Found a website called DIVAS. The ROXANNE Pulitzer piece is what pulled me in. She was a gorgeous blonde, a tanned athlete who married a blue blood. **

That is certainly not her husband up there, THAT was her trainer!

Not all girls who marry billionaires are divas.Some are jes plain folks like Roxanne who married the PULITZER NEWSPAPER PUBLISHING heir.She played too hard, those were cocaine years understand. Stoned on fine wine and coke, they played together, as a couple. And is invariably the case with swingers, the wife lost the husband’s respect, they battled, he lost his sense of humor and his love for her, then he took the babies away from her in the noisy divorce.She retaliated with a fabulous BOOK and ultimately the PUBLIC SIDED with her! He came out of it looking like rotten meat!

HER BOOKS are older, from the 80s so you can get them for a buck at check them out.

PUT in her name there, “ADVANCED” so you can PICK USA. Put in her name, it’ll tell you titles of four books.

GREAT STUDY material if you ever thought of going to FLORIDA to meet a very wealthy husband, you DIVA STUDENTS ! Why? Cuz PALM BEACH has many many billionaires. Roxanne is a PALM BEACH GURU there now, she teaches jazzersize!

I was interested as my site LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM teaches girls how to target and MARRY MONEY. It is not a GOLDIGGERS UNIVERSITY. It is the MOTHER TERESA OF THE FUTURE training course as half of it is HOW TO START A CHARITY to do good with the billions you unlock from the vault.