The DELIBERATE break-up is a serious part of the arsenal of “woman technology”. When a girl wants commitment from a man and he doesn’t give it, she has to have strength to draw a line in the sand. And not follow Shannon Tweed in to 2 decades of marriage and two kids, without a license.

She has to have vision, to see the future where they are man and wife and have beautiful children. 

She has to have faith that her attraction, beauty, charm is in place and that sweetheart is totally wacky in love with her. When she has strength vision and faith it’s time. In a kindly, gentle manner, break it off!

When a man is abruptly parted from a woman he was enjoying, whom he likes,he freaks out. FEAR of monogamy suddenly looks very small in comparison to this loss. He imagines her with another man and freaks out doubly.ALONENESS focuses him, assists him in feeling his feelings which MEN do not do easily.A period of thinking about it and longing for her and missing her is req’d. 

Dr. Pat Allen ( “GETTING TO I DO” ) says that six weeks is the req’d time. A woman would not need (or understand) this six week period because a woman always knows her heart from the git go. She doesn’t understand that men are different. Men don’t compute the unconscious, or know their true feelings until he’s snapped into focus by a loss, then some time to mull over this loss. What she knows in an instant takes him six weeks to process.

The Man does not have the bridge or link in the brain that helps him to be in touch with his unconscious brain, the area or receptacle for feelings. For a male, absence makes his heart grow fonder, and makes the other side of the brain talk to him, YELL maybe and allows the message of the unconscious to get thru to his primarily rational brain. MAN has Left side dominant and WOMEN have both sideslinked and working. 

But the flip side is this. If you, the sweetheart has been away this long and BUSTER hasn’t called you and tried to resume it, he is not going to. Dr. PAT says.

However, there is a master game you can play during those six weeks: TALKING TO HIS ASTRAL FORM. At night, when you’re NOT tried, (psychic games don’t work when body is fatigued), you lie in your bed, pretending you’re in a gorgeous bedroom, fantastic clothing, negligee, and pretend that he comes in. See him, talk to him, either sending messages, or asking questions. HEAR his answers, in the dream. This is a controlled reverie, controlled dreaming. TAKE the conversation between you, in the fantasy, to odd places. Take the interaction there, too. Do it morning and night. This is not compulsive. Add prayer to it. “Dear Heaven and all the saints, if there is any chance he could marry and be true, let this vision work on his mind, let him pick up my SOUL RADIO. Let him feel my presence, my love, and make him love me, pine for me. “

IF SIX weeks go by and he hasn’t phone you. The prayer changes. “DEAR GOD, make me forget him.”

BUT, if he really loves you, six weeks is what it takes for him to know he’s horribly tortured, he’s in anguish and now he knows that he really loves you. So what’s he gonna do about it? SURRENDER HIS HEART AND LIFE, and march off to a registry, put his name there next to yours and nine months later, give that name to some very cute, lucky kids!