The latest thing to enter the "NEW AGE" is EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK. However, this amazing MIND therapy never ENTERED the NEW AGE COMMUNITY as it has deliberately been kept in the recesses of the PHD WORLD by its inventor, Dr.Art Janov. Janov's ex wife VIVIAN currently runs the PRIMAL CENTER in W.Los Angeles. He lives in EUROPE on his royalties. When I studied with their teachers, the fee was $5,000 for a week of intensive one on one with a student practitioner. Except for their staff, they were not SHARING the therapy They were only training teachers for their own use. And with their 'people', THEY WERE healing LA's neurotics. RICH NEUROTICS, I might add, Lennon and his girl secretary did it. At that pricey (for the 70's,) FIVE K a week pricetag! I knew one of their trainers so was privvy to all this.

With a feedline that rich, why would they train competitors? WHy would they let this NOUVELLE RELIGION into the hands of heathen? No motive for doing THAT! So they did not train anyone in this fast track to 'clearing.'

'CLEARING' is a great word when applied to mind toxins, neurosis, pain. I believe SCIENTOLOGY uses the word CLEAR a lot. There are many varieties of MENTAL SMOG that keep nuts nutty, depressos SAD.

To start up a NEW AGE FREEBIE "MIND SMOG CLEARING" business and do it with the various TOOLS that you will use, like ROLFING LEVEL MASSAGE, or QUESTION and ANSWER sessions that do quasi-FREUDIAN stimulating memory, and CLEARING emotional patterns, the question arises. WHAT DO WE CALL IT IN OUR ADVERTISING?

If you openly advertise massage, you must have a license and a training certificate. My friend the massage therapist told me the city of LA test was very easy to pass. I don't know. I have the name and email of a lovely lady whose hubby is a chiropractor. They run a masage school in beach community SOUTH of Los Angeles as well as having a longtime naturopath doctor practice.  Her husband is also a real doctor but not allopathic. TOTALLY NEW AGE. You can talk to PAM about the details. It's really worth it to go meet the DOCTOR GERALD, A dream of a man. If you are in L.A.

As cottage industry-owning therapists frequently just build a clientele with word of mouth, and as TANTRUM YOGA seems kookyKalifornia enuf to get you great clientele without advertising......and as only the merest explanation of it to the prospective client would indicate that it is part hands on, part MIND TECH, part psychological rewiring, who is going to come after you?

Is that woman you met in the produce section of WHOLE FOODS store either a cop or gonna report you to one? I don't think so.  SO ONE set of your business cards that you give out CAN read "HEALING THE MIND, CLEANING TOXINS,  PRIMAL SCREAM THERAPY." And another card can read "HOLISTIC MIND CLEARING" "EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK.

But consider this! It IS COMPLETELY possible to swim within the New Age being neither shrink nor massage therapist and to in fact be a bit of both! And make a great business without ever advertising one word in any magazine. AFTER ALL, your time with your client  is not principally a massage hour. WHY CALL IT MASSAGE? That only brings the licensing cops down on you.

The rolfing of neural bundles is only to dig out buried emotions and stored memories. The massage work is minimal as the EMOTIONS are stored in bundles and hide in that fillet mignon near the spine, especially around shoulder wings. THE NERVES that come out of the heart are the most disturbed in the body! IF you're not massaging the whole body, this is NOT a massage session!

The PRIMAL EMOTIONAL THERAPIST will often work in the face, around the mouth, where muscles are tense, forgotten, ignored. The jaw is maybe clenched, where ANGRY screams are not being screamed, where bites of rage are not being bitten. (and metaphorically where tears are not unleashed.)

REPRESSED emotion is buried in the numbest parts of the heart and face area. REPRESSING NEGATIVE emotions will invariably bury positive ones. The sufferers become zombies. Mental even amusing but emotionally dead. ALL THE WOMEN who are sufffering in love affairs or dead marriages now,  got involved with one such zombie guy. All the men, suffering with strange wives, found a zombie woman. THAT mate looked alive.They weren't. They were the walking DEAD and now the people who love them have become the walking wounded! My point is that Zombies are around us. Cute,charming, desireable.
INCAPABLE of filling anyone's needs.

I WRITE on HOW TO BECOME A JANOVIAN THERAPIST. CLICK ON THAT URL. Probably I haven't written much on what you will find as a therapist when you open the can of worms called repressed emotions. For that you want to read ART JANOV himself! http://www.abebooks.com   I just went to abe books, put the words ARTHUR JANOV in the box, as author and clicked SEARCH and I found 733 books by him, most at a dollar each! IS THAT FABULOUS? They charge 3$ to mail you a book, so try to get various titles from each online store to reduce mail fees. You could buy dozens of JANOV titles, create a SCHOOL FOR BODY WORK and sell his books at 5$ a piece to your students!

WHEN ADVERTISING, avoid the words that city doesn't like. LIKE HEALING, as in HEALING BODY WORK. or anything that implies "HANDS ON" cuz they will send a little man out to get a treatment to see where those hands go! OR EMOTIONAL RELEASE MASSAGE!  OR "CURE", another verboten word!  MIND TECH IS OK, NEW MIND TECHNIQUES is OK. GETTING RID OF ISSUES OK EMOTIONAL RELEASE is ok.

Remember,  IN ADVERTISING, do not use the words "HEALING, or "massage. unless you have a degree and a shingle and a license. CUZ THE BODY COPS COME LOOKING for you, and if they do, can the IRS be far behind? Just call it TANTRUM YOGA, Emotional Release and CLEARING. Get a business card that has a little man hauling a heavy suitcase and words "Got Luggage?"