RELOCATION RELOCATION RELOCATION ==================> THE PATH TO MILLIONS thru MERCANTILISM, even if you're POOR today.. how to start up a cottage industry without even a dime -- moved to another WEBPAGE. No problema tho.

I know, you came a'clicking here But the web host / ISP and SERVER "EARTHLINK" (& their so called FREEBIE WEBSITES CZAR) tells me 'too many people come' nah nah nah "and you have to pay more than 40$ a month to have visitors!!!"

 So I moved the information to =====> MERCANTILISM 101"

Surf there... if you maybe are interested in creating a business, one that earns really big money, not small sums? You can do it on your own dime or if the idea is novel, your team impressive. You can attract funding from friends, relatives and neighbors. If your idea is really high concept, you'll attract investment from tycoons who like your bio, talent, ideas,  vision or humanitarian vision.

Sorry for the hop, skip and jump. *%&%*%+@!!! Chintzy webhosts exploiting dummie here who pays 40$ for 22 years and gets their viewer limits imposed on her.b  DOES NBC do that? I DON'T THINK SO!!'  anita