HOW DOES ONE START? God already started. He made you beautiful. Now, from the highest part of yourself. ADOPT the headset of the beautiful spirit, exemplified by the NUN consecrated to a celestial mission. I mean it. Go get/ rent AUDREY HEPBURN in The NUN’s Story. Jean Simmons in BLACK ORCHID. You have to be dedicated to the idea of changing the planet. IF this marry-rich prank is about getting ARMANIS and being stylish, you will probably not have any luck. IF THIS is about the planet evolving thru your rather HIS billions of dollars… MAY have luck. GOD will decide if He’s going to help you. NOBODY can pull off this audacious a prank ALONE.

You have to know that when BILL GATES croaks, that lucky girl wife of his Melissa or whatever her name is, -- has a swack at changing the whole damn planet. VOLUNTEER to be in the MELISSA CLUB!

To get thereself purify. Know that much JUNK has to go. Romance novels, tarting around boobs out, pinups on INSTAGRAM,  DUMB BOYS, HOTTIES, NIGHTS OUT CLUBBING. Booze. Chocolate. Indulging. Junk TV, celebrity watching. FAST FOOD.

Instead of all that, Read the URLS I gave you in the articles on this page. IN EACH ARTICLE ARE URLS OF WORTH. Read one like that one there, SPIRIT will seep in gradually (well, that particular URL will do it real fast!) and change you, dye you new color, pale lavender. There will be Articles on consciousness that suggest you find a local YOGA class. Articles on reining in our demons –articles which suggest doing some prayer and meditation. STUDY—because this kind of ‘wholesome reading’ will develop you into a rounded out saint. A genuine mentor to your chums. A charming conversationalist. KNOWLEDGEABLE. A WINNER. A CANDIDATE for THE BIG TIME!

The last girl who wrote me said “ I’m very interested in starting a career in this field. Please, tell me more about this exciting opportunity to become a socialite and snag that elusive Alpha Male.” Boy that turned my head sideways. I looked like a squirrel contemplating a crow above me in the tree. Finally I decided she was spoofing the whole GET A RICH GUY thing.

I told her she was witty! IN FACT, DRILY HILARIOUS! “YOU can go far I told her I know it! You are a target hitter! That wording of yours is original and DROLL ! I’m very impressed.”

Actually she probably wasn’t satirizing the concept at all. She may have really been shooting from the hip, deadpan. You can’t tell in an EMAIL. But I LIKE 'EM SMART!
I train greedy girls too, but the terrain they have to read their way through will probably change them into saints.

Here is the hello I get from most girls “ Dear Anita, Love the whole idea. I live in a double wide, my wardrobe is fershit mostly shorts an’ my husband drinks like a fish. I’m pregnant but I’m thinking of leaving. Can I start from here?”

I write her sweetly....

To divorce or not
that’s a tuff spot.
the pros and the quids.
like....ARE THERE KIDS? And A LOT?

Would HE sink ‘neath the waves 
Without you on deck?
Would you even care?
Wanna send him to Heck?

Is this about revenge?
Is this about ennui?
Talk to me first,
When I hear you, I’ll see!

(I write pomes. It’s an addiction.) But I meant it, I like to hear the sound of a gal’s voice to tell if we’ve got a beautiful flower who wasn’t meant for a double wide or someone who really should just lump it and bring him chilled beer when he screams for one.

Well. OKAAAAY Here’s the riff. Take the SUCCESS IN LOVE FREE online life-changing course! Start at you’ll shoot right thru it cuz I write fast which means you can read fast and Cuz hey, There are NO TESTS!

NEXT, check out the part on the many ways to shed a job (a job that’s a bore) and which tires you out 40 hrs worth plus transit time and which takes all your spark down to nothing and which keeps you from dining out leisurely at lunch hour alone at a chic café reading the Kissinger bio while you chew. 

That’s stuff you gotta do. YOU HAVE TO KNOW how to make money from a COTTAGE industry and LIVE CHEAPLY/FRUGALLY so you can AFFORD CHEZ PANISSE at lunch hour! Salad is $8.25!!! (You scrimp on valet parking. Park at a meter!) WALK!

So start studyin’ honey. Visit the other two sites which teach all these  LIFE ARTS!    MONEY ARTS:  the always necessary     CONVERSATION ARTS, POLITICAL CURRENT EVENTS TUTORIALMETAPHYSICS so that you increase in wisdom, REJUVENATION AND HEALTH ARTS, the fun world of  STYLISH ENTERTAINING. And EARNING A LIVING WITH GUERILLA CAPITALISM

These seminars are a multi-faceted life-coaching. There’s the CONVERSATION INDEX to give you a feel for SOME political stuff. READ THAT POLITICAL STUFF  CAREFULLY memorizing as you go… as a man expects or HOPES for very high falooting knowledge about the world from a SUPERIOR gal! So I provide that coaching. MICHAEL MOORE could provide it. NOAM CHOMSKY, THE BOOK “FINLAND STATION” by Edmund Wilson. MARX for BEGINNERS by RIUS. I have a bibliography there, list of the most powerful wise books out there. Get all those books USED at  FOR USED BOOKS, Titles galore. Buck a book there, online, tell the used book stores to mail them MEDIA RATE. And all Thrift stores have mezzanines full of books. Those ARE MY SECRET METHODS for getting books cheap. Get two to bring S&H down. Few days ago, I ordered l9 books from one vendor. 24$

SO learn to talk, listen, learn from a man and ask the right questions. The men you eat at posh cafes are the heavy hitters. So you gotta EAT LUNCH OUT. EARN SOMETHING $$ extra somewhere to afford suits, shoes, lunch.

Giving old women Shiatsu massages with half ROLFING pressure to the weight of hand is SOOOOOO lucrative and easy. Old gals really wake up and get healthier and think you’re magic and tell their chums so biz is incremental 2 clients = 4 = 8 = 16. Just a towel and sheet and some good oil, throw some scent in it like cheap perfume in good Almond oil. SHIATSU is a moving pressure up meridians, always moving toward the lung area. Arm to lung. Lower spine up towards lung. Revitalizes, eliminates toxins. l00$ an hour. Five massages a week, who needs a job? NEVER TELL A RICH GUY YOU GIVE MASSAGES. HAVE NO PIN-UP PICS on instagram,ever!

I WRITE extensively on under the tables earnings, no W-2’s, in the “MASSAGE as a cottage industry” articles you find at all the websites but this is women only!!! I’m not talking anything seamy! And doing it with no city license whatsoever. Don’t need one as you don’t put ads in paper. It’s word of mouth! . HOLISTIC HEALING is another great revenue fountain. Mentoring troubled kids for parents….but you’re too young for that. Maybe young is the way though.

WORKING THIS way, you can afford to be out on GOOD ASTROLOGICAL days having lunch in a posh cafe, in a chic suit or frock. (Different from “A DRESS”. Better. Tonier. Suede pumps after Labor Day, no high heel, medium. No leather shoes! That’s for going to the market! Pearl earrings, round small, fine. Button earrings, no chandeliers in daytime. Pearls at neck. Elegance. TONEY! Chic.

Then the dates you meet at these cafes, they will take you to the Country Clubs. The ones that cost 50k to join. There, be true to the guy who brought you and exclusively WORK over THE older WOMEN age 45 to 70. Under 45, a.) they have no charisma. Just competitiveness. and B.) they’re trying to get all the free meat on the dance floor, won’t even be interested in talking to you! THOSE older WOMEN gab but hey, listen. REALLY be interested. They will deliver their sons, nephews, husband’s young coworkers….all MANKIND TO YA and invite ya to their parties....whole 9 yards. THEY WILL MAKE it their project to marry you off. AND love you like a daughter! NOT TOO SHABBY eh? ALSO, they’ll tell you the real rat-out on every male (AND FEMALE) whom you meet. Their advice on life is great but that ratting out is useful too. THEN they will hip you to the scene in this group. Usually the heavy hitters will have weird life situations that just knowing about them, can teach you a lot about life!

WHOLE THING is like taking an elevator to the penthouse. Master Jules has an article at his site on how to JUST not think, but do, ACT..ABOUT ACTION. That’s a good one. Jules is a self made billionaire who teaches prosperity and consciousness, says they go together. SO if a billionaire asks how you earn your money, say I do healing on old people. That’s the truth. Or if he asks what else you do, say you’re in school.

You should actually be in school part time going for some fabulous degree, very charismatic subjects! Get a degree in political science or art so that you can BE IN THE PEACE CORPS. But they abandoned the Section that does artisanry for export dollars. You start your own MERCANTILIST ENTERPRISE, develop artisans in rural villages. FINE arts leads up to the fact you’re going to develop an internat’l trade corporation like UNESCO BAZAARS to get villages organized in artisanry cooperatives! When your new billionaire funder hears that, that man will marry you so fast it’ll make your head spin.

CAVEAT: You cannot tell OTHER WOMEN OR MEN what you’re really up to. THIS is the kind of thing that if a whiff gets out, it turns into a hilarious gossip morsel then a scandal that will haunt you forever. LET EVERYONE think your bumping into CHARLIE GADZILLLIONAIRE was an accident. Your own family will rat you out, I’m warning you. ZIPPA DA LIPPA!

One girl with an Arab name over at VASSAR College wrote me: “I’m curious. I’m beautiful, multilingual, well-traveled and well-educated. I was meant to be that woman but my women’s-rights mother moved me out of that sphere when I was younger. I want back in. Please tell me how.”

I answered: OH it’s easy as falling off a log as we say here in Southern California. You get thin, happy, get the hair right so it swings, is shiny, smooth… get the right SHOES, (suede pumps not heels in autumn,) dine at chic cafes at lunchtime, ALONE, salad only, in a great suit. Or a frock as they call them in UK /PARIS. THE DESIGNER frock is so like a suit, it’s not like what Americans think of as a dress. It’s a formal daytime dress and a signal to rich guys saying SHE IS CLASSY.

Now, for that problem you mentioned. Don’t tell MOM that something’s wrong with WOMAN’S RIGHTS and woman’s LIB. She’s coming from a world where that is HOLY. Where women have suffered for lack of it! We don’t go looking for a fight. If I were lunching with a MUSLIM man I would not scream about their STONING ADULTRESSES! And I don’t recommend fighting with MOM above all. SALUTE THE UNIFORM, not the woman in it! My mom taught me that. Today I wonder why. Was she signaling me something I wasn’t doing?

ANYWAY today I salute the uniform not the person in it, and prescribe the same salute for all gals.

SO we can’t be blatant. We have to NOT show off our new HOBBY, nailing a billionaire cuz our relatives will be talking it up over turkey at the table and your fame will grow. Only they won’t call it fame. They’ll call it REPUTATION!

Just go to (This URL gives you the prologue page too) and start the study course and if you’re tired of the INTRODUCTION PAGE, cut to the chase, go to LUCK IN LOVE INDEX PAGE.

UNLESS a gal pal is drop dead gorgeous do not tell any gal pal to take the course herself as later she’ll rat you out. IF she’s gorgeous she’ll marry someone but if she’s a rat and has no love for the planet in her, she will not be lucky and she’ll rat you out to your husband as some gal pal of NEW DUCHESS OF HARRY is gonna get ratted out very soon. So think it over!

OK. Start now, cuz you know what? HUNTING SEASON HAS STARTED CLICK ON IT, The “CAPTURE” file tells you about that!

And if Mom even notices that you’re dating billionaires, you can pretend he’s just an ordinary bloke. Tell him not to use the limo and driver when you take MOM out for dinner. Just the Lexus will do. It’s cute really. Your mom a libber. Almost a movie plot! This whole thing is—isn’t it?

That’s why we tell no one. As it’s so plotty! So wicked. So seemingly scandalous when really it is the most sacred group of goddesses on the planet bringing an end to starvation and sorrow! That is the irony.  All the same, don’t tell anyone what you’re doing,even MOM, cuz when you are MRS JACKIE ONASSIS boy will they gossip about you if they know that you did it with deliberation. Pretend it was an accident of fate. TOO LATE for MEGHAN MARKLE as ALL her gal pals know the reality.
Anita Sands Hernandez

Anita Sands
                                      Hernandez,researcher, writer,
                                      teacherOur POSTER is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, ex film/tv actress, (see IMDB) A Los Angeles born Writer, Mother of 4 grandmother of 6 and a career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! FRUGAL LIFE STYLE TIPS,  HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, which is REJUVENATION, prevention and HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also ARTISANRY FOR EXPORT, EARN EUROS... Anita is at ). Get a 15$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic 30$ No smarter, more accurate career reading out there!













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