ARTICLE on CLEARING PEOPLE'S MINDS, A COTTAGE INDUSTRY in THERAPY ---which you will want to SAVE, SHARE, publish on YOUR BLOG ... has moved to a bigger site ==========> GESTALT THERAPY   --- I HAD TO MOVE it as EARTHLINK --- my WEBHOST SERVER/ ISP ---doesn't like LONG articles that get HUNDREDS of CLICKS/ SURFERS or Readers and they REQUIRE BANDWIDTH LIMITS whatever those are and they demanded MORE MONEY  to STOP LIMITING ME ... so I MOVED THE PAGE ! THIS CORPORATION REFUSED TO LIVE UP TO their 1995 PROMISE of  "10 FREEBIE WEBSITES" -- they gave me four. And SPACE/ VISITOR LIMITS! They were closing the page down every single month when over twenty viewers had read it, TOO MANY FOR THEIR BANDWIDTH they'd tell me.

They would close the page 'til the end of month only and said they'd OPEN DOORS if (instead of paying 40$ a month for a webhost server ) I should pay 75$. I went without food for 20 years with them doing this 40$ a month thing with those exploitative bums as my precious addie was with them, astrology at earthlink net. Can't LOSE THAT! So the pirates HAD ME!

But finally I got frugal, realistic & moved that PSYCH CAREER file to my more GENEROUS WEBHOST folks called DOMAIN MONGER -- 8$ a month not 75$ and MADE EARTHLINK HONOR THEIR BASIC SERVICE FEE at 9$ a month so finally quit paying 40$ !!

Now I have 7,000 files parked at DOMAIN MONGER, WEB HOST, all readable l00% of the time. Half are at 5$ webhosting. GREAT HOST!

BTW, YOU CAN RePUBLISH any one of them, free, or ALL OF THEM, monetize them even, all FREE TO YOU. PUBLISHING RIGHTS are "COMMON CAUSE".

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