WHEN YOU COOK BURGER, you will notice the liquids pouring out. PUT IT IN FRIDGE, in an hour that fat is hard, like chalk. COOK CHICKEN and liquid, that fat stays soft. Which would you want adhering to inside of every vein, capillary?  Start cooking meats at home, fridging to see how they turn out. BEEF eaters should be getting their own, private health insurance as a heart replacement is on the horizon. Take a lean cut like ROUND, it's inedible. No flavor.

So make a tofuburger that's more tasty than beef. Use canned corn/almonds/mushrooms celery, get a burger tastier than meat. Make 25 at a time. Freeze two dozen in baggies. Thawed in midday bible bread sandwich w. mayo, salad, tomato, much tastier than killer burger.

OK, Let's talk AGING before we do recipes. Then we'll talk cooking.  The AGING PART OF OUR DISCUSSION is going to be slightly graphic, something you hadn't thought you'd encounter in an article on THE HEALING POWERS OF TOFU. So I'm warning you. If you blink at talk about "SIGNS OF AGING on the HUMAN BODY" then, turn away. Don't learn about TOFU's ability to supply the master hormones that the body requires to make its various YOUTH HORMONES. But if you want to learn something amazing, from an old gal who on.

I am almost SEVENTY YEARS OLD. So menopause was twenty years ago. But after menopause I continued to eat regular tofu, once a month, maybe. So there never were any symptoms of aging or menopause or hot flashes or anything else. Now, one of the things you get when you are feminine is NO BODY hair or a minimum of it.

I recently had to quit CHINESE FOOD. Yep, my best chum who took me out all the time (and I only ordered tofu, nothing else,) took the big final bus ride into the sky, unexpectedly. He was a mega gourmet, excellent cook a voracious meat eater, a cancer survivor, and well, he stroked out.

So anyway, I'm left without any  surplus income  to go visit costly Chinese cafes. I just go back to my regular diet of chicken, fish, avocados, nuts, eggs. And suddenly I notice that HUGE AMTS. OF HAIR are growing under my armpit where I never had any. In the old female, what happens is MALE HORMONES were always there but they're kept attenuated by the FEMALE hormones. Well, MY FEMALE HORMONES had departed. Twenty years after menopause, they'd been kept going by TOFU. That single food supply changed. That single one. Nothing else. Age 40 to 65, no hair. Suddenly THE BODY had reverted to its natural balance of MALE HORMONES PREDOMINATING! My body no longer had the supply of the MASTER HORMONE it required to keep me young. Know how wrinkled men get? So I became afraid that wrinkles might be on the way. Though I kept the same face at age 65 as age 40....I foresaw AGING  headed my way. SHRIVELING UP. So I instantly ran out got a brick of tofu (cut it in five pieces, froze four,) and started using it myself in my favorite recipes. And I'm hoping the hair goes away, meaning the INNER SHRIVEL (of all organs,) also will have been staved off!.

SO, USE MY RECIPES for DELICIOUS VEGIE BURGERS, TASTIER THAN MEAT! The MOST HEALING mineral rich proteins you can eat would be soaked almonds, peeled, very gentle, very digestible, so we use that with TOFU  in our VEGIE BURGERS!

TOFU is only as delicious as you season it to be. It is a  bland food.  The fermenting process that the soy milk goes thru which turns it into "cheese" RIDS the beans of PHYTIC ACID. TEMPEH really kicks the phytic acid out. Phytic acid is not good. Google it. You'll learn that all legume and grain products need to soak overnight, then be rinsed to deactivate the harmful phytic acids. For that reason it's good to soak all grain or vegie / nut  products a while, throw away the water as it's full of phytic acid. And make BIBLE BREAD which is from soaked rinsed, mashed grain. When grain sprouts they throw away water, grind it into bread dough! THAT IS SO GOOD FOR YOU! Soy must be fermented as miso or tofu, or tempeh. Soy concentrates or isolates are harmful.

On the other hand, Soy is full of plant hormones that make your body
create its own hormones, hence keeping you eternally young. Raw nuts are also
excellent but as far as being a luxurious delicacy, best of all is MY FAB RECIPE for
TOFU BURGERS. I make these with sprouted almonds, water chest nuts for
crunch, some creamed corn, for a rich, creamy and corny flavor, and some
cornmeal bread mix to give them a loafy texture, the tofu of course is
fairly absorbent of all these flavors, so I add onion, garlic, cilantro,
parsley, shrooms. I add crunch with celery too, for crunch and the corn for the
creaminess as they go well together. We sprout an almond only slightly,
mostly to get its SKIN off. Skin is TOO astringent say the Auryvedic
doctors of India. Not good for us. Soak overnight, peel or pour almost
boiling water on the nuts, you can peel them in four minutes! We are
using almonds and tofu together to add up to the protein levels of MEAT.
Here is a way to turn them into something tastier than any meat.

TOFU BURGERS. INGRED: l lb tofu, two stalk celery, small white or yellow
onion, green or red bell pepper, water chestnuts l small can, l can
creamed corn, l0 mushrooms, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, celery seeds, (whole
or powdered) thyme, sage, salt, garlic cloves, 1/2 to 1 full cup soaked,
peeled almonds, ground or chopped. l small Box Cornbread mix.

HOW: SAUTE onions, garlic, celery, add bell pepper, tofu in crumbles or
sml squares, chopped 'shrooms, then add crumbs and corn (l beaten egg is
optional and so is a box of cornbread mix. I actually use HALF the box
of cornbread mix, with a little milk. These are little boxes, 39c in the
market. ) Add spices, chopped water chestnuts. Set aside. Get clean
frying pan, put in some oil and clarified butter either mixed or use one
and not the other. But you cannot FRY in butter that has diary in it.
You must pre clarify. (Heat, skim). Shape batter, dredge in crumbs or
flour, or I use more cornbread mix. Then fry each pattie or ball
lightly, finish in oven 325 for l0 min min, 20 is ok. COOL, wrap each
ball in saran wrap, freeze. But leave a half doz. in fridge for next

ANOTHER NIGHT, make CHINESE TOFU- Called Tofu in brown sauce with
shitake. First, make brown rice, takes 45 min. Next, you're going to
make the MAIN dish that will go OVER the rice as Chinese serve it.
Gravy and then the protein in the gravy.

Make a gravy pre-mixture of soy sauce, cornstarch, mushroom soy sauce,
if you can find it, and some lobster sauce, which looks like soy sauce,
is sold in good supermarkets and oriental grocery stores. Stir it up,
set this aside, cold, uncooked.

Toast 2 tbsp of sesame seeds lightly golden brown, by setting in iron
frying pan, stirring. They pop, get golden.  Set aside. Cool.

Soak 6-8 shitake mushrooms in water. Set aside and this takes 15 minutes
to 1/2 hr. to soften up. Toss stems in bag with stuff for future soups, freeze. Use shroom part. Chop.

In any good oil, (sesame,olive, peanut)* saute your vegetables lightly: onions,
garlic, tad of eggplant, few scraps meat if you want it, but it's not
necessary. In 20 seconds, add cubed tofu, up to an lb. Stir well, add
vegies like broccoli, snow peas or plain peas. Saute another few secs.
Now, add the gravy mix, shitakes with liquid, stir as you fry. It
thickens. In these 2 minutes of cooking, the vegies finish cooking. Add
sesame seeds, a few slashes of chile sesame oil if you want, beansprouts, chard, broccoli, carrots,
spinach get added at this point, as you want them semi raw. Serve over brown rice.   

          *avoid canola. Injurious. Use corn, soy, peanut, grapeseed, olive but not rapeseed/ canola.

How to make SOY CHEESE. This is very easy. HOW MANY of us have bought costly two quart box of soy milk and it went weird. Yeah, the stuff WILL start to coagulate at some point. But that's OK as fermented tofu or soy products are the ONLY GOOD ones. And even in fridge, sealed in cardboard box, it will clot a bit. At that point, you have a jelly lump, but softer. No problem. Wash off your cheese cloth, or use a coffee filter, put inside a medium or large plastic mesh strainer, throw  drop the clump of soy milk in, cover top with edges of cheesecloth, tuck it so top is covered. Set a  heavy round plate on surface. Set strainer above anything, dish rack, a pot. Liquid drains out. In an hour set a heavier thing, a jar of beans on top of the plate. The heavier weight makes the cheese compact somewhat. A few hrs later, take out your cheese, flop into a bowl, add toasted sesame seeds, chile sesame oil, smashed garlic, minced onion or green onion, dried onion flakes or ONION SOUP MIX & stir. WOW, Or don't compact it, then it's DIP. Add seasoning salt, stir, put in old cottage cheese container. Kids will think you made dip outta the bottom half of the orig cot cheese.

Set that on your slice of toasted bible bread, You'll think you're eating cream cheese! Kids will take it to school in a sandwich w. lettuce, radishes, wolf it down but I don't tell kids it's tofu or soy. I call it cream cheese. Wash your cheese cloth in sink, it's delicate, hang on line. Bring it in dry, put in a baggie in a clean corner til next day as that clotted milk is still in fridge, right? In the SILKEN box? OKAY. Kids are gonna want a repeat! PS. SILKEN IS NO LONGER ORGANIC, SEE: