Just by reading the HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE ‘training’, YOU actually START along a path. Without realizing that you are starting, you find yourself doing the many disciplines, the diet, the special, unique wardrobe, the posh lunches out, suede shoes, pearls, signature items. Giving the parties. Avoiding Disco hunks. This path automatically takes you higher and higher up the mountain of excellence. Toward excellent friends.

When you are on a path like this, you also watch what you DON’T do. You take care not to make the common mistakes: TRIPPING. GETTING MUDDY. LOSING YOUR LUNCH. Or FORGETTING that you are on a path. Wandering off it into the forest.Spacing out, chasing butterflies off into the wild zone and getting lost in the woods with a faun or a Pan. 

As your love coach penpal,and mountain map maker I remind you of this tendency which all girls share -- to space out, to forget one’s ORIGINAL INTENT. I see you dozing, I clap my hands to wake you. “Don’t doze off.” I see you taking a job as a stripper. “No, don’t go there. I don’t care how much money it is. It’s falling in the mud. You must get to the top CLEAN!”

These are mistakes that throw you off the yellow brick road into the ditch. Maybe I’m a ‘nudge’ or maybe I’m the AUTO CLUB of love.I drop you notes about MY mistakes other girls’ mistakes so you can keep learning. KEEP on being reminded. For instance:


I Got this interesting e-mail from a gal: “I am twenty-one and gorgeous and always wondered why couldn’t I get a great man. Well, I was dating cuties and I was GIVING instead of receiving.”

No problem,” I think I answered her,“but do analyze what made you get it backwards....and then swear off. You can’t go on accepting ‘TAKER” guys as sweeties. She’s off thinking about that now. We’ll hear from her again, meanwhile I told her to GO TO THIS URL, read http://home.earthlink.net/~loveguru/yinfailure.htm about how MOM neurotically prepares us to be GIVER Women losers. Or sometimes dad does. WHO was it in your case? (PAUSE so you can think…or read that article or both.)

Another girl said: “I recently ended a long and turbulent relationship that was nearing a three-year mark.Realizing, that I was only wasting my time (THREE YEARS!) with this guy because I knew used me in order to get girls - - (cute girlfriends of mine who cheated with him). Can you believe that this guy used me as a way to pick up more women?”

“I believe it” I answered. “That is the sociopath personality. Be glad he had the penchant for shoplifting in the halls of love not worse. Ted Bundy needed a bigger more direct fix of hormones that only his victim’s death and prolonged torture beforehand, could provide.”

“Well, I am so over that, especially since he changed his major from Psychology to Human Performance. A future gym teacher doesn’t make me feel as if I’m missing anything :). “

Well he confessed to himself that he’d run out of steam. FIRST stage he was good at psychology, enough to dupe gals. THEN as he shot his energy out daily at LYING and other psycho-sexual aberrations, all that was left was a muscley body like an empty hulk. “

“Lately” she replied “ I have been perfecting my beauty I got a great hairstylist who does the weaving for Houston’s Texans as well as the Rockets cheerleaders. I have been studying the art of applying make up so that I’m as good as a celebrity make up artist. 

Thank you so much, you will never know how much you’ve helped me and brought me so much closer to my childhood dream to marry well. :). I am not yet through with my transformation but I will get there. Do you recommend any movies, books, etc., that I and other women may study of a beautiful woman who made it happen or an example of a femme fatale that make men swoon and empty their pockets and heart at once to please her? 

I WROTE HER that I KNEW A BOOK OR TWO. “LIFE OF THE PARTY” bio of Pamela Churchill Harriman and “REFLECTED GLORY” also about her. Pamela Churchill was her first married name. She’d married Winston’s kid, Randolph, and WINNIE, the PRIME MINISTER of ENGLAND adored her. Then she married the wealthiest man in USA, NY Governor Harriman. Clinton made her Ambassador to England.

Read the MARTHA STEWART BIO “JUST DESSERTS” also very good. Small town gal, marries NYC rich guy, .....uses his publishing contacts and thensurpasses him! His revenge? He marries her secretary and breaks her busy heart!

As for films, See DANGEROUS BEAUTY with Jackie Bisset. MOLL FLANDERS with Robin Wright. The films about the great Courtesans of history are always good. Ground you in the tradition. FOREVER AMBER with Linda Darnell. The book is in every library.”

“Please keep sending the emails they are wonderful and so are you, I cried when I read about your lover of thirty years marrying a younger woman or two and continuing to see you. You are helping so many, and my deepest thanks from a kid who nearly wasted three years of her youth and beauty on a louse. 

I TOLD HER: You’re still a kid. THREE years isn’t THIRTY years. You know ever-loving treacherous EDDIE, my old bf – - for me, was like eating hot chocolate fudge sauce on vanilla ice cream three times a week . Left me a mess. He went on to marry a younger woman. Broke me in two. 

I teach because I don’t want women to make my mistakes! JUST be elegant and you will marry elegantly. Simple as that.

“It sounds so easy! Is it really?”“IT COULD BE” I answer “See, the MORE you have KNOWLEDGE the less you gotta make an effort. Show ya what I mean One can picnic on the lower slopes of the mountain where the peaches grow and marry a plumber. Great money, you know?They smell, their kids are addicted to video games. Myself I’m tired of peaches SO I NEED a little knowledge to get the better groceries. HIGHER UP the mountain, picnic there, you get apples. Those are good. Especially with a big wad of peanut butter! (Any other tricks to eating them would be appreciated, JACK CHEESE? CHEDDAR?) WALNUTS AND RAISINS occur to me. Marry an APPLE tree, your kids want condos given them, they speak French, aspire to know Umbria because Michelangelo loved it.

Now, MOVE to the mountain at about 5,000 feet altitude, and when you go to picnic, you get cherries. BRING a sack you can feed cherries to the world, MAKE JAM.Dry them. WOW! THE HIGHER altitude jes seems to go with better pickins’ Marry one of these guys, your kids do international trade as a hobby, speak German and French as their nannies did, get scholarships they don’t even need to Harvard and end up with the Nobel Peace prize.

Now, it’s EASY to picnic anywhere. YOU GET what grows there. KNOWLEDGE is what separates the poor picnickers with sappy peaches from the happy ones. And tell me, are ya tired of PEACHES? 

NOW in our metaphor, say we PICNIC at the public park or public beach. A day so nice. All the poor families there ... kids in a state of ecstasy as they were pulled out of the barrio for the day. I ENJOY THAT! But it’s not productive if I’m 20-25 and want to marry well and save the world. Just as easy to PICNIC at the country club where my city’s billionaires are lunching, their sons, their nephews, bachelor unclebut the KNOWLEDGE entailed with GETTING into the country club is ONLY obtained by LISTENING TO THE TRAINING which tells you how to meet ONLY MEMBERS OF COUNTRY CLUBS. Or the Yachting club. Or FISHING on a pier near the club in cutoffs with a bucket of bait 

SO IN-THE-KNOW gals with total ease go LUNCHING (PICNIC-ING) somewhere where country club members ARE like LE PETIT AUBERGE and by salad’s END are meeting them. These boys DO NOT HANG at the mall. The guys who were smart, learned the alphabet at age 5, paid attention at school, got MBA’s are now CEO’s are at Abercromie and Fitch, Brooks Brothers, Saks Fifth Avenue. SOMETIMES but often their wives and secretaries often shop for them. So if you want, stroll as IF BUYING a gift for a man. For the upwardly mobile, single girl, it’s Father’s Day 365 days a year. IN FACT, tell DAD. Send me the money, I will put together your wardrobe. And if guy asks, why shopping here? Say I do my Dad’s clothes for him. I keep track of the lavendar shirt and how it calls for a Lavendar or purple tie...he’d never buy that color. Stuff like that. SEE, ya gotta TELL THE TRUTH. ANY lies and your aura gets all deranged. 

Another thought, put on a WHITE SUIT, White pumps, pearls, walk your RESUME through every Fortune 500 corporation in your town. Serendipity will make Mr. Right come out to reception just then, you ‘ll see.

SO HEAD FOR THE HIGH GROUND! AIM now while you’re young.

There is one more way into the country club that we have not discussed. HOLISTIC HEALING. Only super rich women can afford to hire a holistic healer. OLDER women invariably aid a classy young protégé to climb the mountain and they also provide blueblood mountain guides, love matchmaking. Another plus is that holistic healers make hundreds of thousands a year. My holistic healer, Marjorie, makes closer to 700 thousand a year and she never graduated high school, but she heals where doctors and clinics cannot. She delivers the goods.

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