to the level itís SUPPOSED to be UP AT!"

IN metaphysics as in the physical universe, there are two basic motions observed in atoms. Yang is centrifugal, it is the atom that  moves outward, it is about GIVING, GOING FARÖ. it is as masculine just like a roving electron. Males FLEE the center, (the Latin root for flee is FUGE and they are CENTRIFUGAL.) they head for infinity, become comets wandering through space. All the good stuff is noisily right on the outside. Like the sun, they shine. When they pass by an attracting ORB, their speed SLOWS and if it does slow enough, watch out! They get PULLED into the orbit of a CENTRIPETAL ORB, i.e. woman, at first circling her but maybe crashing onto her surface. When Bro's see a few good men crash on these small planet women, bro's get wary, won't spend time with a woman; they run off into space like mad quarks shooting toward solitary doom.

The FEMALE energy or the opposite spectrum of matter, YIN, is about attracting matter, centripetal, high magnetism, receptive, taking, getting; The yin molecule inhales, -- attracts or pulls IN. Her goodies are on the inside, hidden. her wide bottom densely packed has gravitation that draws the fast travelling electron close where she can capture him with her pull.

Males generally are in constant motion, until they slow down near a nucleus of dense matter of larger gravitational weight,  WOMAN. The female neutron has inner recesses which engender HEAT to the icy little male comet. She contains hidden, secret, inner mysteries. Volcanic, subterrenean fires, unseen, only suspected. By heating up the passing yang body, she ties electrons into 'relationshps.'  The neutron is female in nature. Heat giving. The male is heat seeking.

Earthly priests, philosphers and poets, (all guys), try to tell us that woman is like the MOON, circling the big guy, Planet Earth. They got it  wrong. Woman is like earth, the man spins around her. He's an icy dead fast moving asteroid until she holds him in his place.

One poet in particular, Lord Byron, a big Don Juan, who drove one woman to suicide, said:

"Manís love is of manís life a thing apart,
  íTis womanís whole existence: man may range
The court, camp, church, the vessel, and the mart,
  Sword, gown, gain, glory, offer in exchange
Pride, fame, ambition, to fill up his heart,
  And few there are whom these cannot estrange;
Men have all these resources, we but one,
To love again, and be again undone."
        ByronóDon Juan. Canto I. St. 194.

He lied. That's simply how he tried to live and he got lucky. He was like the Mick Jagger of his day. His one, brief wife took the daughter and fled him. He poeticized it and today brutal men everywhere believe the Byron mythology that woman was not the center of God's Universe, that she was more like the dinky little moon handmaiden who modestly reflected macho Sunís fame and light rather than emitting any heat or light of her own. Men need to believe this is the difference between the sexes. Women are extraneous like housekeepers. Yeah right.

IN TRUTH. WOMAN is like Mother Nature herself. And that's GOD far as I'm concerned. She works through the gravitational powers of a fertile green, blue planet with rich soil giving birth to HUMANS by the million.

Men are moons who spin around space serving. They bring home the bacon, feed a family. builds a roof overhead, make tooks to dig irrigation canals..His pricetag? Romance and good nookie.

Out of delicacy and POLITENESS a woman must never let the  man see that he's a servant paid with sex. She must always quietly worship him, bat her eyes and say thank you and never ever be heard TELLING HIM TO DO STUFF. She should pretend to buy into that Byron philosophy that Men RULE, women serve as that act will prolong his potency ergo prolong his free service. ALL she has to do is not pig out on carbs, fats and sugars.. She must stay firm and beautiful and tease him .....errrr......INSPIRE him to into doing anything she wants yet always pretend it was his idea.

Thank God Men DO have a lot of ideas --the principle one being fooling around. Men are hungrier for us than we are for them. Man's hunger for a woman is so throbbingly painful that they will do ANYTHING to have a sweet smelling, shapely, sparkley sex partner around. Including marry in church with vows, tie himself to monogamy, work like a dog 8 hours a day, build a house for his wife, mother-in-law, children with big closets for all which he will fill. How is he not HER satellite?

Of course, COMPARING men and women to SCIENTIFIC, astronomical, PHYSICAL laws of rotationand gravity is probably falling on deaf ears as you who will read this donít see much Yang or Yin in Husbands, wives, Dads and Moms any more. People are getting homogenous. Actually two of my own sons are Mr. Moms to educated, high paid WIVES!

The world is a big field of UNISEX wheat blowing in the wind. Transgenic, Factory Gene Modified, hybrid, TERMINATOR seed spawning neither-nor grain and non-nutritive bread, kids who charge music to their IPODS and shoot up schools. Can't get into college, or if they get the student loans, cannot marry and have children and escape from debt long enough to buy a home.

You gotta know itís the Apocalypse when all thatís out there is terminator seed. God only knows how anything pollinates down here and how a next generation gets born. Iím thinking one day weíll all be getting our babies from Rumania.

God invented two sexes, utterly distinct in nature. The overthinking tendency of mankind decided to discard that. Why fail to tinker with something thatís old fashioned when it can be new fashioned? Also, plainly, there was the government interest in  taxing TWO sexes instead of just one, having TWO workers per family, not one. So one day the OLIGARCH told the President, "weíll invent Gloria Steinem and call it Ďworking womení."

Well, Iíll tell you, Mother Nature and God are not too happy about that. Why? Because it leaves the generation that gets born next, without clear-cut defined mom and dad, Yin and yang roles.

Realize it, most of us girls have had our YIN quotient fooled with by out-of-balance parents. Iíll tell you how that manifested in your case. It manifested as a MOTHER who does not encourage dear little daughter to wrap DADDY around her baby finger. She encouraged you to get a PHD and out earn him assuring no potency in the male. No impetus to raise children well. Mom instructs daughter in INDEPENDENCE, pride in autonomy. In fact, MOM is alarmed, jealous if she even sees babygirl trying to wheedle stuff outta Daddy..

Mom absolutely does not encourage baby girlís going to DAD and asking for stuff, because Mom feels she is getting so damn little that daughterís being in line in front of her would take away from HER.

Little girls with jealous mothers grow up miserable, feeling unloved and theyíre right. Their parents are both unloving because theyíre both seriously wacked. BUT the problem gets worse. Thatís not the only manifestation. THIS Ďafraid to askí little girl grows up and chooses Ėwhat else? Ungiving men. If you donít know what rain is, you move to the Sahara and are perfectly OK with burning stretches of sand.

If this girl encounters a potential male giver, she screws that up. She proudly announces that she is capable of taking care of herself, earning her own wage, and paying Ďhalfí. This overworked zealous little pup of a girl does just that. Only one days she gets all tired and burnt out and passes on her malady to any runty little offspring sheís capable of giving birth to, (in her burnt out condition.)

THE ungiven-to MOTHER SUFFERS and the child does too. Never once did that poor woman feel what it was like to be treated like a queen, given to, protected. NEVER ONCE did she learn to enjoy relaxation, her own yinness. Instead, sheís worked to the bone til she drops. AND THE DAUGHTER is taught to live on the same patch of Sahara desert Mom enjoyed.

Woman today are like stunted weeds, --lips pressed to burning sand trying to drink--- they never become the towering green vines blooming lush roses that they could have been had they been nurtured from womb, cradle, marriage bower to garden home. WHY? Because OUR OWN MOTHER sabotaged us, at the pump. SHE taught us to be cacti and press lips to sand and drink deep of parched desert.

When we pick a man who is like that desert and let him off the GIVING HOOK, we create our life's failure, the failure of our children and that maleís own YANG failure. That mate will have nothing to give us ever because weíd never think of asking. If the GYM doesnít ask you to develop muscle, DO YOU?

In early phases of courtship with the boys in the neighborhood, we arenít looking for signs of givers. We are GIVER BLIND! We donít notice that one man offers the world, is courtly, wants to pay and buy you stuff and we donít notice that the other schlepper is a gypsy taker. We cannot tell the difference. Itís like being color blind, not seeing red and green as distinct!

Then what do we do? We fall for some pocket picking gypsy scoundrel because his butt looks good in jeans. IT IS THE MALEís GIVING GENES we should be worrying about. Does he have a lineage of manly GIVERS in his family tree? THOSE are the genes that count.

Then the only thing we allow that chosen male to give us, (or seem to want to accept) is his half of the rent, his half of the food costs and his half of the utilities, which seems (to the dimwitted lady) to be a fair deal for housemates. TRUE, --it is and if the guy were just a roomie, that would be fine. But weíre talking about a life mate. A LIFE MATE is a male hero who will welcome his offspring, take care of them, build you shelter, work to the bone to pay for it. Protect you when the wolf comes round and never run away.

That is what you want to get, so you have to see THOSE QUALITIES in the men who court you to pick a man who has it and to get it.

If you tolerate courting louts, give them status, then bond with one and insist on paying half the bills, youíre not treating that fellow like the father of tomorrow, a true mate. Youíre not expecting any soul quotient, any metaphysical ardor. Any manly soul dimensions. And babe, if YOU donít seek, you donít get. You are like a girl enthusiastically applying for a job at Wal-mart. You got in line for bare minimum, arenít asking for anything but eighty hour weeks without any more overtime PAY as the Gov just took that away from all workers. (Did you know that? No I suspected not.) Youíre so glad to be in line for that job that you are signing your life away and your kids lives, for minimum wages! HOW LOW RENT IS THAT!

When a girl goes into a lifelong relationship with the stud muffin who is to be The Father to her little girls and boys, her having to give HALF on the barrelhead for life --- like some BRAVE NEW WORLD 1984 ROBOT --- is a little zombiedead. It has perilous overtones of reasonability but look under the costume. Itís a bag of barf.

ENGENDERING LIFE together isnít some minimum wage Walmart life deal. Unless of course, it IS. What Ďreasonableí mother convinced you this was the best deal you could make? YOU CAN MAKE INFINITELY better, sweeter DEALS with men, for your life. Out of that beauty you have at l8 to 25 years of age. REMEMBER the eternal words of Anita Loos uttered by Marilyn Monroe "beauty in a man is like MONEY in a man." Loos gave us the soul of the universe in that phrase, mouthed by the most dumb blonde twit that ever existed. Totally YIN. TOTALLY WISE. You are so exquisite, pure and beautiful at that early age, that you (in ATOMIC weight) equal out to BILL GATES! SO GO GET BILL GATES!

YOU are so so so beautiful! Stand up before a mirror, let your hair down. You are the latest flowering bud on a twig at the end of a billion year branch on a trillion year tree of evolution. TO boot, you are kind and good.

You will and SHOULD attract a hundred frogs croaking at your door and from knowing them and carefully observing them, have the wisdom to pick ONE from among them. Pick the most GIVING of PRINCES. Pick THE MOST giving cherishing, respecting prince. LET THE KING get your heart. Not just some pocket-picking gypsy who flashes his eyes like Tony Banderas and brings you a pizza and wolfs it down and gives you two slices!

GOOD MEN are out there, men who venerate women, who really cherish them. Men who take you to LE French Café and want you to have a glass of Burgundy red, and teach you about gourmet food.

These men have ardor, respect, taste, valor and heroicism running through their veins. These MEN are givers. These Men are chivalrous. Later, they will have you put your feet up when youíre pregnant and they will rub them, or give you a maid to rub them. They will cook breakfast when youíre barfing in first trimester nausea. They work two jobs while until that bouncing babe goes to daycare because they want you with their child because thatís what is best for their wife and their kid!

These men are glad to give from the bottom of their pockets to buy you a wedding ring, a washing machine, a proper fridge. A soft bed. A nursery set for junior. And then buy you the pretty dresses or fabrics and sewing machine you need to be gorgeous. Or that embroidered dress at the Bazaar and that shiny necklace because he sees you are a work of art, a miracle of nature, or even a goddess who deserves obeisance, homage, gifts placed at her feet, wreaths on her head.

You donít know any of that treatment because your OWN MOTHER STOOD in the way of your ever finding out that it is the norm. Did you ever ask Dad for a dress and a shiny necklace? Or were you one of OUR LADIES OF PERPETUAL SILENCE? You know the kind, the perpetually tactful, un-greedy, Ďgood girlí that never asks for stuff, isn't materialistic, the amazon that MOM encouraged you to be. Wearing the same shabby dress, as the song goes. And not with the deep relishing of being adored, spoiled by Daddy, cherished, GIVEN anything your heart desired. A joyless, arid life with Öself-sufficiency as your Amazon shield.

HOW could you ask so little of DAD? Maybe because you were trained that way by MOM. Maybe because she was hogging it at the pump or because SHE didnít have that ASK AND TAKE deal with DAD so thereís no way you were going to negotiate it, you little intruder you!

MOM is probably the reason youíre not a taker. However, before you tell her I said that,  Iíll grant you I wasnít there. It could be that your DAD was walking around in total POVERTY consciousness, was a self-styled loser, a life-whipped wimp, or maybe a scoundrel, another pocket picking, heart-boosting, kiss-lifting gypsy, a veritable shoplifter in the halls of love who spent his cash like a fool tomcat hung up on barrio pussycats and did that on the side.

Maybe Dad was too guilty to look you in the eye and love you. Or maybe Dad was a taker who didnít carry his own weight. Maybe he was TAKING up MAís precious time, making her work two jobs but still giving her offspring to raise solo after he broke outta there. Or then, there are Dads who are so hung up on all forms of love entailing sex that they couldnít love their daughter because it felt incestuous. So they kept their distance. That daughter will always feel that asking for stuff is an over-sexed thing.

Whatever your life sorrow was, repent the part you played being a card-carrying NON-TAKER .. a member in good standing of the NOWHERE CLUB and do so before you pass that disease on to your own daughter!

BE A TAKER. TAKE IN. SURRENDER THE PINK! AND always ---ASK FOR THE GREEN! After all, you will soon have many children to get ready for college with bank accounts, savings plans, extracurricular hobby classes, and for the young ones, Montessori daycare, children's books, later, gas to go to library every three weeks, tutoring, up to date computers. (Nothing they can get the I.M addiction to chums with! That's a vice.) And organic vegies, grains, dairy, meats so they are impervious to costly disease.  And when they graduate college and find their first job, you want to be ready to put down payment on a CONDO, their immediate and first property owning, to get them into the REAL ESTATE spiral upwards. So. Start putting away your kopeks now. Your centavos. Your YEN. Rhymes with YIN!