By Anita Sands Hernandez,

We may not all want a website but we all NEED ONE! Imagine a place where you can attract publishers to your essays, short stories, articles, or even chapters of a novel! Imagine a WEBHOST that is less than 5$ a month. FIND OUT who they are …on a LIST of the TOP TWENTY WEB HOSTING SERVICES.

Once your website is up in CYBERSPACE, no need to pay for readers. Attract readers & customers to your INTERNET business with simple ads at CRAIGS LIST.   I put ads for free in NYC, L.A. Denver, Seattle, Houston Boston and Philly, London and Paris. CRAIGS LIST ADS invite folks to study the FREE WEALTH 101 ONLINE SEMINAR. Or I put ad in “TALENT” section and invite actors /directors/ writer to visit the HOLLYWOOD BOUND website. Or I put the ad at the GROUPS section and invite young ladies to study a free seminar on HOW TO MARRY WELL

Imagine that you can leave tracks on history. You can teach the wisdom that comes your way. Pass it on. Imagine that you can leave a personalized record of what you know, learned to your kids. In one easy to access place. Your 5$ a month website. We don't want to be sieves. We want to be collectors of wisdom so we can gift it to the needy or the next generation or our friends, kids, readers, make it accessible to publishers, whoever, maybe just gift some incredible cache of information to Cyberspace! And a personal website is the way to do it. 

Some servers ( is one,) will give you eleven websites free, and I’m talking about ten million bytes each and for free. That's about a thousand pages in each one, and make that eleven times a thousand! No need to buy a domain name and create MY INFO DOT COM. And nothing as skuzzy as that MYSPACE concept where all the pervs go to pick up babies. And even I AFTER 12 years online can’t figure out how to use YAHOO websites. They’re impossible. Ads galore. Hey, that kinda stuff isn’t necessary! And you don’t have to hype the site at GOOGLE or other Search engines because you are going to share the URLS to your pages with potential readers via CRAIGS LIST ads. CRAIGS LIST will not let you write out an URL with www.s but when you  create your PORTAL PAGE at the EARTHLINK.NET websites you run, CRAIGS LETS THEM IN! CANNOT SEE THEM as they do not have WWW’s  They’re like the first website I ever had, back in l995, which I still have!

CRAIGS LIST attracts huge traffic. Thousands will see the ad you write and USE IT AS A PORTAL to get to your website, become fascinated with your seminars, articles and  STAY to buy whatever you’re selling. As you collect net pals, next step is to create a sendout, called a LIST which is new articles that you are about to post at the site.

“LIST” means your browser stores a buncha names so when you send it out, nobody sees the names at the top. It just seems to be coming from you.  You may type in ‘CLIENT  LIST” and  15 names get it instantly I have WRITERS 1, WRITERS 2. WRITERS 2 for my screenwriting pals, good folks I MET ONLINE! POLITICAL ARTICLES LIST, FRUGAL LIVING LIST, HOLISTIC LIST, etc.

I write seminars on HOW TO DO IMPORT/ EXPORT so there’s a LIST ONE, Import2 list, Import 3 and each list has 15 names, and in a second, and third, 45names go right into the email INVISIBLY as you BCC them all. It’s all semi-automatic. I can send out an email to a list of  forty select political leftists ferinstance, the PTA PARENTS list, that’s what I call my leftist activism chums. Or my astrology clients are titled the STARLIST, the FRIEND LIST the PETS/ Cat health list. Beauties who want to marry Money is LOVE LIST 1 thru 16! Four hundred girls answered my CRAIGS LIST AD where I told them, “Hollywood is trouble, why don’t you learn to penetrate BLUE BLOOD HIGH SOCIETY,MARRY a BILLIONAIRE, use his MONEY to DO AN OPRAH. . I keep a thousand names in about 50 organized lists. At least 50 in each list. I BCC the list so NO names are visible, and send it to myself. The recipients are used to seeing neat articles with my name at the top. They open the thing and read it. 

HOW TO GET THE FRIENDS IN THE LISTS? Making friends online is easy, write and publish articles all over cyberspace. This week I’m working on one about KRAKATOA and the DARK AGES. Fascinating theme. Just google search up those two terms, it’s really wowie stuff. In Feb, 535, this volcano blew and left earth in near total darkness for 5 years creating the first rise of Bubonic Plague. Those who read this thriller write me saying ‘thank you’, I answer with an email and another article maybe! That friendship will be lasting. It’s a tie between two brains that recognize the other has something they want, which enriches. And once they are on your new list, FUTURE DISASTERS, maybe. You send them every article on that theme that you come across. YELLOWSTONE caldera blowing up! ABC did a show on it last week. Search on that one as it’s beginning to boil now.

Befriending folks online may be slightly more complicated than having a simple domain name URL and attracting thousands thru search engines. In the former case, you are doing the relating, the friendship culling and then the sharing, but when people see that you have info that’s useful, they love you forever. Put ads on CRAIGS LIST (using many email addies .. read HOW TO HAVE MULTIPLE FREE ADDIES,) for interesting pages, I run the HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD URL without spending big money, which teaches wannabes HOW TO DO ACTING CLASSES FOR FREE and how to get HEADSHOTS for free, and how to get a THEATRICAL AGENT, and teaches screenwriters how to break in....Those are the most intelligent groups around and I love making friends in that group. THE LUCK IN LOVE PAGE targets beautiful girls and I place the ads at Craigs list where there is a TALENT, SHOW BUSINESS JOB sections. Craigs is in l00 cities and bring readers who write to me and become friends. READ THE MULTIPLE ARTICLE five lines up .. just quickly scan it so you can see how this is done. 

For instance, my political page (just one at my site) is and on it are a dozen political reform oriented leftist liberal activist type articles. Readers write me, “Anita, how did you dare say all this? Aren’t you afraid of Bush getting after you for criticizing him? Or my cat health article, how to avoid using a veterinarian, how to cure your cat all alone by yourself --- it gets me letters from worried cat owners with cat problems. They were obviously searching for cure and saw my article listed on search engines. They try my tips and bingo, I’ve got a friend for life, a gal on my cat list for the rest of time.

If once a day you read something stirring and switch it into text or html, that's not a lot of time. So let's forget about the TIME you will LOSE (you think) or WASTE doing this. Waste sure isn't the word I'd use. You read a lot of wonderful articles, we're talking about converting them to a file you can share. Just add a half hour to your reading time. Where does WASTE figure in that!?

First, The trick is to have great articles on your website. Sniff down stuff you like, google it, I love the art of writing mysteries. So I created a WRITERS’ website. If you can type, use spell check and write a big, long article on any subject culling research from GOOGLE. Then, POST IT on one's own website, doing the posting part in one minute flat. GET SOME GOOD VERSION OF MICROSOFT OFFICE FROM DAN THE MAN, the PREMIER VENDOR OF "ABANDONWARE." Dan can teach you stuff about HOW TO USE A GOOD WORDPROCESSOR and maybe you can find the specific, WP SOFTWARE FOR DUMMIES BOOK from 1997 at ABEBOOKS.COM 

1.) FTP is how one loads his/her website. It means "file transfer protocol." You must move some paper or article from your PC's hard drive c:\newage\my stuff.htm over to cyberspace, right? Cuz C:drive as you will recognize what that PATH is and means, is inside your machine. So like all things that go thru the birth process, we first get it out of the insides into the LIGHT OF DAY! No?

So learn to FTP in order to start writing for your website. Get a teacher to show you how to FTP. DOWNLOAD the software free online then call me on the phone,  818-774-1939, I’ll walk you through it. FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL is something you can learn in seconds. So schedule the mastery of this in an hour lesson where you learn the other website writer's skills. HTML, SAVING NET material to cache to rewrite, Save as text, then format that text, cleaning off all net marks, which is done with A TEXT EDITOR! is one that you can learn to use, download it free, also. They give it away! Just go to this site, download it. Start using it and get your teacher to show you these skills:

a) Clean up text.  FIND A FREE, SHAREWARE TEXT EDITOR ONLINE.  TEST EVERY ONE YOU DOWNLOAD to make certain it has the FIND/ REPLACE feature!!! The >>>s must come off! If someone mailed you an article that you like and it is second hand, your email receives it with>>>s to show it is second hand. b.) Justify each paragraph of the text, ragged right margin. c.) Save by adding. netgleen.txt to the end the usual txt ending or EXTENSION they call it. In net lingo you create a file in ascertain mode and have to add DOC, TXT or HTM to the extension so you'll remember what it is later. No good FTP-ing a txt pc or a doc!

Then in a text editor you can work on meaning, amplifying, adding. Maybe it's something another writer thought up. Today Todd Gitlin, dean of activists in the 60's was on the tube on CSPAN book channel. I watched in horror as I had no pen on me to take notes! I can go to CSPAN radio and maybe find the show on my PC and listen to it. But his ideas were engraved in my head. Activists came out against wars, in Nam, in the Gulf, they were moved to huge activity for OTHER PEOPLE to benefit. Their souls are so pure. They forget to demonstrate against the things that destroy OUR LIVES. Poor people cannot pay taxes, cannot pay huge licensing fees for 15 yr old cars needed to go to work, and cannot pay the huge insurance fees, a thousand a year, and old people who are unemployed and must walk to markets a mile away and carry l0 lbs of groceries need those cars and yet nobody demonstrates for the punitive nature of the state in relation to taxes and licensing. STUDENTS shouldn’t pay at parking meters around schools. No college has enuf parking. Etc. etc.

Now I would like to rewrite Goblin’s ideas and that might be done in WORD PROCESSING software making it a doc at least (which Word Perfect for Windows calls it, and Microsoft Word, found in OFFICE software, probably the most used word processor. That software turns the text into HTM, which is what Internet, runs on. BUT if I had found his text online, I'd save it in text, not HTML as I DO NOT WANT THEIR ARTWORK, their formatting, etc. You know, how most WebPages are all shaped like a magazine page? IDO NOT WANT THAT. I just want the words, so I always highlight, cut paste, saving in text. I may mail it to myself once, in order to get it as plain text. THEN I may edit it in text before I turn that saved text into a doc or web ready html.

2.) LISTEN to your people. Keep your finger on their pulse. I have frequent correspondence with email clients. Folks who tell you "I JUSTGOT FIRED" as was the case with a client yesterday. She was bereft. 

When I actually write such people my thoughts, ideas get born, in the talking, in the composing, or in the phone call. I don't take notes but promptly when I finish I write those ideas down. Or if it's an email, I always keep a copy by MAILING THE EMAIL TO client in the TO: space on top of email but below change another TO: to BCC: for your own name and send copy to yourself.

3.) LET readers phone you. Make your phone # available. Often a phone consultation is something that makes you come up with brilliant ideas. I FEEL the concept of a ZERO door where you stick pain is a good one.  Yesterday my pain was so intense that I wrote four articles on how to LOSE THE BLUES and made one edition of my DAILY DISSENT newspaper all in the space between breakfast and lunch. I do best writing right after coffee/toast and before the whammy come down of lunch. After that, I am more mentally blurred cuz I eat meat for lunch. Starches in morn are for that athletic race. That energy burst. One pays for the up later I guess. NOTE: I heard a holistic say we should eat protein for breakfast and lunch and grains/veggies rest of time fruit between meals. That kept energy highest. I researched that theory and sent it to my HOLISTIC LIST and wrote up the INFO in HTM and put it on my website at the HOLISTIC ARCHIVE.

4.) Learn to take writing in any software program, --- whether word perfect for DOS, which I adore for astrology  work as it collates many files fast or Microsoft WORD, and turn it to text or html at the flick of a finger. FOR WRITING originals I like word perfect for DOS vers 6.0, available for l0$ from Dan the Man who collects vintage software. You can pull in other docs saved files, (venvirg. or ven aquar) from a massive index that has quick scroll features the other software programs do not, and with twenty or thirty bricks build a fifty page document and do it in two minutes flat! But I always have to switch it into Word Perfect for Windows next, and finally into Microsoft word, which I use, in office l997, in one PC Microsoft Office 2000 in another pc .....and turn it into HTM as the last stop on the road. That is the final shape of my article. HTML is hypertext mode and is indicated by the file ending written as “htm”. You can then ftp it to your website. Free FTP software (file transfer protocol) is available all over the Internet. Do a google search in these keywords with a Plus between them. Free, Download, FTP.