THE "BUSY LIFE LAMP LIGHTS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS. That's what you tell the clients via a TAG that is hanging from the  shade when you sell it. It's got a great gimmick that will make it a best seller all around the country. When you  make a million off it, send me a lamp. I need the success it could give! The Life Lamp goes on a table that is at a desk worker's elbow, hence it is tall, and its shade is even with the eye level of the desk worker. It illuminates the computer keyboard, work surface, drawers of desk, the perpendicular desk surface (of the table it's set upon). LAMP requires a narrow foot, as there are likely to be many objects on the desk. So it is 8" square. The key point of its design is that it ROTATES upon a base so that its  four sides can be exposed to the worker. Why?  Because its four sides will be made of bulletin board material that will take PINS. It will be used as a memo board. Stick-ums (those little pieces of  paper people stick on walls ) really don't work. They're unreliable, fall down and get lost, and most of all, you can't stick them on much near  your work area. They simply do not STAY STUCK to most surfaces. Tacks on a bulletin board work, but who has space for a bulletin  board at one's desk/writing/work area? The rotating bulletin board lamp has an acessible surface divided  into four life areas. The wood paneling its surfaces are BULLETIN BOARD CORK!   We give the buyer stickers so he can choose how he wants to label each side. TO DO NOW: CALLS TO RETURN: STUFF TO BUY: CALLS TO MAKE: BIZ CARDS: ERRANDS TO RUN: BILLS PAYABLE or DUE  NOW: GREAT IDEAS: MEMO: etc. You print them up by the thousands, on sticky paper, and cello-wrap 'em and enclose them with the lamp package. PATENT this sucker so no one else can copy it. Make a million. But it's only one article you sell. THE IDEA for  becoming mega rich is hustle a thousand products an hour.