A disturbing letter came from a young housewife who had stumbled on the LUCK IN LOVE SITE and wanted to get started immediately on the "totally FREE LEARN how to MARRY A BILLIONAIRE" training. She said:

"I am a married woman who is miserable! I am 22 years old. I have 2 children born 10 months apart. My son is 2 and my daughter is 1! My husband is Navy and leaves me all the time with these kids! So I've started very quietly dating. We live in a big city with very wealthy men and I have just started to learn how to use men they way I need to, for sex and gifts both! So when I think of my mediocre hubby out sailing the seas in his tub, looking for terrorists, I started looking into a divorce ! Frankly, I am not looking for a new husband but I am looking for connections! I learned the hard way it is not what you know it is who you know! I am a pretty girl who has done modeling and I am very willing to play the game! I want to be the sultry just-out-of-reach dame that all men want but can't have! I want to be showered with gifts and I know that you have the teaching tools so that I can do it!

She went on. "I have been reading your site and I see a lot of points! I mainly need to learn how to always seem unavailable to any one guy to keep all of them coming! Any advise would help! I will send you my pic and tell me what needs to be done!"

Her attached photo showed a corrupt and sultry girl chin down, staring up at camera with a come hither but very dead fixed stare. I got that she was a lower life form. It really showed.

I answered."Sweet child! Welcome. You can start immediately on the HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE seminar. I include a handful of primary lesson URLS for you to study and start practicing the disciplines. Just promise me you will do all the disciplines including mental purity and with that vow made to me, you will hereby be accepted into the free SUCCESS IN LOVE TRAINING PROGRAM. Just one little hitch ....

You tell me that your husband "leaves me all the time with these kids!" OK, so I'm wondering: the happy alternative would be that you wouldn't get saddled with the babies? THAT HE HAS THEM WITH HIS NEW WIFE? Or that he's PRESENT in the home and NOT WITH THE NAVY and you were not alone? Which is it? See, I'm confused as I raised 4 children totally by myself alone and enjoyed every minute of it. My joy at running a cottage industry for those kids was so intense that people would stop me in the street (four babies trailing) to ask why I was so happy.

I wasn't at times. Before I left my Spanish husband back in the Mexico City area, (hijos de Cortes I call them,) he slapped me around on several occasions. I felt that I should leave the marriage after he hit me in the stomach hard breaking my rib --and that when I was 3 mos. month pregnant with the fourth child. But hey, why complain. After that blow, I was motivated to drive 1,000 miles to the US border and another thousand to my home town, and I never once looked back. It was a delight finding this thing "WELFARE" as an alternative protective mate. That AFDC stipend helped me find a rental house, (I needed a garden to feel that I lived in abundance) and along with my salad garden, helped me eat super well on food stamps, and then I was free to give 4 adorable little babies -- all under the age of 5 -- an idyllic childhood. I had no rage at the guy. None, I thought, but a slight amount of wound came out in therapy group when pounding with batacas, (foam bats,)I suddenly realized that I was HURT! Even a little ANGRY but the thing about PRIMAL SCREAM is, the deepest rages and hurts disappear once we acknowledge that there is pain. It's like a weed. You locate it and pull it out, roots and all, and that KILLS it. GESTALT does the same thing.

SEE a guy's A REALITY. YOU CANNOT argue with reality. YOU CHOSE MR. NAVY. I CHOSE the Basque SLAPPER cuz after all, my husband had slapped me once in the face before we got married. (Right after I slapped him, if I recall it right.) And I chose him anyway. That was the grimy reality. That Navy hubby had the life he did when you met him. Right? (Debra Winger was glad to get Richard Gere in OFFICER & A GENTLEMAN. She thought she was trading up bigtime.) So then this second reality; he goes off to war for long periods. YOU BOUGHT into that --- (bought the horse with a lame leg, I call it,) and had two kids with Mr Lame Leg navy man. SO now you're more than knee deep in that lame leg lonely reality! You're SUNK in it to the heart that I suspect you MIGHT have.

Yet, suddenly, now you change your mind, think that "I SHOULD HAVE HAD A V-8! -and YOU WANT a stay-at-home daddy. You could have picked a grocer in the first place but what kind of Richard Gere movie would THAT be?

Could it be that YOUR own faulty CHOICES are what you're mad at? Not him and the kids and not even the reality of your life? You're mad at the choices you mad and now you're picking LALA land as a second path, really unapproachable from where you stand now, sunk in the mud to your waist. But also you're INVALIDATING YOURSELF BIGTIME, scheduling yourself for punishment on an unconscious level of course. Not good. Not useful. IF YOU WANT to be showered with GIFTS , a working husband, Navy Guy can give them. Would that make life better for you? YOU ONLY MENTIONED NEEDING GIFTS. So you have a pathway for that. I suggest you SWEETLY WRITE HIM DAILY and after a month of these tender letters, hint that if he's in CHINA, you'd like a dress like those Chinese girls wear, very slinky, silk CHEONG SANG they call it. Or real pearls and button earrings or a few yards of silk brocade for a dress to celebrate when the fleet comes in. Good women ask and good men give. I'll bet he's a good man, too.

AS FOR YOUR DATING WHILE THE FLEET's OUT? Let me tell you what I learned about dating mothers even those who are planning to divorce the father of their babies. As a single mother of four babies, a.) no man would come near me, none would date me, b.) I knew full well that the Bhagvad Gita taught "the woman who takes another man to be father to her children is the child's worst enemy". I knew that no man could love another man's children even if were really in love with me. He could attempt to fake it, he could be polite, but after that, the man would be treading water. C.) I learned that there are absolutely no gifts from a lover to those beauteous divorcees in their beds. They give you dinner, sex and a movie so dream on. Get your thrills about fancy Rodeo Drive dresses reading JUDITH KRANTZ or VOGUE as it aint happening to you for the next l7 yrs unless you make it on your sewing machine. D.) I HAD TO PROVIDE myself and the four babies with some other gifts, THE GIFTS of JOY, PLAY, excitement, Christmas toys and togs, weekend visits to nearby thrilling beaches, (alone, in 30 yrs my swain never joined me,) ditto to mountain lakes, trips to Mexico on the budget taco flight to a hotel with lizards on the ceiling, 15$ a day for a room,fishing on beaches, piers, doing all this with the kids...paying for tickets, gas, cars, insurance, fishing poles and tackle with my COTTAGE INDUSTRY WORK (astrology, tarot readings, palmistry). I also HAD THE GIFT of going to movie star parties which I shared with them bringing home purses full of yummies! SO LIFE was dizzying but it was me who made it so. What did I need the idiot for? As Gloria Steinem puts it, I needed him like a fish needs a bicycle.

So, Cutie Pie, let's get the bugs out of the formula... When you've read all the files I sent you, you will see this. To have a very rich man, you have to be very pure minded. WANTING TO BE SHOWERED WITH GIFTS is libido based, infantile, primitive and selfistic.. There is no trace of high consciousness in this impulse. ODDLY enough, when you become the GODDESS, you do get showered with gifts. But you can't become a goddess to GET gifts.Get the drift of the equation?

ALSO you have unsavory aspects that drive people AWAY. Note the rage you have toward current hubby and father of kids is pretty intense, (wanting to drive men wild while you're married to Mr. Navy means you're insulting his manhood. You are his property now. So you're turning into a lending library with what are essentially HIS BOOKSHELVES! so you may have RAGE issues.

NEXT, you are raising 2 babies, hard to have any man come near you until baby is l8 and away at college. So you have to keep your youth and having a husband paying the rent, and that stress off your back is a really good idea. Staying home with the babies is required until both are in school full time. Then you could seek part time work. So why divorce now? Get birth control and keep him until baby is 7. Of course, she's a little girl and will be the apple of daddy's eye, so sending him off to some new woman and family is cruelty to your own little girl. At 8, your SON is just beginning to need Dad a lot to model after, for him to become a healthy young man. Living with a single mom is a good way to turn him into an abuser of women. So you really have to stay with husband and children, all under one roof until the baby turns l8 and she goes to college.

Then, if you're still hell bent on getting another man into your life, KEEPING YOURSELF VERY YOUNG with diet, exercise, meanwhile purifying your body and mind will do that. CLICK FOR DIET HERE: , and keep mind happy/ empty or you get bored, so you need to accomplish all these aims by also getting creative in the arts, painting, sewing and also practicing spiritual mind habits.

Oh, and ONE MORE THING, you have to earn enough money to send kids off to college far from where you are doing all this dating... at age l8. SO YOUR OWN JOB is required. A COTTAGE industry best fulfills the requirements of what you should do for next l7 years. I write on that a great deal at THE LEGACY SITE.

So that gives you what, 17 yrs of foundation work before you can attract a milllionaire or billionaire? Not a problem if you still look great in the year 2021, accomplished of course by eating total healthfoods, no sugar, flour, and working out on the carpet while watching t.v. daily. I believe he pays for cable, rent for house, and you don't have to go to work each day? You can stay home and play, right? So do a serious work out, to keep body young for next l7 yrs. A gorgeous, SUPPLE firm body is accomplished with YOGA. Get library book on this subject.There are websites with free yoga classes. Google them up.

I have files with many fun, memorable exercises that you can do raising babies up on your feet over head. You lie on back, Lift baby on feet, elevator him up toward the ceiling. He learns to stand on your feet and balance. Boy my kids still remember their mommy's exercise sessions with them! Just make sure you have carpets. Your hubby did pay for a house with carpets, didn't he? Let me know about this important detail. Don't want more than two people in your house with cracked heads!
Love, Auntie Anita.