WELCOME TO THE FRUGAL ROO WEBSITE! GREETINGS WEBSITE VISITOR! Ya just surfed in, did ya? WE MOVED FRUGAL SITE TO THE URL BELOW! TOO MANY VISITORS for my server, EARTHLINK'S LIKE. The free tiny weeny website hosting they'd do for me? Even THAT miniscule spot they'd SHUT OFF after 1000 visitors a month had been there..... to make ME, THE FRUGAL ROO, cough up more MONEY. And I can't shake them as they are the source of my neat email addie    ASTROLOGY AT EARTHLINK DOT NET! 

 I am ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, mother of 4, career astrologer, cheapest in  the world outside of INDIA and I WROTE THE FRUGAL LIFESTYLE PAGE about HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING DANGER of a planet in RECESSION, with INFLATION on homes, rents, food, ridiculous prices on junk clothing, maybe junk education & I cover the theme of the RICH gone so far wackadoo screwy greedy that they STRANGLED the GOLDEN GOOSE, which is US.  THE CITIZENRY --

So when EARTHLINK, my SERVER, wanted more money to allow me more visitors to that page? I just thumbed my nose & hired a new WEB HOST, DOMAINE MONGER. REAL CHEAP great service and I moved my files there! NYA NYA EARTHLINK!

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