Tsunami OrphansTeam Air Lift does publicity, press releases, writes journalists, broadcasters, suggesting themes for shows on the problem getting orphans out of Asia to the west, Canada, USA, EUROPE. And we try to get YOU our members to call radio talk shows, and write letters to the editor at papers, and email journalists, and propose TV cover this issue.


We dog internet websites, create lists and meet new folks by putting ads at the famed “Craig’s list” which  drew current membership of nearly a hundred people. Only a handful want to adopt babies. The rest just want the babies to BE ADOPTED!


All we ask of our members is that you care about the issue and write a letter or two to YOUR LIST, passing this webpage on to them so your friends get a chance to also do something.


Cuz as things stand, NO NATION IN ASIA is letting the babies go as they are PHOTOGENIC MERCHANDISE drawing BILLIONS IN AID! WHY empty your shelves during HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON!?

T.O.T.A.L (as in 'let's totally get them OUT OF THERE! ) wants adoptions to start happening!  NO KID LEFT BEHIND as BUSH likes to say!

We are an American, Canadian, European group, members in every Country, every state of the Union. Many of us would LOVE to adopt babies from the Asian disaster and raise them as our own. A larger percentage  has grown kids and just wants to volunteer to do P.R. so that the Asian adoption laws are changed to allow adoption by westerners. 

If you’re not much for reading, just want to get started on GETTING THE BABIES RELOCATED WITH WESTERN PARENTS, HERE IS HOW TO DO IT: PUT YOUR FEET ON THE PATH. (Click! This underlined stuff is always a clickable URL!)

If you want to read just a few paragraphs more, you’ll get the gist of the problem

As things stand, those orphaned kids are wandering the jungles, free to be picked up by flesh-rending tigers, thirsty vampire bats, foot wide spiders, mean, hungry snakes oh yes, and the hybrid of all four, THE mythological BABY TRAFFICKER! (Hiss! Boo!)

A Baby trafficker (said to exist, but semi mythic really,) doesn't want to see that kid adopted by a family. He wants to sell them to bordellos, factories as cheap slave labor or to organ harvesters. ALL OF THOSE things exist in ASIA! YET Asia won't let go of the babies, saying we AMERICANS, EUROPEANS may want to do all those nasty things! 

An American, Canadian or European FAMILY doesn't want to traffic kids; a prospective Mom and Dad wants to raise the baby as their own and send him to college and have mixed race grandkids! SO why would the ASIANS be alleging westerners want to do what they’re already doing?? BECAUSE they really don’t care about that stuff. THEY use it as a pretext though. WHY?

Alan Nairn, specialist on the Indonesian govm't/ military was on DEMOCRACY NOW JAN 14th on PBS RADIO telling about who runs Indonesia and what they do ergo what this modern, Muslim INDONESIA has become. 



Nairn says US Gov knows Military is the worst most genocidal killer on the planet at this time, having killed more in EAST TIMOR than POL POT killed in CAMBODIA. (Oscar film The Killing Fields?) And our gov thank gawd, decided 20 yrs ago not to send them any weapons ever again. At all. PAUL WOLFOWITZ who does the thinking for Bush/CHeney wants a detente, wants to forget the genocide of up to a million timorese (a state there,) by their Federal gov and send weapons, however and could, mebbe disguised as aid. The Mel GIBSON film "The year of Living Dangerously" took place over there. Not much of a film. But to see who GOD SMITE with this QUAKE, and why. And to meet ALAN NAIRN the planet's resident expert on INDONESIA....the county that won't let the babies go......COULD IT BE THE INDONESIANS are using this event, this emergency and holding their babies hostage to get ARMS? Or that they are organizing for one baby at a time so they can REALLY get their hands greased with MONEY? They pretend to have reasons to NOT give you babies until (maybe,) you go to the higher ups in the government and grease their hands OR GREASE EVERYBODY! “BAKSHISH” they call it. D.B.A.U. Normal over there. 

All of the above COULD BE the scenario. BUT get real. THE WORST spider, tiger, vampire snake is the INDONESIAN MILITARY which knows darn well Westerners aren’t going to hurt the babies! They don’t want any of their people GOING WEST, getting ACCULTURATED with WESTERN, CHRISTIAN values, and then coming back with PH’d’s a generation later to TOTALLY TRANSFORM their country which is stuck in the 14th Century. So they are blocking the adoption movement and alleging anything. And I do not think MONEY could change their mind. 

These Muslim/ Asian governments PRETEND that they see SHADES of amoral CREEPINESS in WESTERNERS. And ya know? I think they really do see it. By them, we don’t make ladies wear veils, our girls work in offices, date young men, pick husbands from a field, have choice in the matter, even passion! Our films look durn salacious. Our Current female Teen Heart beats and Hot Totties like Jessica and Lindsay Movie star shock the bejeezus out of them and in general, they don’t want one drop of unclean western spit spilling on one of their precious peasant babies. THEY WOULD RATHER that baby would DIE IN the jungle than have a bit of Western consciousness introduced through Christians who created this chaotic maelstrom we’ve got in the WEST, rampant with consumerism and prosperity and libido and all kinds of sickening things like that. (At least to a 14th century macho MOHAMMEDEN). 

I could be that a few actually are afraid of Western CRIME as they see so many CSI and LAW AND ORDER shows that they think we're all criminals

THERE is however, another possibility. What they’re doing with orphans COULD be a shake down. It could be that MUSLIM INDONESIA doesn’t really have fear of us, just fear of not getting all our money. I’m not talking BAKSHISH THE GREASED HAND, cuz I don’t think it’s instutionalized on this Orphan matter

DROOL WORTHY SUMS! BUT THE OTHER MONEY SOURCE, the NEW PIPELINE of AID must really make them drool. They know full well that they continue to RAKE IN THE BILLIONS while we empty our pockets to them as GENEROUS AID. It could be that they don't want their MERCHANDISE being plucked off the shelf!Imagine the world’s journalists taking pictures of the camps and no babies or kids there! Huh?

IN ANY case, T.O.T. AIRLIFT is not raising money, we're raising our VOICES! We intend to be the biggest pain in the butt to the Indonesians since ALAN NAIRN! AND OH BOY is he a pain! THIS JOURNALIST knows where all the bones are buried. Alan Nairns says MUSLIM INDONESIA killed more East Timroese than POL POT killed Cambodians. This lineage of Generals did it. And they went after the BUDDHISTS OF BALI, too, only they’re the most popular part of the tourist trade, that wouldn’t do. You know, like TIBET is a popular part of CHINA’s tourist trade; or they’d kill the THOUSANDS of TEMPLES and MONKS off which only the WEST has prevented happening. 

BUT BACK TO TOTS. We’re here talking TOTS. WE hope to get to the BUSH family, maybe thru Oprah and Mia Farrow, (the top interracial adopter in USA ) , doing shows on the subject. We're also looking to personally talk to radio talk-show hosts, and to write Letters to the Editor, and advise TV TALK SHOW hosts, Oprah's producers among them, to get on the story! And I general, we want to get the planet past this bottle neck impasse. 

ASIAN politicos are seemingly afraid to be seen as allowing Western people to do anything there. THEY HAVE considered it manly to wrap any TSUNAMI WORKERS in red tape. WORST is what they did to the adoption plans of REVEREND VERN BREWER, of WORLD HELP ORG. He arrived in town with Deep Pockets ready to build a big orphanage right there to hold the survivor babies and got a flat NO. NEVER. 

Is this a macho thing? . . Is it perhaps considered unmanly for xenophobic, MUSLIM Asians to be nice to westerners as it would be for say, an Iraqui to work for the new, provisional government in Bagdad. Where it’s immediate BULLET IN HEAD time if you are so much as a POST MAN? 

Iraqui MUSLIM Radicals will shoot anyone who deals with Americans, so any local official perceived as friendly gets bombed, machine gunned along with his family! 

So back to INDONESIA. Would these 'rather-be-DEAD-than-RED (or westernized,) politicians rather see the babies crawl on their bellies in the jungle eating worms or wither and die in al fresco refugee camps than have heroic moves made for them to 'get out of the country, get fed and educated.' 

IS THERE NO GRATITUDE? Does no surge of warmth beat in an Asian breast after he sees WESTERNERS picking up bodies, burying them, feeding survivors? 

Muslims act as if the babies were a rare, stone age vase belonging in a museum and not a human baby belonging with parents and hot food and a crib with sheets. WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED is that MUSLIM MEN are as hard hearted in the SINGLE unit as in MULTIPLE GOVERNMENT MODE. NO MUSLIM MAN will adopt another man’s children. 

WOMEN over there are fighting to get babies. One baby #18 they call him, lying in a hospital yesterday had a dozen women claim it as theirs. This is one country where women should be liberated to vote. 

Why MEN there won’t adopt is because MUSLIM men can dump an infertile wife. Or have four wives. Hindu men can divorce if a wife is infertile. NOBODY needs adoption over there! NO Asian man wants to raise another man's child! 

We began our sizeable work as a shrill media blitzkrieg group thru the goodness of CRAIGS list. One member (I won't say who, only that she's a mother of four,) put forty ads there a day, in forty cities saying “TOT AIR LIFT NEWSLETTER, wanna sign up? And she began to build a BROWSER LIST. A chunky addie  book. And do daily mail outs of RELEVANT NEWS. URLS pulled from CNN, NBC. 

Every day she'd collect the names of people who’d nibbled ‘send me more info,’ Sending back all ONLINE news related to ADOPTING. The list grew to a hundred who watched as ASIA rejected the adoption concept completely. LED BY INDONESIA. 

T.O.T.A.L asks your help to become a full fledged, media blitzkrieg volunteer org to change public opinion in the WEST, and then exert pressure so that opinion is changed OVER THERE. And to do that we must galvanize a hue and cry in the Western people to "LET THE BABIES OUT!" What is required is that NON MUSLIM COUNTRIES go first. INDIA has long had a Christian Sector thanks to the missionary work of people like MOTHER TERESA and Reverend Jerry Falwell. So that is what we might do. SEEK TO REACH CHRISTIANS on the continent of INDIA, as they had a great many orphans. 


Want to catch up on past headlines related to this? missives? Conversations, web chatter, learn which journalists showed up, wanting to work with us? WHICH headline AID guys we approached wanting to work with them? And who totally snoots us? Read on! Want to get on our mail out list?



CRAIGS LIST has been the GATEWAY to doing a US/ CANADA/ EUROPE P.R. MEDIA BLITZ, and this was T.O.T.A.L.’s first ad at craigs list instantly giving us 100 avid members! LEARN HOW TO USE CRAIG NEWMARK’s CREATION.





THE VULTURE SANDWICH ORG, For Starving, Homeless, Disenfranchised

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If you WANT TO GET the CONCEPT OF ADOPTING BABIES FROM STARVING THIRD WORLD, READ the INDONOTHING FILE and figure out how to design a battle scheme.


I’M DEPRESSED BY THE WHOLE TSUNAMI and 26,000 Babies dying daily (UNICEF figures,) of painful starvation. HOW CAN THERE BE A GOD? This DISASTER PROVES there’s no one at the HELM!! (Or does it?)


A POLITICALLY CORRECT CRITIC ATTACKS  FOREIGN THIRD WORLD ADOPTION CONCEPT saying that it targets MUSLIMS, depicts them as ‘unsavory characters’


Contact: Anita Sands at ASTROLOGY  at EARTHLINK.NET