BECOME A SPIRITUAL IMPORT/ EXPORT TYCOON! If you have political smarts, interest in world affairs, are bold, charismatic, social and if you have elegance, know how to dress, manifest an instinctive aristocracy or ‘class,’ and also have some ambition, some imagination, plus a gift for conversation, good manners, imagination, love of humanity --- then there's also the fact that you speak another language and maybe add STUNNING physical beauty to this list, well, it obvious that you're someone who could live the UNUSUAL life and attract people who could help you do it. 
You could change things down here. By that I refer to the fact that 26,000 babies die DAILY of starvation. You could forward the action down here and do it with a lucrative business of your own design. We suggest ARTISANRY IMPORT/ EXPORT/ MANUFACTURE as you can easily design for the artisanry marketplace, using starving villagers so that mothers have food for their children.This is very simple. I ran the BAZAAR FOLKLORICO SHOP, I know what/ how. You ANTICIPATE what GOODS people want. You upgrade the designs of third world workers and you provide the merchandise with a good salary ratio. Salary in AFRICA is low. You sell the piece where Salaries are high. One hour of work in Germany could pay an African for l00 hours of work.

Next, you find people who are good with their hands, art, design, fashion, decor. That’s ARTISANRY. The thing is, teach a dozen workers to do it, create a business, and start wholesaling the output. You don't even have to travel at first. Do it all in one american town. Read THE FRUGAL ARTISAN WEBSITE.

Then, to get the SEED money to do the business, for incidental expenses, materials, WRITE A PROSPECTUS (bio, deal memo, resume, Business plan. One in three who reads it will invest.) Then, create a HUGE BUSINESS bringing third world goods to USA/ PARIS/ LONDON ...become an EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY. That's how the aristocrats got rich in Britain, TRADING.

This business can be done by any energetic young person. I usually point out to actresses (using Craigs list,) You’re very beautiful, there’s one chance in a million you’ll actually make it in show business. Why not go after a sure thing? I note that blueblood hostesses take a ladylike young healer/ therapist or yoga teacher under their wing. They will invite you to all their parties, introduce great men to you. So why not socialize with the super rich by being the cook, nanny, Girl Friday or  MASSAGE THERAPIST for those billionaire ladies (who adopt you into their social set, fix you up with very rich, terrific, brainy men they know.) or be a HOLISTIC HEALER. Read that ARCHIVE. My healer never finished high school, makes 800k a year. Then, with that entrée to the creative, lucky set, marry a billionaire You instantly BECOME VERY RICH so then start the trading company as a CHARITABLE ENTERPRISE with your hubby’s Lunch Money. No prospectus needed. You will save millions from starvation, importing from the third world villages that are most needing Capitalism.

I mention being a HOLISTIC HEALER, but there are dozens of careers that give you cachet in the community, say giving a yoga class, running a small DAYCARE SCHOLARSHIP CHARITY for LATCH KEY that allows you to walk into CEO’s office. They’ll all want to date you. Now, if you are doing massage, or healing or teaching yoga, or raising cash for single working mothers’ daycare bills, you would soon get funded by a movie star yoga client, or blue blood, a Rockefeller or Morgan, you could! God knows you could and you know it. It would launch you and the business ideas you have. The trick is to stop doing ordinary things and CHOOSE the extraordinary, and aim yourself at the TOP.

Only a beautiful, political woman could pull this idea off. So, STUDY ISSUES,Study the CONVERSATION 101 Classroom. And don’t forget to develop your CHARISMA, your MAGIQUE FACTOR. Study NEW AGE MIND TRIPS.

Rent the MOVIE “EVITA”. That’s a woman who married a President and opened orphanages. But today you don’t necessarily need the marriage part, although if you’re a raving beauty, I wouldn’t say NO to a billionaire! But if you’re a libber, just be an entrepreneur with a concept which could really do something for the starving masses of the world. I’ve seen women alone try it. Anita Roddick of the Body Shop has made serious inroads on corporate America and UK by being a futuristic CEO. But one doesn’t need a business. One could do it with a good yoga class or some other cottage industry and with that one client. WHO's well off investing in the charitable biz idea.

The concept is to to international trade with starving villagers who are artisans. Easy to find. EVERY village in the third world has some incredibly time-consuming art form which they do for bridal outfits or jewelry. Or pillow case embroideries. Something incredibly beautiful. I know of a woman who goes to these villages and collects them. MARLA MALLETT. Her shop in ATLANTA is in the decorator’s district. What costs a dollar in AFRICA OR CHINA is a thousand dollars in the USA. I do not know if Marla sends 500$ back to the village though.

BUT YOU WOULD. So ask God to help you use your mind, charm, beauty and your IDEAS about the future, to acquire wealth. Ask God to Cooperate with you and send His“ole lady, Mrs. Fate" to do His bidding regarding you. I mean this literally. Get into a prayer contract with The Supreme Being. AFFIRM that YOU CARE,that you study up on world issues. You know more or less where there are starving areas, and Unitd Nations tells us that thirty thousand babies starve to death a year in these places.SHOW UP as someone who is going to kick back to teach the starving villagers of the third world how with a needle or some clay, they can make something worth ten dollars, or in MARLA’s case, a thousand….(a year of food for a family of NINE,) that they can send to your offices in the city, by packing it properly, and you'll give them a shipping account and do the wholesaling in Paris, London, Bev Hills, NYC, Texas, San Fran, etc.

TO BECOME an import export tycoon, be world aware. You gotta promise to do those studies, that reading, that participation and travelling ... and next, concentrate on upwardly mobile socializing. Cuz God can’t help you meet a zillionaire if you insist on hanging out at JC Penny! STAY away from barhoppin’ hotties!Pray to GOD to put you in places where HE can 'deliver' these wealthy guys into your life. STUDY UP ON THE METHOD….(Find a career where you move in high society---like oh gee, there are so many. Working in a fashion store like Caroline Bisset was when she met JFK JR. Or I like holistic healing. Cuz only the super rich can afford to hire you and they always love you and invite you to their parties and you meet EVERYONE. RUN A DAYCARE and /or just raise funds for SCHOLARSHIPSat daycares. (for latch key kids of working moms.) When you run a charity you’re entitled to an ample salary, so you don’t have to keep a boring job.

Now, back to HOLISM. You want to bone up on it for many reasons. To get trim, healthy as beautiful as you can be and stay that way a long time. It’s useful worth cracking a book on. Easy to find info online. GARY NULL’s WEBSITE is good. At your library it would be the 612 and 613 shelf. Get some books on MASSAGE. How to rejuvenate, cleanse the body and the liver with massage. Then, you volunteer to do Mom and Granny. Study books on herbs, diets, supplements. BECOME a wholesaler of NATURE’s SUNSHINE HERBS. Read EYES, iridology tells you exactly what state of disrepair a person is in. You don't need a license to do this. Charge 50$ an hour and then, when you shop at WHOLE FOODS or vacation at that ritzy SKI RESORT, where these mega-rich people are, dress elegantly, and when strangers talk to you, give them your card. TAKE THE CELERY 101 SEMINAR, 5 minutes long but LIFE CHANGING! It absolutely puts you into HIGH SOCIETY. Now, gals, this isn't going to happen in a small town. YOU HAVE to sacrifice. You gotta break eggs to get an omlet. You have to move to the BIG CITY.

I know women in MY BIG CITY who do Pilates training, Nutrition, Iridology, healing, reversing aging. All those good holistic things. Their clients are wives of the oligarchs, movie stars. There are many businesses which take you right into the homes of the super rich. TRAINING servants to cook organically is one. Take you a week of reading or studying to get up to speed in some field like that. Get your biz card made up. Ask me for files on all the fields of holistic healing.(archive to learn it,) HERE, in L.A., New agers work for the stars of Hollywood and make a good living, but I'm talking about going beyond some service job to cater to the rich I'm talking about using the career to meet the top people, and get a million start up cash. Ralph Waldo Emerson said 'the greatest Lord of All is USE!" USE the people you meet, your beauty, your wits, your charm and aim at being an IMPORT/EXPORT tycoon!

Next, learn about the nuts and bolts of creating such an import-export businesses. You will take the artisanry fashions and jewels of the 3rd world, bring it to the BIG MONEY cities, Paris, London, NYC and Beverly Hills, then wholesale it to boutiques, and take the money back to the 3rd world as wells, irrigation, clinics, books, projectors, teachers, healthful dietary staples and vitamins along with salaries for your workers.

How proud would your MOVIE STAR CLIENT be when she gets to tell ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: ‘my yoga teacher and I are in Africa putting wells in villages.’!!! She’s up there with Angelina JOLIE! Celebs do roll up their sleeves. Model your life on Audrey Hepburn, who worked for UNESCO, or model it on a lady I once knew who went among the primitive tribes of many 3rd world countries, she appointed one villager as shipping agent (who had an address and knew how to use the bank in the nearby big city) then she showed the Indian how to carry their art work to a carpenter to be packed in a crate, then how to put it on the train to the USA. Or it's a big city shipping agent who knows how to put it on the airplane, (smaller crates). The Mexican Indian artisan had a mailing address in the provincial capital, received her checks, deposited them in the local bank, then paid the artisans and shipped everything to her in Beverly Hills. She ended up marrying a gadzillionaire in IDAHO, getting a yacht, and quitting but she did this work for years, and fed thousands of people all over the world. Folk art and textiles they sold her for 5$ sold for 150$ in Paris or B.H. and she turned the money around and sent 99% back to the Guatemalans, Africans, Indians or Filipinos. Then she was at a charity ball and told this guy about it, and he went 'wow, mother Teresa' and married her. He was worth 200 million but she had charisma. When she got really rich she got caught up in the socialite life and slowed down on the internat'l travel to 3rd world as she was going to Paris and Hong Kong all the time. They had a soap oil ranch in Thailand. She invited me there as I was ghost writing her biography. But with all my cats, and no one to feed/ love them, I couldn't go. Later, they divorced. So I've seen girls with this kind of karma, and it hit my imagination and I said, damn, she was no beauty. And this gal wasn’t! She was wild, had a spark, original LIFE but pretty? NAH. Just a spark. She married that guy when she was nearly 40, too. ANYBODY with charisma could attract that kind of a guy and do this. The thing is, you have to keep Mother T's picture on your altar and pray NOT to fall prey to snootiness and temptation as she did... and keep DOING your form of importing or healing or charity. Be like a nun Consecrated to those in hunger, pain poverty or illness. Be inspired. AND KEEP UP. 

* * * * *

GOOGLE IMAGE that famed TIME MAG cover, a color graphic of Mother Teresa (for your altar) Tape it to wall over your desk. It will keep you pointed in the right direction which is to save the world, single-handedly. What fun, eh? So be dedicated! Stay away from 'hot guys'. You can waste a lot of GOOD years on a BAD man. Being an astrologer, I have seen hundreds of beautiful women in Hollywood, any one of whom would have made A BILLIONAIRE mad with love. My gal pal Mariana Hill the bozo drinking wife of Cazale in GODFATHER II, and star of Clint Eastwood movies, (High Plains Drifter,) Dated KISSINGER fergawdsakes! She was such a twit she failed to restrain her inner crazy woman and thusly failed to become as elegant as her beauty could have allowed her to be. Could have been Mrs Henry the K. She was a beauty. But never a class act like big Harvard professor NANCY KISSINGER whom H the K married.

You're pretty and elegant, slim so now, BE AMBITIOUS to save the world. Put your beauty on THAT altar! God will work with you because God does NOT like the suffering that is on this planet, which is man-made. Undo the evil men have done. You COULD. Make it your agenda. 

Study the art that is most hidden in backlands of China, Asia, Europe, Africa, Philippines, like this: Anshun province has these embroiderers, batik makers that nobody knows about except YOU now.

Imagine this fabric technique made into evening gowns that you would design, or evening jackets. Fancy Opera suits. ETHNIC hostess garments. Palazzo pajamas for entertaining. WITH THIS HANDWORK ON it, You can get $2000 each retail in Paris/ London. But you wholesale only. NEVER OPEN A SHOP unless you have pals who have nothing to do, who aren't beautiful like you, then you employ them in different cities. 

Say you spend a few weeks in CHINA setting up workshops, seamstresses. In ANSHUN province, for instance. Everything is shipped by BOAT from NANKING to your nearest harbor, port or AIR FREIGHTED from Shanghai to your house by SHANGHAI airlines or something. So it costs you 50$ for a big bale of fifty evening coats, maybe not made up, maybe just the FRONT SIDES of the DIOR pattern you use, embroidered. You maybe throw in a pouf quilting of cotton, some china silk lining here in USA, then you wholesale to RODEO DRIVE, MADISON AVE, RUE DU CHANTILLY, BOND ST. Four cities, Houston...NEIMAN MARCUS...five cities only….for a thousand each or 1500$ retail is 2k THE PROFITS come back to the MIAO people to build a workshop, looms, dye pots, schools, books .. NOW if you have a billion bucks at your fingertips, this can be done. I MEAN WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ALL YEAR? 365 days, Say you're married to some super super rich tycoon....he might like to come to ANSHUN and shoot duck. THOSE who can entertain the possibility of such a life are those it happens to. There is a God. Trust in him. BUILD THE CUP, and the manna will fall. But if you marry money just to become a DIOR addict, an ARMANI addict, it'll all go south on you. This takes discipline, morality, motivation, and speaking of those three, on that diet? So how we doin'? We stayin off the FLOUR in any form, even whole grain flour? There's sprouted grain bread at every healthfood store in America. Talk on me, gals. PASTA is wallpaper paste. Are you walking the path? Cuz if you are, you'll arrive!!

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