AWE PICKLES! (no canning required, just fridge ‘em!)

Not a lot of things we women do inspire AWE in a man. I have gone to community meetings, proposed legislation, come back to the kitchen in a Chanel suit to talk about what a change I made in the world and made absolutely no hit at all. BIG BLAH from mah man! A total ZONE OUT! BUT GIVE HIM HOMEMADE PICKLES……..

SERVE HOME MADE PICKLES he will talk about it to everyone he meets for years. That’s why we call them “AWE PICKLES!” As code, call it “AWWW SHUCKS, it’s JES MY HOMEMADE PICKLES!

INGREDIENTS: 14 pickles, small warty picklers

1 head of garlic with a lot of separate cloves which you trim, peel and even divide.

4 to 5 HEADS of dill, fresh. Maybe substitute 3-4 tbsps dill seeds then you still want to add a bunch or head of fresh dill.

4-5 cups distilled or filtered water

½ tsp blck pepper

l tbsp kosher salt.

METHOD: Wash cukes, remove ends, place a few cloves of garlic and 2 dill heads in bottom of a clean, half gallon glass jar. Continue to fill jar with cukes, garlic, dill until it’s full.

2.POUR the water into the jar to cover cukes, add pepper, salt, cover and shake until salt dissolves.

3.) remove lid, weight the cukes at top with small cup filled with weights don’t replace lid.

4.) In 3 days pickles are ready, close lid, put in fridge

* * * * * * * * * * * *