Sophie writes LUCK IN LOVE dot com with a good question. She has been a student on our FREE, SUCCESS IN LOVE LIST a long time. She writes: “Hello Anita! I'm tremendously enjoying pouring over all your tips and wisdom (has been ) gained. I understand becoming and embodying (the )goddess, becoming a beacon and (changing to become) kind...etc. I still need clarification on the marriage part. Why do you see marriage to be so important for a gal's life? Is it necessary?




Sophie. Let’s talk about alternatives to marriage and whether they are satisfying or not. FIRST PROFESSIONAL WOMEN: ONE WOMAN in 100 can make an exciting glamorous career out of her COLLEGE DEGREE. 999 hit a glass ceiling and get knocked out. They dog paddle for the rest of their years. At 65 they retire to an empty apartment and a bottle.

NEXT: TRAILER PARK GIRLS: One girl in a thousand can make a decent career without a college degree. JULIA Roberts is one. From high school to 20 mil a pic. JFK JR's wife, worked at a Manhattan designer's picked him up. FEW gals without college can do much, maybe one or two, the other 998 or 999 do embarrassing work of some kind. They move from job to job and on to SOCIAL SECURITY (if the Administration survives, which many say it cannot) SSA will hopefully pick up the rest of their life after age 65 and give them a 'fixed income.' If you retired today it would be about 600$ a month. TRY LIVING ON THAT!

Now let's go back to the first group of PROFESSIONALS! OF ALL THE WOMEN who SPENT a hundred grand at very least to take those big college degrees and went on to TURN them into lucrative careers, you will find ONE IN ONE THOUSAND who can also have a baby with a loving husband andraise the kid to be normal most likely with the aid of a granny and nanny.

THE OTHER 999 highly trained, high earning career girls follow unpredictable tangents. They marry, get pregnant, and spend a tub of money on household help so they can keep the career. Nannies are not loving, the kids get screwed up, the gal loses the HUSBAND or aborts to keep HUBBY AND JOB only she still loses the husband cuz she's frankly TENSE!

IF A PROFESSIONAL woman actually prevails in baby making, she needs surrogate MOMS. If she’s at work all day, she will end up with a major screwed up kid. SHE WILL lose serious momentum in her precious career. EVEN WITH GRANNY NANNY, she will end up like a tired circus juggler, attracting disease, depression or madness and then the kid grows up and kicks-in as truly dysfunctional it's the cherry on a big, sagging rotten TRAGIC SOAP OPERA of a cake.


BACK TO PROFESSIONALS: Envision one thousand women graduating with degrees. SEE that ONE who is making it to the top in the corporate, entertainment or business world. SHE did not have husband or kid, I assure you. She's a guy in pumps and skirts. She's one in a million, too. YOU MAY BE THAT GAL, SOPH! Clear headed, sues the bastards if they discriminate sexually. OR harass sexually. 

Let's look at THE OTHER 999 women of 1000 grads. THESE gals also have perfectly fine MBA's or degrees. They hit a glass ceiling and are exploited by powerful, rich men who keep them in a kind of fuck-free but quasi-sexual ENTHRALLDOM. Like a dog in a pen tortured by smelling the meat coming from the cookhouse and only getting tossed bones. THERE Is a good ole boys club which gives token lip service to these girlie boys. ‘Here honey have a bone on us.’

IMAGINE the BROKEN LIVES of all these females with MBA's who make it to the top and have to take a few decades of being tied to the corporation by a leash and fed bones. SOME SUE, some take it. Some drink. Some revenge themselves on men by writing novels. Some turn to women.


BUT I'll bet that one gal in that PROFESH group can find a way to win. SIX FIGURE salary, stock options, her own condo or big house w. garden and staff. IMAGINE that ONE of these 999 frustrated females also is gorgeous and MARRIES a POWERFUL MAN. I mean she hangs with her own assassins all day, the cookhouse boys, it could happen that some female exec keeps a smile on her face, is a good sport and actually marries a CEO...


SUDDENLY, THIS ABYSS OPENS before her and she has to choose the side she wants to be on: CONTINUE to work in a corporation where your hubby is having his own political battles? Where it's assumed you get quid pro quo cuz your MRS CEO? ARE you a liability to the man you love? OR do you GO home TO THE 18 room MANSION and replicate?


DO YOU KNOW what a sacrifice it would be for these top ladies to do anything feminine with their life? Like DROPPING OUT OF the corporation and HAVING A BABY or running a planet-wide charitable business like IMPORT/EXPORT for the good of third world or inner city artisans. She could drop out for a few years. But THESE women who fought to educate, climb to the top of the FOOD CHAIN and are AT THE TOP OF their game and also at the top of the CHRISTMAS tree cannot leap down! They are stuck at the top, going against the biological grain. THEIR minds say do not leave the 400 thousand dollar salary! THEIR HEARTS and emotions are pulling them another way....babies, home. garden. They get torn in half by the dualistic universe they created for themselves, ritzy though it be.


The brain is smart, rational a computer cranking out the $$$ signs saying 'YOU GOT VERY HIGH UP! STOCK OPTIONS WILL BE 10 MILLION this year alone) meanwhile their bodies are buffeted by the horns of MEN who really resent them, secretly hate them, gossip about them jealously, slander them and will do everything they can to see the good ole boy's club prevails and these chicks cannot make it into the inner circle even when they marry one of the members. So they are being pushed out of the corporation. BABIES seem a nice retreat. Comfy.

WAIT A MINUTE, one more necessary mental picture here. THOUSANDS OF WOMEN were cracking books in college for 8 yrs to get that degree in law, or more than 8 yrs if you count internship for medicine, or just 4 years or 6 for an MBA....think of this amt of work, wasted (I know I do every time some 25 yr old kid gets shot to death in L.A .. that huge lifetime of STUDY wasted,)... and if at any point one of the book cracking maidens wants to fall in love, marry, give her life up to a man and family, she has to look at her parent's sacrifices to put her thru college, the actual 8 yrs time spent cracking books and walk away from that career JUST to have a baby? OR have a nanny and a granny watching infants who may never bond with their own Mom cuz she comes in at night tired?


FEW WOMEN CAN walk away from the corporation and give up an long, costly education. FEW WOMEN can tolerate being bruised at work when alternatives like lovely homelife, slow cooking pot roast and babies ALLURE THEM!

UNDER THESE circumstances, I as an l8 yr old girl (we’re pretending, here,) would have a darn hard time going into a costly education. CUZ who wants to say 'no' to marriage love and babies. But SOPHIE if you are wondering why the hell you would want to even marry in the first place, hey more power to you! GO FOR THE EDUCATION! 


SOPHIE GOES ON TO SAY: with regards to keeping good company: I've had the blessings of meeting wonderful men... 2 in particular. I KNEW if I had said yes to the relationship... they would be very good to me. At the same time, I knew how strong their feelings were for me, but all I felt was flattery and thankfulness for their love... and nothing else. (was your MOTHER a working MOTHER, SOPHIE? You seem emotionally cut off.) I didn't have the same feelings they had for me and so I felt it was unfair for them to be in a relationship with someone (me) so unenthused (sic)... so I said no. Don't they, deserve girls who'll adore them as well? or wouldn't I be leading them on/using them if I had said yes? And perhaps break their hearts when I do leave the relationship if I do?”


YOU ARE DEFINITELY a gal who keeps her powder dry. THE type who should go for an MBA/ LAW degree, medical degree, I'd love to see your horoscope as that's how I judge your true talents, gifts, abilities and destiny.


I NEED CLUES. Show me your photo. IF YOU ARE GORGEOUS and tall, you can marry money with minimal college education like a Master in Fine arts might do. If you like YOUNG men, you go to architecture school marry a co student. If you like old men, STUDY stocks at EXTENSION you as an uneducated woman can always meet and marry someone wealthy. Or work at a Banking firm.


From what you’ve told me, I realize that you have a gift. YOU DO NOT CRAVE MEN. You have not yet had a crush??? You don't know what love is, right??? I gotta know the details about your personality! Scholastically, what did you excel at? Did MOM WORK? Family background? Give me a thumbprint bio on yourself. REALLY NEED TO KNOW hour/date of birth/ city. THEN I COULD TELL you what your talents are, emotional shape you’re in, the archetypal MAN you are looking for is also visible. OR if we don't do any astrology, I can analyze the subtext of your bio for you. Give me education so far. TALENTS you showed as you grew up, sewing? Design? Cooking? and I can analyze these 'tendencies.' OR TALKING on the phone to you, you --fill me in, I hear the voice, I put it together.


YOGI BHAJAN called me the world's best psychic, in a speech that he gave at his own school, transcribed among many at his website, 3rd march 89, "BE HAPPY" I read for the old guy for 35 yrs but give me something to work with. Your path so far ... the not loving two guys who care for not atypical. One basically has to date l00 frogs to find one prince. Most Girls don't have enough dating volume. ONCE you take the SUCCESS IN Love training you will get the dating volume! IT takes a thousand NO's to get to that one yes.


Girls who are better at saying ‘NO’ faster and more often get to yes faster than their YES-SAYING SISTERS! SO you are a NO-Sayer and that’s good. Spaketh the Soothsayer.


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