A SAN FRANCISCO GAL read all my articles on how to BECOME A LUV GURU. Inspired,  she found a local psychologist and HAS OPENED her new LOVE AND MARRIAGE TRAINING SEMINAR “HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE” and she is, of course, charging for it! (I don’t as my classes are VIRTUAL, online; HERS are at a church basement.) She created her WEBSITE herself & runs the “BE LUCKY IN LOVE” SEMINAR IN SAN FRANCISCO. I invite all of you to make money this wonderful way, as in the TEACH WOMEN file, and you should Read the HOW TO START SEMINAR

LUCK IN LOVE seminars are the RUTHLESS RULES OF ROMANCE fed to girls by a local psychologist who answers their love questions out of a basket. Or maybe call it THE “HOW TO MARRY WELL TRAINING” ---whatever you want to call it. Do a website. I invite you to use my articles. They’re free. You can even rewrite them. THEN FTP them to your free website. EARTHLINK will give you 8 free websites. I started with and SOON I had up and filled, TEN MEGS each, then I went for So I invite you to get 8 websites like that and they’re free, and you get DSL and it’s all a 40$ a month flat rate.

Then make an ad for CRAIGS LIST and get gals in every city of the USA to study with you.

 “YOU WANT your new LOVE SEMINAR TO BE A TOTAL SUCCESS so THEN YOU must put your ads up at CRAIGS LIST DAILY at GROUPS or LESSONS section. I will give you a sample ad. YOU  play, shop around, WORK with the rich and famous, why not marry one? UPGRADING your social set is a selective targeting of restaurants, recreation spots. THIS art can be taught! Pretty gals, take the luck in love dot com seminar FREE to learn how to nail the man you love, or by upgrading your 'set', a _billionaire_. PLAIN GALS, the same training will enable you to nail the man you target! These are the ruthless rules of romance! Part of a new book, briefly ONLINE at LUCK IN LOVE*COM.

 COME READ OUR WEBSITE LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM  a 100% totally free 120 chapter long MARRY WELL seminar.  Easy to find, just bookmark it after you surf there. MARRYING A BILLIONAIRE  is not immoral IT IS NECESSARY

MOST wives waste the cash of some poor bloke at the mall. YOU WILL learn to create biz that feeds thousands of inner city, or African villagers from the spare pocket change of one of these billionaires! It's MOTHER TERESA SPIRIT, in YOU, the ability to not be spoiled by having a million in your purse! THAT takes soul, will power. DO YOU HAVE IT? This will only work if you are untemptable!”

Though reporters would love to hear of a MARRY WELL GROUP, never seek publicity for the marry a billionaire seminars as we don’t want rich men to find out what we’re doing. I do advertise the “HOW TO MARRY WELL AND NOT DATE and waste time on LOSERS” seminar surreptitiously at the  100 CLASSROOMS online.

You’ll find this work is so high concept that you will attract reporters to your meetings, get great publicity, at the drop of a hat. You can saturate-PR by doing Craigs list, DENVER BACKPAGE, free. You can target locally to great effect. Create HOME MADE POSTERS for phone poles, for windows and bulletin boards at Gyms, boutiques, cafes, universities, HEALTHFOOD STORES, and those free mags in healthfood store? Stuff each one with a flyer!

GALS who go to groups and self educate often are yoga students, work out at gyms, or go to healthfood stores. ALL THE OTHERS are coasting on what their MOM gave them. (GOOD LUCK!)

I WILL CREATE A NEW PORTAL at my main page with LIVE LINKS TO YOU! It will be like BANNER on the main page saying “ATTEND LOVE GROUPS IN THESE OTHER CITIES IN USA/ CANADA/ ENGLAND and then surfers can click on any city they like and there’s a living room group there. I mean, if there is one. GALS? START THE WORK! You never learn it til you teach it! How hard to have dip and crackers one night a month chez toi?

Always post a good graphic portrait of THE LOVE GURU, herself. Maybe that’s you but it’s better to use a local shrink. A family psychologist, therapist, JUNGIAN is best. Put her NAME up there real big...and her eyes must be strongly featured, a superb PHOTO that shows her as intense, wise, commanding....AND underneath that photo HER NAME IN BIG LETTERS a commanding name hopefully, see cuz what you’re doing is hammering a niche for her in public life. She will have to accept stardom and be a ham.....or if it’s you,  you have to be good at being a DEAR ABBY. I feel it’s more legit to use a shrink. You build her for stardom! If she’s a dud, drop her, find a new one. Always right by this photo, A CUME of some sort, a few words about her experience in this love business. Her degrees or what makes her A LOVE GURU whom we obviously should trot straight over to listen to!  YOU are the SEMINAR producer. You get the gate. She gets the private clients as she probably charges 125$ an hour

NEXT, GET UP AN ADDRESS, A CITY. I’d even suggest you CALL YOUR SHRINK ‘OUR CITY’s NEW LOVE GURU! Lots of hyperbole! And that CITY AND LOCATION has to be right there on MAIN PAGE so there’s a sense...a feel of where you are.( Cuz FOLKS do not always recognize the phone code.  Maybe folks a few miles away won’t, so say ‘SOUTH PHILLY” or MANHATTAN’s LOWER EAST SIDE. SET YOURSELF UP IN A GEOGRAPHIC AREA and TAKE THAT AREA BY STORM. MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS THERE. I know it goes against the grain of gals to build stardom but you gotta bite the bullet for the sake of your future students. EACH LIFE YOU SAVE FROM LOVE MISERY is how many infants you saved from being CHARLIE MANSONS? )

THIRD- GET UP AN ARTICLE or two or TEN or fifty like me... by your love guru showing her take. Is she a JUNGIAN. ?? Adlerian? I’d give the LINKs to each article on your website’s main index page.  Like this: First  a banner. “READ THE TEACHINGS OF DOCTOR LAURA” Then a link “HOW TO TEST a MAN’s CHARACTER.” is one story—say. And DISQUALIFY word becomes a clickable live link. YOu know what that is? IT’s a CLICKABLE URL! WITH your WRITING soft wear, probably MICROSOFT WORD, you can insert an URL  into the word disqualify so that you get TEST A MAN UNDERLINED ergo a live link.

FOURTH get up a BIBLIOGRAPHY of books you consider useful for the LOVE SUCCESS RELATIONSHIPS student!!! ALWAYS pay homage  to the greats in your industry. BUILD on the works of other greats! Put my website there if you want. I’ve even gone so far as to find great articles by teachers, and creating a live link to that article! Ditto graphics. Salt my articles with pictures that are online elsewhere!


L.A had Dr. Pat Allen priced at l0$ during 80’s but when recession of 90’s came, it was back to 5$ a head. Now it’s l0$ again. Click on that URL, read her articles. She went on to hit books, radio show so that's the future of YOUR GROUP when you start it there!  I suggest you create 2 hr meetings like LA had. See ‘never wear out your welcome. ‘ Always ‘leave them wanting more.’ Two hours was fun, zinged them, nobody felt JEZUS when can I get outof this chair? The gals had tea in the nearby was a hoot. A joy. No wonder she built this huge empire off it!

Got her own local RADIO SHOW on KIEV AM, then a hit book, went on all the TALK SHOWS, now the website. She was carried at the crest of a wave but one her producer George built for her. He arranged radio show, the bookings in the church, and she gave hima share of the profits thence forward. He was like her manager so they both got to travel to every big talk show in the nation when her book came out. They MADE MILLLLLIONS and was still having clients in her Century City offices at 150$ an hr, probably 200$ now, not certain!!!!!!!!!!

Show this to the shrink you want to build as a star. GET A CONTRACT that you are her manager and make it air tight! l0 to l5% of all her book revenues, etc. Radio revenues, all of it. FOR LIFE. Dr. Pat Allen had producer GEORGE. See it’s not that hard for a “GEORGE” who hung around edges of Jungian community to find a funny battle axe like dr. Pat and propose ‘hey let’s do a monthly group, I’ll do the logistics. He did. ILLED churches with women! But he has to pull out a contract before he starts. YOU DO NOT BUILD/create a DR PAT or a DR. LAURA without PUTTING YOUR contractual BRAND on her HIP!


a.)    BIG Income in LOVE GURUS. (You can quit dumb jobs and just manage her and meet every and book publishing exec in your town and NYC!)

b.)     MOONLIGHTING FUTURE AND HUGE side income FROM doing P.R which is a SOLID biz. GET GOOD AT IT. I was assembling & using a list of 2,000 names /emails of broadcasters/ journalists for Tsunami orphan air lift.. DOING PR is mostly names addresses emails and press releases. PR is a biz. Once you get the hang, you can do it for anybody and earn huge money. Get press releases sent to local papers, local radio shows, t.v and radio talk show hosts. Get that list, then work for anyone i your city make more money than you do at your current job. GET BOOKS ON PR at library! press release, etc. learn what these are.

c.)     NATIONAL TALK SHOWS, they pay hotels, travel. Take your love guru PUBLIC! 

d.)    D.) PENETRATE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY in NYC. Find an angle write the book together. GO TO NYC agents (get book NATIONAL LITERARY MARKETPLACE at your library, it’s a reference book. every agent, every publisher is in it) and get a book deal. A HALF MIL sometimes. Overseas book rights. HEY, you know HARRY POTTER made 444 million for her. She’s richer than the queen.

LET US NOT BE GUILTY of looking at the sidewalk in front of our feet. LET US LOOK UP at the penthouses of the skyscrapers around us. Business leads to interesting Men, Love and Marriage.  We are not Sidewalk girls. BEAUTY elected us to be SKYSCRAPER PENTHOUSE GIRLS! But just standing on the corner being beautiful isn’t enough. You have to have a SUPRA MISSION, a PASSION, a SUPRA ‘pastime’ that pays bills, introduces you to important people, and which gains you respect, admiration and affection! THIS COULD BE IT. As I like to say, ‘take this baby out for a spin, wheel it around, see if it flies.’