THERE are only two, basic gears in the human psyche. The SADISTIC AND the MASOCHISTIC.In any couple, ONE of the two lovers can tolerate a little more pain; usually it is the one who is MORE in love. (You could argue its desperation that makes them accepting, submissive & tolerant. But the odd thing is, they are always perfectly FITTED to another being who is capable of giving a little more difficulty to the other and staying oblivious. Dodging guilt. I won’t say that the Sadist ENJOYS HURTING ---or that THE OTHER more yin person ENJOYS BEING HURT but to others it may look that way. They certainly each are a little more fitted for their role. Some might argue neither person does what they do deliberately or consciously but the fact is they DO adopt a gear that is either yin or yang. BOTH have a choice to be neutral, and tend not to be!There seems to be ONLY SADO/ MASO on this planet. Look at every love relationship. One has the power, the other has the need. Or look at the Industrial world. The factory owner has the power, LABOR seems hooked on accepting a bad job and using a labor union to ‘bitch’ about what they suffer. Look at THE actual BOTTOM half of this GLOBE the Southern Hemisphere which is colonized and exploited by the TOP HALF. The top half is brainy, techno-savvy ergo has less emotion, the brainy always do. They are in the power seat. They have a sense of the logic of what they’re doing. The riches are there, the GOLD, so they can afford workers, servants, women and land. They rationalize that the resource’s value is ignored by the poor or unattainable or wasted on them. All the rich, powerful man has to do is justify what he does with ration and grab what he wants! That worker, that woman, that wealth, that land. It’s the smart thing to do, to grab, no? And they are nothing if NOT LOGICAL! The super rich also have a feeling of impunity, -- they cannot be prosecuted. Usually they buy off the unions or the local government. And the rich have a spritz of ENTITLEMENT. THE BOTTOM half of the planet or a relationship is diametrically different. They have a LOT of feelings. ALL OF THEM HORRIFIC! Their feelings is RAGE, sorrow, grief and hopelessness on account of being exploited, vanquished and colonized. That BOTTOM HALF always has the heel of a major power on their neck. LIKE INDIA had England’s instep on back of their head. (RENT GANDHI. See how Brits shot their way thru the country. Hindus were helpless.)The USA has a history of external colonies and now they’re trying with Iraq. USA also has an internal colony of poor blacks and Latinos within our frontiers, (the inner city) who are OUR slaves. In all cases, the bosses or landowners or factory owners exploit the workers who have been pinned down by the system. The system is the government, designed and paid for by rich men to ‘suit them,’ The IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE and the IRS, the rich man’s three main agencies. The factory boss is just the final oppressor in a long line. So the worker is mad at his president and his factory boss not at the GOV, IRS, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE. If he studied a little, he could figure out who is up there, beyond the puppet president, beyond the FACTORY BOSS, and maybe be effective at getting the heel off his head!

Even on the microcosm, we have MEN exploiting and females letting themselves be exploited, women who are angry or even who are losing rights, children, happiness because of this in-equal relationship. In olden times, the woman’s FATHER did his best. Thousands of years ago, FATHERS who loved their girls stepped in and invented marriage laws so daughters could not be taken for a ride. BUT OUTSIDE marriage, girls ARE taken for that ride. 

But always, there is a biological dance going on. THE GIRLS who ENJOY the pain are the ONES MEN MOST ENJOY PLAYING WITH. Her whimpers are arousing to the beast in the man. I know it’s perverse but… hey, this is how it is. It can even be that a NERD GUY who has never been able to rule over a woman suddenly finds one who is all nerve endings, tears and feelings and he is at least able to experience himself as Tarzan. She suffers, over him, He enjoys the power. The catbird seat And THERE IS PLEASURE at both ends of the spectrum. 

ON THE POLITICAL LEVEL, I NOTE that THE EXPLOITED ONES have their own spectrum within, ranging from the raging Checnyan terrorists on one side, the passive provocateur or activist Gandhi type on the other. NO. I amend that. SOMEWHERE the exploited ones have people who are totally ENJOYING being exploited!

But it is ALWAYS the same story. 1/2 do the colonizing .HALF are colonized. Yoko said 'women are the nigger of the world.' That is true Women are.. unless they are married and protected by the law and in the WEST where the secular law means something, where MULLAH’s law doesn’t supervene. Then they have power.

Recently as an astrologer, I met a Virginia woman, married, suffering terribly as she’d just found out that her hubby had a mistress. A year of her weeping and scenes had not been able to break it up. I advised her thusly: Slowly amass a few thousand dollars. Tell all your relatives and friends. Then ask them to talk to the husband, Next, one day, taking nothing, leave your home in your car which you park by a very tall bridge. Walk to a bus station, paying cash, go to a rural area, rent an apartment. Do not call anyone, do not use creditcards, do not use your social security card for a job. Your husband will go nuts, so will your kids. Your friends and family will torture him. In a week, return as suddenly as you left. 

A second client, in Massachusetts, was suffering as her powerful, tycoon mate worth a billion, abused her continually with his language. She wishes he’d take a mistress. She was bent on divorce. My letters to her are a book on not divorcing. I’ll find them one day in my inbox. I told her that his grandchildren needed her, (one was crippled,) and that she’d regret having to go back to the cosmetology career she’d been in when she met him. Finally she changed her mind and settled in to tolerate. She did a lot of yoga and meditation. I said ‘feed him pork chops and get a newer model car out of him.” She got the latest model Mercedes and shortly after it was delivered he dropped dead of a stroke. She inherited.

I am not always smart enough to tell a woman what’s out of balance and how to fix it. You maybe are. You could run a group in your town that would deal with these kinds of ladies and their sorrows, a group where a psychologist talks to girls who pay 5$ a head to come ask questions (which are put in a basket. Confidentially.

I know such a group needs doing. My own life is a train wreck. As a beauty I used to date the first families of America and South America and top stars wanted to meet me, Cary Grant among the, but I didn’t care!I had an acting career, paid these powerful men no 

respect. Fell for a dumb guitarist and a Hollywood wannabe. Had very little interest in the tycoons. 

TODAY I know how stupid that was when I see how good I’d be at working with starving third world artisans, upping their designs, and wholesaling the stuff to first world boutiques. I finally married a foreigner, very rich but tight and the laws in Mexico didn’t favor the woman. So one day I had to put my kids in the car and drive the Hell out of Mexico in l0 hrs. Escaped with my life.

THE SERIOUS CENTRAL sado/mado zeitGEIST of my own doomed romance (after I got back to California with four kids) is one which chewed up thirty years of my life. THE GUY WHO WRECKED MY LIFE CUZ I LET HIM was definitely sado and cut off from his family. HE was a rich elitist (NY’s ‘Our Crowd” with two Oscars and I reacted in a yin, maso way. Little YELPS of intense wound, feeling, hurt, and then forgiving which he barely reacted to. YIN is accepting, tolerating, loving him loyally in spite of it.

He was soooooooo clever and his manners were SOOOOOOOOO good that I didn't see that the reason I was faint in the knees all the time was that he was draining my blood. So rien noveau plus le meme change or something like that.

In the wake of this relationship, motivated by too many years, too much wisdom, and regret that I didn’t use my movie star beauty for this OTHER SMART path…that now I can see clearly climbs the mountain….I want to dedicate myself to advising colonized women OR WOMEN ON THE VERGE of being masochistic hamburger meat for some guy with a sadistic meat grinder. 

I want to start a gal group to help them NOT TO GO THERE and create these groups across the entire wicked west...for the rest of my breathing time. 

I believe that SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS would be a hit. LIKE the 70's EST seminars in a way, very popular in main 12 cities....but this would be so much more mainstream, and well attended. The reason is that like a hit movie it appeals to the 18-40 demographic. So this should be a blockbuster SEMINAR. 

This group is a need every female citizen has. It would take a local female shrink, a church basement, posters, small ads in CRAIGS LIST, libraries, bookstores, churches, health food stores saying LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP, MEETING every THIRD THURSDAY OF MONTH 6 pm to 8 PM. 5$. The SHRINK or psychologist who answers questions for two hours makes the private clients which pay her l00$. She gets to have loads of new clients. Her prices are usually 100$ to 200$ the hour so she makes her money from the audience. 

YOU WHO START THE GROUP make the ‘gate.’ And a percentage of her radio show and books. So THE PERSON WHO PRODUCES the meetings gets the take. You need a church so THE PRIEST/ PASTOR can also produce this with you. 

WOMEN need to be warned that men are not the problem. The enemy is within them. NO SLAVE driver sells us to the plantation owner. We do it to ourselves. It isn’t that there is a lack of polite, unneurotic, unviolent men. Kindly marriage-desiring MEN! THEY ABOUND. They aren’t Alpha males so women find the nice guys boring. To their own detriment. If you suspect you have even a thread of masochist in your make-up get a girl chum to primal you, gestalt you and drive it out of you. Articles on that are at thePSYCHOLOGY INDEX PAGE

I have found a way to make nice, quiet decent men INTERESTING. Only date the ones who have over a billion in the bank. Out of that gene pool you’ll find someone you can live with. 

Now I’m bordering on suggesting a second group. For beauties only. That idea would be chased out of a “HOW TO MARRY WELL” GROUP. But it could possibly become a group on its own, one that you’d build out of spotting the beautiful girls who attend the first group. You quietly go over and invite them into GROUP TWO. 

So here’s the pitch. Would you be interested in producing love seminars in your town. You find a woman psychologist somewhere around….she’s needed. SHE would answer questions out of a basket for two hours.

Go to our website at http://www.luckinlove.com where the curriculum is discussed. The SEMINARS, which you can give in your city there is no charge; it's not a franchise. The aim is to teach young girls how to not get involved with lousy guys, to pick men who will be the best fathers to offspring. In the case of the real beauties at those meetings, the idea is to pull them into a second group meeting, on another night, called HOW TO MARRY a BILLIONAIRE and do charity. hese real lookers should use the same LUCK IN LOVE TECH but use it to go straight to dating and then marrying VERY RICH SUCCESSFUL MEN and unlocking all that OLD money from cobwebby vaults and using it to create international trade, IMPORTING from starving inner city or rural back wash areas of foreign countries like Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, Africa. 

THE MARRY $ group would teach the tricks of penetrating that ritzy segment of society. The yacht clubs, country clubs, parties. You get all the revenues from the seminars. We are not in your biz at all. THE IDEA is free. You can even use our name, SUCCESS IN LOVE GROUPS or LUCK IN LOVE or :OVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS.. any of them. The shrink will work for free. WHY? She gets the huge list of new clients at 200$ an hour so you don't pay her. A church / pastor lets you use his MAIN ROOM for the group. IN LA Dr. Pat Allen has l00 women each two weeks and l0 men come oddly enuf, don't know why, never asked.

(A guy named GEORGE built the weekly groups around DR. PAT who, (with his help,) went on to do a book and a radio show of her own bringing them both millions..) So I think you can see, this could be the only business you do. It’s that lucrative. And yet very few hours and you can grow to be very well remunerated! 

Start A LUCK IN LOVE GROUP in your city. Just download the 100 or more  seminar classes, (at URL BELOW) you don't even have to call me to do it. It's yours, free. Rewrite the classes,edit it as you will. Charge for meetings, do a book;  make a living for yourself and a local psychiatrist  or psychologist whom  you use. Call if questions, Anita Sands Hernandez 818-774-1939