When I hear my pals are celebrating with TEMPEH or making gluten burgers (ugh) or turning soy isolate products into vegan meat, I rush to dig out my recipe for crunchy, savory tofu burgers which can be shaped into turkeys very easily.  Small individual turkeys means even more crunch is there as 'more skin!'

VEGETARIAN TOFU PATTIES: TOFU (soy curd) has natural plant hormones that supply body with the master hormone that prevents aging. CHUG IT DOWN GANG! These burgers are tastier than any meat you could eat!

INGREDIENTS: tasty vegies like bell pepper, celery, water chestnuts, minced carrots, onion, garlic, parsley, coriander, mushrooms. NEXT, the protein part, TOFU for smoothness, blanched toasted almonds for crunch, bible bread made into crumbs for binding together. Never whole wheat bread, it's nasty and acidic in comparison to Ezekiel 4:9 bread, made of soaked grains, soaked overnight, drained. No acidity in mouth after eating biblebread. I use 2 slices sprouted wheat bread/toasted as crumbs. Sometimes I'll use a box of cornbread mix and leave out the bread. Your call. Toast bread slices first. RE: FRESHLY TOASTED AND CHOPPED NUTS. Almonds best. Toasted they are magnificently tasty. (Always pre-soak Almonds then skin them to blanch them. Toast by putting in toaster oven and being very light handed, just golden brown. Soak raw nuts Overnight to peel, but if in a hurry, throw boiling water on 'em and two minutes soaking will do it!). A can creamed corn. Olive oil, butter. An EGG. Sesame seeds, any kind, raw and you toast them fresh! Whole Grain Flour for dredging or use part of your cornbread mix. I like Healthfood store "CORNBREAD MIX as it has no aluminum in baking powder. I love the meaty Spices like Celery seed, thyme, oregano, sage, sea salt, but HING would be good if you have any. Asfotida. Turns any veg into a meaty thing. Avail all Indian or Hindu food stores.

PRELIMINARY WORK: Open can creamed corn, open can water chestnuts and drain them in colander, throw liquid on plants; set these to side. Toast sesame seeds in a heavy skillet, until popping, golden. Set aside. Toast the peeled almonds, then CHOP coarsely. Mince parsley and coriander. Chop mushrooms.

METHOD: Heat large heavy skillet, pour in oil/butter mix, mince and saute shredded garlic, onion, celery, parsley or coriander, (cilantro) bell pepper, carrot, mushrooms. I shred vegies on large holes on grater, not the small! Or you might food process the hard carrots, celery into shreds. Now, that's sauteeing, add nuts to frying pan, (almonds, coarsely chopped and those, crunchy water chestnuts, also chopped. Add that 1 lb box of tofu to frying vegies, broken into smallish pieces. Saute lightly a minute. Then add your SPICES. Salt/pepper soy sauce, & or a cube of melted down vegie broth, spices: celery seed, thyme, oregano, sage, seasalt. LAST, If you have a happy chicken stir in a raw egg with that can of creamed corn.

TAKE THE BATTER YOU JUST MADE and PUT IN A MIXING BOWL TO COOL and wash out the frying pan, the skillet. Now, heat oil/butter again in the pan.

Shape this soggy mess into a croquette, dredge in brown flour and some serious toasted sesame seeds. Fry this dredged patty in olive oil /butter both sides litely, The thing is so wet you're amazed you can dredge it, fry it, but it hardens up in the pan. After seconds of frying, transfer to pyrex oven dish, bake 20 min 325 deg.

Thanksgiving you want them plain. SERVE with homemade cranberry sauce. But rest of year, you can go Italian, can add goat cheese and tomato sauce last 5 min. OR bake in MEATLOAF shape in a baking tin. Freeze or fridge 3/4 of the slices. When cold, individual package and leave in freezer for sandwich fillings. Chez moi, they're in fridge for a day or so only cuz we LUV 'em. But if there are stacked, frozen ones, lay into sandwich with mayo, salad. They thaw by lunch time.

HOME MADE BREAD for MUFFINS- Let pckg dry yeast rise in 1 tsp sugar, 1/2 cup of warm spring water. To make it rich, use milk. Bring to a simmer, then turn off, get down to body temperature. Or, to make it thin, make 3 cups vegie broth by simmering vegies that U-eat for dinner. Save it in fridge. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar if you're on a diet, the WHOLE POUND BOX of brown sugar if you want the crusty sweet, cakelike bread. Add corn oil, or a whole lb butter if you're reckless. And if the broth is HOT, COOL it. Throw 3-4 cups whole grain wheat/mixed w. rye flour into broth, (a little millet flour is good if U-can find) and a 1/4 cup of gluten flour (avail. at healthfood store) for each 2 cups of flour. Stir so it's very soft, then add, stir in the yeast which has proven it's alive by getting a thick scum on it. I actually only stir in the MUSHROOM effect yeast on top. The liquid at bottom that isn't rising, is kind of bitter. I will even use TWO envelopes yeast and just use the alive part (alive after l0 min). Stir more flour into dough until it's mushy verging on firm. Let rise in bowl in warm spot in kitchen, FOR MINIMUM OF 2 HRS, like open oven on super low. 2-hr raising period is to inactivate phytic acid in the FLOUR. (Reason we do sprouted grains and never use flour is to avoid phytic acid, but to turn grains into a bread like substance, you need a food mill. When doubled in size, turn on dusted board, and knead, as you do, adding several oz. of toasted sesame seeds and now after this rising period, you can add the salt (earlier it would inhibit the rising). Salt to taste. Put on oiled floured pizza pan, as muffins, or into muffin tins or INSIDE four greased, lined loaf pans, let rise again in the pan. Or on greased, floured baking sheet. Bake at 375 l0 min, then lower to 300 until brown. Cool, If you have 4 loaves, freeze 3, well wrapped in saran wrap or foil. SAVE SOME DOUGH to roll thin, make a cracker, with sesame seeds on top, for the CHICKEN LIVERS.

VEGETARIAN CHICKEN LIVER APPETIZER Minced Walnuts, pecans, lentils, cheddar cheese, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice all blended together.

METHOD: You can pre-soak nuts in water, just overnight to sprout them a little, to inactivate phytic acid in seeds, nuts. And we soak lentils, toss water, then simmer 20 mins til soft. Drain. Assemble ingredients, mashing. Serve with lemon slices, toasted nuts on top. HOME MADE WHOLE WHEAT CRACKERS.

SALAD - THE ULTIMATE VITALITY FOOD- Wash romaine, watercress, spinach, but not head lettuce. Get all dirt out of crevices. Put in colander. DRESSING- Olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, oregano, dash Lea & Perrins Wochestshire sauce, a little dry mustard powder or wet, 2 tbsp crushed avocado and slices of onion, soy sauce for salt, anchovy paste if possible. Mix in large, wooden salad bowl, put greens on top. TOPPING- sunflower seeds, avocado slices, raisins, mushroom slices, hulled pumpkin seeds (only avail. at HFS), broccoli florets, jicama or sunchoke slices, diced green onions, fresh basil, cilantro or arugula herbs. SERVE with stacks of hot, corn tortillas in a basket. Make 'tacos' of salad. Grow a patch of lusty arugula in your garden. It is invulnerable, selfseeds each year. Your friends will rave about the flavor in your salads. Use high calcium raw spinach, too.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH- Saute sliced raw pieces in olive oil, onions, garlic with the seeds and stuff in the fry pan. After browning, add water or broth, seasoning, thyme, water, 1 tsp soy sauce and tomato if desired, steam until soft enough to cut with a fork. Seeds are delicious but discard the shell, eat only the meat inside.

PUMPKIN SOUP- CUT OPEN A MEDIUM PUMPKIN. Always take the pumpkin seeds and bake in toaster oven with a little oil, as a pre dinner treat for the kids. Steam the cut up slices with skin. NOW when steamed til soft, SKIN them, scoop out with a spoon. Ream the cut pumpkin slices. Mash the meat slightly, set aside. If you're not adverse to a tad of meat, fry your onions in a single pork or turkey sausage and some olive oil with a few black pepper corms. Simmer til the onions are transparent. Drop all that pumpkin meat into the skillet of olive oil and sauteeing onions and garlic. Mash into the oil. Now you've got a big, orange lump. Add broth to thin it down. Broth if you're anti-dairy or be wild, add cream, milk, parmesan, and a tsp of soy sauce, or I've used oyster sauce, always have some as it's required for TOFU AND BLACK MUSHROOM Chinese DISHES, and it works well. Add thyme, pepper, butter, fresh parsley, basil, or coriander, maybe some cayenne or chile. NOW, PICK OUT THOSE BLACK PEPPER CORMS which you left whole so you can spot them. PEPPER is not good for you. Always get those out! Then, you can put it thru a food processor to get it very smooth, but I don't bother. I hand mash the pumpkin into the soup's liquids. Serve w. Coriander leaves, cilantro on top.

Martha STEWART's PUMPKIN PIE- Trick is Use baked or steamed butternut squash instead of pumpkin. Martha says it tastes much better than pumpkin. Follow your mom's recipe. I use all cream, eggs, nutmeg, maple syrup, rum and maple flavorings and vanilla. Pre bake pie shell 12 min before filling.

CRANBERRY SAUCE- Two bags berries, equal amt sugar, roughly 2 cups, and two lemons' rind and the juice. SIMMER until thick.