THE POLITICAL RADIO ARTICLE IS SO HOT IT HAD TO BE MOVED TO A WEBSITE THAT WOULD NOT CENSOR IT. EARTHLINK NET, my ISP, FELT IT WENT BEYOND BOUNDS as it dared criticize the AMERICAN PROPAGANDA MACHINE, the USA's war policies and the media conspiracy to please corporations and serve the USA's  injurious taxation policies (the two *(WAR AND TAXES) being welded together into one syndrome) GREED AND GENOCIDE has enslaved American workers.  In fact, Earthlink said they'd show my articles if I paid them double. (From 40$ a month to 75$) Brigands.

So if you will read it, we suggest radio stations which, shared with your children, will ready them for reality and comfortable levels of ACTIVISM. And the secrets to wealth
GO TO ============>  this site, read up ON FM RADIO
THE REAL STORY ON TAX & WAR-ADDICTED AMERICA is also found in FILMS that you can screen for the kiddies: a companion piece is: