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August 30, 2007

Where has all the summer gone?
It just plain doesn't seem possible that it's the end of August already, and another academic year underway.  Seems like only yesterday it was May, and we were reveling in the peace and quiet of a campus free of undergraduates.
The knitting doldrums persist, with all the current projects feeling enormously boring, but none of the future projects compelling attention.  Mystery Stole 3 has been bound off, but lack of a suitable blocking surface at home has left it waiting for a time when I can sneak into the office and pin it up to the partitions over the weekend. There's no predicting the reactions of my colleagues (all of them male and non-knitters) to the sight of a lace stole pinned to the walls.
Rose of England languishes untouched, as does that cotton v-neck that I originally planned to be wearing in summer '06.  It may be time to invoke the "two row rule" on those projects.  Or not.
The JoJoLand "Harmony" yarn is knitting up nicely in the Kiri pattern, promising to be a beautiful finished item sometime this century.  Two pair of socks are slogging onward; with any luck they'll be completed in time for the KR Retreat in November.  Maybe.  I'm making no bets on any of this, mind you, as a sticky-hot apartment in the evenings does not encourage the handling of wool or alpaca.
And finally, the Infernal DigiCam persists in its unwillngness to take a decent photograph of anything.  Even threats of replacement don't seem to have the effect they once did; I may have to actually buy a new camera before this one will "straighten up and fly right."
One of these days the knitting mojo will return.  Or so I keep telling myself.
2:47 pm edt

August 8, 2007

Summer Doldrums, or why I hate August
Um, that's August, the month, just for the sake of clarity.**
Stinkin' heat.  Humidity.  Eighty-seven bazillion freakin' enormous knitting projects, all of which seem to have entered the Knitting Black Hole stages.  Add to that a rampant case of Startitis that's trying to drag me away from all of the current projects and into the rabbit hole of casting on as many items as I have needles to hold.
What's a knitter to do?
Photograph progress?  Well... if The Infernal DigiCam would cooperate, that could be done.  But it won't, so we postpone the photo shoot temporarily.  Only temporarily.  I will win this war, even if it means buying a new camera. 
Knit?  Up to a point, yeah, that's possible, once the a/c unit has started doing its thing in the evenings.  But huge projects knit in either alpaca or wool sitting on the lap in a room that's 94F and humid ... well ... it ain't pretty.  Not to mention laceweight merino that just wants to stick to itself, and my leg, and my fingers, and the chart, and anything else within five feet of The Knitting Throne.
Organize yarns and patterns?  Sounds like physical activity to me; see above about the temperature and humidity.
So, I've settled for slowly melting into a puddle of unlovely goo while imbibing enormous amounts of chilled water, all of which seems to come home to roost at 3am. 
Fall had better arrive soon. 
** One of my colleagues is named August... not that anyone calls him that, but still, clarity is better than upsetting folks who haven't annoyed me recently.
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"Everything happens for a reason, except possibly football." -- Terry Pratchett