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June 13, 2008

Lucky? Unlucky? Other?
So it's Friday the Thirteenth.  Some folks are cowering under their beds, afraid of some kind of doom assaulting them if they venture forth into the world.  Others seem determined to inflict bad luck and gloom on everyone around them.  Still others treat this date like any other Friday - anxiously awaiting the weekend.  What's your approach to this date? 
My experience has been that it's no more or less lucky than any other day in my life.  Good and bad things happen, but not with any greater impact  on this date than on any other.   On the other hand, as the end of the w*rk day approaches today, I fully expect my colleagues' regular case of "Friday afternoon Sillies" to scale up to near-epic proportions.  We do seem to get wackier on some Fridays than on others - and today is shaping up to be a corker!
On the knitting front, the first sleeve of the current sweater is complete, and the back is progressing nicely.  This is the "Lift and Separate" wrap cardigan pattern from Big Girl Knits in a lovely burgundy shade of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, acquired from the "back room" at Webs last fall.  The yarn is a joy to knit, feeling wonderful in the hands, and the color is perfect for me.  I'll get lots of use out of this one when it's complete.
The Cabin Cove socks are also moving along, and they will likely be my project of choice for tomorrow's celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day.  As they're in mid-gusset of the second sock, it won't be too awfully long before they're warming my toes.
Both the Birita Faroese and the Granny Weatherwax shawls have taken a back seat lately to the sweater and socks, but will likely get additional stitches next week as this stinkin' hot weather moderates a bit.  There's also a "Stealth Project" (to use Pink Lemon Twist's phrase) that will make a bit of progress soon.  I hope. 
The list of future projects is growing mightily, not least because of all the wonderful knits being worked on and worn by all the SeaSocks '08 participants.  These are some bodacious knitters, folks! 
One last note on WWKIP Day tomorrow:  anyone who happens to be at the food court at the Carousel Center in Syracuse, NY, and sees a strange lady knitting a sock, please stop by and say "hello."
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