FROG OR PRINCE? Welcome to the luck in love study group! By Anita Sands Hernandez astrology at earth link net

I send out little notes from time to time when something interesting happens related to the STUDY OF LOVE. Today I read a fabulous article on how to DISTINGUISH A PRINCE of a guy from a REAL FROG. Just take a glimpse of its rich wisdom;


Minutes later, I  GOT A LETTER from a lady who saw my Craig’s list ad HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE AND NEVER SUFFER GETTING DUMPED AGAIN classified AD which some days is at TALENT section of CRAIGS LIST to get really beautiful gals, and some days is at LESSONS or THERAPY section to get gals with blown-out valves over some GUY! Who are ready to turn around and try something else. THE LETTER I rec’d from a new gal said:

“Hello I am a 20 year old female I live in Hollywood, California. .I am constantly trying to find a nice man to hang out with and it seems impossible here. I am very attractive and it’s like men only want one thing and never call me back when they don’t get it! I hate it. Can you help me? Thanks,---- Nicole”

HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM....... Her letter certainly made me remember another lovely lady here in my town, L.A with her exact name NICOLE who found a rather one-dimensional man who only wanted one thing, too. When she finally took it off the far as HE was concerned, he was one disgruntled customer. Stuck a knife thru her ten times. OJ was his name.

WE gals certainly HAVE to be careful whom we date. WHY? BECAUSE dating is half way toward CARING. Obviously, Hollywood NICOLE cared about those guys a little, when suddenly she finds out he’s a jerk she feels a little dented. She THOUGHT that she had a caring beaux, when really she had a SHARK on the line! AND IF THAT shark cannot consume a girl on the spot, he’s impatiently swimming down the line for the fishie that can be consumed!

OUR EGO is FAIRLY SHOCKED when that happens. Ten slams and we can feel shattered so let’s not react with EGO. Be mature. REACT WITH personal RESPONSIBILITY! Say: “I created this guy being a bum ‘cuz I didn’t test!” And next time, TACTICALLY, strategically, some loading of special bait is req’d, so as to NOT attract sharks in the first place.

LIKE a gray Armani type suit, tight waist, peplum, pumps, white cuffs and collar, 8mm pearls, l8” of them, something so elegant it says “MISTER I AM HIGH MAINTENANCE BLUE BLOOD AND IF YOU PULL A DUMMY STUNT WITH ME I’m REPORTING YOU TO THE BOSTON BLUE BLOOD HIT SQUAD”. THAT might make him behave. Whereas cleavage, spike heels, red plastic necklace, gold chains (gold digger 101) make him think you can be hit on. SO COSTUME you choose is a kind of test. OF YOU!

Once you get any kind of unknown fish species or “UNCERTAIN BREEDING fellows” on DECK, even after you hook him, land him as a regular beaux, maybe some further TESTING is required. I haven’t thought a lot about TESTING MEN.Mostly cuz I’m heading FOR SEVENTY! And my mind at this point doesn’t’ wander to where my feet don’t go but even WHEN I WAS YOUNG, I didn’t think about character tests. I was way too STUPID to test men. I TOOK them at face value. THEY DROVE UP, took me for a spin, a meal, a movie. Got Fresh. I was good-natured even when I’d slap them down, and I’d wait for it to start over again either on the next date with HIM or with someone else. DID NO TESTING.

SO OFTEN I FOUND OUT years later, the friendly FISH with all the smiling (I THOUGHT) teeth was really a shark. AND I had been chewed out of a goodly amt of YEARS, chewed til I was useless, discarded in the detritus of the big dating ocean like yesterdays garbage.

SO IN RETROSPECT I SHOULDA TESTED. DONE quality checks, Stuck a needle in, done a read out. Can’t think how. Maybe you could think of a test. A true love test. A generosity test. An intelligence test

A good TEST should be pre planned. LIKE ok, here’s a CHEAPNESS test.You meet him at a lunch spot, you are in your car. At some point when you’re standing near your car, you look down and spot your tire.. THE REALLY RATTY one. And say ‘is this tire over with?’He should say, “DEADLY.Let’s go to SEARS tomorrow and replace it.” Maybe that’s a degree of emotional involvement and caring test. But I call it a CHEAPNESS TEST!

How about PURITY TEST?

NAHHHHHH. NO man would pass. They’d all flunk.But you could try it. HE comes in front door. “WHOOPS you call, from the bedroom, “ you caught me with no clothing on. Stay in the living room. (Door is ajar) NOW will he stay? LIKE A DOG? DOUBT it. Stand there in your jumpsuit with a camera and a flash. As he peeks around the door, shoot his picture!


“SWEETIE? WHY does BUSH think we need IRAQ’s oil? Don’t we have enough of our own?”

IF HE SAYS “NO. THE PLANET is technically out of oil, sweetheart. Totally dry, OUT! “ Then he’s saying BUSH did the right thing. We are out of oil, (If you don’t believe me, GOOGLE on the words “peak” and “oil” Then you can have a superb conversation with a brilliant man some day. There is not even enough oil for even a few years of CHINA getting all those cars we’re selling them! ) But guess what, he thinks like a REPUBLICAN if he thinks it’s ok to steal Iraq’s oil “Steal it if you can” is Bush Senior’s plan with the hand puppet doll kid. Your man JUST FLUNKED a test of morality. He goes for what is expedient even if it’s piracy. AND if it’s news to him we’re out of oil, he flunked an intelligence test. IF HE SAYS “We’ll discover an alternative to oil. He’s an optimist. Probably smart. NOW LAST, If he is interested in fact you know what PEAK OIL MEANS, he’s on his toes. He’s an appreciator of good women!

See what I MEAN? TEST. TEST before you fall in love. That way you don’t get bent when a man turns out to have no character. DO SO MUCH TESTING in the early dates that YOU ARE REALLY THERE knowing what he’ll do ...(character is destiny) before he is surprising you with his lack of kindness, generosity, or whatever, smarts. YOU WILL know what he’s going to do. How can your ego get hurt then?

ANy ideas about this? Cuz I invite all of you to answer when you can and I incorporate it into an article. THIS one is going to be about TESTING!

FOUND THIS ONLINE and it’s relevant: 

“It's your first date, maybe your second, and the person across the

dinner table from you is drop-dead gorgeous (and that's about all you

know at this point). But if it's lasting love you're looking for,

handsome is as handsome does. Whatever that means.

SCOTT PETERSON and TED BUNDY were more beautiful 

than any man your or I EVER DATED! Turned out to be UTTER JUNK!


So, Here, some sneaky ways to figure out if your new partner has potential.


* Pet-Ownership. A great date will have a dog (or a cat), or a

nephew they're nuts for...even a plant will do. A person who can get up

and feed something every day is not one afraid of commitment. You want

to know this new honey can nurture and be there for something day in and

day out.

* Sense of humor. If you're not having fun, what's the point?

Studies show laughter can diffuse tension and keep problems in

perspective. If you and your new honey can't share a few laughs

together, it's unlikely you'll share more than a date or two.

* A good resume. No, we don't mean a great career. A partner with

potential has a history of relationships that last longer than a playoff

season, can talk about past relationships without sounding resentful,

and has learned something in the process. THE EX-TEST is a good one!

* Passion. Not the between-the-sheets kind, but the kind that

makes him really excited about something in life. Whether its

rock-climbing, volunteerism or music, a passionate person will really

add something to your life via what he cares about.

* Curiosity about YOU. INTEREST MUST FLOW TWO WAYS. A great date won't be content to just tell you about his life, but express a genuine interest in learning about what makes you tick. Just like a great relationship won't happen unless your partner wants to know your thoughts and ideas. TAKE HIM BACK ALONG MEMORY LANE too! Great tip. Lead him softly into talking about his childhood, infancy, parents! You will listen with the third ear and see with the third eye. Let him talk. Lead gently.

        Sexual attraction. The way he or she looks, smells, talks, smiles...something - or everything - about this person should give you a little zing! of sexual excitement. Sex is the physical affirmation of love and if the chemistry's not there, all the potential in the world won't make up for it. A poet I knew said you must enjoy feeling HIS skin. ANY antipathy to his skin and you’re in trouble. It won’t ever work.

        So what say you? Any ideas on how to test an unknown fellow? SHARE THEM. I’ll post them!  And do check out this ARTICLE about picking bogus princes who turn out to be frogs. FABULOUS WRITER