ECONOMIC TIDES have been running the wrong way since the depression of 1989 and the worse one in 2008. Seems that THE BOSS OLIGARCH TYCOON ENTREPRENEURS AND the “BOUGHT” POLITICIANS created an economy, which favors the SUPER RICH! WHY? Well, they do it as they’re sell- outs --who need campaign contributions. They run for office and like rats, they need cheese! MARK TWAIN warned when he said “we have the best politicians that money can BUY!”  CEO OLIGARCHS send lobbyists, money, favors to DC to buy laws that favor the rich. You and I can’t do that. In effect, Congress has LEGISLATED AGAINST THE AVERAGE JOE in the average job, living at starvation wages. We are like  lobsters swimming in a cauldron that’s slowly heating to a boil. It is time to cut the ties that bind you to the Gov or your kids won’t be here.

When the Government is corrupt, callous, cares nothing about your kids getting an education, your putting food on a table, and squanders your huge huge taxes on junk and wars and's time to cut the ties that bind you to them. GO UNDERGROUND WITH YOUR BUSINESS.

Nobody LESS than that venerable Right Wing MEDIA INFLUENCING Institution ”The Heritage Foundation” tells us that the more a government regulates business, the more a country limits, bills, taxes and legislates against BUSINESS, the weaker that country's ECONOMY IS!

By their benchmark, the USA should be in the #(%&#HOUSE now and hey, -- no surprise! IT IS! Today, two parents work full time and cannot buy a house. They can rent an apartment! Kids can’t go to college without getting in double digit HOCK to STEPFATHER BANK!

What we're heading toward out of sheer desperation is THE BLACK MARKET. Call it "ITHACA DOLLARS" if you want to get NEW AGE about it, Call it the "BLACK MARKET" which hails back to WWII backstreets in EUROPE, SAME THING. GUERILLA CAPITALISM is what savvy economists call it and they write diatribes and we catch it, stick their work in a website full of tips on how they recommend you do it!

PREDICTION: BLACK MARKET ECONOMIES will GROW WORLDWIDE, become so endemic that we will have to call them WHITE MARKETThis is money the system cannot see, cannot tax, cannot make war with, cannot shoot up a crowd with!!! (725 mothers, babies murdered in Uzbekistan last week. (MAY 2005.) People had been demonstrating against their factory bosses being arrested, regulations that left them overnight, jobless and starving! People actually liberated the 23 bosses of their factories who were jailed by gov!  Demonstrated, then all were murdered! COLD BLOOD.

WE HAVE TO GO UNDERGROUND! This is Not a problem morally, if we are honest with each other, we do not need to be honest with BUSH and COMPANY because they are MURDERERS. This killer UZBEKI president who did this was a BUSH PAL! UNDERGROUND isfine. CHRISTIANS had to do that and meet in the Catacombs in ROME’s time. So don't shudder at the illegality of any act you are forced to do to support your kids. 

What GOING UNDERGROUND with your home based business means is, FREE ENTERPRISE IS ALIVE AND WELL! The GOVS of this world can’t shoot people up, can’t use our tax dollars to go into third world countries and shoot them up! USA/BUSH killed a million CIVILIANS, families, children, mothers, daddies in AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ and nobody there had ANYTHING to do with 911! HE just knew you’d think they did!

When the rotten melon falls in, a few smart worker ants will stand clear! They won’t wait until the melon composts the garden -----they will start now, while that RIPE MELON is trying to JUSTIFY OFFICIAL MURDER because they have the GUNS, they WRITE THE LAWS....and while BUSH is telling us that his pal KASIMOV was shooting up demonstrators for a good reason. IT TOOK TWO HOURS OF STEADY BULLETS to KILL THOSE trapped, 724 PEOPLE BY THE WAY. And let's create our own WHITE MARKET while BUSH is still telling everybody HE AND CHENEY AND RUMSFELD had good reason to SHOOT UP a MILLION HUMANS in AFGHAISTANT/IRAQ! 

GET YOURSELF A WHITE MARKET MOONLIGHTING BUSINESS NOW! Even if your DAY job stays in place, It's a second income, ergo a win win situation!

it’s the real deal, Comrade. Twenty rubles; take it or leave it

YOU HAVE GOODS AND SERVICES which are USEFUL, VALUABLE. BRAINSTORM up a list with a pad and pencil, right now. DEVELOP THE CLIENTELE. START WORKING IT! Perhaps you would like to know about the history of the 'white market.' Well, THE GOOD NEWS IS IN! Average shadow economy 16.7% of GDP in major nations;  38% in developing nations. That translates to four out of ten PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET FEED KIDS, clothe them, get them books, put them thru college and don't report it! You learn to LAUNDER MONEY!

The Size and Development of the Shadow Economies of 22 Transition and 21
OECD Countries

University of Linz - Department of Economics; CESifo (Center for Economic
Studies and Ifo Institute for Economic Research); Institute for the Study of
Labor June 2002 Paper No. 514

Abstract: Using the currency demand and DYMIMIC approaches estimates are presented about the size of the shadow economy in 22 Transition and 21 OECD countries.

Over 2001/2002 in 21 OECD countries is the average size of the shadow
economy (in percent of official GDP) 16.7% of "official" GDP and of 22
Transition countries 38.0%.

The average size of the shadow economy labor force (in percent of the
population of working age) of the year 1998/99 in 7 OECD-countries is 15.3%
and in 22 Transition countries is 30.2%. (Imagine what it is since the 2008 RECESSION!) 

An increasing burden of taxation and social security contributions combined
with rising state regulatory activities are the driving forces for the
growth and size of the shadow economy (labor force). In other words, fascist, oilmen, bankers are sucking up all the juice & making us turn crooked!

WANT TO SEARCH ON THIS KIND OF INFO? GOOGLE these Keywords: Shadow Economy, Transition Economies, Tax and Social Security Burden, Government Regulation,
“LAUNDER MONEY.” Blackmarket. GUERILLA capitalism.

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