CREATE A DHARMIC BUSINESS, Moonlight right off the KITCHEN TABLE. Eventually, build it into your primary career and MAKE A FORTUNE for yourself, family members, biz partners and workers ! Your children inherit a going business, no 200k student loans for THEM! happy the heart of a kid who does NOT
                          have to get student loans but who can inherit
                          parents' biz

Ever hear the word 'Dharma'? It's a good word! It comes from the world's oldest language, Sanskrit. It refers to the actions a man does to do good, advance the evolutionary action on this planet, further abundance. When he does all that he’ll mend his own karma and attract luck. Dharmic acts would be teaching, feeding, motivating, inspiring, healing, helping and banishing sorrow. Dharmic ways of making a living are what Buddhism referred to as 'right' living. 'Right work.' 

What's right about the work we're talking about is using the job not primarily to make money but to feed the hungry, make the ignorant aware, heal the sickly, illuminate the young and save everybody from sorrow and trouble. You do all that with your business. That way, if you also make a ton of cash you won't have to feel bad about it. Donald Trump who builds and rents sleazy condos at 20k a month for a two bedroom can't say that!  So you will out trump the DONALD on your first day at work.

With your holistic food stuffs, your bible bread, perhaps, your home grown produce, your healing treatments, your cement fountains, your tilapia farms which anyone could fit in a garden. With you living room seminars, your church basement Loveaholics group or Singles parties, you create love, marriage, family life, health, give new ideas, lift hopes and you banish loneliness. Your clients no longer are concentrating on their sorrows, their problems. You give information that currently isn't given anywhere but in 150$ an hour sessions with a shrink, or buried in a book on healing at a healthfood store book shelf. You give them friends, new networking avenues they could not have done under their own power.

What is most right and fitting and DESERVED about dharmic work is that you make a shitload lot of under-the-table cash! And you do it in a bleak and jobless world where many mainstream sectors have very nearly dried up thanks to NAFTA AND GATT treaties in a dismal world where transnationals are allowed to ship YOU jobs to Bangalore!

American Factories no longer hire American workers. The jobs and the factories were exported to the third world by the greedy-for-profits CEOs who rob 11 to 15 million a year personal salary from the stockholders not to mention stock, pensions, perks, company jets and other ways to steal the stockholders’ profits. Then, they fight unions, or did, when they were on our shore. And finally, run the corporation into the ground by cooking the books. As a final fillip, they stiff consumers by charging high prices for toxic products that the buyer really didn’t need.  A lose-lose situation for the exploited, and lately earning the CEO THIEF ten years  in the calabooze.

The NASDAQ gold rush and the tech sector proved to be huge chimeras, and disappeared like holograms, dropping millions from a pink cloud into harsh joblessness and a landscape of entry level, burger flipping jobs.

SO by learning to create your MOONLIGHTING industry now, and running it as a COTTAGE INDUSTRY, you will become immune to all this sorrow. Start your business and overnight you will help people have gorgeous lives and make money doing it.

How? Well, with the simple talents you have for cooking, party giving, hosting or working for hosts, for mentoring, advising, massaging, healing, reading, learning! Those talents that you have, right now are like a little SEED which planted in fertile ground can uncoil into an immense Jack in the Beanstalk VINE.

IT is incumbent upon you to research all the things that interest you. HOLISM for interest, the healthfood store is loaded with books useful for picking up new age tips that you could share. I collected dozens of files and put them at the HOLISTIC INDEX. How to prevent strokes. The diet to retard aging. The diet to prevent headcolds, etc. How to get started in holistic healing, with out licenses.*

With a little reading and practice, you could teach yoga, do healing shiatsu massage, mend health with jars of pre-encapsulated herbs that come from Nature's Sunshine type companies in Utah who are glad to wholesale to you. You read a few books like "BACK TO EDEN," "Poisons in our Foods." Such reading and a few txt files downloaded for free from our website and studied carefully --- and suddenly, you're making a living helping people! Most healers also deal Nature’s Sunshine Herbs. They don’t call themselves healers. They are simply Nature Sunshine reps. Then you avoid costly college degrees and licenses.*

I offer free files on herbs and healing, and maybe on diagnosing with iridology and they're simple to understand. Memorize them or save to cache as a htm file or a txt file and hey! You're suddenly as good or better than any straight MD, healing people and making a great living!

Then you learn to mentor young, troubled kids; you learn to cleanse the emotions of troubled adults, with EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK, maybe a dash of something exotic, like regressing people to past lives, to see their patterns and drives and understand them better.

Maybe you start by offering free group nites in your living room. One 5$ a head party with a holistic speaker, a bowl of punch and healthfood canapes and you're off to the races. You give mixers to attract the middle agers, who are seeking love but don't know where to seek it.  You call them 'singles parties', but there are new age speakers there, who are your community's holistic Healers, family counselors and that could quickly segue into your producing "Success in Love" trainings. You know the kind, "How to Get Lucky in Love" 5$ a head lectures in church basements. Dr. Pat Allen does it in L.A. and has turned it into a million dollar a year business, complete with "HOW-TO" books getting published, big publishing companies, too, and her own radio show.

These parties and seminars bring you a good living, and do the same for your lecturers and teachers. The resulting community would be heart centered as well as wage centered. The best of both worlds.

Easily, your group creates a Living Room or Church basement university, with seminars, lectures. You provide speakers to local meetings, groups. You give parties. You go on day trips, maybe longer journeys.

You all make a living but you all enter into a community. Perhaps you open an organic food co-op which can purchase wholesale foods and supply the group and your community of friends, wholesale organic, farm-grown, super cheap fruit, vegies, grains, flours, nuts.

Do Mercantilism. Create American products which seem very cheap to the EURO crowd! We’re their Tijuana these days. Do Import Export. Do Arts and crafts with your handy granny!

These are inspiring ideas. You will end up making money but you will employ many others who will put bread on their table thanks to you.  As you’re doing a favor to the world with a dharmic business and to your employees, and as you are not rich or you wouldn’t be here at this webpage, when you open your doors, start the biz, do not tell your city licensing bureau. Unless you need them to buy certain things with a wholesale, resale card. Do some checking out of government regulations for such businesses, but consider going non-license for a while. A friend of mine was going to start doing landscaping. Licenses were costly but the city said, as you have no money, no clients now, you won’t have to pay now. If your city will do that, then go ahead.

·       Meanwhile read this thought provoking analysis of the word LICENSE.  "A permit to do that which, without the license, would be illegal to do". In other words, the government suddenly makes something that was otherwise naturally lawful to do, "illegal" by decree, so that they can then demand you pay them a bribe, ostensibly a "fee" to turn their backs and give you a permit that allows you to perform this act that they just said was illegal to do!  “License” is rooted in and derived from the word, “licentious”, which simply means unlawfully evil.

·       As a knowledgeable friend said, “The minute anyone gets a license, they become subject to those who give it. They can be dictated to, otherwise it is revoked. A license to do business, or anything else is enslavement. “ She also had an interesting thought which perhaps doesn’t apply to the new entrepreneur. “Corporations become the tax collectors for the International Bankers (oh, I mean IRS), when they deduct W2 taxes.”

You get where we’re coming from? Start the biz without a license and run it that way as long as you possibly can. When everybody is feeding their family, then and only then, tell the government that you exist.

 You and a few close friends and neighbors can make the first step today. Now. Simply by sending an EMAIL containing all the URLS I give here, that you can gather…to relatives, potential partners & pals. Describe THE BIZ OF all YOUR DREAMS to that person. Like Bill Gates did when he and Woz and Steve Jobs were best buds. The way Henry Ford did with every great engineer in Dearborn (Greenfield Village,) Michigan when the language did not yet have the word ‘roadster,’ and ‘car’ referred to something trailing a railroad engine. Before you hang up, schedule a dinner or a barbecue in the garden to talk it over as people who recreate together will create together. Make all of your meetings a feast celebrating life which a good business enterprise should always do.

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