THE LUCK IN LOVE SEMINAR exists in two places. CYBERSPACE where you can read 120 chapter sample CURRICULUM for such a group, posted at the LUCK IN LOVE main website. Before you do, check out its PREAMBLE   and  mission statement because you may not 'GET IT' otherwise.

THE SEMINARS could be a way for YOU to make a good living, network with all the sisters in your town. We give you the franchise for free. Put out posters, Craigs list ads so it exists as a church study group, led by a local psychologist or maybe in a LIVING ROOM GROUP in your town, where you would produce YOUR SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR GROUP and that is what makes you a good living. Teach young, single women the RUTHLESS RULES of ROMANCE and how to use those rules to get happily married.

 ...two halves, and together they make a whole!

YOU CAN TAKE THE TRAINING RIGHT NOW ONLINE turn around and make a hundred thousand dollars a year in your free time 'producing' a lady psychologist who gives seminars to marriage-age singles in your town. We give you a free, 120 chapter training; take the info, as files, throw it up on your own website. PASS the info on. Rewrite it, Teach it, Pay it forward and have your students pay it forward. The entire 120 chapter course won't take you or your readers more than an hour or two to read. Make a cup of coffee, take a few cookies and go read. It's witty as well as wise. You won't be bored, and it will make your BRAIN CREAK INTO ACTION on these themes.  Excuses. Addictions, Inactivity. Not living up to our potential. LOVE KARMA. CHARACTER AS DESTINY. Male SHOPLIFTERS in the HALLS OF LOVE. Word and the lack of it. INFIDELITY. BABIES and their needs. Lies and the LIARS who TELL THEM.

Read. Send the files by email to a few galpals. Soon, you'll have a team to start a LOVEAHOLICS LIVING ROOM GROUP there in your living room. Your local pastor will lend you the church basement. Charge 5$ a head, ladies only. Split the money among yourselves. We ask nothing, we want nothing. This is just an idea looking for heads. NO CHARGE FOR IT! We saw it work IN L.A. CALIF, where Dr. Pat Allen had such a group, she got a radio show then a best seller, "GETTING TO I DO" . It'll work there wher eyou live, too!

When you and your friends have read all 90 chapters..... GO TO THE LEARN TEACH SET of a half dozen articles describing  the WAY YOU SET UP THE BUSINESS, financial boons you will have, little accessory careers like doing a LOVE LORN COLUMN, getting journalism syndicates to pay you, etc.....then send all the URLs to your gal pals. Cuz there's power in numbers so then have a lunch meeting to discuss doing a LIVE monthly group in your local church or living room. Discuss profits split, find out who knows a fun psychologist lady who's witty and wise. Then, hammer out details like getting a church pastor to give you his main room and putting out flyers.Pastors will do it in a sec as it's just what the community needs!

Call your GROUP "SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR" or "LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS " or "THE LOVE TRAINING." Mention in flyer that it will GET GALS OUT OF TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS and teach women to get better at "this dating thing", teach them to test candidates for courtship, pick better fathers for their kids, BE MORE in control of the hots, the passion that makes women fall for bums, make delirious mistakes!

You can produce a weekly or monthly seminar that improves the SOCIAL SCENERY of your town and make l00k a yr doing it. A radio show would double the earnings, a HIT BOOK by the psychologist you use would take you to the million dollar level.

WE at the SUCCESS IN LOVE TRAINING WEBSITE ASK no part of your creation. In fact, WE offer the idea as a kind of free franchise. This really IS AN IDEA trying to find heads, or an IMPULSE in a trainer to get to women everywhere to save them from the insanity that's going on now with men and women and the resulting fall out on kids.

SO, HOW TO START A "LUCK IN LOVE" seminar in your town?. First, FIND A local SHRINK (she works for free as she gets a private clientele, YOU her producer give her that exposure!) She will answer the audience's questions out of a basket. So very easy that your shrink will always be enthusiastic. There's no preparing! She's in and out in two hours and she get the private sessions with patients, later.

Charge 7 to10$, the price of a film ticket admission. The prototype is Dr Pat Allen who wrote 'GETTING TO I DO" and has a radio show on one of the big syndicates. Click on her URL you can see how big she is!

You can do yours a different way, but the thought behind a LOVE TUTORIAL is for gals to learn real FAST that BEAUTY and YOUTH are brief. A gal's got to nail a mate while she's YOUNG! That is when she has bargaining power. When her enchantment is maximum. She also must learn to test character shrewdly just at the time when she is most naive! That's where YOU the LOVE GURU, come in. Or your psychologist. and by the way, you can change psychologists 'til you find one who's a hit. WISE and punchy!

Dr. Pat Allen is like watching JOHNNY CARSON in skirts. Very punchy but wise. However, she's in LOS ANGELES, so ...... you have to find a wise woman guru in your town. There isn't a shred of doubt that she'll bloom into a Dr. Pat.

Now, you might be able to do it yourself, that's where the FREE ONLINE "SUCCESS IN LOVE" SEMINAR comes in. We train you. We GIVE  AWAY the entire seminar, the book,  90 chapters (we haven't counted but it grows all the time,) on "HOW TO TEST A GUY, HOW TO MARRY WELL"  and many on "HOW TO NEVER GET DUMPED, how to have power over  a man."  We give away the franchise, title, all at no cost. WE NEVER charge for anything! YOU COULD study it, and start practicing on your friends and maybe get the nerve to answer questions on a podium in front of l00$ paying customers.

Or YOU find a top gal psychologist there. There's no need to use the info that we publish at LUCK IN LOVE  that's just the way. ONE trainer DID IT. But you can start yours, use that writing and add your own. THE THING THAT MAKES THIS SEMINAR WORK and why DR.PAT turned her seminar into a radio show, then a hit book ---- is the fact that gals are a.) very hungry for info on this theme, b.) the 18-40 market segment will pay for this type of group, are devout members and will get out after work, will drive to the church where you have meetings. And do it every couple of weeks, and c.) there's client loyalty. They will bring their friends. It gets to be a social thing, and they all go have tea afterwards.

It's like a LOVE CHURCH!  where "worshippers" are feverish about the teachings. ANYONE who attends once will want to come again. It attracts the 18-40 singles market segment, liveliest and most passionate about a fun group and MOST able to pay 5$ a head to attend and to attend repeatedly. The rules are the TRUTH about men/women, love games versus true love, raising babies, (all of WHICH WE  PUBLISH ONLINE at the training,) but if you use different psychologists to answer questions at your group meetings, these ladies may add or subtract as they wish. They will develop their own rap, or philosophy. And that's good.

We at LUCK IN LOVE  FEEL THAT the main thing that keeps gals in the NO POWER ZONE with the men they love is that they REALLY ARE  Loveaholics! These gals are driven by SUCH an INTENSE NEED & passion and feverish HURRY that they basically RUN INTO GUYS' arms. They make bad love choices. AND THEIR "NEED" is read by the guy as desperation. And guys will get the upper hand and play games and that's scary.

SOMETIMES a woman can nail a husband working out of that fear and insufficiency but more usually, she drives a man away. The children born of such unions end up paying as dearly as the parents. If we read up on the subject of COURTSHIP, DATING, we learn that TESTING the man, first, before getting involved is necessary.

We learn that watching for signs of dysfunction, before we get involved, we will get better at MARRIAGE, better at having & raising babies, & BETTER at creating a society that is at peace. LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM is where you read for hours, no fees.

THE SEMINAR was designed by a woman who has counseled thousands of tortured girls over last 35 yrs as a HOLLYWOOD astrologer, ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ -- (Google her name, she writes on Guerilla capitalism, Home Biz, holism, babies, screenwriting, novel writing, love, politics.)

By COUNSELING her horoscope clients on career and love, husbands and babies, she learned more about marriage and men maybe....than a shrink learns at college. Her clients kept telling her, 'you have the magic ability to talk me OFF of a bad man when nothing else could un-pry me!" Anita attributes the power of speech to a.) having had a few bad men of her own, and b.) having studied with all the great gurus of CALIFORNIA but the vehemence of her 'talking' to having been around the block a few times herself ....."get taken for a ride, you don't want another girl to have to go there."

As for the fun part of her teaching, the fun TRICKS. Remember, Anita read horoscopes and palms for Hollywood wives,  mistresses,  strippers, film stars, rock stars, and show biz personalities. She heard a pack of lively girls'  wily tricks for getting men crazy over them and for NAILING A MAN in a very competitive world, which HOLLYWOOD IS! (COURTNEY (ROCKSTAR, Nirvana Widow ) LOVE sings Anita's praises inside ALBUM JACKET of AMERICAS SWEETHEART.) Anita has worked for her 8 years straight. YOGI BHAJAN calls her 'best psychic ever' at his website, in a speech given 3.3.89, transcribed there, "BE HAPPY."  And the great writer, philosopher, teacher guru Carlos Castaneda used to come to her. So did GURU SINGH who L.A.Magazine voted GURU OF THE YEAR. Anita is truly called GURU TO THE GURUS.

Anita says she learned much more from the girls who'd made mistakes than the lucky rockstars though they make mistakes galore, too. She carefully studied the lives of thousands of girls who went down thousands of different wrong roads. She has seen the traps, the defects of character that attracted painful LOVE KARMA & has developed a fairly UNIQUE discipline based on not just getting married, but personal transformation so that one canmarry WELL.

THE method incorporates the "RUTHLESS RULES OF ROMANCE" (which are hilarious --yet when understood -- will enable a young woman to have suitors begging to marry. No more getting dated and DUMPED! No more he sez, she sez on the basic important things in life.

SHE: This was a great HONEYMOON
sweetheart but we aren't married!
HE: Don't think about bummer things
like marriage. YIPES! YOu're spoiling
SHE: I took a seminar that taught me

There is a second, secret classroom, separate. FOR BEAUTIES ONLY! The secret training is "HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE." The beauty is trained how to charities.  And GIVE FUND RAISER PARTIES with her Hubby in tow. SEND those pages with that theme,  found at LUCK IN LOVE SITE, to all the smashing beauties you know. Just click on any article, send to a galpal. SHE WILL THANK you and after she marries her billionaire and she starts doing import/export with starving villages in exotic corners of INDIA, CHINA, as philanthropy for the third world, she will take you traveling with her! (Hope that's Encouragement to share the pages! FORWARD the file you like. HIGHLIGHT the URL at top and paste it into an email with CONTROL C and CONTROL V.)

IMPORT EXPORT is stressed at the LUCK IN LOVE SITE as the perfect PATH for a billionaire wife, doing TRADE, developing design, artisanry in villages where now there is starvation, unemployment, no water or irrigation for fields, no plumbing, where babies die....SO that starving babies live! There are many articles at the site on how it's done.

If you know a startling beauty, show her this website. Out of sheer gratitude your gal pal will take you to Paris once a year for life. The full, 70 chapters are free, a life changing, destiny transforming SEMINAR, free online, which you can take right now.

GO TO LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM and just read for a while! SEND URL to gals of dating age! READINGS Online by ANITA SANDS (google her name,) 25$ an hr. 12$ half hr, send xerox of palm to her by mail. YOU obviously DO NOT HAVE TO GET A PALM/ HOROSCOPE READING but Anita wants to get to know you and welcomes  email to ASTROLOGY @ EARTHLINK NET.

OR just let her train you for free on how to give SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS there, in your town  and make a million a year doing THE WHOLE MEETING thing the way Dr. Pat Allen did it in Los Angeles.THE GROUP, THE RADIO SHOW THE BOOK. Remember, you build a star psychologist and you get a % of everything that psychologist does,book, radio show. YOU PRODUCED HER! HALF IS YOURS BY RIGHT.

So, you can study the seminar now, copy its pages to your hard drive, start a seminar at a church somewhere in your city, share this whole concept with single friends and beauties, especially ---as it could be that your pal the beauty queen could do what Marx, Lenin and MOTHER TERESA failed to do! What EVITA tried to do -- END world hunger.

Remember, BEAUTY RULES! Visit LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM! You will not believe your eyes!
100 chapters of HOW TO GET LUCKY IN LOVE TECHNOLOGY & PHILOSOPHY which KEEPS GIRLS from becoming LOVEAHOLICS, LOSERS, BEAT UP, POWERLESS. And which keeps WOMEN from being abandoned by their children as Daddy isn't there at the table.  Instead you will be discriminating,  cogent, pithy and MARRIED TO A GREAT MAN who puts all the children thru college and then gives them a condo when they graduate, in their name.


Anita Sands Hernandez,
                        New Age researcher, author, creator of the LIFE
                        101 SEMINAR, TOTALLY FREE, no registering,
                        republish as you like.NEW AGE GROUPS! TWO AVENUES OF CASH OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU. One (done a lot in HOLLYWOOD & NYC) is you actually do HOLISTIC HEALING charging clients l00$ the hour, THIS WEBSITE THE HOLISTIC ARCHIVE <==== WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING FREE. SECOND CAREER is LIVING ROOM GROUPS which in themselves are a grand CASH DRAW these days. FOR NEITHER career do you have to PURSUE a college degree. When you give HOLISTIC STUDY groups, in living rooms, it's like a party where you meet with the most upscale, intelllectual people -- hundreds a week. It helps to have a second career that COULD USE THIS MUCH NETWORKING, -- one that you can do the OTHER 6 days! Selling real estate. Maybe. Well, that's a little humdrum. How about MENTORING their kids? OR for adults, do emotional clearing with GESTALT (Perls method,) or PRIMAL SCREAM, calling it "TANTRUM YOGA' and make a superb living. L.A. NYC are ahead  of rest of USA in offering these therapies but the tide will move out to the people of every state. Your town will want this emotional 'clearing' work done. READ THE HOLISTIC ARCHIVE a training center in these disciplines, in particular the SECTION OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ARTICLES. You can do emotional negativity-clearing for 50$ an hour with no shingle. Call it 'TANTRUM YOGA " and advertise it at Craigs List. Just wade right in, read the articles, designate a partner for the business and the two of you do it. There is never a fee for the training by US! We are free! And ALL ARTICLES of the 7,000 posted you can republish with your name on them. GET A WEBSITE OR FREE BLOG.

THE VARIOUS COURSES YOU GIVE to make a million a year, broken down to curriculum level.

LAST, the COURSE IN MIRACLES makes a great study group for the living room. Also the Master Jules Chapters, (free online,) are great to study in a spirit night group.