Heart disease is the single biggest killer in the USA. A round tummy is one visible indicator of the syndrome but it isn't always the case. Thin people can succumb of heart disease too. The extremely thin Italian actor who played the starring role in "Il Postino" knew his heart was in bad shape but he went ahead and shot the movie. The day after they finished, he dropped dead.

The real signs of heart disease don't have to do with fat; they have to do with heart strength. If you are easily winded by walking, have a thin fluttery pulse in the left wrist, your heart is no good. Chinese doctors down in China town, even the herbalists, can diagnose from the wrists. If you get out of breath quickly on a jog or during exercise, your heart is not in good condition.

If you notice low circulation in the extremities, cold feet or hands, numbness in the extremities either when you awake in the morning or when physically active, and arthritis moving into these low-circ joints, you need to change your dietary lifestyle post haste. If you notice brain fatigue all day after a good night's sleep, your heart isn't pumping enough blood upstairs. If when you look into a mirror you see a cream layer in the TOP of the IRIS of eye, that's ARCUS SENILUS, from low circ upstairs. See "IRIDOLOGY" file.

If you have mental grogginess after meals, realize that the brain is not getting much blood, due to scant circulation in the head, (a body extremity). You have a heart muscle that can't pump hard enough. And if the heart isn't pumping hard enough, it's making up for it by pumping faster which will shorten its days and you'll note a fast pulse, over 80, without exertion.

If you have a sudden onset headache during sex ---if you have angina pectoris heart pain at times of stress ---(even stressful thoughts), there is probably already plaque (calcium, salt and fat scum) lining your coronary arteries, narrowing the flow of blood so that your heart screams, 'more blood, more blood' with that searing poke of angina pain, the poke that presages the heart attack it'll be when you're a year or two older.

These are the 'poor heart health' road signs which show that you're on a highway to an early grave. Luckily, this trainwreck can be turned around.

Heart deterioration can and must be halted at this stage because your heart, a muscle that pumps endlessly, day and night, needs blood fuel for every single muscular beat. To keep the beat going, we don't want clog in the venous system. Clog comes from fat, butter, cream, dairy so that's easy. Quit.

If you have any of the symptoms of clog, face the truth; your diet is wrong, your heart is not getting the blood it used to and if this goes on, and develops into the LATE stages of this disease, you can expect thinning of heart fibers, an inability for the blood to even move the lymph out of the feet and hands, extremities swollen by edema allowing arthritis and gout to move in. You start to get numb hands when you wake in the morning, swollen fingers and feet. Your joints get creaky. Walking is painful. Gout crystals accumulate on the bottoms of your feet, walking is painful. When all that happens, heart attacks are not far behind.

As conventional medicine tends to let the early symptoms pass unnoticed, preferring to 'patch' you later with costly transplants, bypasses and angiograms, seek out a holistic healer who can gauge if there's a problem brewing simply by looking in your eye. The iris of the eye has a picture of the entire body in it. When the iridologist looks at a future heart patient's eye, he sees a white cloud around the edge of eye showing plaque build-up in the capillaries. This is cholesterol, inorganic minerals like salt, wall-papering the veins. But don't worry. A carefully constructed diet can melt these deposits out of your arteries.



HOW: NO hydrogenated (heated oils or animal fats). NO SALT, No saturated fats --consumed. What FOODS HAVE SATURATED FATS? The usual suspects: MEAT, eggs, shellfish, dairy products like butter, cheese, milk, baked goods that contain dairy have cholesterol in them. Beef is the worst offender. Trim off all fat, fry lightly, then pour water over it or wine to release the fat, and avoid the gravy. Use vegetarian unsaturated fats found in proteins like tofu, tempeh, avocados, raw nuts. Then, the fat free proteins: beans, lentils, millet combined in FILLINGS for sandwiches or tacos. Use whole grain corn tortillas, unfried, heated on dry fry pan until hot and soft or slightly crisp. Stuff with vegies, mushrooms, grains combined into vegetarian meatloaf. Or use as stuffing for vegetables. No fried batter or egg covering allowed, but you won't miss these. Organically grown low-carb grains (oats/barley/rye) and vegetables are very tasty and combine into 'meatless versions' of all your favorite entrees. The oil mixes with salt to make the plaque. Hindus use basmati rice, mung beans, lentils with curry powder, very satisfying. So seek HINDU recipes online. Called INDIAN FOOD.

Use tiny amounts of "cold pressed" oil, labeled as such on the bottle. These have not been heated. They will not turn cloudy or thick in the fridge or turn thick in your veins. Use cold pressed oils on vegetables after they are steamed, putting crushed garlic, lemon, soy, toasted sesame seeds into the oil. Use such oils on top of grains, beans, Remember, you cannot heat oils without hydrogenating them. (Hydrogenation also causes free radical formation in body, softening of cells, your body tissue, skin, giving bad wrinkling, visible aging but weak cell walls lead to metastasis of cancers. While it's true that beta carotene and anti-oxidants, found at healthfood store counter effect this free radical effect, best is to avoid heated oils and keep your cell walls strong in the first place.

Arteries are made of cells too, and when artery or capillary walls are weak and there are also plaque deposits, the coursing blood can blast right through the artery wall, causing strokes and aneurysms. So don't heat your oils when you make dinner. Steam the different foods, assemble them into an entree, then anoint the finished dish with cold pressed, flavored oils so that the food has that pleasing savor and oily feel. This is the #1 cooking technique from the 21st century. No more unidentified frying objects!


HOW: It is a known rule of organic chemistry, known to holistic healers, that is, that organic minerals chelate, or grab, or 'solubilize' inorganic minerals, (which is half of what PLAQUE is). Then, the beneficial fats emulsify the nasty fats. The organic sodium in celery 'grabs' and banishes the inorganic sodium stuck in your veins. So, TAKE Omega fish oils, lecithin, borage oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, garlic with meals. Other cholesterol LOWERING supplements: Niacin, Co-ENZYME Q, L-Carnatine, Omega oils, ginger, cayenne, carrageenan, magnesium/calcium, Vitamin C, Chromium, Vitamin B6, Phosphatidyl choline, Gum guggulu, guar gum, Vit B-15, Butcher's Broom, fenugreek seeds, psyllium, Eat carrots, beans, avocados, garlic, ginger daily as they lower serum cholesterol. ALWAYS KEEP OILS IN FRIDGE, as exposed to light, heat, oxygen, they will become rancid and cause oxygen-free radicals to bombard your atoms, making your body look (on a sub-microscopic level) like swiss cheese!

HEALING GOAL #3- To get rid of the INORGANIC MINERAL content of the plaque. (Plaque (vein scum) is a mixture of inorganic minerals plus hard fats).

HOW- Shun city water & mineral water as there are too high a level of inorganic mineral deposits in it. In contrast, you WANT the ORGANIC minerals of raw vegetable juices which will chelate or solubilize the inorganic minerals in your plaque deposits. You can drink distilled water but holistic healers feel that a steady diet of mineral-free, distilled water would cause leaching of your own, personal mineral supply so irrigate the body with ORGANIC minerals. Make raw vegie juices every time you're thirsty. Keep stacks of freshly washed celery, carrots, beets, parsley in sight in the fridge, so that juicing is easy. Constant juicing gives you stacks of vegie-pith to steam and mix with your pet's meat, (I use turkey burger with the juicer pith). Or put it on your compost pile and grow more mineral-rich vegies!

INORGANIC MINERALS TO AVOID:Do not use high-inorganic mineral table salt or baking powders or anti-acids, ever. Use low-salt tamari (soy sauce) diluted in cooking. Or make 'gomasio' from 1/3 cup sesame seed that you toast, then you grind in 1/4 tsp genuine SEA salt to a 1/2 cup of sesame. Gomasio is addictively tasty, and you can use it on all entrees, salads, in baking cookies, breads.

HEALING GOAL #4- RELAX the HEART NERVE, and relax the body. Take it easy. Mostly Type A's die of heart disease. People with habitual mental stress get high blood pressure/ heart disease easier than relaxed types.

HOW-CUT BACK ON COFFEE AND TEA. SWITCH to MATE from Argentina or YOGI TEA.. If you want to discover new levels of relaxation, get a long, hard massage all over your body, stretching those tense muscles, cleaning uric acids off those nerves. Massage should concentrate on places where your body is painful to the touch and on nerve meridians. You can do self massage on the front of the chest. That's where the heart nerves run from arms and shoulders (where heart attacks start) into the armpit, and over the entire chest to sternum, between breasts. Train a family member to work on places you can't reach, your back, in shoulder blades where heart meridians hide.

Strong mates or children can double as masseurs. They will quickly learn where the toxins are and be worth the hundred dollars an hour that you don't have to pay them! Have the family member oil his hands so he can dig deep, rub hard, without catching or tweaking the skin. You want really deep tissue massage. I say, if you aren't screaming, it's not hard enough. You're trying to get toxins to eliminate from muscles, nerves, joins so make certain all strokes guide the toxins out, that they move toward the lungs where toxins will be exhaled and toward armpits, where they emerge through sweat. After the massage, have some lemon and water to flush the loosened toxins out of your body through the urine.

BURN OFF TOXINS with EXERCISE. Do your exercise session on a blanket in the yard, in the sunlight, so that you sweat buckets. Do the directed stretches of Yoga, which LIMBER you UP SO THAT YOU can enjoy aerobic EXERCISE MORE, so that it's fun to get PHYSICAL. Do Yoga stretches while deep nose breathing, not mouth breathing. Take very deep, long breaths, hold the while you go deeply into the painful stretch. Hold it as long as you can, then come out of the stretch. Have someone push you down into the most hard to hold stretches. You inhale deeply while they push your nose down to your knee and your nerves are pulled taut. You may scream 'enough' but they should keep you in the full stretch for 30 seconds. A good collateral effect of these painful stretches is that Arthritis, gout, bone swellings, bursitis, sciatic pain will all, mysteriously disappear with these painful nerve stretches. Why is a mystery.

GET THE BUDDHIST HEAD TRIP- One book,"How to Want What you have" By Tim Miller, at Abebooks, for a few dollars, used.

OTHER WAYS TO RELAX: Some sources suggest you take two children's (81 mg.) aspirins a day, one at bedtime. Aspirin not only relaxes you for sleep, it thins the blood. Investigate this on the net before you do it. Many get stomach mucosa burns from using it.

Bedtime is a good time to take your relaxing calcium but always with Magnesium, potassium aspartate, boron and a tiny Cod Liver oil capsule of Vit-D to insure that the calcium is absorbed. If insomnia is a problem, steep passionflower, red poppy bolus, skullcap, valerian, hops, vervain into a delicious tea. Drink a cup at bedtime, take sips whenever you wake up. A full l0 hours of sleep will turn any type A (for alarmed) into a type B (for Blissed Out.)

HEALING GOAL #5- Make skin a more efficient organ of elimination of salt stored in body. HOW- Take steams. (1/2 hour MINIMUM in very hot acid bath in bathtub with 2 cups of vinegar in water. Brush your skin with real bristle brush, bath brush. Towel off roughly, take icy water, slap skin. Let cold air blow on skin. Slap some more. This makes skin a more efficient eliminator. Do yard work in sun. SWEAT copiously. Drink lemonade made of fresh lemons while you work, no ice.


HOW- Take 'additives' useful for heart. The number one heart toners are Hawthorn, it's botanical name is Crataegus monogyna and you may also want to consider fish oil, CoQ10 and Magnesium and Calcium. Another, which works on hypertension, reversing narrowing of arteries, seeming to stop tachycardia and fibrillation, (jerky heart-beat,) is cayenne. Use Cayenne Caps daily, for the rest of your life. It cannot hurt body in any way. Mustard and Ginger do burn mucosa or skin, Cayenne will not. You can bathe in it up to your neck. Not saying you should, only that it does not 'burn' stomach interior or gut even though it seems hot. It is available at healthfood store in capsules. Users take it before breakfast, on an empty stomach. If EVER you are near anyone having a heart attack, open a cayenne capsule and spill contents under their tongue. TO CLEAN VEINS: Every so often, take a lecithin cure. It chelates or solubilizes fats. You take a tablespoon of lecithin, wait an hour until it's in your bloodstream, then exercise. Do this daily for a month then quit, do it four times a year. Cayenne is available at market, but use the hotter kind, from healthfood store. Garlic/Ginger mix good. Hawthorne gives a strong heartbeat; Black Cohosh, magnesium and potassium strengthen heart muscle. Vitamin E cleans arteries, oxygenates. Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B-15 oxygenate; B6 combats atherosclerosis; Chromium, Calcium, Carnitine, Pantetheine and Vit C normalize blood lipids; selenium reduces risk of heart attack, bromelian dissolves thromboses. Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed oils, Omega fish oils contain important 'healthy fats.' For why, read "Healing Thru Nutrition" by Werbach. ABE BOOKS has it

GOAL 7: ROLLER COASTER PANCREAS STIMULANT FOODS ADIOS! Reduce foods that cause high insulin levels in blood. HOW: No sugars, high carb grains or cereals which can cause heart-destroying fatty acids to form. For more on this issue read: Enter the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears, an inspiring, edifying book! Every library has it.

GOAL 8 - Get your OPC's, Oligomeric proanthocyanidins ... OPC's ... a product commonly derived from one or more of a combination of grape seed extract, red wine extract and/or pine bark extract. OPC's are very powerful bioflavanoids used as a natural food supplement. Often referred to as Pycnogenols® ... the name  given to these supplements by Jacques Masquelier, a University of Bordeaux, France professor and scientist... and trademarked by Horphag  Overseas Limited of Geneva, Switzerland. OPC's have been shown to have  powerful "free-radical" scavenging activity. They are non-toxic, bioavailable,  water soluble bioflavanoids.OPC sources are:

rose hips
bean hulls
turmeric (which I take 1x day for many reasons, including
antiinflammatory/prevention/ok'd by dr. d. and dr. deepak chopra)
rhubarb, apples, sorghum

main botanical sources from most to least...
grape seed
white pine
bilberry leaf
witch hazel
horse chestnut
hawthorn leaf
gingko leaf
birch leaf
black jack oak (never heard of this)

OPC is made from grape seed, pine bark and red wine.
Grape seeds have 15% more OPC than pine bark and of the food and
botanical sources listed


DURING NIGHT-Distilled water or uva ursi TEA, lots of it all night.

BEFORE BREAKFAST - 2 cayenne capsules with a few sips of your raw juice or de-caf coffee or herbal tea. A nice high calcium tea is red raspberry leaves with some alfalfa. Take with 1 tablespoon of liquid potassium for muscle strength. Or, have fresh non-acid fully ripe raw fruits blended into fruitshake, being cautious that orange is ripe. Usually they are unripe, hence too acid. Fruitshake is taken with liquid potassium which increases muscular strength. Go to healthfood store, find Electrolytes. Take w. HAWTHORN berries/Black cohosh, Calcium Citrate (only NON-dangerous form of calcium, with MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM which strengthen heart, helps calcium be absorbed, and with trace mineral BORON. All other calcium supplements end up as PLAQUE in your arteries. Avoid them.

BREAKFAST- fresh raw skim goat or cow milk, made into yogurt with genuine culture served w. Papaya, pears, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, black berries, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries. Watermelon by itself.(THESE are high sodium fruits). Or old-fashioned oats. No coffee. Take your all day brain tonic caps like BRAIN POWER or "Mental Edge" (these have magic brain vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, dong quai, and stimulating herbs like gota cola that do NOT work like caffeine on vagus nerve or pancreas. TAKE a TWIN LABS Multi-vit. Or, have a Bioflavonoid- rich stroke preventing fruit-shake, (cherries, orange, blackberries all prevent strokes) add Spirulina algae and bee pollen. Whole grain toast. Use jam of the new fruit only variety, made with no sugar. GET OFF COFFEE or use COLUMBIAN water processed De-Caf not real coffee. CAFFEINE aggravates heart & its uric acid = arthritis. TAKE MULTI VIT PILL that has Vit E, as it strengthens heart, also take Choline, a MEGA-B- Complex. +Sub-lingual B-12,FRUIT shake (no dairy) Add bee POLLEN, rice bran syrup, algae & flax seed oil.

MID MORNING: SNACK ON HIGH CALCIUM raw nuts/seeds. Dried, unsulphured fruit in very small amounts as sugars create insulin which creates heart disease.

BEFORE LUNCH - Digestive enzymes, herbal supplements: (Mullein, Marshmallow Foenugreek,) Kidney herbs like Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry, dandelion).

LUNCH: 3 high sodium (natural sodium flushes out inorganic sodium) VEGIES like Squash, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, okra, pumpkin or brown rice, taken with salt-free sweet butter, (raw butter if you can get it from farm), Cook Veal bones several hours to make calcium rich broth. Use as a base for home-made high calcium/ sodium vegie soup which you then put in broth, simmer a few minutes. Have high calcium sesame, miso in soup & tahini, garbanzo in sandwich spread, with Dr. Bragg's amino seasoning. Eat no ordinary table salt. Healthfood store Sea salt is added in cooking liquids where it can dissolve --better is low salt SOY sauce. Eat salad with high sodium, high-Calcium watercress, celery and romaine. (no head lettuce). If protein is in meal take protease enzyme tab.

MID AFTERNOON- High calcium persimmon, grapes, peach, pineapple strawberry, or mangoes (whole) or fresh FULLY RIPE citrus (rarely found) with fat-free yogurt. Yogurt must have all four strains of culture, which super market gelatin filled yogurts rarely do. Pavel is best, Continental next.

LITE SNACK - Low-sugar fruit, SOUP OR AVOCADO but if you're smart you will drink RAW VEGETABLE JUICE. Carrot, beet, watercress, celery, cucumber, spinach. Organic minerals chelate, or solubilize plaque in your veins.

BEFORE DINNER Herbal Supplements. 1 cap Lecithin, niacin l00 mg. w. bitters. A dandelion leaf chewed is a fine 'bitter' to create digestive juices, important if you burp after eating, (meaning you're not digesting proteins properly, you're fermenting them and that protein will then 'insult' your kidneys!)

DINNER: 3 high sodium, low starch vegetables: leeks, chard in veal bone broth, turnips, kale, kohlrabi, romaine, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans. SALAD of cucumbers, endive, cress, romaine, chinese cabbage, small amounts, low fat cheese or cottage cheese, but not much, & dressing of olive oil, real garlic, & a dash of soy sauce; a 'low carb' whole grain like barley, bulgur wheat, use unsalted butter. Always pre-soak grains/pulse at 100 degrees, to deactivate phytic acid as beans, seeds, tahini, nuts and whole grain breads have phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of minerals. Phytic acid causes mineral (among them calcium) excretion. Phytic acid is destroyed if GRAINS or seeds are sprouted (then the bread is made) or if dough is left to rise in yeast stage for 2 hours, or if grains are soaked for 2 hours at l00 degrees before cooking. THEN use grains, low-fat cheese, mushrooms in a Vegetarian meatloaf. (Ask me for recipe) When you start to use low-carb grains (rye/oats/barley) to take the place of FLESH, take mineral supplements. (Calcium citrate should be given with boron, magnesium, selenium, trace minerals and cod liver oil D so minerals are assimilated. With meal take a multivit pill, Twin Labs best brand, Vit E again, & lecithin as this is a fatty meal.

BEDTIME: 1) HERBAL LAXATIVE TABLET like Swiss Kress, but there ARE better available thru Mail Order (Nature's Sunshine formula is wonderful. They are in Spanish Fork Utah. 2). SLEEP HERBS. You also need sleeping herbs as you must encourage fatigue EARLIER and then, sleep DEEPLY for 8 hours or even MORE. This is VERY good for the fatigued heart. Sip herbal sleep-mix TEA for the last hour or two before bedtime to encourage desire to lie down PLUS deepen sleep & lengthen sleep to 9-10 hours. Drink 2 glasses at nite (10 to 1 AM) then leave 2 more glasses of this tea by bed in case you wake up. (Buy bulk herbs (cheaper) than herb sleeping pills & tea is assimilated quickly, won't linger in bowel next day, (as sleeping pills do) making you too logy in daytime.) Last of all, do 1/2 hr minimum of exercise a day, sweating, raising heartbeat. DO THE ABOVE YOU WILL BE HEALED! Your old potency and energy return, heart rate goes down in beats, but with a much stronger pulse. Low-blood sugar which created those eternal munchies, vaporizes, along with extra blubber. As extremities gain their old circulation, brains clear, arthritis departs. You're young again!

SUPPLEMENTS- Co-enzyme Q -10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, you can go six times normal doses. Magnesium. Read SUPPLEMENT ARTICLE, (URL that you click on!)

SIDE BAR: Watch Fat-Free Cookery shows like the one Graham Kerr or Lyn Fisher do or did as these are old shows, found on Cable stations; read The famous Dr. Pritikin books so that you will be inspired to see how easily the heart can be assisted back into glowing health. Read Olympic nutritionist/trainer, Dr. Barry Sears' fine book, 'ENTER THE ZONE' or you'll never understand how having sugar and carbhohydrates in the diet will give high levels of insulin in the blood, a condition which in turn, creates heart disease. Seek old books by these authors for a buck each at

IN SUMMATION: IF THERE IS ANY PAIN IN THE HEART TODAY, OR LOGINESS, tachycardia, skipped beats, a feeling of lack of circulation, lack of a strong pulse in left wrist, it's an ideal day to commence a heart diet. Avoid all sugar, high carbs as HIGH insulin in blood gives heart disease. Vow no more alcohol, (high insulin) or coffee. (it tires out heart muscle). That good thing found in red wine is also in red purple grape juice. Drink your fill of unsweetened grape juice from HFS or make your own on juicer. There's no excuse for high insulin alcohol. Take delicious concord juice as often as you want. Carry your own brand to cafes, get their ice. Take folic acid supplements, 5 mg daily if your family is predisposed to heart disease or eat several organic salads a day to give the folic acid. Supplement chromium as there’s none left in soils since cave days. Take niacin after meals. Start with 25mg. work your way up as you get used to the flushing. Use B6, Pantethine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium citrate, cayenne, hawthorn berries, Magnesium, liquid potassium, selenium, carnetine, Co-enzyme CQ 10, Omega fatty acids GLA/EPA. Take Bromelain daily. (or use fresh pineapple as a dessert after greasy meals.) Avoid deli, animal organ meats, fatty cuts of beef, chicken skin although occasional calves' liver is excellent for the B-12 that comes only in this meat, and is not found in substantial quantitites in any other food we ordinarily eat! LIVER and ONIONS is a great treat. So, once in a while, do it.

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