ACTORS start off with a more attractive body, face than the rest of the world,-- usually. They have the raw material the rest of us only dream of having. Or do they? I see beauties all over this country at age 18. It is the EATING HABITS that quickly destroy the natural beauties among us. MOVIE STARS simply have technicians, nutritionists, holistic doctors who put them on some amazing power diet so they only get better looking as they age. Ashly Judd, Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore are better today than they were as teens. So why do the rest of us get the same good looks they were born with and then we TRASH those looks? ??

We TRASH our bodies when we carelessly banish hunger on the fly, with a mix of chemical laden sandwich meat and white bread. We banish health when we use preserved meats like bologna, ham, corned beef, bacon. We destroy our inheritance of looks when we eat  flour in any form as it just pads the face like so much kapok on a couch! And the problem is that FLOUR IS ENDEMIC. It is real obvious in bread but it hides in chips, breakfast cereals and  hides in other foods, as thickeners. I GUARANTEE there is flour in most cream soups. And puddings, none of which you ever need to eat.

Then, most of us swig sugary sodas, some of us smoke, some drink ...some of us take stimulants, and a lot of fellows wet down everything awful they eat with a ton of starchy BEER. And go our merry way. ONLY our 'way' AIN'T MERRY LONG! WHERE are those habits HEADED?

Imagine that one day you are sixty five or seventy. George BERNARD SHAW the famed, VEGAN English playwright, was just starting his career at that age. Kept going til nearly l00, too.

1.) But continue your smoking habits, your lungs will be destroyed by smoking, you cough and wheeze, at times you turn blue as you just aren't getting oxygen.  and they have to send an oxygen bottle with you wherever you go!

2.) Continue mixing meat with dessert and bread, your kidneys (overworked by that meat never digesting and the undigested PROTEIN continuing on to the kidney area....and on top of it all that citric acid as cokes and all that diuretic coffee/tea, I guarantee your kidneys will age, giving EYE PUFF, you will  have weakened your skeleton with diuretics, & secreted your bone's calcium into kidney stones that are killing ya, and your bones (which were what you were pissing into the ocean ) are now thin like tissue paper. EVERY FALL is a fracture! So soon, the docs want to replace both hips, a l0 hr each operation, meaning brain damage as the l0 hrs of anathesia are a killer. No wonder anasthesia rhymes with AMNESIA!

3.) Keep hitting the carbs and SUGARS, diabetes will have ruined your eyesight. They amputated your feet as they were numb. And your kidneys failed and dialysis is full time.

4.) Acidic sugary foods rotted your teeth so you lost girth at the jaw, your lower face is pointed like a fox.

AND THAT isn't half of what the ordinary modern  diet can do to you, we didn't get to cholesterol of 350, plaque in brain and every other artery, high blood pressure making brain strokes regular. (EYE FLOATERS? Sudden headaches? Those are mini-strokelets! which are rupturing capillaries in the brain)

"IF ID'A KNOWN I'da lived this long and my body would hurt this bad, I'da taken better care of myself," said an old cowboy. That's right. PAIN is the reward for a lifetime of careless eating. Wheezing. Walking on a cane.

THERE was another path, one you didn't take. Imagine that instead of that Lard soaked MEXICAN COMBO PLATE that you thoughtlessly chowed down on........imagine that you enjoyed a soft TACO, (TACO means fried but this one is a well heated soft corn tortilla) and boiled chicken or broiled steak with it.

TRY CORN TORTILLAS as it is a high protein, mineral, calcium starch. A pile of whole corn yellow tortillas is $1.49 for 3 dozen. Last you a month in the freezer. Some Mex markets actually do have a tortilla with no celluloise, no preservatives, (WHICH ALL SUPER MARKET TORTILLAS ARE FULL OF) just check the different packages. The tortilla freezes very well. A three dozen pckg lasts me a month.)

A taco covered with romaine, some sour cream, avocado, some fresh hot sauce, then big pieces of SIMMERED in water CHICKEN not fried...not salted like in KFC, or a freshly broiled 4 oz steak.......and some jalapenos, (FRESH, not vinegared) all over the top. THAT PATH will lead to a wholesome old age. NO DIABETES as you're eating a protein meal. CORN TORTILLAS are so high in protein that when taken wi. other proteins like beans, chicken, they don't fight the DIGESTION the way bread does. (Bread needs saliva to digest it, not stomach acid. It is a starch. MIX IT WITH meat you have an incompatible combination. The meat doesn't digest well ergo it insults the kidneys, aging us.)

Imagine at a chinese cafe, no pork sweet and sour, sugary deep fried pork donuts, NO You get greens and chicken, or TOFU in brown sauce with black mushrooms, very medicinal food.

IMAGINE with every meat meal you have a huge spinach salad, its alkaline nature balancing the acid reaction of meat in the body. That meat no longer erodes bones. The fast speed of the salad thru colon carries the meat out fast, in 8 hrs, so you don't have a 24 hr meal rotting in the colon (which is where vitamin absorption takes place.) ADD BREAD to meat it moves thru you like a felt bullet, getting stinkier and more carcinogenic as it is it's super toxic at the end, when the body is absorbing.

IMAGINE that you are a vegan some days of the week. YOU SOAK a few handfuls of ALMONDS in water overnight, or for front half of the day, then watch MIDDAY news and peel the nuts as you eat them. A big sprouted almond is pure protein, with oils that keep skin plump and young. NO WRINKLING EVER! (Discard skins, they are astringent.)

IMAGINE for breakfast you enjoyed a Scottish whole oatmeal steamed 15 min like rice, with honey and real cream. OR two eggs with a tiny, very dry strip of very crisp bacon, (loaded wi. nitrates so we can't do more)....Eggs are VERY ACIDIC meal so we balance with alkaline romaine leaves or watercress, arugula maybe.

BETWEEN MEALS, a bowl of strawberries or other berries, a tad of cream or sour cream. An anti-oxidant, Vit C break! A bowl of cherries. (doesn't combine with anything!)

Between meals, Fresh squeezed real juice from fully ripened citrus, (Those little l0$ electric juicers are kill. Then carrot juice, a 29$ juicer from walmart.) NATURAL, full of antioxidants. EVERY SINGLE SNACK is power foods!

ANTIOXIDANTS are wonderrful little power rangers, or soldiers. They free your body from the effects of COOKED FOODS, heated oils which create FREE RADICALS. THESE are dangerous little pac-men pinging around your body destroying cell walls.  So you have power rangers shooting down free radicals. YOUR TEAM comes only if you eat tons of  the colored part of fruit/vegies. SO GO FOR THE COLOR!

ONLY don't go for color in the form of a deep suntan. IMAGINE that you are handsome as REDFORD but haven't lived outdoors as he did, turning his skin into FRIED CHITLINGS..... SUN CAN DESTROY THE SKIN. Poor OUTDOORSMAN BOBBY ended up as a mass of wrinkles. Imagine you use sun block (not the cream as it's toxic, block the sun with a big hat.) and /or stay inside 11 am to 3 pm .

THE END EFFECT: at age 70, you jog, run, garden, have a huge property with great compost soil. You look good, you haven't aged. Your brain is clear as that of a kid. You have SEVEN DECADES of networking under your belt, your phone book of personal friends is fat as the yellow pages, YOU can option scripts, personally hustle them to ever indie prod in town, you can produce, act, you write, your brain is clear. ALL THOSE years of efforting, learning, absorbing, and at age 70 you are like the inspiring VEGAN GEORGE BERNARD SHAW just beginning his career!

LINDSAY WAGNER is in her sixties, she looks terrif. VEGAN actress. DENNIS WEAVER in his 70's, looked identical on his last day on earth --to how he looked at age 25. When he was on GUNSMOKE.

MOST of us can't do that. We don't have holistic gurus. We are  full of waste foods, (*MILK/FLOUR/ chemical meats) and we never got a vitamin inhaled out of our gut as our gut was lined with glue, the bad part of grain.

ANOTHER way we destroy our looks is, we create a slow bowel full of toxic waste by mixing PROTEINS with STARCHES during digestion, a combo that body can't handle. THE PROTEIN goes thru undigested so that our insulted kidneys cannot handle the huge amt of uric acids. Undigested proteins cannot be digested or even accepted by the kidneys. Slowly they fail. We have lower back pain, a crippled step. To boot, those UNDIGESTED PROTEINS create a uremia a kidney puff so that ALL FACES at 70 look like big swollen meat pies. Line up a dozen old ladies, they all look alike.

LEARN to FOOD COMBINE. EAT PROTEINS with greens, vegies. EAT STARCHES alone or with greens. Do not combine an ACID requiring food like meat with a PTYALIN/ saliva enzyme requiring digestion like starch.

EVEN BUTTERING starches surrounds starch molecule with a layer that impedes digestion. SEASON your potatos with sliced onions! A tad of cream. UNDIGESTED STARCH turns tobeer, it ferments. PUT SUGAR in the meal with starch you have alcohol, not food. THERE are many ways we eat ourselves to death. You don't want to slow down at sixty. YOU WANT TO PASS SEVENTY at a full throttle, and like GBS himself, live to nearly l00 productive til the end.

The French love to say "SI JEUNESSE SAVAIT ...SI VEJESSE POUVAIT". (If youth KNEW, if old age COULD) TURN THAT AROUND. OLD AGE KNOWS IT ALL and CAN DO IT ALL. Start now. The thing is to start. INCORPORATE the basic rules of health, food combining in your busy schedule. Means that clocks no longer are ticking for you. You have time. BEAUCOUP DU TEMPS!

So, how can you cram antioxidants into your daily diet? One snack of berries with cream, honey instead of that donut you pick up on the street while the car motor's running. Cuz your body's motor won't run long if you eat that donut but the berries, cream will lengthen your youth.

ONE raw vegie juice. Made at home, on the fly but you throw the vegies thru the juicer, leave it to soak in the sink as you're on the run. ONE raw citrus juice made on an elec juicer. Or STEAM a few highly colored vegies to eat wi your protein at dinner. At the cafe, ask for all the vegies they have. ALONGSIDE your meat dish. NOT a timely costy DEAL BREAKER and not HARD. EASY!

NEXT, avoid the filleruppers, the dumb dodo-bird nibbles that only pass as food. CHIPS, fried food, flour, anything made with flour, baked goods, potatoes.

You learn how to run your car well, the type of oil it needs, you change the oil when it's toxic. Do as much for the body, the most important vehicle you will ever own. INSURE it, with vital foods. And your life trip will be long and easy and fun. Brains times experience times energy = wealth.

 * * * * * *

These and other hints for power eating at ANITA's WEBSITE, and at THE HEALING ARCHIVE.