and make a ton of money...

This is an easy, no brainer business to do but does require energy. Create a FOOD CO-OP out of your own kitchen. THE GIMMICK is that you give farm-fresh organic vegies, fruits, nuts, staples and ready-made entrees of a quality that it's impossible to get with a hundred stops at a hundred different stores. You give it with ONE STOP, convenience for a subscription fee. CARRIAGE TRADE FOODS, for farm stand prices.

WHO WOULD SIGN UP FOR THAT? The question is, WHO WOULDN'T?? Anyone who hears the full scope of the offer will leap. Write all these delicious details down, include adjectives like fresh baked, unsprayed, savory, fully ripened, not SUPER MARKET GREEN/UNRIPE!!! Create a typed up ad using this page if you want, then mail it out to a dozen people to test market it. You'll see, they'll all go for it on a trial, one month, four week basis. So for one month, cook, bake and go to farms and carry the results to a dozen clients' homes.

When they realize their super market shopping is done better, cheaper, faster and BY YOUR LEGWORK, not theirs, you will find these excited, overjoyed CLIENTS will bring you other clients. But don't let them do it out of joy. Give them a profit motive. Tell them they get cheaper groceries when more people subscribe. This business will mushroom incrementally as people will soon realize that the MORE pals they get in on it, the lower their produce costs are.

WHO WILL I GET? Your clients (the first month) will be your close pals, who will do it out of friendship but when they find they get more vegies/ fruits/ grains cheaper and better they will give you a recommendation. This word will go out to their relatives and friends. So that first month, you must do it right. WHAT DOES DOING IT RIGHT MEAN?

It means elegance, style, a hyper pure profile. For one thing, CALL THE BUSINESS FRESH N' ORGANIC and drop in a print-out from Steinman's "POISONS IN OUR FOODS" which says that most supermarket vegies and p-nut butters have up to a hundred different pesticides. No wonder cancer is l00 times more prevelant than in l901!.

Add the elegant, "EASY COOK" SUBSCRIPTION feature. You hand deliver a weekly basket of fruits/ vegies/ eggs/ grains/ pulse all fresh from the farm. In with it are a few hand baked goods, cookies, cakes, muffins, also printed out recipes for vegetarian protein or savory dishes that they can easily make from these often new and unfamiliar products, such as millet or tofu.

After a trial month, your clients will make applications for annual or lifetime membership. They pay a monthly fee for deliveries or other special treatment. Each additional feature incurs a new fee. BAKED GOODS CLUB is one fee. PIE CLUB is another. DESSERT CLUB a third. PUDDING CLUB another fee. SALAD DRESSING CLUB another. SANDWICH FILLING CLUB..boy I'm just gettin' started!

If you ever get so big you have to rent a store, then customers can come in off the street. Even strangers can shop with you but the FOUNDING Members get 'shop cards' issued. They will get special discounts at the STORE CO-OP, and not only at YOUR STORE but at local bakeries and butchers who have TIE-INS with you. You arrange this with your butcher or baker. Saying "I'll bring you MANY new clients. They'll bring a special card with them. Give them a discount. I want no kick back from this, whatsoever. It's my gift to you for treating my people right."

This Co-op could be organized under a Non Profit tax exempt Corporation act. Walk it thru the Secretary of State in the Capital, cost you l00$ tops. Most lawyers, accountants will volunteer the minutes it takes to put that together. Or do it yourself. BY RULES OF CHARITIES, You are allowed a salary for running and so are a few of your friends. Members could have votes. A system for input can be arranged. Any accountant or bookkeeper could do your non profit incorporation for 50$. And for charity you feed a few geriatrics for free.

Usually, the Annual memberships expire a yr from date of application. Members may terminate, receive payment back if they want out early. Members could GET an additional 3% discount on all purchases. l0% discount by helping out in store 4 hrs a month.

You get special deals at other local businesses. You in New England? Maple Syrup for instance, or gorgeous home made baskets from local basket-makers or you have a grain mill near you? Organic whole wheat bread as you start your own coven of bakers. Baking is an art which you may not know now, but don't feel that you can't learn it fast enough (I have files on bread baking which might make it easier for you.) I'd say you should TRY to be the baker at first, and add that to your profits. Later, when the loaves are over l00, use a pro baker, but get him the best, organic whole grain, stone ground flour and make sure he does at least a 2 hour rise so dough loses its phytic acid. BEST is to use sprouted grains by soaking whole grain overnight, rinsing, then grind with a vita-mix which can triterate grain. SOAK grains overnight so phytic acid disperses into the water which you toss in garden. Call that BIBLE BREAD. Costs a fortune in Bev Hills but has no acid in mouth after chewing. Amazing stuff!

JUST FOR BEING ABLE TO COME IN THE DOOR, many food co-ops charge for Membership which can cost 60$ a year. It's refundable (pro-rated) if someone opts out. On top of it, customers pay for the vegies or foods they buy weekly.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START? A few boxes of produce,  a BIG KITCHEN or GARAGE and a big van or VW bus to or closed truck.....used to transport and hand deliver the food. Of course, it's nice if you have a terrific mix master to make delicacies like chile rellenos, quiche, stuffed vegies, Tofu with shitake or tofu/vegie meatloaf in your own kitchen and sell them on large, plastic serving plates at a huge mark up price from sheer cost of ingredients. In that case, you need an oven, pie tins and the like.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? It's simple. Go to wholesale market and set up a wholesale account for yourself. Tell the man you will take slightly wilted at a 3/4 off price and pass savings on to your subscribers. Find a farmer who has unpasteurized, pure goat milk, better for us than cow. Try to get only unsprayed, organic foods. That's a selling point. Arrange with nearby farmers who can prove they do not use pesticides. Buy their fresh eggs, cheese, milk and vegies/ fruits/ nuts. So there's driving out to the country side once a week. Could be fun if you've got kids. Or, take everybody's kids along, pay them a buck to carry, and charge the parents 5$ a kid for the FARM OUTING! You have to have insurance on the kids for this check that out. Or get parental waivers.

So, back to the food ideas. ONE CUSTOMER will buy miniumum 30$ a week, times a year equals 1500$ a year. At that rate, which is lowballing it, ten customers would be $15,000 a year. One hundred customers would be $150,000. In that case, get a delivery boy and pay him 20k a year. It's much more probable that when they taste your eggs, milk, cheese, cookies, their grocery purchases could go up to l00$ a week each! That's a half mil a year!

This business is guaranteed to put a great social life and friends in your Xmas stocking. You will soon know all your members and their children and mates by name, be invited to their parties, introduced to their friends. Until it gets too big. Sadly, one day you'll become a corporation and have employees and all that unconditional love will be over and it becomes CONDITIONAL LOVE. We love boss IF!. You have to give your workers HMO's and dental plans.....ALTERNATIVE ones, of course!  By then your village will have a few alternative holistic doctors, and you may have caused that to occur!

Visit the Flagship stores of the big INTERNET guys in this biz, only in a few cities, maybe not yours….but check out the first few carefully. There’s always a 5-10$ delivery fee, so it’s for yuppies who get palpitations when they’re forced to handle mundane realities like shopping. GO see NET GROCER dot com,   FRESHDIRECT a New York area group. Safeway foods has one, READ THIS ARTICLE:     And Giant Food has  PEAPOD.  http://www/

Google up MRS GOOCH a Schoolteacher gal who started one healthfood market, expanded to a chain of a dozen, then WHOLE FOODS bought her entire chain out for millions! So this is more than a dogooder career, it can make you a multi-millionaire as happened to Sandy Gooch!