Blue Moon Fiber Arts' lightweight Socks that Rock color Turquoise
  • Mittens from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns in some Classic Elite Mini Mochi purchased at Rhinebeck

Only four projects active... that's not normal (at least, not normal for me anyway), so it's going to be time to cast on something new in the next few days.  What should it be?  I have a huge notebook full of Mmario patterns, not to mention about a zillion others downloaded from the internet or found in books scattered around the house. 

Perhaps tomorrow I'll go digging in the stash and see what yarns leap out and demand to be knitted.  Then again, it might be time to review the "I wanna knit that!" list and see what appeals.  Or, maybe I'll be really daring and settle down to actually finish a few things.  Scary concept, I know, but stranger things have happened around here at times.

Stay tuned.  Even I don't  know which way this is going to turn out.




7:05 pm est

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