When the lender asks, where'd ya get your down payment
for this farm? you have only to say “'mattress money.' I bank
in my bedroom. Was always afraid of RECESSION and
bank failure. It's OK, isn't it?” IT IS OK.and you can buy
property with cash. YEP! Ask me how I know this.

Let’s pick the MOST UNSTEADY categories for a citizen to be in. Ummm. You were just fired. Or you hear they’re going to close your division. Or you're in a big city, don't know many people and don’t know how to do a ‘now/today/ hip RESUME. CLICK on BUSINESS WEEK MAG’s fab tricks! Or, maybe you're from a southern or rural state with only a farming economy, stuck there right now, enjoying the gorgeous life but needing some cash ingresses. Or maybe you are an illegal immigrant. Or let’s think of something really bothersome. Your spelling is poor, you only have a high school education, your wardrobe is marginal, shoes scuffed and you’re chubby. NOT TO WORRY. YOU HAVE the one thing required to make a million dollars a year. You have basic life talents. I know country boys have talents as I’ve seen them build a root cellar, birth a calf, plow a field and if you’re an immigrant, Third worlders always have skills. MY PC re-builder is from BOMBAY.His shop is spiffy. Anyone who sees all those old PC’s stacked up, polished, for sale cheap will buy from him or hire him to come to their office and fix things.

Right now, you're stressed about making it in LIFE! RELAX. NOT TO WORRY. You can go from zero to sixty in ONE MONTH. Read all the articles we offer on Guerilla Capitalismbecause you can find immediate cash working as an artist, carpenter, cook and or caterer, nanny, houseboy, without recommendations, without letters of praise from known citizens. Just your honest face, clean clothes and good grooming, your polite mode of speaking and your willingness to work at lower prices than most, and then shop at upscale markets and give out your business card. That and that alone will get you connected in a city.

What if you want to do massage for l00$ an hour, as we describe in MASSAGE CAREER. No money for massage school? No car? PLEASE get a car, even if it's unfiched, tagless, and park it butt backwards in parking lots and drive in traffic so that you can see twenty cars behind you and twenty in front and if a cop appears, you can make a quick right, park, butt tucked in and wait for the fuzz to pass. You can heal, mentor, do massage (SHIATSU or SWEDISH or ROLFING) without  a license. Enjoy being a country boy or girl or an immigrant who barely speaks English. The idea is to be kindly and put cash under the mattress. Bank under the rose bushes. Or as I do, drive the back streets with a smile.  TAGLESS In BABYLON!

Another thing you can do is COOK, make special foods that people pay big for.Create a MOVEABLE FEAST serving sandwiches in OFFICES, make CAKES, pies, cheesecake. Study catering. Study with people who do it via store front businesses, by apprenticing to them. GET PAID to study! VOLUNTEER as a cook's helper if you have to. WASH DISHES, but hang around the big foodie joints. Last I heard, it's 22 thousand clamolas to study at the posh, CULINARY ACADEMY. If you give it away, slicing salads for free, you make 22k right off the bat.

MY GURU, a guy who is a ringer for JESUS, hair and face and eyes and all….. KIRANTANA, (born Craig McSomething, who gave 5 yrs of his life to Croatia while bullets flew, teaching yoga for free,). does the tagless in Babylon trick on MAIN STREETS as I do --but also on freeways and HIGHWAYS, even  with  no legal tag-California plates, no driver's license and no insurance. That goomba is totally illegal! He was born JOE ORDINARY WESTERN NAME in the suburbs of LA so he does have a birth certif but he has no license to drive, no Calif plates on his car (totally req’d to be in CALIF) He has NO IRS standing for fees received for Kundalini yoga classes or his incredible music albums, or concerts, all THREE of which he gives everywhere. He sells CD's of his guitaring, and he's really good! He sings beautifully. Plaintive country Blues way....HE is a master kundalini yoga teacher, I met him as HARI SHABD when he was with YOGI BHAJAN. Today, his van has Carolina plates cuz he is a wanderer and he spent sometime there. He bought a house there after his mom died, cuz he got 200k. That house doubled in value so he's like an UNWILLING-to-be- rich guy. AN ACCIDENTALLY very propertied dude. God rewarded him for that Bosnia bit.

He wanders the country in his old tagless van with his basic survival stuff with him. Tiny fridge, guitar, spiritual library. He gave his newly bought house in CAROLINA to some chum's dear ole MA who pays the payment. He bought another house in Missouri, invests in stocks, lives off what his stocks yield.AND STILL drives with no paper. If they take his car, impound it, he’ll take the guitar out of it, some books and hitchhike somewhere new.

I am sort of like him though I don’t teach yoga, have his good karma or drive all that much (drive back streets one mile to a super cheap market, ) and survive as an INTERNET WITCH. I throw ads onto CRAIGS LIST that read “STARGAZER TO THE STARS, GURU TO THE GURUS, Yogi Bhajan says ‘best psychic ever,’ Other clients, ex-President of India, Dyal Singh, Courtney Love who praises her in her CD jacket, Carlos Castaneda.” And then offers a 15$ natal horoscope or LOVE scope, less than a tenth of what the big guys cost. MONTE LANDIS was 750$ the first day he reads your chart, and that was l985!

I type 8 hrs a day to do scopes. Why is cuz I Gotta pay the rent on an ancient funky cottage, 995$ a month,for 17 yrs, when the old guy was around but his creepy heiress daughter raised it to $1200.. water the gardens for a buck a day. No van. I DRIVE a 23 year old Civic car ILLEGALLY as I have no driver’s insurance. And no driver's license EITHER. WHY? I GOT A ticket turning right on a stopsign (not a light,) with minimal breaking, we call it Sushi driving,i.e. doing a California Roll and the ticket was for not HAVING tags or a drivers license (it had expired, and no CAR INSURANCE. I couldn't fix or pay ticket or rebuild my motor or smog it, so ticket went to warrant. ( I guess I did not have my yogi pal’s superb mastery of the ethers, to have that ability to be invisible to cops. I believe it involves CRAB EYES going all four directions at once. (Or having ANGELS who have crab eyes.) And I don't do any  sessions of remote viewing .(Google those words, you can learn how.) My Yoga teacher pal drives the entire country with no paperwork!

I have no health coverage, don’t need it. Don’t put anything but healthfoods in my body or in my kids, when I was a young mother. Back then, I never made my kids get vaccinated as a.) I felt their immune systems knew every bug as I never gave them antibiotics, and their immune system would nail any bug. ALSO, I’m ashamed to admit, I knew full well that every other damn kid had been vaccinated. So I told SCHOOL NURSE: “CHRISTIAN SCIENCE lady here, VACCINE against my beliefs,) and now I write articles on how MERCURY in those vaccines CAUSES AUTISM, formaldahyde causes Lou Gehrig’s disease or ASL. I know two guys who died of that one...So I pay a debt of gratitude for disease free kids…and I pay it my way.HOW?

Living as a non tax paying guerilla capitalist and teaching youth to do the same. Everybody with an SUV and a house they own has huge salaries. 60k a year salary is now considered poverty line. I have about 17k a year.  I charge modicum prices for my work and can survive pretty well on trickle down, cuz the rest of the world lives in HYPER INFLATION. I pursue my line of astrology WORK without the IRS knowing that like a mouse in a mansion, gnawing crumbs, I make out like a bandit.

The one HALF year I had a job at a psychic hotline, I paid taxes. Decades before and after, I didn’t. I had no job, no earnings, raised four kids myself staying home, with an absent husband in another country who never paid a cent of alimony. Did a few horoscopes but no real job. I was very big on DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES and I used to vote, but when that name on the voting register showed up on JURY DUTY and they wouldn't let me off of duty, though I said I needed to make my food cash daily, working at home and needed to be at home desperately as I was near to being a non rent paying mother, they demanded I SHOW UP AT COURT HOUSE. So I stopped registering for jury duty.

I could have done massage *under the massage table, as it were, but I have a lame heartvalve requiring open heart surgery so I get winded easy. I haven't answered the IRS about who I am since I did that 6 mos PSYCHIC HOTLINE job. THE IRS saw my W-2 & said who the hell are you? I didn't lie about who I was or my SSA number. They just didn't get an answer from me. That was the end of that. I moved later when owner sold the house, I rented another house. The IRS doesn't know if their query got to me or not. So I'm in a drawer somewhere with a big question mark. I highly recommend this position! I’m also 66 years old, so I’m not starting a new biz but if I were 20 or 30, I would. I’d never tell IRS I existed until I was earning over the TEN K a year that they will try to tax. Under ten k,  sub poverty level, you don’t have to tell them you exist.

There are so many ways to start earning well. YOU are in a city with millions of people. YOU CAN print up biz cards saying HOLISTIC MASSAGE or HERBAL HEALING, or GESTALT AND PRIMAL SCREAM THERAPY. CLICK on those URLS and study a few of the New AGE holistic professions you can enter without college.. YOU Can use the shoppers’ CHAT METHOD to talk to strangers at the healthfood store. Winning smile, biz card gets whipped out after you converse for a minute. THE CELERY GAMBIT. I call it. "OH, you're buying celery, that's good, It is ORGANIC SODIUM and chelates or melts out the IN-ORGANIC sodium in your veins which is plaque. extends your life!” Pause for a breath so that THEY ASK “are you a healer?” “Funny you should spot that, Yes, I am! “ you throw 'em your card. You can charge an arm and a leg for your work, at the git go, or start underpricing every other healer, then slowly over a year, as you get too crowded a schedule …’up’ the ante.

My friend left smoggy L.A. for New York. A pro photographer, she designed two websites herself, never having done it before. She had an apartment in RIVERDALE the BRONX, not 20 min from POSH MANHATTAN. She targeted the UBERWEALTHY at ‘baby play sites,’ filming  socialites, their babies and their pets. EACH client brought her a second. Two became four four became eight, eight sixteen. She's ROLLING IN MONEY & mailed me a crate of 12 cans of beans from a healthfood supplier, 6 boxes akmak crackers, 6 yam noodle ramen pcgs, almond butter. Grains and pulse, organic stuff. Soon all her clients were gigamillionaires, famous people.

I run a smaller empire,an astrology business, (25$ a natal horoscope means no profits really.) All day I type natal horoscopes and the FREE DAILY STAR PREDICTIONS are sent to your EMAIL as lesson- readings, interpretations to clients all over the world. They paypal me TIPS. Yet the $ I earn is so low that the IRS is not looking for me. I never put so much $ in bank that the GOV says 'who are you? I think the IRS cutoff pt is 7k per year so not likely I'd hit it. Read LAUNDER YOUR MONEY.

TODAY, 2016, I never put so much money in bank that SOCIAL SECURITY sees me as they TAX SENIORS on SS! See my TAX INFO INDEX FOR GYPSIES

I drive an 83 Honda civic car with no tags, license, insurance, driving by day when I can see 40 cars behind me. The L.A COPS are not looking for me. If I drove at night, a unit might come behind me. Then they'd stop me, confiscate the car though they would see  a lot of soda cans in back of my hatchback and know I'm some old, poor lady. Then they look at ID on car -- if they want to give me a ticket (and I have no ID on me,) the car's owner's name is misspelled. Birth names that my MOM gave me at birth which I have never used except to register car. So car belongs to a person who does not exist. See, a week after my birth, My mom couldn't stand those names. She changed them in her mind, and on my school records, drivers licenses, etc. BUT this original wierd name endures on a birth certificate with two baby feet prints on it. DEPT MOTOR VEHICLE is  looking for me as MY NOW NAME, not that weird baby foot prints name. SO I REGISTERED THE CAR luckily enuf with an ancient birth the weird name. NO ID was req'd then to register cars. (IT IS NOW in some states, but DMV workers frequently put anything in you've written on form, barely checking the certif as hell, they don't care.) SO THIS ANCIENT car is heaving its last breath as a GUERILLAMOBILE only thing is, 1983 Hondas last forever. Japs throw away all motors at 30,000 miles and ship them here, did you know that? You can always throw a new motor in if you forget oil and water, or fail to see your TEMP GAUGE & blow a motor. I DO NOT do any of those no-no things! Well, maybe once, so that’s how I know it’s 800$ for a Jap new motor.

I drive back streets to market,by day, so I can see ten cars behind me and if there's a cop unit, I park and back up tight to something or turn right. I use bank accts that I opened in 1969 when I brought my four kids out of a bad marriage (abusive Spaniard,) --in the Mexico City area. (San Miguel de Allende, to be exact, Guanajuato,) and I raised 4 children alone, never ever got a job. Welfare gave you about 1/4 of what you needed to survive in L.A. and that's true of NYC and SEATTLE.

MY WEBSITES teach guerilla capitalism. Do your studies there. Hundreds of careers that were lucrative in CALIF /NYC and will soon be lucrative anywhere.  my very first homemade website! Then, visit the MONEY STUDIES SITE, and the FRUGAL KANGAROO WEBSITE.

CHECK  OUT the HOW TO CREATE SINGLES PARTIES for money, be a matchmaker, serve up ROMANCE STUDIES like LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS, which help women make better choices. ALSO THE "HOST PARTIES" SITE  and THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM WEBSITE….which leads to the BLACK MARKET webpage.

THE ONLY HONEST THIEF IN THE WORLD is a single mother or the jobless father of a bunch of children supporting a stay at home jobless wife.  If this Casino Bankster recession continues, you might want to join us in being alive, fed, warm, OKAY, in spite of a government that seems to want it otherwise. GUERILLA CAPITALISM ..i.e. THE COTTAGE INDUSTRY ... is the way to go.