You ask, how do I start off on this voyage of marrying a very wealthy man. WELL FIRST, YOU HAVE to become as beautiful as YOU CAN BE. And while you do that, keep praying to yourself, say GOD forgive me for improving on your creation but the world has its predilections and I aim to serve you and you only. So tell me, show me, what needs fixing?

If something is off .. say your nose is bulbous, thick, get it fixed, made slim. If it’s bumpy, have doctor shave a half inch from the bone in the areas you hate….or if YOUR CHIN is so long that it seems to belong to Dorothy's Witch, (or too short or too far back ) the KNIFE! I have been bugging one client to get her lazy eye fixed, said she could live here while she goes to UCLA’s JULES STYNE EYE CLINIC. She’s beautiful, black, tall, has a great horoscope but has crossed eyes!  That’s a fixer upper but some gals get more work than they need. I work for a famed movie star who took off a chin that was gorgeous thinking it made her witch like. THE NEW face is a bit of a bore. God gave her the right chin for her. So don't try to be BORING BARBIE!. 

If your teeth are yellow, bleach but then quit coffee and tea or it comes back. If your teeth are crooked get an orthodontist. Ifhair is frizzy, you have to fix it. You want to have hair that falls in a soft swoop, which it will do if you condition and while wet use huge curlers. OR if it's a facial feature, get a dermatologist .

SO bottom line, there are techs to fix stuff,  fix it with a plastic surgery or fix teeth with orthodonture work. You shouldn't have feelings against nip and tuck doctors. IVANA was a dog ‘til she fixed herself up.BUT LEAVE all the things that are unique and beautiful. TO ME MERYL STREEP was wise NOT to straighten her nose! And Courtney FOOLISH in early 03, to take down a gorgeous determined CHIN. (She wrote me an email from the Hospital in Atlanta so I know she did it.) I wouldn’t rat her out but she went broke owing me 15 months of work!

When I was in high school, there was in my archery class, a girl so beautiful, Nancy...a redhead, the most fab red hair ever, FACE like an angel. BODY perfect. LIKE AN ELEGANT ARLENE DAHL, that actress and beauty writer from the fifties who still does astrology for the tabs.... Fernando Lamas wife, who was a DOLL! A PERFECT BEAUTY. WELL NANCY was like that, movie star screen quality level of beauty. I told her, man you are BEYOND BELIEF. 

SHE TOLD me that the NOSE was new. And in 1957 surgery was not like today, but hers was perfect. You COULD NOT TELL!  She said she'd been a tub, lost l00 lbs. One could not tell. Nothing saggy but of course at l7.?? HAIR color was fake? I COULD NOT TELL.  I WONDERED TWO THINGS, What had she looked like before and what was she capable of doing in high school looking like that. SHE DID NOT look like a high school girl. She looked like a New York model. I always wondered what happened to her. SMART GIRL! Nancy Feldman was her name Archery class at Hamilton High School. If you’re out there Nan write!  But my point? GET THAT perfection thing together.

Next, SHOW off your attributes, decide what is great. WHAT dya got that’s top notch?? BUST LINE? Then cotton jersey shirt under suit or silk clingy tees, like a pongee tee, cling soft bias silk. Sew one yourself! BIAS fabrics hang better on a trim body! USE style/fashion to consistently, every time you are in public,  SHOW what's good. THAT is what gives you the EYE BALL OGLE GOOD STATISTIC. Wear grunge, ten times you go out, ten times gives you no statistic. WEAR pongee, ten times you go out gives you 20 men wanting dates. PICK the ones that are hot.

COMBINE statistical edge with a locational edge and you get an incrementally bigger statistic. Pictures this. TEN TIMES you eat at Mcdonalds, you meet 10 jerks date ten, fall in love with one, waste years.

TEN TIMES you eat at LE petite AUBERGE you meet 10 billion and up income guys.  THESE are guys whom you will not waste time with just dating the, so date all ten and let them fight among themselves who marries you. SO WHERE DO WE EAT?????? THE FRENCH CAFE near the FINANCIAL DISTRICT, MIDDAY, ALONE.

So what if a salad is 8$ at the Auberge! It's worth it!  TEN TIMES YOU GO OUT and it's 80$, there's at least a million dollar PAY OFF there and elsewhere those ten meals maybe are 8$ for all then, but they DO NOT PAY OFF! AND beef and white bread aren't good for you. So WHICH is truly the VALUE MEAL?

ANOTHER way that  LOCATION gives you the edge, (not just the location of meeting him) is give THOUGHT to the location you enhance on your personal person: I THINK a tight t shirt and jeans is about as sexy as it gets, but not a loose T SHIRT, you want a tight shirt showing off the Bust. A Bias skirt which CLINGS showing off the small waist and shape of HIP. SHORT SKIRT showing NO THIGH just little of knee, and calf/LEG. THESE are all good.

THINK STATISTIC, THINK LOCATION of cafe or resort or country club location and think location on body that gives a better statistic. SHOW SOMETHNG that you have that is great. THAT is what gives a better statistic of men falling for you on sight. MEN fall in love with their eyes.

The JAPANESE consider showing the back of the neck nape of neck to be so hot. THAT's their fave "location". the Asian ladies have white skin there, so the kimono reveals that cleavage in back there and men fall in love.

HERE in USA I think show very athletic finely honed, muscular, trim shape of torso. NEXT, show calves, legs, skirts better than trousers. Though for play, the well cut blue jean ...excellent as it shows the hip to waist ratio and exact shape of entire baby production machine. butt hipline pelvis, trim thighs. WELL CUT JEANS are good but the places we women WEAR THOSE JEANS AT ARE NO GOOD! PUBLIC PARKS. MALLS. NO GADZILLIONAIRES AT EITHER PLACE! Ergo, totally useless! WE are not after the guys hanging in public parks! SO can the blue jeans for a while.

THE IDEA is to hang the places where the super rich go. THEY DO NOT GO WHERE POOR PEOPLE GO EVER. To them it's not amusing to do so, not Dept stores not Big Mac Joints. THEY find our world grim, horrific. They are off with their own kind at country clubs. THEY HAVE what are called ENCLAVES. IN NEW YORK I was invited to lunch at a private club. Best dining room, only members can bring in guests. So you want to meet members of private clubs. THEY are at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM looking at the new collection or MOMA. Or at solar resorts near the city, at the most posh hotel. LUCKILY a gal can crash a big posh 400$ a day room hotel. YOU GO any time in day with swimsuit in your purse, go to ladies' room near pool, not in dining area! and swim/ sun all day. MR. BILLIONAIRE at some point during conversation says 'are you staying here, you say " I couldn't afford the room." WHo knows, he may treat you to one. Tell him it's not necessary.

Always FEEL PROSPEROUS with what you have and are. That is a good turn to take when hanging with the billionaires. They find it fresh. THEY would not be happy in your shoes, but that you ARE is truly heartening to them. The wealthiest man I knew married a Texas born gal with the cutest accent who cleaned motels. During their entire courtship she was doing motel rooms. He adored it, found her Presbyterian work ethic so poignant and noble. (Myself I think a daycare would work just as well if not better for a cute, touching job.) Do you know once this gal snagged him, she began charging fur coats of every kind at Saks. REGULARLY> He cut up that credit card, she’d get new ones. Charge fur coats and clothing and suits and luggage At other stores. WHY? BECAUSE SHE COULD do it LEGALLY. In a joint property state a wife gets half your discretionary income.When he’d frown and pout and complain she’d wheedle and if that didn’t work she’d put him down. This tigress also charged all her fave gal pal’s luxury stuff from party food to candles, even clothing and bakery goods at GELSONS the priciest market in L.A. WHY? Because she could. Their market bills were outrageous. HE divorced her and married an ex waitress from a deli! He met her waiting on tables. Yep. Left her all his millions, too. LEARN from reality!

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