Language with power and you will literally be able to do anything you want to do. By that we mean tying in with the people you want and getting the help you need, or the funding or the AGREEMENT that you need, and shaping events you do with these people or even resolving family squabbles.

MOTION in life (other than in traffic) is done with your languaging methods. Involved is making events occur because you said they would occur. For instance, when trying to get a project launched, you go to Mr. VIP seeking an agreement about getting his money, his funding, his approval so you can work together. The way to get it is to say "Mr. VIP I will do ABC for the project if you do D E and F. Together we can achieve XYZ and XYZ will occur!" That's the simple formula, but it is powerful and impressive in the right hands.

Remember, when you say 'I WILL DO' and 'THIS WILL OCCUR' your WORD will be your fiat. The basis for paper money is that there's GOLD in Fort Knox backing it up. The strength of your languaging depends on whether you HAVE word or not. Word is the Gold in Fort Knox. It doesn't matter what other people know about your word-- although that's part of it. It mainly depends on what YOU think of your own word. Word is your track record, even if it is NOT known by your partners. It is a metaphysical reality.

Those who keep agreements and are known for it by themselves and others will develop the FORT KNOX touch. They will be able to suggest new games to talented people, involve other people and create specific outcomes of events. Such people affect the planetary destiny. The men and women who can create harmonious work teams that get jobs done are leaders. Leaders of groups. Groups are required for remember, how are you a leader if there aren't Good Indians who join in underneath you? There is power in numbers. The more souls attached to a project, the more likely it is to win. That's the main secret of a Henry Ford or an Irving Thalberg or those lottery ticket winners at the factory. JOIN, Network, talk, plan, promise, attract a team, share work and make dreams (that you depict verbally) into reality.

The muscular word in creating the future is 'this will occur.' So use the word 'will' a lot. "This WILL happen. I WILL do this." Will is a verb that has to do with future events existing. This WILL exist. You WILL get people to coordinate their labor, harness their egos to a job, submerge their temperaments and thusly motivate them to finish the job.

Language for power, know the formula by heart and you will get VIPS to endow you with the money and power you need. You will get VIPS to work with you. You are in charge of your being a winner over life's processes, or its victim, a loser. Take responsibility for what comes out of your mouth. Shape it better.

Create new biz relationships now. Promote your projects. Start with a Saturday ballgame. Start with SINGLES PARTIES (CLICK ON IT) for recreation and money. Ask me how to do those and make 500$ a night profits.

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 There are two other major bricks in business life:

1) Having AFFINITY with co-workers gained through socializing, celebrating holidays, family recreation, by partying together, journeying and adventuring, shopping, eating meals at home or out, backyard barbecues, through their meeting your family and your meeting theirs.

2) Having SHARED REALITY or work. Attain the affinity part by sharing recreation, games, sports or meals, going to the movies, etc. with biz pals. Any golf dates you can make with agents, producers, bankers, financiers, VIPS? Do it. Then, ponder: what person do you want to work with but don't have an affinity with. Or what work can you do with someone that you already are hanging out with due to this affinity you two have. And affinity is based on recreating together. Recreation creates loyal friendship, rare in business and quite useful.

 The shared reality is involved with the hands on experience of work meetings, setting up the foundations of the enterprise. So make a list of relationships where there's either friendship and fun or shared work. You see that the missing element gets added. Stage manage a recreational event every week-end and invite a co-worker. Pick new GAMES: TENNIS, fishing, boating, playing cards. Share recreation with someone with whom you already share work. And, plot some business you can do with someone you already share fun with on weekends.

 A successful oriental executive once told me that in their culture, NOBODY did business with another person until they'd played together, partied together with one another's FAMILY members and then as a group or just the two of them, eaten together a dozen times. They didn't feel safe until all that had happened. Makes sense to me!