SEND IN YOUR OWN QUESTIONS, we'll add them here.

QUESTION: ANITA, are you selling something here with these SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS?

ANSWER: You think in the history of the world anybody had SOLD WISDOM? True wisdom is so hallowed, it totally deserves to be given away free, by the bushel and the NET is the perfect place, don't ya think?  I'm like your maiden aunt giving precious girl info away, free.  I give it to young smart women of marriage age and the deal is, if you find the knowledge works and you get married to a fabulous, honest man.... pay it forward. TEACH THE INFO TO YOUNGER WOMEN..

We give girls the full SUCCESS IN LOVE training to make sure that they marry the man they fall in love with if and when he's worthy. And that comes from maiden aunts teaching them to TEST a man to see if he's worthy. Knowing the ruthless rules of romance will ENABLE any woman to test him, see if she should throw him back, and if he's good, help the  MAN to STOP FOOLING AROUND with her, (guys easily get on automatic pilot,) help him to be respectful enough, SERIOUS ENOUGH to marry....if he's ready to marry that is by only working on your own beingness. Beingness attracts havingness. You can't fake beingness, either. If you are great and the man is a man, not a boy, he will want to marry you.

SOME men shouldn't marry before age 40 as they're kids. MARRYING SEPARATES the  men from the boys. BOYS want to play. Men want to have families.

There's a second tier to the ROMANCE TRAINING: if a girl is extremely beautiful --- very very beautiful then she can penetrate HIGH  SOCIETY and marry a billionaire. Then, she could use her hubby's lunch money to do a world rescuing business, (like don't give a man a fish, give him a fishing pole. That would be something like doing import/export but with the smallest starving villages of Africa, South East Asia, Haiti, Guatemala, the entire third world, Philippines, Mexico. Creating something like  COST PLUS or PIER ONE .......those are two  fairly well known,  import export businesses WHICH unfortunately only do the biz with the big city third world suppliers of artisanry,) and which do NOT AID/ trade with or PROFIT small villagers!!! )

IF a beauty can get the SHOW BUSINESS bug out of her veins and marry a billionaire, that woman could then TAKE BILLIONS of people out of starvation's reach. ONE BEAUTY with a billion or two can do it. WHAT if we train ten women or twenty girls? See my point. IT IS very hard not to be seduced by your own girlish hormones. GIRLS are seduced by them all the time. WE STAY QUIET in unions to men who are abusive, and not always obviously abusive with nasty words or bruises. A very polite, non-abusive sweetheart or  husband can keep a woman quiet and paralyzed for decades. It is a known fact that in nature, most predators have narcotic spit!

BRUISELESS soft ABUSE is the kind where we gals stay quiet and struggle to please. EVEN the most feisty women are capable of tolerating a tiny perch on a very craggy go-nowhere mountain precipice -- just to stay near the guy they love!

QUESTION: You sure there's no cost, you don't take a cut later when I marry a billionaire?

ANSWER: Honey, I'm old. I won't be here. Lookk, I don't blame you for being suspicious of a giver. But suspicious of an older woman who gives the training away? Funny how ordinary thinking can miss the mark so entirely. ME TRAINING GOLD DIGGERS? Hey! Time for a bible parable. In ancient times, the road to DAMASCUS was also the SILK ROAD. It was filled with traders on camels, but St Paul went, Paul of Tarsus at that time, he was a pilgrim, philosopher and seeker, not a trader. NOW THE ROAD TO  DAMASCUS is known as a road for corrupt traders. DOES this absolutely make the father of  the Catholic church a corrupt trader?  NO! He turned into the publicist for Jesus. So THIS kind of LUMP IT thinking that ALL WHO DO SOMETHING go for ONE REASON is fallacious.

QUESTION: I'm only mortal. Hot guys attract me. I can't stop myself.

ANSWER: Been in your shoes, girl. Wasted thirty good years on a bad man. Tell you what. IF YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF MOTHER TERESA on the wall in front of your desk and  pray to her to KEEP you free of attachment to money, clothes, cars, fame, avarice.....isn't it  possible TO HAVE THE IMMUNE system that will
resist the bug of greed? IF one is forewarned that wealth invites WINE, cocaine, chargeaplates,  fashion houses, sexy lovers, fast cars, isn't it possible to get a FLU SHOT against that into your  system so that you keep your mind focused on your work?

QUESTION: My heart's not good enough to do the selfless charity you speak of.
ANSWER: Hearts open. Go to the VULTURE SANDWICH DOT ORG WEBSITE. I  FEEL that once a woman has gone to see the third world villages, right now I'd say Darfur, Rwanda, Sudan, Guatemala near southern Mexico border, Palestine, Lebanon, wherever there are REFUGEE  camps.......I'd say she once she went and peeked, that she couldn't get that burning image out of her head and she'd bother to do international trade as a life MISSION!  IF one had the millions to travel, one could arrange for a tour of Paris, and CHRISTIAN  DIOR FIRST, and then only later go to the SUDANESE refugee camps. You'd probably
call DIOR back up and say cancel my order but don't deny yourself a few street suits. You will
need them when you wholesale your artisanry line to fawncy boutiques in London, Paris, NYC,

EXPOSING oneself to the refugee camp truth is usually enough to wake a gal up permanently. I
make a very small amount of money with astrology. NO selling BOOKS, no selling the
teaching, no seminars. THIS SEMINAR is free and on the internet. Best way, fastest. If I had
to drive my butt to some class room and oh yes, hang posters on fone poles, it would take up
little time I have left over from doing folks' horoscopes...... NOW, these chapters have gotten
so abundantly enormous that they would make a fine book. But I have made no effort
whatsoever to hustle the pages I've written and put in cyberspace. That would take ink,
postage, print outs, paper....don't have it. barely make it doing stars. all my money goes for cat
food. BELIEVE ME all I teach is horror at my own life. I DO NOT TEACH out of anything
else but sheer, very real horror.

I am the greatest comedienne, but I don't take my own mistakes lightly any more. I WOULD
NOT WANT ANY GIRL to make my mistakes. Yet that's all women do. I see it as an
astrologer 'treating' girls for the last fifty years. Now, wanna hear my mistakes? Call me up any
time, 818 774-1939.

QUESTION: LUCK IN LOVE SEMINARS is such a good idea! Will there be FUTURE   MEETINGS?

ANSWER: Absolutely, Give one in your living room or your church basement and charge 5$ a head. The day you want to make some huge money, you can do them in your city. I  envisioned it should be done, seeing Dr. Pat Allen doing it here in LA. and making a million a  year. (her local Radio show, maybe it's in syndication now, not sure, her best seller book,  title is "GETTING TO I DO". Then the once  a week seminars she gives, l00 girls, l0 men come…I always counted…used to be 5$ a head at the gate. That was $550 a night without the sales of tapes counted in.) But she went up to l0$ a head, so it's a grand a night.

So yes, YOU will be producing seminars ..and YOU ARE ALL in every city of the country so  that's a hundred seminars across AMERICA. WHEN you start one in your city. MAKE THAT  MONEY YOURSELF, no franchise fees to this organization cuz this is NOT an organization.  This is one little Wizardess of OZ behind the curtain here with a simple VISION. AN IDEA. Of  a group that will EN PERPETUEM keep gals from making dumb mistakes. START a group.  Find a great lady shrink in your city. FAMILY COUNSELOR is that the word? Psychologist? Try a few in a row to find one that's the Bomb.

QUESTION: WHY BOTHER. You're giving us everything at the website, right?

ANSWER: Only what I know or can think up. Right now, that limited information is going to  you INITIAL readers, the same info a shrink might give you, an entire FREE training. THE  PSYCHIATRIST or PSYCHOLOGIST that you use will come up with a lot more stuff.  Specific to the questions that the guests put in the basket next to podium. That shrink will do meeting for free as she wants clients. YOU GET THE GATE!
ONE more thing. Maybe you don't understand. THE SUCCESS IN LOVE GROUP is for all  girls, plain ones too. THE GIRLS who come to your group are NOT into MARRYING RICH  and you don't teach them that. NOR DOES THE SHRINK! NO SHRINK WOULD ever  TEACH this insider material. Do you understand this teaching is for special girls, who know  they are very beautiful? A SUCCESS IN LOVE group does not necessarily attract PRETTY  girls. It caters to women who simply want to find men and 'work the relationship right' so that  the man will marry them. READ Dr. Pat Allen's book and you'll see it's for average girls. WHAT we are intending – marrying a BILL GATES, and where they are found --cannot BE  TOLD or TAUGHT OUT IN THE OPEN! Cannot be SPOKEN about, not even to your  own family. YOUR STUDY group here at LUCK IN LOVE is an insider group. YOU  hopefully will have seminars for every girl, then you can HAND pick SOME of the most  beautiful girls out of the larger SEMINAR and send them to the website. See, when you land a famous billionaire it must look like an absolute accident or quirk of fate.  YOU CANNOT TELL anyone the part about patrolling, looking for rich guys. You don't want  pals around who knew you were studying to do it, either! DO NOT TELL any gal pal --as  she'll "out you" later to the tabs! Why? cuz being MRS BILLIONAIRE makes you a target for  gossip. YOUR PAL will SELL your story to the tabs for ten k! YOU CAN WITH GREAT THOUGHT, perhaps pick another girlfriend to do the  training….IF SHE IS  BEAUTIFUL, to accompany, study with you. But if she fails, she'll turn on you later. So?  WHY BOTHER? Just read the teachings, the trainings, online, they will come for as long as I'm  here. IF you create a SUCCESS IN LOVE group, it'll be like Dr. Pat Allen's. TO TEACH  GIRLS how to get married to ordinary guys. EVEN that is an art form! EVEN that is hard!
MY point is the one who starts a SUCCESS IN LOVE seminar in any city, will make a million  a year if she does it like Dr. Pat did. FOR ORDINARY girls only. Find a church basement  courtesy of priest or pastor. Lovely meetings with a PAT-like psychologist created in L.A. but  done in your city. THEN once you have l00 girls interested in studying HOW TO NAIL JUST  ANY BACHELOR which PAT teaches, TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU in the church  basement where meeting's held, see who's there who has this strategic bent of mind, and WHO  ALSO IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and maybe start a smaller group. More private in
nature. NO P.R. NO POSTERS for this one. Oh the papers would just love to hear of such a  BILLIONAIRE-targeting group.  BUT KNOW THIS. It is of NO USE to get P.R! NO USE to tell the public. Nor is it required  to find beauties, JUST use your eyes. It's REAAAAAAAAAL easy to find beauties. Any
boutique, beauty shop, or chic cafe out there is going to have one or two. You lean over, say  "don't I know you? Then slip the girl a card saying "YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO  MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. THE CHARISMA CORPS SEMINAR NOMINATES YOU  AS A NEW MEMBER! And in small print, only members can pick other members. You have  to be gorgeous, want to marry a billionaire so you can use that cobwebby money for  import/export from starving sectors of world, or even inner city. We don't talk about this. We  don't gossip about this. We come to the meeting is all. Or it's online at Take the training and get back to me any time you want. If you want to start meetings in your city, take it slow, cautious, Hey, two or three in a living  room with pie and decaf is a meeting last I heard. A flick maybe, a DISCUSSION, books shared, and then VOWS of silence.  I am interested in Finding a list of films we should all watch.....That one Goldie Hawn's daughter did, about a mistress….what is the title of it? In FRANCE? Then Jackie Bisset did
DANGEROUS BEAUTY. Robin Wright did one set in l8th century. Forget title. Desperate Beauty was that it? Then there's MOLL FLANDERS with Robin Wright. Show the movie to group you all discuss it. Share booktitles. I hear  a book "SUGARDADDY 101 is out there. Not what we're doing as it's a HEARTBREAKER to be a kept mistress. NOT the same as being a wife. MISTRESSES have no control. THEY  UTTERLY spin out of control.

QUESTION: I want to start but I'm lying here with a broken heart! HOW DO I GET OVER  THIS GUY? HE LEFT me for a rich, powerful, successful lady architect. I feel like something  stuck to a shoe! I WANT HIM BACK! HALP!  ANSWER: YOU HAVE to read /say aloud certain words to heaven. OK. READY? You can
do this right now. FIRST, We PRAY to GOD and we say "DEAR UNIVERSE, GOD, take  this huge love for X (name) out of my heart, replace it with the feeling of friendship and nothing  more". NEXT, "My EGO is haunted, consumed with a burning, miserable desire to have  POWER over him as he was snatched away from me by a rival. That really stings. Dear God: TAKE AWAY MY EGO ! Make me as humble and ego free as the village priest." Then, say some words that will send this boy rays of love via the astral. THE KIND of friendly  love that says 'you had the morals of a skunk, but I'm fond of skunks. I'll always have a warm  spot for you skunkboy, but I do consider THAT FACT one of my weaknesses, like my desire  for HOT PEACH PIE with vanilla ice cream SO I'm not indulging it. I know that this woman architect being powerful, rich, and in charge will sooner or later be an arrogant crud to you, kick you out and you'll come running back to me with your tail between your legs. I WILL NOT BE HERE FOR YOU so whimper off somewhere else. I am going to marry a billionaire. What you
did is your EXIT SONG kiddo. I'm gone from here! I'm gone. I'm so over you! " Repeat as req'd.

IF YOU SAY that a few times, you'll GET off him. Get him out of your thoughts and aura when
you're not doing the verbal mail outs that I above describe. You know something? The mark of
a gal's consciousness is how fast she adapts to the here and now. Look around. He's not there.
ADAPT to that. Shows you're a winner!

WHAT is HERE AND NOW is YOU being gorgeous. You finding good days to hit the street,  put the feet on the pavement...(fastest way to be a success in life in any field,) And be at the chic cafe for lunch in a  SUMPTUOUS suit with pearls, button pearl earrings. I mean a BIG MONEY CAFE. Though if you want to practice on yuppie cafes first, be my guest. You then want to hit the library for BERLITZ RECORDS and take language lessons! FREE!

You want to spend whole afternoons trying on velvet evening suits at Saks until you get a feel  for what is a fine garment. THEN get a VOGUE FRENCH PATTERN and make a royal blue suit for Xmas parties yourself! Rent a sewing machine. An old SINGER is probably better and  easier to string up than the new ones.

SO MUCH TO DO! SEW, EAT OUT. WORK at gym, get bod flat, hard, shaped. HIT  healthfoodstore, read books for an hour cuz they have the world's best books. GET QUINOA and practice making this millet into tasty stews. HIT the new age lectures where INTELLECTUAL guys go on power nites, and build up a whole retinue of dates with smart guys. USE the stars, I send out the free daily power hours.

Then learn to read the power hours yourself. STAR LESSON PAGE    SO MUCH to do and you're thinking of him? That's like re-reading yesterday's newspaper. You're hanging on to yesterday's dead fish. YOU BOTH GONNA SMELL if you do that long!

I KNOW. I KNOW. WHEN you let a cute guy in close, it's ONE YEAR before he leaves your aura. EVEN IF HE LEFT THE DAY AFTER HE GOT IN YOUR AURA! THOSE GUYS leave traces on our soft, impressionable hearts with just one sexual meeting. So, date, date date. Date more than one man. That is called DUTY DATING. You may be in love with just one, but he can't get past the others so he has to adopt an attitude of respect. .