THE NEW HEROES PBS SHOW wants to be played on YOUR VCR/ DVD player
and it's free to you!

The folks who run the FREE, ONLINE SEMINAR, that teaches 21st Century EVOLUTION of Mercantilism, Import/Export, Internat'l TRADE/ Hip ARTISANRY utilizing 3rd world VILLAGE manufactured FOLK ART has a huge curriculum of  SEMINARS  for you, all of them free. These kind folks have long admired the PBS TELEVISION SHOW "NEW HEROES" the Robert Redford-helmed PBS TV series, which depicted ordinary people who had started some charitable and  economic ball rolling which in each case, saved thousands of lives in the third world..And parenthetically, made the inventors rich. One Redford 'hero' had invented a TREADLE IRRIGATION system and a bicycle pump irrigation system. With it, a farmer would sit down and pedal and water would be drawn from the river and carried along a garden hose thousands of feet to irrigate vegetable plots in Africa. Its low cost made it available to even starving villages. The man is an American and he created a corporation that makes him money and feeds hundreds of thousands of people abroad.

Redford invites you to go to his website, get the free DVD and videos from their website. NEW HEROES
and create a living room group.The face is put on the idea when there is a group with IDEAS for specific products, a group wi. affinities, friendships, communal wholesale or retail business links.  Then that group goes touring the third world to find products, do business. 

While the heroes Redford found had stumbled on ways to prevent starvation or disease in ghettos or third world villages, in our own, home town there is also an epidemic of homelessness, joblessness. Why not target our own suffering people, in fact target OURSELVES and create cottage industries in synergy with those in our chumcluster or family or group? These job/cash flow problems we have now are the direct result of economic, political forces of war, inflation, soaring gas prices all of which keep the workers panicky from debt. So we'd toss in a big share of ACTIVISM, doing PR, getting our voice heard on talk radio, writing editorials, doing websites.

A group is a solution to Apathy which is a big problem. People are legitimately too trapped by their JOBS to always attend meetings or to even care much about their empty pockets. They're too tired from 80 hr weeks to fight or even figure a way to lift their lives out of the economic swamp. Many of us are too busy fretting about inflation, DEBT, family dysfunction and the rampant consumerism which are aggravators of the New Millenium Recession problem. But when our members remind other members that a COTTAGE INDUSTRY can stimulate a vigorous, new, regional  MERCANTILISM. One that is controlled by you. Where you and your friends and family create your own, new age GUERILLA CAPITALISM.

Our thought is that frazzled parents are BAD PARENTS. Panicky people flounder around and LACK PARENTING SKILLS. And they lack ECONOMIC skills. So to cure the panic, we offer the FREE ONLINE  SEMINARs of the MASTER JULES who teaches seekers how to ditch fear.

The NORTHERN HEMISPHERE's panic, stress and increasing alienation come from no spiritual training and  nervous worn out, sleepless workaholic parents with a lack of parenting skills due to the stress of technocrat impoverishment

For all we know, the Current Gov that initiated a trillion dollar war on IRAQ, justifying it with 19 terrorists from Germany/Saudi Arabia..sinking the American economy and that action going sour may be causing our impoverished condition. Americans are waking up to the fact that move hid other, ulterior motives than getting the l9 terrorists. A great radical poet said of Americans, 'they eat candies in Hell,' alluding to our inability to distinguish moral right or wrong any more than the German People could, when confronted with the solutions of Adolph Hitler. But We don't think that's so. We think Americans DID wake up and just can't stop what's going on. Meanwhile the war has caused economic nooses to tighten around our necks. Inflation has gone wild, biggest single raise in food/housing costs in decades was reported today in the news.

Arabs think that Americans are contaminated. They look at our TV shows, see the shallow love life of CHARLIE SHEEN, the free love for single girls of SEX AND THE CITY, the marital dysfunction of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and then, on the news, they see the alienation and weirdness of the COLUMBINE KIDS and child-killing mommas and serial killers and Jon Benets everywhere. They think America's gone nuts. Previous generations called the phenomena we see in America  SODOM AND GOMORRAH.  The Muslims call it corrupt.Godless Sodom and Gomorrah. We call it the END of the pendulum swing and know that when we face up to the causes we'll figure out the cures and the Pendulum will go back to normal

Let's BECOME the AMERICANS who rise up and change the course of history, who face up to trends/ statistics, discuss havoc in the home and family, in the CULTURE, in the White House and in the MEDIA and MARKETPLACE. Let's scrutinize causes and cures. Let's do businesses that help the stragglers whether in our own cities or abroad. Let's research INTERNATIONAL TRADE online and read the books and bring the information to a LIVING ROOM HEROES GROUP, as REDFORD suggests. Now, I am in Hollywood, so I want you to know how I MADE a group nite and HOW yoiu might MAKE A NEW HEROES, ROBERT REDFORD spinoff GROUP NITE  and how you can get the KIT from the NEW HEROES website, and the TELEVISION series.

Then you will find your living room filled with people who care, the upper 1% of humanity. YOu found them on CRAIGS LIST so that's already the upper 2% of humanity but the smaller percentage that would find this idea stirring would be REALLY FINE FOLKS! Safe. Useful. And soon you'd be off to the races analyzing
the ifs and maybes of the evolving truth.

What about those REALLY CONTROVERSIAL assertions that youth has changed and become apathetic and limp at one end and corrup at the other can either be backed up by statistics, proven or refuted. There is endemic"NIHILISM" in the young because they all know they can't go to college and get a job. They gotta rob 7-11's or flip burgers. But if they were given a free education and a better way to make a living, our  youth would straighten up. The American economy would strengthen. The new Middle class would demand a stop to Endless War. The planetary economy would snap back. Especially if we do communal import/export businesses.

We are starting this hopeful little LOCAL HEROES group here and we are looking for  ordinary citizens to come once a month and talk it over. Get inspired to start finding ARTISANRY. Remember, USA is now the Tijuana of the planet. Europeans find the EURO goes real far here. ONLINE, we can target EUROPEAN customers.

Learn to work your PC and create your own website.   Find relatives who knit, string beads, sew, make artisanry. Create a 'line' of handmade stuff then create an artisanry-selling biz that targets the uberwealthy.

We anticipate a group that can share FRUGAL LIVING TIPS at meetings, and what about the "NEVER NEED-A-DOCTOR-EVER-HOLISTIC INFO, from the California holistic groups guiding movie stars in permanent youth? This group will attract newspaper reporters. Soon, some local reporter or TV news show will attend, shoot the group, take notes, write it up and the concepts will enter into the mainstream media.
This GROUP could become the hottest fun lecture in town. A church basement group that is popular will inevitably create an exciting, flourishing activism. It will create common sense in relationship to post-millenium MONEY STRATEGIES. It could become an OPRAH  SHOW TYPE FRUGAL LIVING ARCHIVE of clever tips. It could become a PUBLIC RELATIONS organ,  THE PEOPLE's LOBBY influencing actual legislation!  A grass roots HEROES movement never happened in history of world. UNLESS you count the FRENCH REVOLUTION where the starving peasants rose up and MURDERED THE ENTIRE artistocracy. Or the GANDHI REBELLION that rose up and threw colonizing, slavemaster ENGLAND OUT OF INDIA. (Rent the movie GANDHI, show it at one meeting.) This NEW HEROES TRADE GROUP might become a pressure valve to prevent all that happening here if the COOKIE ever hits the fan. These groups would become a kind of  PANIC MEETING to control stress, to INSPIRE the psychic energy for MOONLIGHTING SOLUTIONS in its members, to share ideas for COTTAGE INDUSTRIES that the members could do, on their own. This would be a kind of CAPITALISTIC  ACTIVISM. Done on the community level, such groups will  put much needed oxygen in the air you breathe, Oxygen stolen by organized thieves at the level of the IRS, government, Military and Trasnational Corporations. We will survive century long conspiracy at those altitudes which has USED and exploited  the people they needed like slaves, paid those workers just enough so their noses are out of water and let the rest rot in jails. NEW HEROES IS NOT AN AGITATING group, though it is about a philosophy of activism, but it is a 'lean on the media'-to-get-information-and-support-force' in the community. Through such a group, miracles will happen; we will inspire heroes, tycoons,  create businesses that lift the cottage industry skills of its members, and then lift all our incomes. GUERILLA CAPITALISM is the solution.  When colonized nations throw off an enslaver and become free, usually that period of enslavement has sharpened their abilities. That period of starvation sharpened their minds. LIke INDIA, they go on to run their nation with the cleverness of their enslavers, but never again with the morally defunct reprehensible mindset of the exploiter.