want to build a cottage industry? A garage band business? Before you leap into any old thing, make certain it has the best features to assure success.  Helping People get what they need from you, which they can’t get elsewhere --is First! BEING FUN, AMUSING and a positive influence, affirming, building their abilities -- is SECOND.  BEING INFORMATIONAL like a teacher or guru is THIRD. Being so unique that you can get free P.R. thru local newspaper Reporters who find your concepts innovative is FOURTH. MAKING MONEY would be LAST.  That is THE PROFILE that you want!

For the dozen years that I’m on the internet, I have resisted the advice to commercialize. I have one response to people who tell me, “let's turn your  holistic healing archive into big business. We can bundle two dozen STAY YOUNG articles and twenty five years of your holistic research, all together, call it “HOW TO STAY YOUNG FOREVER”, put it in a book or CD disc. EH? We will package it and market it. $l9.95 and they get the CD-ROM. You can sit at home and make a thousand bucks a day. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?? Is that the AMERICAN WAY OR WHAT?”

 I smile and shake my head. It may be the American way but I  don't even go there. I publish the articles on REJUVENATION on the website so sick people can find them. Families with genetic tendencies toward certain maladies can read data and prevent their moving toward that kind of disease and death.

I do that freebie seminar thing with  other interesting subjects, Guerilla Capitalism, Getting Lucky in Love, The holistic pet, FULL LIST HERE: all free online at THE PERFECT COURTSHIP/ MARRIAGE/ ROMANCE site. LUCK IN LOVE , the FRUGAL LIFESTYLE ARCHIVE, and about ten or fifteen other actual seminars, like MONEY SECRETS OF THE UNDERGROUND, , import/ export, artisanry careers  but the topper, the metaphysics of wealth from PROSPERITY GURU called the MASTER JULES. 

I use FREE FTP software, I  download it in thirty seconds FTP software stands for FileTransferProtocol and it shoots it over to my 10 TOTALLY FREE websites that EARTHLINK (my server,) GIVES ME. Then I have two domain names,  5$ a month sites, SEE BEST WEBHOSTS. I use free library books and online research  to write the holistic articles -- WHY SELL that?

The information in HOW TO BE LUCKY with the OPPOSITE SEX, COURTSHIP, MARRIAGE came to me free from my astrology clients’ woes, so FREE IN, FREE OUT cuz it is ungentlemanly to SELL information that heals sick people’s marriages, courtship or their family’s bodies! JEEZ LOUISE! We should all give  away research.  I WOULD NOT THINK of selling information on HEALTH. Not to a sick person. If a magazine wanted to buy it and post it for a million people to read (perhaps for free, while waiting in their doctor’s office,) and if it would make them get up, walk out, and go home and cure their problem with a juicer, then I’d let the magazine pay me for it. But magazines will not publish the real holistic skivvy as their advertisers would quittem!

But when a pal says to me-- eyes glazed with greed, --"I've got this great information on how to HEAL torn muscles with camphor and cucumbers. You rub both on the tennis elbow, and then either put on a heating pad or get in a Sauna and the hot cold effect kicks in and the BURSITIS just goes! And then the topper, you ADD PINEAPPLE fresh raw to your diet for a week, and bromelain cures the bursitis from the inside…and pain really goes away and I want to sell this info on a CD. Now, mentally, I’ve already written the article up and it’s on my website free but my answer is 'sonny, you're a massage therapist, give that information away online at your free website (with some servers) or get a 4$ website, Even an 8 year old can do his own WEBPAGE, it’s that easy. My daughter and son both did one, never went to a class for it. I did it and I’m really dumb about Pc’s. READ WEB SITE TECHNOLOGY FOR PC DUMMIES. Then you'll have all the massage clients you can handle.' That's where the money is. You going out and doing those hundred buck massages. Not selling healing info for $19.95 a CD. I have a better way to get the info to the people. ONE make it free. Two, have fun learning while you do the research, write up the article and post it immediately and let TWITTER pals know it’s up there. Those hundred people will send it to their friends who have the need for that specific information.

The profit pirates show their faces. Their websites are full of ads. You have to send away for a book. A BOOK? It’s 2009fergawdsakes. PUT IT IN BYTES and give the info to PEOPLE WHO NEED IT. Ask for a donation if it was useful. Sure, publishing a book is costly, sure it’s hard work, making a book or CDs  SO be easy on yourself. PUT META TEXT in your article, post it. Folks who need to GOOGLE something, “THE CURE FOR POISON IVY,” LAUNDERING MONEY, whatever, they will google terms & find it.  I have had many friends who wanted the money first and above all. So they came up with what really were perfectly American type BUSINESS ideas. One was a smart and elegant businessman who'd made millions in real estate. His aim (as he hit a lazy sixty) was to find a business that would make money daily for him, even when he was out playing golf. He tried several things. He put his nephew into a MIDAS MUFFLER type shop, I think it was body work. Or tune ups. He was going to do a franchise, have them all over America. The nephew kid just drank the profits of the first shop, the doors closed. That was that. For solace, he went to a bible meeting, got twice born and started writing me letters about how unsuccessful my astrology business and my websites were and how I should have been 50’s tent guru minister Kathyrn Kuhlman. And why don’t I GIVE revival meetings? Swear to God.

I’m guessing he didn’t like my free, (donations are voluntary ) STAR POWER MAP OF THE MONTH --a 7 day hourly prediction thingie for the twelve rising signs. Day he decided to do TUNE UPS, Mars and Saturn were on his TAURUS sun, maybe he wouldn’t have wasted his life savings on that idea. He didn’t recognize a true, helping hand. I was already doing that StarPower Map of the Month for him. I'd type it up on weekends, put it in your email Sunday night. Back in the 80’s, I’d xerox that master, reduce font size, give it out to all my clients by UNCLE SAM mail. A few subscribed so it drew a small amt of cash. 15$ a month from dozen clients. Took a lot of work but I saw that they got it regularly and on time. A little ten page pamphlet with RISING SIGNS first, then MONDAY JANUARY 1st, ; MORNING: Moon conjunct SATURN. Stay in bed”. And a few paragraphs. THEN “MIDDAY-JUPITER in AQUARIUS in trine, Time to pitch that biz deal,"

IT was nice. You threw them away each week. No biggie. But THEN THEY INVENTED THE INTERNET! WOW! NO MORE TYPING each master. I COULD store text. Also, no more XEROXING,NO MORE RUNNING to post office, no more STAMPS! I was zinging that pamphlet everywhere. From ten subscribers to fifty! TO a hundred! Saying ‘if you like this, paypal me a donation of a few bucks every so often. Giving me a couple of dollars a month, too. I WROTE UP ALL MY TRICKS, IN ONE FILE. HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS.

A COTTAGE INDUSTRY is what inspired me (in the mid 90’s, ) to create a free website for myself, not a costly domain name, a free one. EARTHLINK gives them to you, ten websites of ten megs each. Later, I opened another a domain name, 70$ with my daughter's help Now of course there are thousands of WEB HOSTS. A TEKKIE CHUM WROTE ME: I've heard good things about this one:  so I’d go to AQUARIUS STORAGE the cheapest server, 4$ a month. NOT GO DADDY as they edit content, FINE you 200$ and shut you down if they don’t like what you do. No arguing, that money is taken from your accounts.. WHAT SERVER DOES THAT? GO=AWAY= DADDY does. AVOID THEM

FACTS ON GODADDY and their penalties.

How one subscriber was handed a bill for seven thousand bucks by Go Daddy.

WHEN you have a website and that means a COMPETENT SERVER, then you can REGISTER THE URL. Hit the YAHOO GROUPS, talk yourself up. Leave its URL there, You can’t attach htm files to yahoo lists. Some YAHOO lists have five thousand members. That’s you you leave tracks, which later appear in GOOGLE if your theme is represented in your words, they become ‘search term fulfillers.’  SEND THE URL to your lists. I have lists on twelve subjects. Up to 150 members in each ‘theme’. So that gets to many people interested in your theme, in one single email. Imagine the incremental ‘spreadability’ of the theme via  one hundred or two hundred people in one email receiving it and each sharing it with THEIR chums. The very TEXT of the POSTED ARTICLE for which you give them URL invites thousands of people to visit you, read you, see your EMAIL addie, write you. MANY CAME, MANY READ, and many wrote you back and made friends. So their names are now on your EMAIL LISTS. That is your weekly mail outs on that theme.

My first year of business, I had one horoscope client via the website, I remember her well. She plunked down a check, by mail, for 35$. I emailed her the horoscope. The first I ever emailed as I recall. 1996 it was.

But when I had a website, I started to self-promote in all the above ways, including having my seminars online, no registering ever, just a valley of knowledge for surfers to google their way to. Sure, I also REGISTERED MY URL at some of the search engines. Did it myself, free.A ten year old could figure that out. I DID NOT PAY one of those services to do it. I found I attracted many clients a year. I could make friends going to LISTS related to my favorite pastimes, my areas of conversance. I liked gardening, cooking, cats, homesteading, soap-making and FRUGAL LIVING so those were my LEARNING lists. Those LIST friends read my posts, they came as clients. Some wrote so knowledgeably about their subject that I CRIBBED. TIV, til his death, was the most remarkable poster. How to build a house out of found objects. Skills a man should learn to homestead.

I learned about FRUGAL LIVING from the masters. Now, readers say 'your “CONFESSIONS OF A BOTTOM FEEDER” or your “Guerilla Capitalism, MOONLIGHTING under the table” type articles are first rate, do a book, offer it for sale.' I shrug.

It's not that selling myself, hustling, packaging or putting a price tag on my work isn't legit or clean. It's this:  the FIRST thing you want to do for your readers, pals, clients is change their lives l00% for the better --- and do that miracle BEFORE they ever BUSINESS dealings with you. That way when they finally do NEED what ever it is you do, and in my case that's something as trivial as a baby's birth horoscope, or two sweethearts' chart comparisons or maybe a birth chart for a new grandchild,-- who are they going to come to? MOI that's who. Because all those years I was talking about holism, gardening, landlords, moonlighting, my articles were salt and peppered with references to my fortunetelling adventures!

So I give the helpful info away on the internet and hope that lives get changed first and foremost, and that clients call me LATER. That's my tack. The nice thing is that this way, thousands and thousands of people can grab the really good stuff, the precious stuff, much more than would be able to consult me or pay for data or even get my typing. I can only handle so many people a day! LIKE ABOUT ONE A DAY! And that's at top speed! SO THIS way, the articles go to a dozen a day maybe.. I have done the work anyway, managed to pay my rent while I wrote hundreds of articles on disease to 'give away' to websites, clients on the psychic hotline. The solar diet, the EATING THE SUN DIET, the 'get rid of Cancer' diet, or arthritis, diabetes, MS, Parkinsons, irritable bowel, and how to live with a psychotic teen, and how to prevent kids getting that way and so on. They're written already. So that's money under the bridge. At this point I have them here, like beautiful ceramic bowls ondisplay. I supposed I could try to sell them to magazines but they're so outrageous. Beyond edgy. Even illegal so I DON'T THINK SO! I COULD stick them in a book, self publish.

I have a girlfriend who did self publish. NY TIMES book company read her reviews and published her second book. But the SIZE OF MY WALLET says no. No. NO can do. I know a great typesetter printer. He does all the books for the Buddhist community. Trade cover. But no spare cash for that yet.  However, as I get up to a thousand articles in cyberspace, the ad companies have begun calling me. They’ll pay me to put ads on my webpages. I turn them down as I don’t like the look of ads but when you do your website, you may tolerate it and then you make a living. DOOCE.COM a mother’s blog makes her forty thousand dollars a month. Go see this website. Go into her early archives as she was better then. (Every writer gets tired as he/she starts doing it for the moola.)

So, you know info, my sister knows info. Our granny knows info,  should those informational articles just sit in their heads? Pass away with them? Or in my case, since I’m a writer, just sit on my hard drive? Why not show them to millions? After all, these magic bowls, when rubbed, produce health, luck and money for the viewer.  Especially THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM ARCHIVE, a good way for folks without PROFESH degrees to leave a legacy to their kids, by that I mean, you know, make some money.) 

When I'm not doing natal charts and comparison charts, I network by giving out trade beads, articles full of useful info. Not just the MASTER JULES, posting his  writings, but also collecting data on preventing and curing all of the major diseases or aging syndromes from this bevy of books the MASTER JUDITH gave me. She was married to the 800 million dollar man so when she finished reading a costly book, she just mailed it off to me, not liking LITTER anywhere in her home. 

Also, I peek into the fab books they have at the healthfood store, which are phenomenal I covertly make notes. I go home and write the tips up in a user friendly, witty way so that people can tolerate reading dry science and then I post an article my readers can share, xerox, print out, whatever, mail to Aunt Edna. They are utilitarian as well as magic. As well as healing! BIG BOWLS in which to attract the falling MANNA that exists in our society.

So since they're only cyber bowls of floating lotus bytes, how about I send you a few articles that you could use. You can put them on your website wherein you promote the businesses that YOU do. Yep! In one section, you have a page called "YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF BETTER THAN YOUR DOCTOR! An archive of articles to download for free. AND, here's the good thing, it's on your website. That attracts YOU a huge amt of business, and maybe me, if anyone notes my email address at the bottom of an article. Luckily for me, my email says what I do. astrology at And that's lovely as people equate really good witches with being devoted about healing and holistic pet are and herbs and jam recipes and such. So that fills out my persona in cyberspace. I'm up for it.

Now here's my point. What YOU get when you publish articles on your area of endeavor that people all over the world find you on search engines. Then when they need what YOU do, they will consult you professionally due to your being this heavy hitter giver with all the truth in the world right there for them to have free. PEOPLE DO FIND YOU VIA SEARCH ENGINES. REGULARLY folks WRITE me saying they read this or that article. And I instantly get into correspondence with them. I am attentive, polite, diligent, whatever you want to call it. And I keep their email addie in my browser with notes (housewife with plumber hubbie,). OCCASIONALLY I see it and drop them a note where I mysteriously refer to things they vaguely remember confiding in me. “How is that kid with ADD? Is he still driving the teacher nuts?”

Doing stars for 40 yrs has shown me how to make the real, solid, lasting business relationships stand on two legs, how to build a clientele by getting those firm relationships up. ONE WAY is by interacting for a long while (via correspondence) before they come for the chart. They read your article, they wrote you, you answered, maybe a few times, wrote them a note. Sent them something they’d be interested in. So they are already your friend, and they are looking up to you in some way. SOONER or later they will think, new grandchild? Need a horoscope.

THE INTERNET is not a lot different from being on a highly visible corner in the city. Say in the plumbing business. The whole neighborhood passes you and may even stop IN if you have a SIGN IN THE WINDOW offering something they need. Sell the really nifty toilet plungers. Put a SUPER LOW PRICE TAG on it, STICK IT IN THE WINDOW! CUTE SIGN, “AT THIS PRICE, BUY ONE FOR EVERY BATHROOM!” 

THEN, when they come in the door to buy it, give away a great BONUS GIFT …HOT COFEEE AND COOKIES would be my favorite but it could be a nature calendar or those little peepholes with Marilyn Monroe in them and give away the fountain pens that say JERRY'S PLUMBING on them, or MOE AND CURLY WEB DESIGN or whatever, but meanwhile, you are attracting crowds to your corner store or site with the cookies on the counter, the gum ball machine, the neat little promo gifts.

My Mom used to go to a juice bar in Bev Hills called "MY ALIBI" just because of this massive aquarium with tropical fish and the huge pineapple drinks with little parasols in them. But what happened in there was this ---it was so relaxing, Hawaiian music playing, and all these people on bamboo bar stools, it was just like the bars she went to when she was a college student. People would zone out and talk to each other on barstools yet no alcohol, no men picking you up, just men flirting. And talking. And my MOM loved to talk. Well, she was nuts about that place. She went all the time! It was her favorite secret little treat. MAKE your website like that. Or your home office. On a website you can't have FISH swimming, can you? You can’t give parasols and  juice out on your website, but you can hang gorgeous ART! OR ARTICLES! And if it’s a home office, you can have the fish, the pineapple drinks with parasols, the COOKIES and the Hawaiian music and tiki torches and GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE. Make it a trip! So folks come and talk and become intoxicated with how neat it is. They bring their friends. It’s their little secret ALABI.

So get that website up in cyberspace! PRINT UP some real tempting front page, an info rich archive for all the search engines in the world to find, and so they find it, add one meta tag up at the top which will attract people from all over the world searching for this kind of information. Write . 'holistic protocols for every disease, holistic healing archive, nutritional info, free California healthfood archive', every PROTOCOL that heals. Take the info off MY COLLECTION. I give it away! And in the meta-text, us all the phrases you can think of that people might conceivably search for, and give these bon bons away at your famous, holistic archive, and people remember that. They get familiar with Moe and Curly's WEB design as that outrageous place is where they have found the instant Red Cross Altnerative herbal medicine chest for Children and pets listed. Then when people's toilets back up? Who do they call? YOU! And that's where you make the money.  So use the HERBS FILE at your website. I OFFER all the info to you for your site, too. SHARE THE INFO, MAKE your WEBSITE. MAKE the NETFRIENDS.


What I like is that we can deduct half the home expenses now

as this is our office. Only nice thing the IRS ever did for us!


Honey? I never told the IRS that we exist. That’s the nice

Thing that the INTERNET did for us.



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