Do You Know What The World’s Greatest SECRET is? The Theory of Empowerment and you Have Just Been Subjected To It. Empowerment is a kind of MIND CONTROL. In the hands of people who love you, Mom, Dad, Grammy, it is the programming that makes you a winner. In the hands of a street hustler, it's the tactic that makes you vulnerable to being hyped, played like a lute. Don’t Believe me?  Let Me Prove it To You

You are reading this email because of a simple Mind Control technique. Curiosity. Did you know that there are certain mind control techniques that are so powerful that even the government doesn't want you to know about them? The Techniques I Am About To Reveal To You Are So Controversially Powerful And Potent, They should be Banned because anyone who had them could control people around them, even people higher up the economic tree, and they could secure great benefits for themselves, perhaps even not in alignment with their ethics, abilities. Let me explain.

Imagine what it would be like if you could control people’s minds – and had the power to motivate, influence and persuade them to agree to practically anything you proposed. What would that be worth to you? A dollar? A thousand dollars? A million?  Maybe. But I am going to give it to you free, so you may want to email this page to your pals, those who are hurting financially but who are good people with good ideas.

The concept of mind control has always been irresistible to people. Why? Obviously, because it plays a major role in generating untold fortunes for the privileged few who know how to use it.

The outrageous techniques I am about to reveal have been shown to generate avalanches of cash – virtually unstoppable landslides, in most cases. These psychological weapons are so powerful that more money has
changed hands with the clever use of these devices than with any other method known to man. Have you ever wondered why companies such as Procter & Gamble and General Foods have been running those contests asking people to write down “Why I like a product” in 25, 50 or 100 words or less? Because, for the chance of winning valuable prizes, droves of people are willing to go on record as liking the product. This, in and of itself, is extraordinary because it creates countless glowing testimonials. But what’s even more amazing is that the hundreds of thousands of people who testify in writing to the product’s benefits consequently believe what they have written – and this curious phenomenon fuels unprecedented sales of the product! When you use psychological devices like the one used in the above example, you glide ever so smoothly over people’s natural predispositions that it’s practically effortless for you to make money.

What is Mind Control?

Thought control and other devices of social influence are woven into the very fabric of our society. They have become very common, particularly by advertising corporations and particularly when it comes to making money. We don’t even know when we are being influenced. For instance, when you buy something from the supermarket do you know you are being influenced by simple mind control techniques?

What I am about to show you will challenge everything you know. After the end of World War II, German scientists who worked on Mind Control were being held in a variety of detainment camps by the allies and the Russians. In 1946, President Truman ordered American scientists and the CIA to work with them. CIA personnel were not opposed to working with German doctors who had proven to be proficient in conditioning unwilling subjects to perform acts for their benefit. Using special techniques the subjects would do anything asked of them. In some cases military bases were used to hide these covert activities. It was decided that the communist threat was an issue that took priority over constitutional rights! I am not suggesting that you should use Mind Control techniques for the wrong reasons. Used in an ethical way you can legally benefit from them
without harming anyone.

The Following is An Exact Science And Failure is Impossible

Secrets of Mind Control is an exact science. If you follow the methods outlined in this page, failure is impossible. You will be able to manipulate and control individuals and groups at will. It will be impossible for anyone to stop you because they won’t know they are being controlled. You can initiate a person’s agreement at the snap of your fingers when you know the secret codes. When you “get into the mind” of someone, the convincing process becomes a matter of just pushing the right buttons – or more precisely, the correct Mind Controls. Since you’re going with someone’s natural flow, and using a sequence to which a person is naturally inclined, you eliminate any resistance. Getting a loan, finding venture capital for your best biz ideas, making a business deal, finding a partner, couldn’t be easier. But you must not at any time use these methods for illegal gain. I first discovered the power of Mind Control 7 years ago when I applied just one technique in a PROSPECTUS to raise money for a business venture. And one in three people I gave the Deal Memo to, invested!

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Money And Power. Why? Because If You Knew the Truth, You Would Have Already Made It. Let’s face it if you knew how to obtain money and power you would already have it. Secrets of Mind Control is practical not philosophical – a practical book, not a talk about theories. It is intended for men and women whose most pressing need is for money now, who wish to get rich first, and philosophise afterwards.

How Much Will It Cost?

Nothing. Just start using the mind control techniques in your life and if you would, get back to me on what doors the magic key opened for you.

I know that you can learn to effectively control the minds of people instantly, whether it be on the phone or face-to-face. Proven tactics to alter the mindset of people, and make them unable to resist doing whatever you tell them to do. How to initiate and accelerate a person’s compliance – no matter what you want them to do. How to use a person’s own predisposition to draw them to you like a powerful magnet. How to use the most powerful force in Mind Control to magnetize a person to you. How to tantalize a persons mind with blatant psychological seduction (of the non-sexual kind.) How to instill psychological debt in a person to make them constantly want to repay you. Learn the insatiable emotion people have that is powerful enough to drive them wild about you. A secret in Mind Control that will make a person submit unquestioningly to whatever you propose. Learn the same amazing psychological discoveries that have made me a millionaire without ever working.

Cracking the Psychological Code That Reveals Untold Secrets

You don’t need a genius to tell you that secret knowledge equals power. Secrets of Mind Control contains secret knowledge you absolutely can’t be without because it can make you irresistibly powerful in business, as well as in your personal life. Just as doctors cracked the genetic code that revealed untold secrets of the human body, I have cracked the psychological code that melts away a person’s resistance. This is the secret code that has eluded people for years. This is not the kind of persuasion you grew up with. This is Mind Control and it goes beyond anything you’ve ever seen or heard.


Language with power and you will literally be able to do anything you want to do. By that I mean tying in with the people you want and getting the help and funding or AGREEMENT that you need, and shaping events you do with these people.

MOTION in life (other than in traffic) is done with your languaging methods. Involved is making events occur because you said they would occur. For instance, when trying to get a project launched, you go to Mr. VIP seeking an agreement about getting his money, his funding, his approval so you can work together. The way to get it is to say "Mr. VIP I will do ABC for the project if you do D E and F. Together we can achieve XYZ and XYZ will occur!" That's the simple formula, but it is powerful and impressive in the right hands.

Remember, when you say 'I WILL DO' and 'THIS WILL OCCUR' your WORD will be your fiat. The basis for paper money is that there's GOLD in Fort Knox backing it up. The strength of your languaging depends on whether you HAVE word or not. Word is the Gold in Fort Knox. It doesn't matter what other people know about your word-- although that's part of it. It mainly depends on what YOU think of your own word. Word is your track record, even if it is NOT known by your partners. It is a metaphysical reality.

Those who keep agreements and are known for it by themselves and others will develop the FORT KNOX touch. They will be able to suggest new games to talented people, involve other people and create specific outcomes of events. Such people affect the planetary destiny. The men and women who can create harmonious work teams that get jobs done are leaders. Leaders of groups. Groups are required for remember, how are you a leader if there aren't Good Indians who join in underneath you? There is power in numbers. The more souls attached to a project, the more likely it is to win. That's the main secret of a Henry Ford or an Irving Thalberg or those lottery ticket winners at the factory. JOIN, Network, talk, plan, promise, attract a team, share work and make dreams (that you depict verbally) into reality.

The muscular word in creating the future is 'this will occur.' So use the word 'will' a lot. "This WILL happen. I WILL do this." Will is a verb that has to do with future events existing. This WILL exist. You WILL get people to coordinate their labor, harness their egos to a job, submerge their temperaments and thusly motivate them to finish the job.

Language for power, know the formula by heart and you will get VIPS to endow you with the money and power you need. You will get VIPS to work with you. You are in charge of your being a winner over life's processes, or its victim, a loser. Take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth. Shape it better.

 There are two other major bricks in business life:

1) having AFFINITY with co-workers gained by partying together, journeying and adventuring.

2) having SHARED REALITY or work. Attain the affinity part by sharing recreation, games, sports or meals, going to the movies, etc. with biz pals. Any golf dates you can make with agents, producers, bankers, financiers, VIPS? Do it. Then, ponder: what person do you want to work with but don't have an affinity with. Or what work can you do with someone that you already are hanging out with due to this affinity you two have. And affinity is based on recreating together. Recreation creates loyal friendship, rare in business and quite useful.

 The shared reality is involved with the hands on experience of work meetings, setting up the foundations of the enterprise. So make a list of relationships where there's either friendship and fun or shared work. You see that the missing element gets added. Stage manage a recreational event every week-end and invite a co-worker. Pick new GAMES: TENNIS, fishing, boating, playing cards. Share recreation with someone with whom you already share work. And, plot some business you can do with someone you already share fun with on weekends.

 A successful oriental executive once told me that in their culture, NOBODY did business with another person until they'd played together, partied together with one another's FAMILY members and then as a group or just the two of them, eaten together a dozen times. They didn't feel safe until all that had happened. Makes sense to me!

Create new biz relationships now. Start with a Saturday ballgame at the park for 'the gang.' Segue to a business done with two pals, simplest one would be Singles parties given for recreation, power networking and for money. You charge l0$ a head at the door, give it at local cafes! THEN the three people who do this, take the cash receipts, and invest in the ASIAN stock market. (You can click on URLS here, learn more.) So you become a buncha pals with a hugely profit reaping stock club. Remember, Singles parties give you 500$ a night profits!

 Anita Sands, astrology@earthlink.net