10). FATHER KNOWS BEST or HOW BUSH SR. really runs the WHITE HOUSE and the kid never had an original thought, ever. Is a cretin. First Cretin in PUBLIC LIFE since ROGER CLINTON. Wasn't there a CARTER BROTHER SOMEWHERE? All you gotta do is find POPPA Bush' cell fone bills

9.) GORE VIDAL. Not His life and loves so much, just interview him from ass to candlestick on the world. CURMUDGEONS with brains make good interviews. Like an endlessly long playboy interview.

8.) ARMAGEDDON WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY? All the hot spots. Yellowstone, Krakatoa, Pacific Ridge, toll of toxic AIR, glaciers melting, ozone depletion. Mining erosion, polar bears falling thru ice. Species extinction rampant.

7.) COFFEE TABLE LIBERAL BOOK, i.e. CURMUDGEONS of stature?  CHRIS HITCHENS is one but he's sucking up to the PM position.  ALEX AND LESLIE COCKBURN. FAB COUPLE. You might do a lot of great intellectual and very bright liberals. MARTIN SHEEN, ASNER, GORE VIDAL, Ummmmmm. DAVID CLENNON, (actor, you know him? ) WARREN BEATTY. ED BEGLEY for the ecological environmental  stuff. Barbra Streisand...if you put all their names on the masthead, it attracts others. Some will come on cuz cockburns are there. I'd go for the editor of the nation, Katrina Von Heuvel, everyone gets a great AVEDON foto of themselves and you include it. A COFFEE TABLE LIBERAL book? And you get them to see where it's going, lemmings over the waterfall just ahead?

6.) LOVE, HOW IT REALLY IS. And what it really aint! Ten great and famous ex beautiful Broads talk about love. Jackie and her sister Joan Collins. Judith KRANTZ, LESLIE CARON, real meat and potatoes broads. ADVICE FROM A GREAT BEAUTY to a young girl type HOW TO BOOK. Get the fun gals, RITA MORENO. BERNADETTE PETERS. Who foolishly confessed a one nighter to Steve who dropped her in shock.

5.) THE WILDER SHORES OF LOVE. Ten women who went over the edge for love. The Canadian PM's wife. What ever happened to her? LESSONS OF a LOVE ADDICT.

4.) ALL THE GOSSIP THAT's NOT FIT TO PRINT. No names, but you interview everyone in town about the real stuff that never made it to the papers. Like Clint's pal SANDRA? Big hooker. Had busts. Way before him.

3.) TO AGE OR NOT that is the question. ACTORS TALK ABOUT NOT AGING. All the tricks. Let it all hang out.

2.) CELEB RECIPES. Great recipes from great famous celebs. This type of book you give revenues to starving villages in Ethiopia. You adopt a city. Caviar traded to buy millet.

1.) THIS ONE GOT DONE, and it was my FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL! WHO WAS DEEP THROAT? Beat Mr. Woodward to it. Steal his dime. There are people who do nothing but trace the evidence, clues. The ten possible finks. you know, KISSINGER, HAIG, ETc." Well DEEP THROAT beat us all to it. Woodward was close behind and had a best seller.

NOTE: A lot of these are magazine vanity fair type stories. Selling to mags can be fun. Judith Krantz started that way.